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  1. Oil is a good idea but do not use something like WD40 for storage as this will mess up your valves. I'd soak them in parrafine, glp or similar and pack them with branorost https://www.branopac.de/en/branoguard/branocell/branorost/
  2. Hi Mitch, I've been there and would'nt do it again. The professionals have thixotropic paint and can get them done in one pass. It is so convenient to have this done by a pro comapred to the 6-10 layers you've got to spray and sand. The black stripe is an inlay on a lot of wheels, it'll survive sanding. Cheers Uli
  3. https://www.maxx-automotive.com/pp.html has made and sold some kits with an electric Waterpump for M10. They are not on his website, but he usually has them on stock. Cheapest 7-10 hp you can get.
  4. They’re still available and reasonably priced (32 Euros). Don’t use grease use oil.
  5. Hi Steve the earliest fenders were different having only 1 hole in the blinker cavity. later ones had two.
  6. Ha we haven‘t had a single drop and lots of sun (and Wind) today. We had a fantastic b&b in some property formerly owned by some boygroup celebrity. But as you can see from this abandoned Bavaria climate is rough but key are still in. And don‘t tell me no Panda was involved in production of that cow. PS: i have a Video of horizontal Rain i took yesterday....
  7. We also did a strategic pre holiday suitcase check. when you‘re 4 weeks away you need to plan a bit in advance.
  8. Today it was just a little rain... but it‘s better than having 40 degree Celsius and no a/c. We‘ve even seen a little turquoise beach with a hint of sun. And even some ships are on dry ground Let‘s see what Ireland has up it‘s sleeve.
  9. Hi we’ll come all the way down and then take the ferry to England to go to Goodwood revival.
  10. Drove on the ferry from Scotland to Ireland
  11. Drove to Scotland - didn‘t finish the 1600 in time but it‘s probably better like that if you’re not on rosejointed red dot bilsteins. Some Scots are pretty horny

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