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  1. PM sent regarding the center grille.
  2. If you pass on the car will you let the seller know that I have a very nice correct stock steering wheel and the correct fully functioning instrument cluster that I’m happy to trade or sell outright to him/her or you. I’m in Dallas.
  3. D, if you needed any other small bits and pieces try this guy. https://vermont.craigslist.org/pts/d/huntington-bmw-2002-small-parts/7098362948.html
  4. Yes it clears. The filter would have to be custom cut with choice of your material from Home Depot.
  5. Complete lower trim molding set. Not like new or perfect but in pretty good used shape. Will cover the round tail cars from 71.5-73 and all square tail cars. $230+shipping for the set Custom made rear adjustable strut tower brace. Just test fitted but never used. This is the kind that won't hold down a batter nor does it require drilling any holes on your tower. $100+shipping Carbon fiber airbox. Ready to get holes drilled for your weber side draft or ITB horns (SOLD) Aftermarket rear license plate bracket holder, complete with license plate lights fully functional with wiring still installed $60+shipping 1600 rear emblem in great shape $25+shipping As always, I take paypal [email protected]
  6. Beautiful pair of Hella Rallye 7.5 inch fog/driving lights. Fully functional and will look cool on a square tail car with US bumper. $115 plus shipping. As always, I take PayPal email me [email protected]
  7. Check this guys simplified way of cleaning out the pump explained. Not saying this is a solution for all but on a lazy Sunday for those of us who own a tii but not very tech savvy this is a great video to watch.
  8. Would bring this kind of money!!! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1975-bmw-520i/
  9. Thanks guys! No wonder I never seen these because I never seen a 1.8 apart. As for the crank i'm not sure but it is the original 2.0 block to the car with matching VIN. Previous owner must have done this 1.8 piston swap when rebuild.
  10. Same for e3 or e9 The 1st anything e was in 1972 e12 from BMW Take a look here on realoem and it will make sense https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/select?product=P&archive=1
  11. Greatly appreciate it if you can point me to the right direction. In 20+ years I haven't seen these and I can't find any valve damage on the e12 head but are those valve touching the pistons mark? Marks are identical on all four pistons and I never noticed any slapping noise or anything unusual before. Just took it out to replace headgasket and give it a refresh.
  12. I knew you would find something Les! So exciting. Maybe the owner from ebay is here and will find this post. It would be great to pass this on to him/her.
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