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    When I went to unlock my trunk yesterday (which I rarely lock), I stuck the key in and the pushbutton disappeared down into its housing. Fortunately I had the key inserted and was able to pull the pushbutton out with the key and turn it to unlock the cylinder. Once unlocked, when I pushed the button in, it acted normally and released the trunk latch. A quick look revealed the spring clip that holds the lock cylinder in its housing had somehow disappeared. Found a replacement clip in my parts stash and fixed the problem--but that's not the tip. When I went to remove the lock assembly in order to repair it, the two notches in the threaded sleeve happened to be at six and twelve o'clock, and almost impossible to reach with the normal screwdriver and small hammer to start unscrewing. It took me many tries with a whole range of tools to start the sleeve turning. So before I reinstalled the lock assembly, I took the threaded sleeve and added two more notches 180 degrees out from the two originals, so there's one every 90 degrees instead of 180. And I carefully filed the original notches so their sides were vertical instead of all boogered up by banging on 'em with various tools over the years. A little wire brushing of the threads on both the cylinder and the sleeve, a little oil and it went back on easily. The extra notches made tightening with a screwdriver or punch a cinch. mike
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    Working Patrol El Mirage 11-11-18
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    Hey Everyone! Check out the 2002 Christmas card I made this year! I did the artwork myself, and since my friends have been telling me to sell them for years, I figured I'd finally give it a try, to make some extra cash. I have a newborn, and diapers are expensive, LOL I started an Etsy shop to sell them, check it out: Ouros.etsy.com I wasn't sure where to list this, since it isn't a 'part' to sell. I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong spot. Happy Holidays!
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    I don't know if this counts as being done to my 2002, but it is of my 2002. So I'm going to count it anyway. A friend of mine made this of my car, love the little details that clearly make it mine.
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    Just scanned this today. With OEM numbers and pictures. Orignal & Complete BMW-Sonderzubehoer.pdf
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    Sorry I forgot the most important part!
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    Good progress this weekend. Couldn’t do anything without a respirator due to the smoke from the fire, so I strapped mine on an got to sanding. Smoothed out most of the panels. Spent an hour and a half on the hood alone. Patched most of the little imperfections I found after shooting the build primer. Guide coat works like a charm. Need to get the nose and engine compartment smoothed out next so I can shoot the final coat of primer.
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    They are almost ready. I have a list of people that will be getting an email when they are ready. If you'd like to know, just shoot me an email with your contact info. Andrew@adamsautosport.com Here are the latest pictures.
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    I went up to Racecraft yesterday to pick up the Koepchen 02 to bring home for winter storage. While there I got a good look at the street 2002 Terry is building for me. It is turning out better than I could have hoped for. Terry has been working on the grill, rear lights and trim, wiring, etc. He has also been preping the engine bay for installation of the S14. I am particularly pleased with how the custom fenders turned out. They add just the right amount of muscularity to the otherwise slab sides. Here are some pictures I shot:
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    The early ones are much lighter due to rust! Sent from my STH100-1 using Tapatalk
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    Began disassembly of the '74 Polaris Tii engine, going 'all-in' on an engine for a car I don't plan on keeping (probably-less-than-logical ... but matching numbers and all that, it might work out?). Targeting Spring, 2019. -KB
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    Picked up a new set of 185/70-13 tires. The 14" Sumitomos I put on the 2000CS wheels five years ago are getting a bit squirrely in the wet, even though the tread is still nearly full-depth. I spotted these when browsing various tire sites (as one does), on clearance at NTB for $30 per tire. Yes, $30. I don't have unrealistic expectations for these "Epic Tour" tires (one of the generic TBC tire brands) -- they may be an Epic Fail -- but I got the set of four mounted and balanced for just $170, or about the cost of one Pirelli CN36. They're round and black. They do at least have proper classic-style smooth sidewalls and a fairly traditional tread pattern with three wide circumferential grooves that should help to evacuate water. Maybe. They're almost certainly nothing amazing for overall traction, but that's OK with me at this point. But I plan to keep the Sumis on the car for winter storage, so I won't really know how the new tires do until the spring. I also refreshed my Opel Kadett 13x5 steel wheels before getting the new tires mounted -- soda blasted them in my driveway, then painted them satin black on the inside with silver faces (Rustoleum metallic matte nickel topped with Rustoleum satin clear, which turned out close enough to my original spare for me). -Dave
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    I posted I bought this 68 a couple months ago, It took me all that time to round up the Motor, Trans and subframes as they were in different locations, I finally got the car here last night and can start putting back together, I'm sure I'll have some ?'s here along the way but now I can get started.
