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  1. laundromatt

    Brand new registration lights

    I see. For some reason, I thought these Euro license plate lights (not US) were NLA. I actually have both types, but haven't decided which way to go yet. Cutting out holes in a good bumper - not sure I can bring myself to do that.
  2. laundromatt

    Brand new registration lights

    Interesting. I thought they were NLA?
  3. laundromatt

    Upcoming events?

    There's also the annual Swap and Show at Brisbane - happens every year around May.
  4. laundromatt

    1969 Parts + more

    PM sent.
  5. laundromatt

    Blunttech Ultimate 5 Speed Conversion Kit

    Looks great, Dave. What options/suggestions do you have for sourcing a shortened driveshaft?
  6. laundromatt

    69 Three-Piece Dash

    Don’t think i’ve ever seen 3 piece dash without cracks - wow. Probably worth a fortune. Congrats to whoever got it.
  7. laundromatt

    Euro turn signals/ash trays

    Pm sent.
  8. laundromatt

    Factory Rims for 1971-1976 BMW 2002 TII

    Very nice. Were these not an option on non-tii 2002s?
  9. laundromatt

    ISO Restoration Work

    Might want to check out this thread if you haven’t seen it yet.
  10. laundromatt

    Fire Sale!... Many New/Used Parts...

    Hope you’re okay!
  11. laundromatt

    We have Bristol !!

    Nice. Where are you getting the body/paint work done?
  12. laundromatt

    Back from Upholstery

    Looks great. Bring it to Brisbane!
  13. laundromatt

    BMW 02 parts and accessoires

    PM sent.
  14. laundromatt

    Who here is this fool?

    There's also someone in Fairfield/Vacaville selling parts - anyone know who that is? Prices seem a tad bit high.