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  1. Nice wheels. Why did you decide not to use them?
  2. Hi - do you need to be a current BMW CCA member to sign this petition?
  3. DGAV -> water choke. http://www.redlineweber.com/html/Types/making_the_right_choice.htm
  4. I see. For some reason, I thought these Euro license plate lights (not US) were NLA. I actually have both types, but haven't decided which way to go yet. Cutting out holes in a good bumper - not sure I can bring myself to do that.
  5. Interesting. I thought they were NLA?
  6. There's also the annual Swap and Show at Brisbane - happens every year around May.
  7. Looks great, Dave. What options/suggestions do you have for sourcing a shortened driveshaft?
  8. Don’t think i’ve ever seen 3 piece dash without cracks - wow. Probably worth a fortune. Congrats to whoever got it.
  9. Very nice. Were these not an option on non-tii 2002s?
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