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  1. Cars and Coffee at Circuit of the Americas this morning. Nice little lineup of vintage BMWs.
  2. I enjoy giving my wife a ration of crap for these types of things. She enjoys giving me the same treatment. Trust me, I get more rations of crap than she does. And yes, I also blame her for the sun visor clip on her side of the car breaking as well. Mine didn’t. LOL
  3. Barney helped my wife and I replace the window regulator that she broke.
  4. Those are 14” wheels. Come on, now.
  5. Any answer provided won’t sway your opinion, so I will just say that it’s my car and my ass in the seat. I find the look and ride pleasing. My car makes me happy, as I am sure yours does for you. In the end I am about my own happiness, not yours or anyone else’s.
  6. Oh, man....I am low key in the market for one of these. Just not ready with the money. Water softener and filtration system on the house is a little more important now. Good luck! You finance? LOL!
  7. I bought a set of stubby hex sockets on Amazon for just this purpose.
  8. Box flares look just fine on a roundie. Come at me, bro!
  9. Thank you to Hal Boyles (and Mike Pugh) for his generosity. I am no longer in need!
  10. These are actually the first two things she has broken. She loves riding in the car (as evidenced by long drives from Seattle to San Francisco for Bay Area 02 Show and Shine and this trip from Austin to Arkansas for Mid-America). I do like having a "car guy" wife. Plus it's HOT here in Texas. I need some cross ventilation!
  11. My driver side is smooth as silk. Passenger was a smidge notchy, but not bad. My wife was on the phone with the dog sitter and put some extra pressure on the crank, so it’s her fault. The sun visor bracket on her side broke too. LOL
  12. That is tremendous! This is the best community ever! At least let me cover shipping!
  13. Hi everyone. On our way back from Mid-America the passenger window regulator gave its last. I am wondering if anyone out there has a good used one I can buy. Please let me know if you have one and what it would cost to ship to 78660.
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