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  1. ahem that was another time ....(or better said never. It went from 3 to two to one and all that was after longneck to shortneck)
  2. I also needed some as I wanted to mount later trailing arms to a longneck axle and checked where I can find corrrect ones has correct ones in stock.
  3. Sorry me again with a perhaps dumb question. Can I use them as a Solid State relay with added slow up / down functionality with a PW of 100% (read no pulse at all). Here In germany the A-Klasse Parts are like 4-5€ used so why bother with a relay? Thanks Uli
  4. Until 2015 I used Perfect Circle which was then bought by Mahle. Ever since I get Mahle aftermarket (which is Perfect Circle). KS (Kolbenschmidt) also has a very good choice of Piston Rings
  5. Hi, do you know whether the Ford / Mercedes Part would work correctly if the input signal would be 20 kHz too? Thanks Uli
  6. Hi, is that PCBA somewhere available for purchase - assembled and Programmed? THX Uli
  7. 1600-2 VIN 1523220 Produced: 20.4.1967 Delivered: 02.05.1967 Color: Tampico Dealer: Now comes the interesting part Car was sold to the Indonesian Importer but registered may 67 in Austria with an individual Perhaps a method of saving Taxes? / Duties
  8. uai

    Aluminum body plug

    The last time was @ BTS Autoteile he still had some
  9. Hi nominal OD is 60 Tolerance according to SKF is something between G7 and R7, according to simrit is F8 (for very thin flimsy stuff) to H8 but ususally I'd aim for H8 = 60.000 - 60.046 BMW lists these as NLA but it is a basically a standard Part. Simrit: SKF h = 0,01 d2
  10. Less mass on a crank does not produce HP With a 292 I would not even think about anything else but the downpipe and leave the rest stock
  11. The better engine builders all check for exhaust on the dyno (if the customer pays for that) I'll check 2-4 Variants when I will be on the Dyno. Two Ignitions and two Headers to Choose from.
  12. I'd go for André's Alpina Repop Y-Tube together with a good aftermarket / OE exhaust
  13. uai

    Too many cars?

    I'm pretty much settled - my Wife says we're settled. I'd still like to add a Z3M Coupe and a 60s/70s US wagon. To keep them the way they are or improving them driving them is really consuming most of my spare time, but that's how i like it. His '29 Buick, '29 Buick, '67 1600-2, '93 e34 M5 Touring and a boring DD Hers '75 3.0 Csi, '92 964 Cab and an e39 Touring DD Ours 78 VW LT Firetruck
  14. Not so sure... at least primer was in the rockers (red for early cars). In my case one of the previous owners had gone for a tectyl treatment. This is a pic inside the rocker of my 67. However the worst were the cars built by Baur - I know a convertible that is still with its first owner and it got new Rockers after 3 Years in 72. My 67 1600 unfortunately had some mishaps in its life so it just has og paint on the roof and above the trimline from the A pillar to the rear of the car. BTW what I recognised is that the floor of my car is gray like Bristol but the car itself is Tampico. So the wheelwells and the overspray areas are tampico but the floor is bristol from underneath.