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  1. Bilstein UK has them, front and rear HD. Only place that has front ones in HD, AFAIK. Here's the link. Got mine months ago with reasonable shipping costs. Good luck Front Bilstein B6 - Sport Shock Absorber - 34-000236 - Bilstein-Shocks.co.uk.webloc
  2. These are available again; OE BMW Cocoa mats. They come in Black and white, Brown and also in Black and blue speckled which is the one I got for my Polaris car. It goes great with the underlying salt and pepper carpet. They are beautiful and have the BMW logo on the rubber part. Atlanta BMW classic has them and so does Bulnttech. BluntTech Industries • SET OF FLOOR MATS.webloc
  3. Bilstein UK has them: the B6 HD front strut insert (34-000236). I got mine several months ago. Here's the link: Front Bilstein B6 - Sport Shock Absorber - 34-000236 - Bilstein-Shocks.co.uk.webloc
  4. At the mechanics’s shop getting oil leak addressed. But she’s in good company! Or the other way around 😀
  5. Head gasket leak, at rear
  6. Many thanks for your replies
  7. Please help with identifying source of oil leak. It puddles on engine block under starter motor. ‘73 base model thanks
  8. Well, I went back to get the other 2 or 3 of these and gift em forward to you or anyone here; only found one. But, I also found this ‘70 Ford Escort RS1600 and ‘62 MB 220 Touring. Send PM with address and I’ll mail this week, one per person: do pay it forward. Cheers
  9. .....along with this bad boy......oh boy!
  10. 75cents, deal of the century
  11. Factory color? Found this special treat while grocery shopping yesterday
  12. Passing it forward. Last year I met a very enthusiastic couple from Coronado, CA at a Farmer's Market, who introduced themselves when they saw my 2002. They were so nice and I can't remember their names, but they sent me this video and picture of a simple fix to the refueling spills we all get with modern fuel pumps and our vintage gasoline tank spouts. Not sure if it has been discussed here, but it works like a charm. Just need a foot long piece of marine fuel line available at your local West Marine store, size is around 2" or 2 1/2" or 2 1/4". Very inexpensive. No spills. Here's their video and photo. Enjoy IMG_0741.MOV.mov
  13. That will work. I also used AAA and they were great. they just need to see those vin numbers you describe above to make sure it matches the title. Mine is a 73 with a weber carburetor that wouldn't have passed smog inspection and test if it wasn't exempt by the year i bought it, 2018.
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