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  1. I like 'em. They remind me of some aftermarket Benz wheels I had years ago. Wish they were 13's or 15's though.
  2. I was afraid of that. Thanks tech71
  3. Will the 5 speed from and 84 325e bolt on and work with a 2002? I know drive shaft and other modifications have to be made but I don't know if it has to be a 5spd from 4cyl 3 series or not.
  4. I would definitely recommend exiting I-10 at the eastern end of Coachella Valley and drive the loop through Joshua Tree. It's worth it even if you don't have time to stop and hike along the way.
  5. Didn't really do anything myself except confirm my appointment with Patrick @ Midnight Motorsport for mid-April. I am so excited to have Patrick and his guys review what I have done so far on the rebuild of my 75. We are going to tweek the brakes and suspension, do a tune up and install ac (I am an old man and plan to be spending a lot of time in the Southwest cruising with my dog. Patrick prefers removing ac from cars but he has agreed to help me under the circumstances. We got 24" of snow up here in Nemo, so I can only plan for the next round.
  6. Thank you tech71 for adding the appropriate links to this stream.
  7. Has anyone tried the new Yokohama Classic tires? Are they available in US and are sizes available that would work on our 13" stock wheels?
  8. So do I. The flywheel lightening was part of an engine rebuild and comprehensive upgrade to the drivetrain. It certainly does spin up faster, that's for sure.
  9. Thanks Toby, I'm not an expert by any means. I guess mine was re-surfaced and lightened.
  10. That is why I suggested to talk with Steve at TEP. The lightening of the flywheel was part of a total rebuild of the engine. I'm not sure how much taken off but I am very happy with the rebuild.
  11. Didn't notice the thread was that old. Not sure why it came up on my list when it was so old.
  12. I had mine done by Top End Performance in North Hollywood. Steve is very user friendly. Give him a call.
  13. Replacing the o-ring between the sender and gas tank is tricky. I finally got it after I bent each tab on the tank a little, which increased the pressure on the or-ring and improved the seal.
  14. If I get my ac in by then I might make it.
  15. Hope to see her out on the track this year.  Thanks for sharing!

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