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  1. d.hitchcock

    e21 front hub stud hole size?

    As a data point ... I also use the Bimmerworld studs, currently on my autoX e36, and on my autoX e30 before that.
  2. ba-dump CRASH! That deserved a professional rimshot. No charge. :-)
  3. d.hitchcock

    Beautiful 1800 Neue Klasse for sale

  4. d.hitchcock

    It Only Took 46 Years..

    Awesome car!!! My in-progress '76 tries to hit some similar notes. I would love to think it will still be running in 46 years.
  5. d.hitchcock

    Battery recommendations

    Regarding lightweight lithium batteries, be careful. I've seen two of them melt down/catch fire in autoX cars. The most recent was just last week at Solo Nationals. I'm not an "electrical guy" so I can't really explain it properly. Maybe a grounding issue on one car? Maybe overdrawing amperage? Ack, sorry, I'm not sure. I AM sure I have seen the melted battery carcasses, however.
  6. My car is at 515 Motorsports in Liberty, MO, for completion of the EFI conversion. And look what showed up!
  7. d.hitchcock

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    I would like to join the mob chanting for a copy ... :-) I have the yellow Bentley book and every other 2002 manual I've been able to find. And I still need help! hahaha So, this would be great.
  8. d.hitchcock

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Hauled it out of our shop space and into the sunlight for the first time in more than a year! Trailered a few miles away to my buddy's shop, 515 Motorsports, where they will complete the EFI conversion. When they finish, we will FIRE HER UP. At that point, I can get a little help with some bodywork and panel alignment and install the exterior trim. I'm still waiting for the upholsterer to finish my seats, but I've got a spare in the driver position for the time being.
  9. d.hitchcock

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Continued trying to unlock the mysteries of proper window alignment. Ultimately, I think I may need some professional help with door/panel alignment as well. Meanwhile, I packed up all the various goodies in preparation to pull the car out of our shop and haul to my buddy's shop for completion of the EFI conversion. I'll post pictures tomorrow after we've gotten the car loaded up on the trailer. It's the first time the car has left our shop since July 2017.
  10. d.hitchcock


    Purchased the car from the widow of the previous owner, my friend Allen, who passed away far too young from cancer. The car had spent nearly three years in a body shop, being cured of tin worm and getting fresh Malaga paint. Allen was starting to reassemble it when he succumbed. At that point, I wasn't even aware he was building a 2002. But a mutual friend, who knew of my love of 2002s, contacted me and set up the chance for me to acquire this one. I will be forever grateful to Sean Grubb, my pal in Tulsa. I bought the car as a rolling chassis, with only drivetrain and brakes in place. I have spent more than a year trying to complete the build the way Allen had planned. That includes tii struts, big brakes, billies & IE springs, big swaybars, a 5-speed, euro bumpers, and a conversion to EFI. Part of the fun of putting the car back together was figuring out the modifications along the way, since very little was left in the way of written documentation of the build. Fortunately, Allen DID leave a large cache of the parts needed to complete all these modifications. With any luck, the car should be running very soon.
  11. d.hitchcock

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Odds & ends ... such as installing the plastic threshholds, finishing wiring for my auxiliary gauges, working on my console's fit, trying to adjust window fitment ... aiyiyiyi!!! I'm still waiting for my reupholstered seats, but in the meantime I threw a spare seat into the driver position. Can't wait to drive. The car goes to 515 Motorsport next week for expert installation of the ECU/harness/ignition module and completion of the conversion to fuel injection. It could be running soon! A photo by my buddy Don Gawf.
  12. d.hitchcock

    Headliner Replacement Eastern PA

    It's pretty intense, but it's a DIY project. The worst bit would be having to remove the front & rear glass and the door seals and quarter glass seals.
  13. d.hitchcock

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I've got both door seals and quarter windows installed. So, today I spent more time adjusting windows. I also reinstalled my sunroof handle etc., sun visors, rearview mirror and "oh shit" handles. Waiting for the upholstery guy to hurry up and finish my seats!
  14. Those look great. Do they fit your shock shafts? If memory serves, nonadjustable shocks have 10 mm shafts, and adjustables have 12 mm shafts. Or something like that! Sorry if my numbers are wrong, but you get the general idea. You still need big washers in both spots, unless this brand works differently than the others I've had.