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  1. I'll let you know, but there is already a queue for these seats... The only BMW related seat I'd part with at the moment is this here. Original BMW Material
  2. It's for mechanical Clutch engagement (before hydraulic came into production)
  3. Chain tensioner, water connection at the rear (two sizes) and the small ring at the distributor housing. The rubber seals I don’t know
  4. So you probably bought turbo discs. They will only work with turbo hubs. The only available working option with your hub is andré‘s Kit with Alpina repop discs and 7mm spacers. What‘s the Part # and what were you expecting to get?
  5. +1 If you have a dogleg C/R Sport Gearbox instead of an O/D and a rear axle with 3.64 or 3.9 and your car is sorted it should have a good setup. Your wish for 175hp at the wheels is imho too much for reasonable (non turbo) tuning of an M10 - Schleppleistung (transl?) for a 2002 with M10 is around 45 hp @6500. For 175-185 at the crank there is an easy (but not cheap though very nice) fix. Getting one of the Alpina A4 repops puts you around 5k€ + pistons+ cam+bore/hone+valvejob+other overhead ~all in you're around 8-12k€ (depending what you can do yourself) with 175-185 at the crank and MFI. My car has 180hp at the crank and I've not felt an urge to get much more. On small twisty roads I can easily keep up with 964s and 993s only when it comes to faster roads with higher speeds I have a lack of aero and rubber (185/70) to keep up
  6. Yes, I still have it. You've read that it's 6 cyl Tach and you need an adapter to make it work as 4 cyl. I have now gained a little experience with that setup and know that you need another transistor to drive the Gossen when it's for a 4 cyl. setup. I can build one like the one I use in my car but need perhaps 2 weeks for getting the parts. If you need it for a 6 cyl it's plug & play
  7. Forgot the Photo. The default downdraft has the same it's used / intended for compensating for a clogged up Airfilter. On Turbocharged Carburetted cars you need an additional Fuel pressure regulator. Think of the Fuel pressure regulator on injected cars, that has a link to the intake as the Fuel pressure is always in relation to the MAP. nothing fancy all regular stuff.
  8. Connected is leaner. I was hoping to use my airbox setup with ram air but that didn‘t work well no partial throttle only all or nothing.
  9. on my setup I can plug or unplug the connection between airbox and bowl. Makes a little difference
  10. And what do you do when f6 is too rich and f12 is too lean?
  11. A larger Air corrector Jet would be better than a smaller main Jet from what I can see. But I think it's pretty good the way it is.
  12. You can get a 0.75 and a 0.80 Drill (if you get metric drills) and just drill the air hole in the f6 Jets. i also went that way when f6 was too rich and f12 was too lean. just get regular drills no extra sharp tungsten stuff, they are not good when drilling by hand.
  13. I'd leave it as it is as long as the car is responsive and doesn't stutter. I think feeling is what counts on idle circuit not A/F and to me everything between 11 and 14 is ok on idle circuit. When it comes to WOT and RPM then A/F gets important. But you could check 50 F9, F12 and F6 in that order.
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