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    I have decided to sell one of my 2002s. This car was built with many parts and much advice from this site. It’s been a regular at Vintage for several years and I imagine some of you have seen it. I have it on eBay but I’m wondering if that’s the best venue. If any questions or interest, please PM me. I have some flexibility based on the preferred setup. It’s a really good 2002 that my family and I have enjoyed owning. Here is a detailed history and description: 1970 Colorado Orange BMW 2002VIN 1674133Purchased new in New York on June 11, 1970 at E. Koeppel, Inc. Original BMW service booklet indicates service by Koeppel, Inc. until 16,000 miles when the original owner relocated to Gainesville, Florida. John Patrick BMW Specialist began servicing the car in Florida with all receipts included from 1978-1981 at which time the original owner moved to Atlanta, GA. From 1982 until purchase by the second owner in 2001, the car was cared for by Buckhead Motor Works in Atlanta with all receipts included. In addition to performing extensive documented maintenance, Buckhead also installed a BMW factory replacement engine with about 45,000 miles accrued to date. The installation included a tii distributor and tii exhaust manifold. An exterior restoration was completed by Bavarian Body Works of Atlanta, GA in early 2000. The car was fitted with a number of new panels including doors, front fenders, euro nose and rockers that all still maintain a beautiful rust free appearance. Base coat, clear coat in the original Colorado Orange was applied with several new body seals, gaskets and trim pieces. Receipts are included. Engine bay and trunk show largely original paint. Under my care, the euro nose which featured a late model grille was corrected with an early nose at a cost of nearly $3000. I also sourced really nice belt line trim many pieces of which are new along with new attachment hardware. Floors, frame rails, spare tire well and rear shock towers are in great condition. The 2002’s second owner brought it to North Carolina in 2001 where Shade Tree Garage in Raleigh provided service until about 2009. Their documented repairs include a new front windshield and gasket, water pump, thermostat, belts, transmission, throw out bearing, guibo, U-joints, center support bearing with balancing, Bilstein front struts, control arms, Ansa mid pipe, rear wheels cylinders rear brake shoes, and AC compressor.There was a brief third owner who kept the car stored in his garage driving it approximately 500 miles over three years. He installed the European flush front turn signals. I purchased the 2002 from him in April 2013 and have since installed new front brake pads with flexible lines and rotors, rear wheels cylinders, a Weber 38DGES carburetor, Pertronix Ignitor, Bavarian Auto high performance plug wires, H&R sport springs, Bilstein HD shocks, Ansa center exit sport muffler and Ireland Engineering strut tower bar and front and rear sway bars. For highway driving, I swapped the stock 4-speed for a Getrag 245 5-speed with the stronger 6-bolt guibo, new center support bearing, new clutch slave cylinder and a complete Sachs clutch kit. I also added new Panasport 15x6” wheels with Dunlop Direzzas DZ101 tires. The 2002’s interior sports rally badges from 1971. There are minor dash cracks with some past repair but nothing offensive. Carpet is new esty salt and pepper with black and grey coco mats. There are 3-point belts in the front and new lap belts in the back. A third brake light was added to the rear parcel tray. Trunk bottom and side panels are freshly covered in grey vinyl. Original door panels just backed with new aardvarc wood panels and new clips. Front seats are reupholstered e21 Recaros with matching rear seat. Headliner has no noticeable tears or stains. The sought after original silver dollar gauges all work including the tachometer. Steering wheel is NOS Momo from early nineties. Most interior updates were completed in October 2018. The “Colorado Rocket” as it was affectionately referred to by its original owner in included correspondence runs and drives wonderfully. With a halfway press of the pedal, cold starts are easy with the Weber’s electric choke and Pertronix electronic ignition. The sport springs provide a subtle stance improvement but really make it handle nicely combined with the Bilstein HDs and bigger Ireland Engineering sway bars. The AC is working but do not expect modern cooling with a Clardy unit from the 70’s. I prefer opening the vent windows and factory sunroof. Hella H4s provide illumination at night. Signals, horn, heater blower and wipers all work. A remotely operated vehicle alarm can be set to disable the ignition. A new Nakamichi head unit has Bluetooth audio and USB input for music or charging. The car has a very honest exterior based on careful use. Paint has a consistent deep shine and has been well maintained over the years with only small imperfections. There are minor cracks low and just behind the rear wheels where the rubberized undercoating applied to those areas broke loose. These areas are barely noticed when looking at the overall exterior of the car. Chrome and original optional bumper guards look great. There is paperwork on the dealer added accessories and even an original tire care guide that was mailed after purchase. It’s been to every Vintage since 2013 including this year’s event in Hot Springs, NC where my wife drove it with our daughter. I followed in my 1971 2002 that was awarded People’s Choice. It was photographed attending the 02-02-02 event in Spartanburg, SC and has been pictured in BMW CCA event promotions.
