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  1. Water counts but i'm not sure if it can be considered an upgrade or downgrade.
  2. 1st 2002 and 1st modification back in 1997 was Bottle Cap wheels and tires from a 1987 325.
  3. I like the last statement on the auction "Completely Original".
  4. Beautiful long center console with the Motorola AM radio, working hazard switch and dummy fog switch, nice ashtray and gear shift surround. I won't disassemble for shipping but send to you just like this so you can drop in and go. Comes with the bottom coin tray also already installed. Radio powers on but I couldnt hear any sound from the speaker. $300+shipping 12 Fuse box with cover in good used shape. No cracks. $65+shipping As always, I take paypal [email protected]
  5. Hey Hey Hey.....watch it now....
  6. Used but in excellent shape Genuine Made in France Cibie headlight pair complete with H4 bulbs. $65+shipping for the pair including H4 bulbs Aftermarket license plate bracket with wiring and fully functioning lamps. Fits a 2002 rear panel perfectly round or square butt. $65+shipping Original Hella license plate lenses for the 2002/1600 or......dare I say early 911? Yes has some cracks etc but all together if you dont have any $40+shipping for the pair As always, I take paypal email me [email protected]
  7. 1 important lesson I learned about gas tanks. I had one of those pin holes on my tii. I took the tank to get repaired by a local radiator/gas tank shop. They redid the entire tank for $225. I picked it up, bolted to the tii and car ran great for about 3 fillups. After that I had started all kinds of stalling and accelerating issues. Not thinking it could be the tank, I started spending gobs of money on fuel injection pump, fuel delivery, adjusting refurbishing linkage etc. etc. car improved driving momentarily and then dies again and again and again. Then came the final revelation that goop they put inside the tank was mixing fine with the fuel after some time and started clogging the injectors, gumming up the injection pump what not. I mean I was so upset! I threw that entire tank and bought a used tank without goop inside. Moral of the story, not to put anything ever again inside a gas tank other than gas. Atleast not for me! I just clean the tank until no more rust and swish/store with gas until I see no more rust and off I go.
  8. Pretty much one of the best fitting wheel upgrade on any 2002 or 1600.
  9. Man you have some serious skills and talent! I don't like the outside but I like whats under the hood.
  10. I like it. It's clear the seller didn't intend to go factory stock direction but so what? Looks cool and I don't see where it is a lipstick on anything. Let alone a pig! More like ...... Lipstick on Sophia Loren.
  11. You are right Slavs, I should have compared those wheels with the 02 steel wheels. If you read my post, I never compared any Ferrari to our cars. Just the wheels which were not even manufactured by Ferrari.
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