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  1. d.hitchcock

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    One down, one to go.
  2. d.hitchcock

    Misc 2002 parts

    PM incoming.
  3. d.hitchcock

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Put fluids in transmission and differential. (Car has been sitting in reassembly mode for a couple years.) Pulled radiator & fan to hand turn the engine a couple times through. Just because ... Reinstalled radiator & fan. Installed TEP strut brace. Discovered the secret of the rear interior side panels. The mysterious clips hold the chrome trim to the side panel AND the side panel to the pinch weld!!! Hooboy. Figgered that one out all by my lonesome. lol Glued and trimmed carpet from Esty to the rear package tray so that it matches the carpet in the car. I'm not sure 2002s were finished that way, but later bimmers were (like my e30s and e36), so I ran with it. This car could conceivably be running within a few weeks. YAY!!!
  4. d.hitchcock

    A quick note regarding a parts supplier

    Sorry, I just noticed it all myself.
  5. Combining your camber plates with "coilovers" and race-diameter springs would be another way to get there. But pricey, yeah.
  6. d.hitchcock

    A quick note regarding a parts supplier

    ECS has begun to try to answer this problem. The CEO posted a letter to the "Why I Hate ECS Tuning" group on FB, and a number of employees have started taking up the banner. The FB group added over 1,000 members in a couple days last week, and the company got wind of it.
  7. d.hitchcock


    I am doing an EFI conversion on my car, which I purchased as an incomplete project. I bent hard fuel lines (nickel alloy, sorry, can't recall the brand name now) that I think we 5/16ths ID pipe. I used that for send and return lines, which I routed under the car, similar to the way they're laid out on an e30. The car came with an in-tank 318is fuel pump, which has a nipple for the return line.
  8. d.hitchcock

    2002 ancient history pictures

    We won't that against you! lol That '67 1800ti is THE BOMB. The first BMW I ever drove or even noticed was a 1967 1600 NK sedan that was virtually identical.
  9. d.hitchcock

    A quick note regarding a parts supplier

    Thankfully, we have Blunt et al. for our needs and don't have to mess with ECS Tuning. Cheezee HIDs kits etc. pfft.
  10. d.hitchcock

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Reinstalling belts that came with the car. They seem to work fine and the belts themselves aren't frayed or otherwise damaged. Today I finished installing the belts for the driver position. Incidentally, I used a technique from Paul Wegweiser to locate the seatbelt anchor points and make clean holes in the carpet. I used a pick to find the mounting pionts, then heated up a heavy punch with my torch and melted holes in the carpet. Perfect! I also riveted in quarter window trim, and struggled to install door seals, with no success as yet. Whew! That one's a PITA.
  11. d.hitchcock

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Installed backseat seatbelts, and seatbelts for the passenger side front seat. Didn't get to the driver seat for lack of time. I also finished upholstering my B pillars all the way to the carpet. I screwed up and only took them down halfway the first time. Question, re: my 1976 U.S.-spec car. My backseat appears to have only lapbelts for seat belts. No shoulder harnesses. Does that sound correct?
  12. d.hitchcock

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    The glass man cometh. I often learn by breaking things first, then figuring out the best way to do a job ... So I hired guys who do glass for hot rods and classics. They were great. I learned a lot watching and helping. Everything went great.
  13. d.hitchcock

    Best 15 inch tire

    For what it's worth, serious autocrossers on 200 treadwear street tires are all using your "Extreme Performance Summer" tires. I got the RE-71Rs for our 2002 because of our experience autocrossing an e36 on them.
  14. d.hitchcock

    Misc for sale

    I need some of the underdash panels. Pix 3, 4, 5, and 6 ... I believe I am missing all those. Package deal? :-) Email coming your way too.
  15. d.hitchcock

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    More on the headliner installation.