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  1. Autocrossed at Heartland Park, Topeka. Surrounded by Detroit Ahrn ... Had a blast. Finished 22nd overall ... out of a small group, 44. But four of them were national champions! So they don't count. 🙂
  2. I would be in for the whole coilover setup at the right price. Staying tuned!
  3. IE Stage II springs, Billy sports, 15X7 et 26, 195/50-15 Bridgestone RE-71Rs.
  4. Replaced the giubo. I'd been having a bit more vibration under throttle, then last weekend a new sound on the highway-- a resonance that was bothersome. Checked the giubo today to find it shredding itself. Pulled out my spare and had it replaced in 2.5 hours. I got slowed down figuring out there wasn't a fitting to loosen in the center section, meaning I had to drop the whole driveshaft to pull the old giubo. The funny thing is, I also replaced the giubo in our e36 this week. So ... call me Mr. Giubo, I guess. e36 (top) & 2002 giubos
  5. Another autocross! Look what I gridded next to ... Model 3 with the "Performance" wheel package. Old vs. New!
  6. I am totally, completely OCD-level obsessed with our 2002. I want to attend to it often, just to continue sorting and perfecting it. I want to drive it everywhere. I've held off loading my drums up and taking it to gigs. I use my e36 coupe for that. But I hate to leave the 2002 at home alone! 😕 I get mad when it rains, since that delays my return to the roads in the 2002. If I could, I'd spend every damn day hanging out with the car. Is there any hope for a "normal" life? Do I need professional help? 🙂
  7. I bought my Melbers from Frank Franker. It was a decent, timely transaction. The wheels arrived packed like the most valuable things in the world, and they were/are perfect. He just asked me for a copy of a photo of my car in the wheels last week. I will be sad to hear if something has gone south for Frank.
  8. A tiny bit lumpy. Not bad at all.
  9. I dunno, BMW seemed to like the idea of adding power to the base 02. lol On the other hand, the thought of a 500-hp "Gr.5" 02 strikes me as pure overkill. I am a momentum car guy, at heart.
  10. It uses the e30 318i intake and fuel rail, an e36 318i throttle body, and an Electromotive TECs ecu.
  11. My M10 is rebuilt with 9.5:1 pistons, 292 cam, electronic ignition and EFI with an aftermarket ecu. Made 127.5 whp and 125.5 ft-lbs on a dyno-jet nicknamed "the disappointer." 🙂
  12. I could use 10-12 of them, but anything at all would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Let me know what you find.
  13. Relocated my battery ground cable in hopes of curing a nagging, minor charging issue. When I did the battery-relocation routine, I cleaned the shock tower and the strut brace, then bolted the ground to the strut brace, expecting it to conduct to the body adequately. Now, I suspect that might be the root of my charging issue. So I relocated the cable directly to the car body this time. Because of the way the TEP brace mounts, this meant I had to drop the rear shocks and unbolt the brace, clean off the new spot and move the cable, then bolt everything back up. As I was torquing my lug nuts, I discovered a large staple in one tire, pulled it, heard the hiss, so plugged the tire THEN finished up. Typical ...
  14. I felt pretty good that I was only 2.3 seconds off his raw time in the 02. We'll be lots faster as we learn the car too!
  15. I was just hanging out with Russell & his wife yesterday at the divisional. They're both stinking fast. lol But they're in a damn Honda now! smdh
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