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    Happy to all too! Very thankful for all you folks who have helped me over the years. My second family... and you guys don’t ask for money all of the time 😂😂 Randy
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    ..it might be ten years before I see the sixes!
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    I should hit all sixes in my '73 next year--for the third time! mike
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    Man, I feel like that's what makes the 02 community and e21 e30 scene so cool. You get so many different types of people doing different things to their cars and most everybody is as stoked about their car as they are about the car parked next to them. Porsche and Alfa shows are a bunch of snooty purists who value the worth of their car more than they value the actual car itself. Unfortunately in the past few years the 02 scene has started to head down that "investment" car route. Weren't you just bitching about that in another post though? Can't eat your cake and have it to dude! "tuner-ghetto fab" look, completely stock car, resto mod, motor swaps, ten foot spoiler, its all good as long as they're enjoying their car and being respectful of others cars style and hardwork. Who would want to go to a "vintage show and see 50 stock 02's? that would boring as all hell! We get it you drive an early car and are really cool and you have tons of street cred for that and you hate when people who don't know what type of car you drive give you attention and you hate the more "modern" 30 year old BMW's. DUDE, sell your car please it really seems like you don't enjoy what comes along with it...Buy a porsche
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    Alright….don't everybody freak out! That hole is just for INITIAL setting, to get the car running. Actual tuning of fuel mixture, idle mixture, and synchronization requires allowing the D shaped cam to overlap that hole a little bit, so the drill bit / pin tool isn't even in play, once you're getting in to the deep end of tuning the thing. You'd be surprised by how much improvement you can gain by fiddling with the verboten screw, synchronization adjustment on the vertical throttle rod, and ignition timing. I suppose, if you're really anal retentive, you could loosen the jam nut under that eccentric pin hole fixture and rotate it so that it's just right, AFTER you establish really nice fuel mixtures and synchronization….THEN using the pin tool would yield you reliable, repeatable results in setting the D shaped cam. Since most tiis have probably had their throttle bodies replaced or fiddled with (or just have normal 45 year old WEAR), that eccentric is never to be trusted, IMHO. Having a wide band Oxygen sensor / AFR gauge will show you the results so you're not just guessing all the time. I generally loathe bolting modern stuff on my old car, but the AFR gauge was affordable, easily removable, and really helped me get the most from my tii, while reassuring me that I wasn't melting 10:1 pistons on street fuel at high rpms. 14.7 may be the "perfect" mixture - but the power happens at around 12.9! Also - Fuels today are very different from 1972 fuels. A mixture setting that worked great in the 1970s may not be the best mixture for 2018. Related to this, is the fact that in many parts of the country, the "winter blend" fuels will really mess with your mixtures. I discovered this a few weeks ago. My cruising AFR went from about 12.9-13.9 to 16.0+ (!) I backed off the timing on a road trip I was on, because (at the time) it was the easiest way to richen up fuel mixtures at high rpm, without pulling an intake runner off, and messing with the verboten screw, etc. So… with that said, get an AFR gauge and tweak things til it screams the way a tii should!
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    I thought I would share this simple diagram I made as a reference for people doing a 5 speed swap with a getrag 240. These are the measurements I got. I do not recommend relying solely on these numbers when doing your own getrag 240 swap. Please do your own measurements and use this diagram as a reference. I installed a getrag 240 from a 1984 318i and have a LSD diff.
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    The Canadian Cemetery at Beny- sur- Mer Juno Beach Normandy Thank you to all who sacrificed since that day and to those who continue to serve