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  1. I have missed your track videos. Thanks! I still like the "back seat driver" view the best.
  2. Hope we will get to see some track footage. I have missed it.
  3. I bought a carpet kit from them. Good quality and appeared to be stock material.
  4. I have that same wheel and tire (yokohama's) on my 75 and I love them. They look great and perform well with my otherwise stock set up.
  5. Always nice when I've been off the site and come back and find some of your race footage. Great to see Luigi again! One of my favorite cars off all time. Don't remember ever seeing your NK before. Have you posted any info on that car? Thanks again for sharing.
  6. This is my 75 with rolled (not pulled) fenders. We used the Eastman tool, applying some heat to the edges. There was some checking on the edges, but since the paint was good we just repainted edges. Wheels are 15x7 Ronal offset +25 as suggested by many of the advisors here. Tires are 195/50-15 Yokohama S-Drives. I am very happy with the look and performance. I did have to use 1/4" spacers on front wheels to clear the suspension, which is stock except for Bilstein shocks.
  7. Great racing! Thanks for sharing. Hope to make it this year.
  8. Great racing! How does this car compare with your Blu/Wht '02 race cars?
  9. When I rebuilt my 75 last year we replaced the 2bbl Solex with a 38 with Cannon manifold. We did quite a few other things like 9.5 pistons and 284 cam with a lightened flywheel, new clutch, exhaust manifold with new 2!/4 free flow exhaust system. It started and ran great right out of the box. I put about 5k on it since the rebuild and am still very happy. Just got the distributor rebuilt (which was about the only thing I didn't do with the rebuild). Looking forward to a little fine tuning with the rebuilt dizzy before I head West again in June. Good luck!
  10. I had the fender lips rolled on my 75 by my body shop before I upgraded my wheels and tires to 15x7. The body shop did a great using a tool I purchased from Eastman(?) I think. I didn't see it done but there was heat applied and the paint on the lips was touched up. We were not painting the fenders. I was very happy with the result which was recommended in several streams I had read here explaining the process. We also sealed the seams after rolling as was recommended here. I did use a 1/4" spacer on the front wheels, but there has been no rubbing.
  11. The nicest 2002 I have ever seen. Jim, your block has been put to good use. Hope to upgrade seats, suspension and brakes this year.
  12. I have owned the car since 1990 or so, but it certainly could have had the distributor replaced before that.

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