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  1. Q1: Pressure plate, yes. Throw out bearing is part #21511204525. Ireland Engineering has the correct part for a 228mm flywheel and a Getrag 245. Q2: Ireland also makes a brass pivot pin.
  2. I like that filter idea. I have been tossing around running the Corvette C5 filter and regulator combination. Not sure I need 58 psi though.
  3. My car was purchased new here by a Dr. Norman Roberts of Seattle. I have been searching for one of these for a long time. A friend of mine sent me a link to an eBay auction with a buy it now button. Seller said it was on an E21 in a junkyard in Minnesota.
  4. Headed down here to Texas soon. I met the buyer today.
  5. Because it’s cool is a perfectly good reason to do many things. Don’t like it, do something else!
  6. That looks more Colorado to me than Inka. Looking forward to seeing it in person!
  7. Strictly BMW is out that way. https://www.strictlybmw.com/
  8. Hagerty is a great friend to the vintage car community, but they raised my rates to over $500/yr @ $20k of coverage when we moved to TX. That is more than I was paying for my 02, E12 and C10 pickup in Washington. Anyway, I went with Grundy at $175/yr. Then I joined Hagerty Driver’s Club for $75 so I can get their towing.
  9. So, today, I switched from an external fuel pump to the in tank set up. I thought I was seeing signs of fuel pump failure, so I figured now was the time. I will probably change up the fuel filter set up, but it works well for now. Forgive the filthy car! That’s what trunk floor panels are for. LOL
  10. No reason Megasquirt couldn’t make this work. Just use the previous builds as an example, but instead of the E30 M10 intake manifold or ITBs, just use the one you have with this bolted to it.
  11. Chamonix72 got a question about a car in your area. Can you message me back. Thanks


    1. Chamonix72


      I need to update my location. I live in Austin, TX now. If you have a question on a car in Seattle, I would call Midnight Motorsport. Most of the 2002s show up there for one reason or another.

    2. Kloss23


      Thanks for getting back to me:) Have a hard time to communicate with anyone from the area using this mssg "system":)


  12. Coast to Coast Auto Transport. I shipped two vehicles from Seattle to Austin for $2400, uncovered. Great service and the driver put my two classics up on top so they would get disturbed as little as possible. He had to unload the whole trailer when he got here, but said he didn’t mind.
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