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  1. There is an interesting story connected. Erich Bitter owned a Company that made Steering wheels for Boats/Ships in Bremen and started Production of wood wheels that were sold under his Rallye Bitter Brand as well as delivering up to 100 wood wheels per day to Porsche and other Brands. Porsche had a customer claim for injuries from the wood wheel during an accident and Erich Bitter was in the Work at Zuffenhausen. Knowing that his Wheels do no splinter like that he said it must have been a VDM wheel having caused the injuries but Piech insisted that it was one of his wheels. He then took off grabbed a VDM wheel and a Bitter Wheel off the stock and had them destroyed by the Versuchsabteilung - VDM splintered his did not splinter. With the results he came back and Ferdinand Piech was completetly pissed and accused him of stealing two wheels and threw him out. Bitter still had close relations to Wolfgang and Ferry Porsche they even managed to get one of the last built 906 for Bitter behind the back of Piech (who wouldn't sell him any car) by stating that this should go into the museum.
  2. Just guessing it's palloid vs Zyklo-Palloid (aka. Klingelnberg)
  3. I can only apply as half a member. Points: yes but no condenser.
  4. Can I raise a question not related to the sale but to the variety of 67 Center consoles? I don't know when the change was but my 67 center console is different. The tabs are made of sheetmetal, the front piece is not injection moulded plastic. These are the characteristics of early center consoles AFAIK.
  5. If you run the drilled camshafts and an oil spray bar you'll get problems with a.) pressure and b.) that all your oil is somewhere in the engine but not in your oilpan where it would be needed thus resulting again in a.)
  6. Exactly. And just an info regarding internally lubed cams : they may not be run with an oil spray bar at the same time.
  7. Right and wrong newer 304s don’t need notches but it’s not a matter of oiling
  8. Is this neue Klasse? My master cylinder on a 1600-2 without brake booster is different
  9. Get TÜV historic approval and drive it before calendar shows may.
  10. They are about 2 - 6 euros here in germany. Amazon has them for 13 USD (29mm as OE) https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-BMW-Front-Bleeder-34111103232/dp/B01M8KGHUJ
  11. No, but the drawings are from November 1967, with later changes to Rubber and Wiring dating 1968 and 1970
  12. Ate can deliver just do a web search with the ate number https://www.ate.de/media/3620/katalog-ate-bremshydraulik-2019.pdf page 477 ff
  13. You want the old DIN font and non-reflective Background. Shouldn‘t be a problem to find some on eBay.de e.g. https://www.ebay.de/itm/altes-KFZ-Kennzeichen-Nummernschild-Munchen-original-1960er-Jahre/123927248795?hash=item1cdaa3bf9b:g:H2UAAOSwPk1dlfFa

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