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  1. Chamonix72

    Don't buy cheap tires

    One caveat about Discount Tire is that they won’t touch your car if you have wheel spacers. Mine are just 3mm AND I have extended studs, but no dice. I went home, took off the spacers. Drove the 1 mile back to Discount, had the tires mounted and drove back home to put on my spacers. I needed to hand torque the wheels anyway, but still!
  2. Chamonix72

    Looking for opinions...EFI talk

    I don’t think I have a photo, but any clip that holds the sheath of the cable tight while allowing the inner cable to move freely would work. As long as it has a tab to mount it to another piece of course.
  3. Chamonix72

    Looking for opinions...EFI talk

    I recommend using a throttle cable. It’s that product’s intended purpose. I use a Lokar cable cut to length and anchored to the pedal box.
  4. Chamonix72

    Looking for opinions...EFI talk

    Meh...all you single throttle body guys! Go big or go home. LOL Just kidding, but know there are other options, including a couple different types of ITBs. Granted they take a bit more work to get right, but you get the sound of dual DCOEs, which is pretty intoxicating. Just no pesky distributors and carburetor jetting. I have Megasquirt with EDIS and a wasted spark setup. The ITBs are from dBilas, originally meant for an E30 M10. The aforementioned Patrick at Midnight Motorsport did all the work. The car has been really reliable for the years I have been running EFI. I recommend reading through the DIY Autotune forums. There is a wealth of knowledge out there about EFI in general. You can even learn how to do some basic tuning.
  5. Chamonix72

    longer wheel bolts to use on wheel spacers

    Good point. I have E21 hubs from the Volvo brake upgrade.
  6. Chamonix72

    longer wheel bolts to use on wheel spacers

    Ireland Engineering is where I got mine. Note that you can buy thread-in studs for the front, but you will need to press in the rear studs.
  7. Chamonix72

    2019 MidAmerica 2002 Fest Update

    My wife and I are headed out Thursday morning. I suppose I will tag along with Terry and his group. Since I am up north from them, maybe will arrange something.
  8. Chamonix72

    Photos from 02.02.02 (2019) Seattle

    Every year, first Saturday in February @ the boat launch on Alki. Looks like a good turnout!
  9. Chamonix72

    Bmw 2002 F/I step up?

    Mine are dBilas. They’re fine, but I don’t have much of a frame of reference. The Jenvey’s look really nice.
  10. Chamonix72

    Bmw 2002 F/I step up?

    TWM is now Borla Induction.
  11. Chamonix72

    B Sedan Race @ COTA

    My wife and I enjoyed our brief visit on Saturday. We should have come out on Sunday, too.
  12. Chamonix72

    2002 Beauty Shots

    I thought that was your car! How many cars that color have those wheels?! That’s pretty cool!
  13. Chamonix72

    1972 2002: Now with Megasquirt/ITB Goodness.

    Thanks Gary. I appreciate that. Love the new wheels on your car!
  14. Chamonix72

    1972 2002: Now with Megasquirt/ITB Goodness.

    This stupid $0.05 fuse provided much stress yesterday. It popped while plugging in my phone charger to my 12V socket. Unfortunately that fuse also runs the auxiliary gauges including my AFR gauge. This also cut the signal from the 02 sensor to the ECU. Thankfully I thought to toss a spare into my tool kit. The drive home was much less stressful. Will diagnose the reasons for the fuse popping later.
  15. Chamonix72

    2002 Beauty Shots

    All shined up for the Hagerty Car Show at the SVRA US Nationals at Circuit of the Americas tomorrow!