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  1. When this recall came out, I immediately checked the four stands in my garage at my house, and was glad to see they were not among the recalled stands. But today ... well, I had to hit the shop space where I assembled my car. Where my car sat on stands for almost two years, often with me under it. The four stands at the shop were all recall items! Should I buy a lottery ticket or what?
  2. Oh hell yes! We're getting screwed out of car show season as well as autocross and HPDE/track day season. Bring it on!
  3. I would like to buy the correct jack, tire tool, and the required hold-down clip/wingnut for my '76 02. Anybody?
  4. I've been posting this recall notice to all my car groups on FB. I checked my jackstands in the garage and they were not Harbor Freight/Pittsburgh, so those are not under the recall. Then I was out at the shop where I reassembled my 2002, where the car sat on jackstands for more than a year. Pittsburgh/HF ... I've got to doublecheck the numbers now to determine whether they're under recall. And I also think I will go with pin-stop jackstands from now on.
  5. Musician (drummer), drum teacher ... former journalist. A couple photos, me playing a reunion in New York 2018 with Bite the Wax Godhead, and gigging with my blues band The Old Crows at BB's Lawnside, a marvelous Kansas City roadhouse.
  6. Fantastic article, thanks! Hood adjustment has me stumped right now. This will be a huge help. I've taken the liberty of printing out the PDF so I can have it when my bodyman pal and I do the adjustments. Cheers.
  7. My first time venturing into Off Topic and I find this thread??? lol One of my geetars with one of my drumsets. The guitar is a 1961 Gretsch Clipper, an very basic, entry-level guitar. Thin hollow, single pickup, fat sound.
  8. Hey, thank you for the info, TobyB! Sounds like you know by first-hand experience. Cheers! Note that I am editing my previous post for accuracy, based on your information.
  9. One thing you want to get right is pairing the dampers with the springs. The only reason I mixed Konis & Billies was because a Bilstein strut dismantled iself and I needed something asap. In the future, I hope to swap out to full Koni setup on both ends of the car.
  10. I think M2M3 is right, too. With stock springs you should h ave HDs, not Sports, due to spring length and shock travel. But to answer your question ... I have Konis in front and billie sports in back. I had to replace front Bilstein sports and couldn't find anything suitable, so went with Konis. I have a bunch of experience with adjustable shocks in autocross on other BMWs, so I know how important correct shock adjustment can be! I asked Ireland Engineering for their advice, and was told 2/3s of full stiff should be about right. The car drives and handles fantastic. Turn in is pretty crisp and the car carves sweepers.
  11. d.hitchcock

    Welcome to Little Bavaria

    2002 "Brigade" at Kansas City's Great American Car Show, 2019.
  12. We're near the corner of 18th & Vine, in Kansas City's Jazz District.
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