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  1. Hi as I am going the Weber route I am selling a set of NOS Italian Dergo intake trumpets. These will only fit Solex and they will not fit your 02 with ti Brakebooster. So they are suitable only for Neue Klasse / CS or perhaps the early ti with the remote brake Booster. As for RHD - I have no idea Asking 330 USD shipped CONUS
  2. Original on carbed from 1970 is 8x1 pa12 tubing on early cars it’s 6x1 changeover was documented in service information sept 1970
  3. I think priming an oil pump is not an issue with M10 Engines. With S38 sometimes it's necessary to fill it from the oil filter casing. I think it's a must to fill the oil filter (if you're using a modern type) before screwing it on and to fill the chain tensioner - but that's about it. If you have a S14 or tii oil filter console it's fairly easy to get some pressure before turning the crank.
  4. another idea - do it like me: the Csi is my wifes car... she bought it from her brother in law who was working for BMW in Sweden. So you don't have to decide and get yourself a 02
  5. It depends on purpose. I've just in September driven 6.000 km with the 3.0 Csi from germany up to the north of scotland down the west coast over to ireland down the west coast to england and back to germany. I think the Csi was the perfect car for that trip. For the shorter trips on the twisties in the Black Forest I'd choose the 2002. The e9 has all the comfort, speed and trunk you want if you're traveling
  6. I took one like that 10mm OD carb side cut down to a couple of mm, 6mm tube OD. To connect to the carb I used some generic rubber plug where I stamped the hole myself
  7. A friend just recently had problems getting his mid throttle jetted - after spending hours on the dyno he called VGS who are the importer and most competent resource for Weber within Germany - they recommended having the fuel bowls connected to the Airbox. After he did so the car ran much better under partial throttle. It's pretty easy to pull the plug when I'm on the dyno, but it would be a lot of hassle getting it set up in a hurry. We'll see once Im on the dyno. Cheers Uli
  8. starting to look more like an engine bay today
  9. took the windshield out ans scraped old goo off the windoe frame for hours and hours. Did check which Fuelpumps I'll use
  10. Why not just do it like the factory did. Bendix (or Facet if price is an issue) I was thinking of making a repop of the bracket - but that probably won't work - too many parts it would be more than 130 Euros for the bracket alone and a nice NOS bendix is 600+ ...
  11. What is a "standard aftermarket electric pump" ? There are different types of pumps which behave different Facet / Hardi / Pierburg / Lucas all use different methods of pumping gas. Is it a rotating or an oscillating pump?
  12. center Turbo exhaust continued now with rolled stainless tip
  13. What year is the car? If it’s a roundie a plain black Scheel 400 (not a 400s) would be my choice. Scheel 500s are a Bit oversize for a 02
  14. From Left Scheel 300, Recaro Rallye, Recaro Idealsitz, Scheel 400, Recaro Bracket
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