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  1. first in situ mockup. Tackled fitment issues Wheel to controlarm, wheel to caliper, caliper to disc axial, caliper to disc radial.... Nobody said it's plug'n'play
  2. But pay attention there are still at least two sorts of quarter panels - the differenct is the tank filler.
  3. Made some bushings for the gearshift. The old ones were a tad too brittle
  4. if you flip through this thread you know that everything is still ok http://www.early911sregistry.org/forums/showthread.php?120161-Seriously
  5. ZF 5S-18/3 exists in various ratios - and the best part it's homologated in some configurations
  6. Hi I am loooking at a parts bundle saturday (complete drivetrain from a 2000CS) rebuilt by known reputable guy with new/nos Parts a long time ago 15k km run since and stored for a long time. I have no use for the engine but it's all or nothing on the bundle so this will be for sale. The engine is in germany I won't ship outside germany. More details this weekend. If you're interested let me know ..
  7. Unfortunately (for you wife) it's a manual. I'd buy another one every day - it's such a great car. But to be honest: as a daily I'd take a 540 instead of an M5.
  8. I eventually will even mount a different driver and passenger seat - like they did back then. And as link to the other thread: mounting this Scheel pair may double the Value of your Car....
  9. I think the CR6ZZ qualifies as track day tire.
  10. It depends, for a fairly stock car with stock components stock toe in may be good. More toe in may not be a good choice makes the car less responsive and increase tire wear. My initial set up will be NO toe in. But my car is far from stock.
  11. +1 having heard this all over on the porsche forums Then buy e36 or e46 and don't complain - still cheap. It's just a matter of which people are now between 35 and 50 and which cars were cool when they were a child or started driving. My wife bought bought her 964 10 Years ago the 3.0 CSi 14 years ago I bought my 1600-2 Convertible 2007 (sold it 2013) with the e34 touring M5 I've waited a little too long for the perfect car and missed the perfect time to buy for 2 years but got it in 2013. Just buy the right car at the right time. And if it's too expensive sell one you don't use to afford another one like I did with the 1600 Convertible in favor of the M5 touring - was the right choice for me.
  12. If you see some of mine you'll revert from that statement - they look absolutetly right in an early 02. But I'll fully agree with you if you say e21 and newer Recaros are both overrated and don't look right in the car.
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