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  1. Yes, sensor is intake air temperature. I run DCOE style ITBs, using Megasquirt EFI.
  2. That’s where the thing sits. I dunno. The plan is to run a fresh air pipe to where the battery used to sit. My initial plan to do that didn’t work. So back to the drawing board. Can’t be any worse than with velocity stacks right now though.
  3. Installed this today. Still some work to do, but this part is done.
  4. So, today’s project was installing my dBilas air box. I drilled and tapped a hole for the intake air temperature sensor. Next up, is rigging up some fresh air intake tubing.
  5. So, I ended up cleaning up some of the plumbing in and around the gas tank. Instead of the old Hengst filter seen in the photo above, I bought a filter at Summit Racing. I added some fittings, Adel clamps and things are a little cleaner.
  6. I am running wasted spark and have nary an issue. I am running ITBs with a modified engine. In fact, I have finally put 2+2 and know who you are IRL and on Facebook.
  7. I believe State Farm (and other carriers) will write you a stated value policy as opposed to agreed value. I think that might work in your situation.
  8. I found another license plate frame from the original dealership my car was purchased at. I did a little light cleaning up of the rear end of the car. Let’s call it restored.
  9. Mann W712/6 or Mahle OC25. I thought the OC84 was for the S14, but I did use one on my M10 and nothing terrible happened.
  10. It’s either a good thing or a bad thing I am no longer local. Which one that is depends on when you ask me.
  11. I am running a 3mm spacer for this reason.
  12. If you’re on 2002 hubs, the center bore won’t matter. But if you are running big brakes with E21 hubs, you need 57.1mm center bore. You would need an adapter ring to make up the difference.
  13. Yes, the bolt right to the existing rails. Height is the same. A direct bolt on that really is.
  14. It’s part number 51211823847. Let me know if you have one in good working condition. Thanks!
  15. Definitely looking forward to it. That breakfast is the best!
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