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  1. Koller & Schwemmer has 8 NOS Pumps left on Stock
  2. Starting to look like a car again. Installed alternator and starter
  3. see my reply on page 1 of this thread
  4. You should use preferably Alpina Rotors. 911s discs were 20.5 mm as were Alpina discs. If you uses 323i discs these are thicker and need shaving of your Pads or turning down the discs (not recommended as single measure)
  5. How about a copper washer under the bolt head?
  6. Turbo Tapp is still in Business http://turbo-tapp.de/ This could be a car with some significance
  7. You can remove the shim with a small screwdriver at 8 o'clock
  8. Bilstein Nuts are different than normal due to Bilsteins being upsidedown and therefore the part protruding the strut has a larger diameter, but they should work with Koni, the other way around (standard on Bilstein) won't work.
  9. I have a totally different method of removing the side races of the bearings, Just tape it nicely so no welding spots are where thay shouldn't be. Have a nice welding on the inner surface of the race. Wait until it's cooled and turn around - they simply fall out. The welding will shrink them enough once cooled.
  10. For me 37 is the perfect Diameter in a sporty 02. In a standard 38-40 is good. I like wheels with not so fat rims in a classic car. My favourites are early thin rimmed Nardi in 38 (they are unot wood but unobtainium). I also have some Personal that are a little larger in Diameter than MOMO Le Mans and Elite and have 4 holes in the spokes which make them more attractive to my eye. The 37 Momo Monza is about the iconic wheel if it may bea little beefier. Some of my Wheels are in this thread John Pantel can surely contribute a bit too. Robins Insta may help a little too https://www.instagram.com/_more_momo/
  11. +1 if you keep your 3“ struts
  12. You can get perfect Alpina repop discs from André https://marktplatz.bmw-02-club.de/teile/fahrwerk-bremse/bremsscheibe-beluftet-02-wie-alpina-a4-neuteile_i579 He also has the 7mm spacers to add to your calipers. https://marktplatz.bmw-02-club.de/teile/fahrwerk-bremse/distanzsatz-in-7mm-zur-umrustung-auf-a4-bremsscheiben_i580

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