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  1. Not really the design is completely different in the way the fuel amount is controlled.
  2. Could be interesting if regulations in your race class require MFI (e.g. for the 3.0 RSR guys) There 10k is not much - about the cost of a distributor
  3. RAL 7010 Zeltgrau or RAL 7043 Verkehrsgrau B
  4. Didn't flock myself-had that done by somebody who knows what he's doing - opposed to me. Didn'T want to look like a newbie on flocking like KJ's stepson in one of the flocking funniest videos of KJ
  5. re-assembled the freshly flocked glove compartment
  6. uai

    BFH, take two.....

    Yes e.g. if you mount an OD you need to weld on the top and make a threaded hole for the reverse light switch. Apart from that the 245's internals are about 1/4" longer and there's other stuff that needs to be addressed.
  7. uai

    BFH, take two.....

    Here in Germany we have a couple of shops that machine the 4 speed cases and fabricate a sandwich plate so the e21 5 speed (overdrive and doglegs and M20) can be fitted into that front case.
  8. I keep everything all the 6Volt Stuff, Engine, Transmission, Seats, Wheels etc. I remove from my car during the build. It's unlikely I'll go back to 1600 four speed small brake, but in case I wanted to I could. In my convertible the 5 speed Gearbox had sometimes touched the old bracket of the 4 speed in the tunnel. I only sawed it and bent it away so I could re-weld if needed / wanted to go back. The only thing that stays from a 5 speed conversion are the brackets in the tunnels the rest you can undo so no decrease in value, and having a 5 speed eases life. In my current project fitting a ti/sa 5 Speed in a 67 1600 it will for sure increase the value of the car. With my convertible driving 100mph day in day out if you had to cover long distances on the Autobahn was so relaxed with a 3.91 rear and an overdrive e21 5 speed that was fitted in a machined front case half of a 02 Gearbox so definetely would do it again.
  9. uai

    NOS ti(i) Calipers

    Still available 400 USD shipped
  10. You‘re lucky that your engine seems to be complete. Here‘s a build Thread on the german Forum IIRC there are some documents regarding the marine Motor downloadable from the BMW Archives.
  11. uai

    Front seat removal

    you're probably looking for these
  12. welded in some gearbox holders for my future 5 speed. As I don't know the length yet I made it versatile
  13. A high percentage of Spanish production are not accepted by the importer for germany VGS - he sends them back, the rest is all tested and reworked if needed. That's why they cost a premium over other sources but worth every penny spent. Cheers Uli
  14. uai

    Recaro Seats build up.

    Period correct would be a non tiltable bracket. And set the seat with generic recaro sliders to the bracket. Next in line would be the e21 adaptors that screw onto the standard OE sliders and to the bottom of the seat. There are some repops of these e21 adators available as well as just sandwich plates with a couple of holes. that bolt to the bottom of the seat and on top of the OE sliders. there was more info in a WTB thread in the last few weeks.