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  1. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Rolled around on the floor beneath it, tightening and torquing suspension fasteners. Good times. I am dying to get the car finished and DRIVE. Maybe June or July ...
  2. WTB: Front license plate bracket and ...

    Thanks! I took your advice and ordered the Coupe King bracket.
  3. Headliner Install Help

    My project car has a new headliner in the box, waiting for me to install it in the very near future. This thread has helped me and made me worry all at the same time! lol
  4. WTB: Front license plate bracket and ...

    Thank you! 71bmr02 has my four clips.
  5. WTB: Front license plate bracket and ...

    Have obtained a shift surround! Still need the license plate bracket.
  6. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I got to sort out a little more of my dash wiring. (I'm reassembling a car that I did not take apart, and it's my first 2002, so I'm learning on the job. lol But I got the cigarette lighter fixture in the dash and plugged in, found the light switch, installed and plugged it in. Little things like that.
  7. WTB: Front license plate bracket and ...

    Still need that shift surround and license plate bracket! :-)
  8. Hi all: I need to buy: A front license-plate bracket for early-style bumper. Also, I really need the four spring clips for the "roof board" in a sunroof car. (see below) Thanks in advance ... dh
  9. Mystery bit, came with my 2002

    Mystery Solved, courtesy Brandon Washburn on the 2002 Facebook group. The mystery piece is a section of heatshield from a '70s era Honda minibike. Check it out.
  10. Mystery bit, came with my 2002

    Yeah, I was pretty sure it wasn't an 02 part, but I wrong all the time! lol To be honest, now that I'm looking at it, it looks like a piece of heatshield off a motorcycle.
  11. No markings or part numbers. Two mounting holes Does anyone know what it is???
  12. Oh man, they have taken SUCH good care of me, helping me figure out parts, expediting shipments and returns/replacements due to my stupidity. I feel like they're almost coaches I can get help from ...