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  1. Ok, I went overboard trying to make this cool. But all fun intended....007 Style
  2. resra

    Black rear bench seat for sale

    If you think the piping is the only defect then I will take the material only for $100+shipping. I'm also seeing some front seat stuff in the photo. I need both front seat bottom section material also if you have. Let me know.
  3. resra

    All SOLD

    Molding SOLD! Mirror is still available.
  4. resra

    All SOLD

    Hi Erik, best I can do is $75 including shipping for the mirror.
  5. resra

    All SOLD

    All SOLD
  6. resra

    72 2002, Verona $23k to FAQ members

    Hey Steven, check your PM regarding my pedal boxes. Please reply back.
  7. Bob, that sounds great but be aware that I'm not sure if it works or not because I don't have the harness that attaches to the back to test it! That part was still left attached to the car.
  8. I don't know Dave but the BMW hubcaps align just right with the triangular notches and the hubcaps securely fasten to the rims very firm and don't come off unless you pry them with a tool. I'm still dumbfounded that there are no sign of Opel Kadett nor BMW like Steve's. BTW, I'm no purist and numbers matching, dates matching etc. don't mean a thing to me. Life is too short.
  9. Sorry it took so long but had it boxed up. Unboxed just now and took a photo, Bob is right, Alpine Cassette/Tuner 7390 Took a picture for you.
  10. Hi Harry. Got your email with picture but no pricing. If you would kindly send me the pricing we can go from there. Always a pleasure dealing with you.
  11. Funny though Dave, my wheels don't have Opel or BMW stamping on it but I do remember the valve stem going through one of the oval slots of the hubcaps on both of the wheels.
  12. Dave, makes sense. Thanks for letting me know!
  13. Ok Don't laugh but this is a set that came on my 1600 long time ago. They were redone at some point but now sits in storage and has some shelf marks etc. The fronts are 4.5x13 and rears are 5x13 (Date 12/71 and 11/72). No, I won't sell the two 5x13s by themselves. All four with all four shiny hubcaps. Will need new BMW stickers in the middle. Again, let there be no confusion please. Two wheels are 4.5"x13" And two are 5"x13" $400+shipping As always, I take paypal email me