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  1. I will go to the garage and Sharpie S14 all over my M42!
  2. Thanks. So sorry posted in the wrong section. Will move it.
  3. Tool kit came on a one owner 72 2002 gone long time ago. $100+shipping As always, I take paypal resra@att.net
  4. Sorry it sold but I may have another. I will email you if and when I find it.
  5. Doesn't have to be off topic. This is a "Quick Pro rear engine Quo" by an 02er.
  6. Those are 80s Ford Mustang GT seats (Made by Recaro)
  7. Tool kit with tools (SOLD) Working tested Blaupunkt AM radio $100+shipping Powder coated valve cover (SOLD) As always, I take paypal email me resra@att.net
  8. Ok Steve, I give up. You are correct on Johnpeter. 2002 CSI got me all excited. Seriously.
  9. JohnPeter must not be a robot. He knows there were round tail lights in 1970! Thats pretty impressive.
  10. I really wanted to bid but now I don't feel bad because you have it! Let me know if you need any injection related stuff Barney. I still have a complete system somewhere in a box.
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