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  1. DGAV -> water choke. http://www.redlineweber.com/html/Types/making_the_right_choice.htm
  2. laundromatt

    We have Bristol !!

    Nice. Where are you getting the body/paint work done?
  3. Looks great. Bring it to Brisbane!
  4. Yeah, I thought about it, but it seems like it could only help, and I have the jacket anyway, so I'm going to go that route. I should add that it can get into the mid 30s in the winter here sometimes. I probably wouldn't be taking my 2002 in those conditions, but in case I need to for whatever reason, I wanted to have it on there.
  5. Thanks all. The existing intake manifold had the paper gasket, and it's held up. I think I'll go with the new gasket + small amount of RTV. If it fails, I'll report back here for the next person who tackles this to see.
  6. Hi all - I'm in the process of swapping out the one-barrel intake manifold on my car with a Cannon intake manifold to go with a Weber 32/36. Based on the threads here, I'm reinstalling the water/coolant jacket that attaches to the bottom of the intake manifold. Other than the paper gasket that goes here, do I need anything? Would gasket sealer do any harm if I put some on there as well?
  7. I know I can buy them new for ~50 each, but would like to save some money by buying used if possible. Let me know if you've got a pair!
  8. Very nice. How much does it cost to put in a Flowmaster muffler at a shop?
  9. Is there a benefit to keeping the heat shield? Not sure what to do about mine when I replace my non-tii exhaust manifold with a tii one.
  10. I just removed a set of driving lights from the front bumper, and now have holes where they were mounted. Curious what people have done to plug the holes - use a bolt perhaps? Any suggestions?
  11. Following along.... I plan to do this too. Not looking forward to it.
  12. Do you want to do the factory tour too? If so, that takes some planning in advance. The museum and the Welt, you can just go anytime. I went to Munich last year and stayed near Marienplatz. There's lots to eat, drink and do around there - the English Garden, Glockenspiel, Dallmayr next to Marienhof, etc. I would do one of the guided tours too, if you have the time.
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