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    I haven't posted here in a while, work and life have been very busy. Things finally settled down and I was able to get away for a weekend. As soon as the CCA foundation announced the Icon finale, I bought tickets and ordered parts to get my 73 Malaga up there. Here are my photos. Met up with my buddy Mike to make the drive up early Friday morning. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Later we met up with our buddy Tat in his prototype M6 for breakfast. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Then the real fun began. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr I started off with some hot laps in the new M5. This thing is unreal. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr IMG_6509 by Nick Wood, on Flickr Then some autocross laps in the M240. A little more affordable and almost as much fun as the M5. IMG_6560 by Nick Wood, on Flickr And some random shots from the performance center. IMG_6571 by Nick Wood, on Flickr IMG_6567 by Nick Wood, on Flickr IMG_6595 by Nick Wood, on Flickr A very rare Frozen Black M5 Competition. IMG_6562 by Nick Wood, on Flickr After we drove a little, the BMWCCA brought out some 2002 race cars for some demos. IMG_6592 by Nick Wood, on Flickr IMG_6588 by Nick Wood, on Flickr IMG_6580 by Nick Wood, on Flickr IMG_6577 by Nick Wood, on Flickr IMG_6599 by Nick Wood, on Flickr Then they did some hotlaps. IMG_6645 by Nick Wood, on Flickr IMG_6674 by Nick Wood, on Flickr And I met the Stig....no big deal right? IMG_6613 by Nick Wood, on Flickr Friday night we left the performance center, grabbed some dinner, and checked out the local color. We found a great little brewery in Greer that we ended up going back to Saturday afternoon. Check out 13 stripes if you are in Greer. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr The ubered over to Pour Sports. Average bar but I loved the name, I had to buy a koozie. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Upon returning to the hotel, we discovered this lovely little 1600. The owner bought it new. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Then it was up early for our plant tour, but first we walked through the Zentrum. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Sadly, we were not allowed to photograph the plant tour but it was awesome and I highly recommend it. It was very cool. After the tour I took some pics of the Atlanta 02 crew that drove up in front of the Zentrum. All three cars together drew a little bit of a crowd. IMG_6724-2 by Nick Wood, on Flickr IMG_6706 by Nick Wood, on Flickr After that we did a little exploring. A group of us drove down to Greenville in pouring rain to get BBQ. Well worth it. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Then we cruised around Greenville for a little bit and went back to Greer for the finale festivities. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr I didn't take too many photos during the party, I was busy talking to people I "know online" but have never met. It was nice to meet a lot of these people in person. I did snap a pic of Rob, the hack mechanic, entertaining the crowd with an excerpt from his new book. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr One of the tables from the museum that rivals my BMW table. I couldn't get my wife to help me steal it. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr We left the party at about 9pm in 30mph wind gusts and pouring rain. It was white knuckle the whole way but we made it to Clemson Sc, about an hour or so later. We checked into the hotel and immediately found a pretzel. For some reason my wife and I have a tradition of getting a giant pretzel on every trip. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr We hit a few college bars, realized we were old and tired and went back to the hotel. We woke up Sunday early, spent some time in Clemson and snapped a few pics of the car around town. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Made it back home, and stopped by my parents to pick up Hofmeister. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr And finally pulled back in the garage after almost 600 miles. She is going to get a much needed bath this weekend and maybe a full detail. I am so proud of this happy little car. Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr Untitled by Nick Wood, on Flickr It was an amazing weekend.
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    2002tiK Dieter Quester driving the factory BMW 2002 had won the 1968 European Touring Car Championship by just one point to the privateer Helmut Kelleners in his Porsche 911. The 210 horsepower engine in the 2002 was equipped with a 43mm Schnitzer slide throttle and kugelfischer fuel injection. Alex von Falkenhausen head of BMW competition engines knew this was not going to be enough power to win the 1969 season against the 225hp 6 cylinder twin spark plug Porsche or the supercharged Autodelta Alfa Romeo GTA-SA making 230hp. In December of 1968 von Falkenhausen came up with the idea to add a KKK turbocharger to the 4 cylinder BMW engine, Engineer Paul Rosche was tasked with the development of what would become the 300 horsepower M14 turbocharger engine. This was also BMW's last official effort to race the 2002. The 1969 300 horsepower M14 engine to power the 2002tiK The 2002tiK used the larger E9 side loader differential and the ZF 18/3 transmission The 2002tiK cockpit with the turbo boost gauge to the left of the tachometer The start of the 1969 Spa 24 hour with Hubert Hahne taking off after qualifying 2 on grid The complex fuel system of the 1969 2002tiK This post has been promoted to an article
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    Set the new rental race car down on its suspension/wheels for the first time and took a photo. -KB
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    Here's my two cars driving together for the first time *ever*. They are close relatives...1208 and 2024 in the vin sequence... This is our Sunday drive in Penang, Malaysia... The black car driven by Teppo from Finland and the orange car by me...
