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    Fifty years ago today, when I was 17, I bought my 1600. It was manufactured on Feb. 2, 1968. I wonder where it was hiding for those 13 months before I bought it. Maybe everyone wanted 2002s. It still has the original engine with 298,000 miles. I have done numerous upgrades to it throughout the years, but I still have most of the original parts in storage, including the spark plugs and tires.
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    I just love to bask in the shininess after a thorough cleaning up like this!
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    Got some more chrome on, fitted the trunk opening mechanism and back end. Then it was going dark so I took these pictures.
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    My ‘73 Sahara at the beach. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finished up re-fresh of interior of our baur today, installed new carpet / door cards and reupholstery of seats.
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    Went for a 35 mile drive today. Significant in that it was the longest drive For this car In 6 years . There are still many things to sort out, But the ability to drive the car Is a milestone .
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    Got a quote to polish and new hardware for 425... i did it myself for under 70. Just waiting for tires and i will finally get these rare 2 piece Gotti wheels on my 02. Pics Before After What they will look like
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    whatever you sell is what you'll need tomorrow, it's the law
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    A personal 3D project i've been working on for a while now whilst my car was being recommissioned. Now i have my car back, I've finally got around to rendering out a few test images. For those interested... 3D modelled with Maxon C4D Rendered with Octane I think the wheels are too large? i'll take measurements to check.
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    Tonight I took the ol gal down to the local beach and caught a early spring west coast sunset
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    I started it!! And it ran! First try and everything. It pissed fuel everywhere and the alternator light stays on with the key off but who cares, it runs! On my way to the store for hose clamps.
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    Polaris-Silver lining is, my buddy got some great shots! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It might be time to upgrade that M2 to M10.
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    I fiddled with it. Opened the plug gap up from .026" to .028". I like the tool on the left for the bending of the tab and the wire kind on the right for a gauge. I think they look okay. (?) AFR spends most of the time around 14 while driving. It drops to 12.25ish when I mash the pedal. I played with the idle mix screw and timing at 785 rpm idle. Seems happiest at 12.5 AFR, or just under. Dwell at 61* puts idle at 11* advance and bumping dwell up to 64* drops advance to 8*. I settled back in at 61*. Advance increases with idle speed, so I may need to tighten up the non-looped spring in the advance mechanism. I wonder if a little more tension there would steady up the mark under the light? It moves a little now. (that'd be the one on the left) I made a little copper shim for the throttle mechanism. I welded up the worn pin back when I rebuilt the carb in 2012 and it got a little play in it over the last 24k miles. Seemed like a simple fix and I like copper.
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    Starting the swap today. [emoji1696]Hopefully It will be pretty straight forward. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Stopped to snap a quick pic the other day at the park near my work. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr
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    What did I do to my car today? Absolutely nothing for once. Drove it to the Vancouver International Auto Show. The best part of the show for me was my car as the cover of a Hagerty brochure. That's what I call Soft Car Porn...AND MINE IS A CENTERFOLD. Sorry for the blatant raving. Joked with my buddy when we saw a hotrod with a mirror underneath to view the details on the bottom of the car. He says "hey you need a mirror to show off your rear subframe". Funny.
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    Refreshed the paint on my block and brake booster. Before: After:
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    The new elbow grease isn't as good as the old stuff. That stuff really got things done! I'm using up the last of my old tube... sparingly. We all want to dip it in some magical chemical and have it come out in mint condition. For me, it is a hands on process using a variety of chemicals, brushes, picks, etc. Bamboo skewers. Slice the end like a chisel. Smash the end it becomes a little brush. Put 0000 steel wool on the tip to get into the corners. Shorten the bristles on tooth brushes, using scissors. Shorten acid-brush bristles too. This one's been plumbed with carb-clean-R-injection. Puts the solvent where you want it and rinses the brush at the same time.
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    More Pt. Reyes- Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
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    Hella LED light bar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally got to drive the 02 this year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Picked up my motor from Ken Blasko, it will be sitting a bit while I prepare the 71 1600 it will be going in which I will post pics of soon. CD9B49A5-EE48-4520-A1CD-BBB634D3C423.MOV