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    With the cold & snow here in upstate NY, I decided to post a little bit on the journey of the 1600. As my dad was going through some of his old photos, he found a few of the 1600 before it was restored. The pictures are from the spring/summer of 1986 and it really shows the problems that '02's faced in the Northeast. It also shows the great work that the local body shop did in bringing this 1600 back! It was done by DeSarno's Cody Shop on 12th st. in Watkins Glen. I was lucky to have the owner (Junior DeSarno) and one of his employees who was an artist & very meticulous working on it. They took their time & did things very well. When people ask about the restoration, I tell them for the most part, at least on the outside, the car is new about halfway up the car. It has had the fenders, rockers, bottom half of the doors & rear wheel arches replaced. Luckily everything underneath, as well as the front & rear shock towers were pristine, & pretty much still are! The body shop is still there & run by his son who still does work for me on occasion when needed. My apologies for the quality (and '80's hair) in some of the pictures. The final picture is what the car looks like today. When I retire in a few years, I am hoping to do the drivetrain & suspension, (it is all still original!).
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    Yes very sad that my dad has passed but I will continue his legacy and knowledge that he has instilled in me for the past 27 years.
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    Made it to Cars and Coffee Los Angeles at the new home at William Mulholland Memorial Fountain. Nice to see some friends this morning. There were at least 8 02s that I saw. There were lots of friendly people asking a ton of questions. Glad I decided to go.
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    I just posted this on the E9 site as well... I drove over to Basel to pick up parts just over the border in Germany. A friend of mine has a PO Box at a place that specializes in receiving shipments within the EU. Saves me tons of Customs duties! There's an auto Museum nearby, so I took the opportunity to stop by. They're holding a BMW exhibition until April. https://www.pantheonbasel.ch/de/willkommen.html OK, there were a lot of beautiful cars there, but the 503 was the star of the show for me: Just beautiful lines on this car. I guess I'm a sports sedan, sports coupe guy at heart And of course a beautiful 507. I remember reading about these back in the '80's, when they estimated that perhaps 9 had survived. A lot more around now! I've read that 3200's are desirable and highly collectible, but I like the 503 better. So has anybody ever seen this bad boy? Four cylinder one-of-a-kind: Hurricane All in all, well worth the stop-by!
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    And Wolfgang is on his way to the Foundation museum for the upcoming Passion Car exhibit. Looking forward to visiting him at Vintage in May. mike Top picture: Wolfgang at delivery, 5 May 1969 Bottom picture: Wolfgang and me, 15 Jan 2019
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    If it fits I sits...
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    Big week! Headliner, new windshield, interior in! starting to get there... : )
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    Here's what I've been up to this week. And in the immortal words of Ringo Starr: I'VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS!!!! https://zenwrenchpaul.wixsite.com/maximillianimporting Enjoy! I welcome feedback and suggestions! You guys are the ones that make it happen! Have a great weekend!
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    Victoria and I picked up this one owner 72 tii I purchased in North Carolina, looks like I’ve filled in another year of retirement, headed back to Austin in the morning....
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    Quick oil change and undercarriage inspection of Stella over a good friend Barney's. No issues... 42 years young!
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    Hey guys, it's been a year since my last update! I finished polishing the car, and enjoyed driving the car all spring summer and fall. But, I couldn't get past the rust spots. So, I took it to Mark at East Coast Restoration and had him repair the rust and blend the paint. I couldn't be happier! He did an awesome job, only took a few weeks and charged a fair rate! Cant ask for more than that. Picked it up last Saturday and drove it about 50 miles. I'm in love. Here are some pics.
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    Not today, but Tuesday (my computer threw a wobbler!) So after at least a couple of years slowly doing the metalwork whilst still enjoying driving it, I was finally given the green light by my painter. He'll bond and blend the Alpina arches in and then give it a new coat of Fjord Blue. I'm very excited; it should be done in around a month.
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    If you like being unique...Put a Trump/Pence bumper sticker on the truck. It would make your truck the most unique vehicle in California....😏
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    Finished installing the rear quarter window seals (what a bear!) and the rear windshield lockstrip. Both are two man jobs. Also test fitted my 'new' seats.😁
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    My wife ask me the same question... I’m holding the line at four we currently have five. My plan is to keep four two Tiis, Turkish auto, and the baur. Decided to put the funds into redoing a Tii in lieu of a base 73 riviera blue / black car I have, that car will be for sale in the future...
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    Can you tell my wife named my little BMW operation.
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    Scott Aaron and I had the very same impulse: getting our 2002s delivered to Reggie's Motor Works for some off-season maintenance. Mike Self and I took advantage of some decent weather recently: Mike was driving my 02 and I drove my Mini to Noblesville, IN. It gave Mike a chance to notice anything that might not be 100% with my car during that trip. We like the fact that our 02s are not left out in the winter muck. Better yet, they will both soon be ready for a busy driving season!
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    I bought my 2002 tii a little over a year ago with the main goal being to restore it to as new condition. My budget was $50,000. I have spent $80,000 so far and almost done. Im doing most of the easier stuff myself. Had the bodywork, paint, engine, trans, dash, chrome and gauges done by pros. I removed everything and have been putting everything back on myself to save money and because it's fun. Always budget on the high side. Here's a few pictures from paint stripping to metal fabricators to get rid of the very few rust spots, suspension back on. Putting new interior back in now.
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    I recommend Bamboo. I sliced that piece in half and put a spring in the middle so it could move side to side. With pencils attached I took a spirited drive, to see how much they moved on the piece of paper. Not one bit, so I sold that bit of bling (the original stainless one, that is) and installed a stock air cleaner instead. Does the Wiechers bar clear the stock filter housing? It looks like it might.
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    The reason I added some thing like this to use a VW / Porsche Bilstein Jack