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  1. All the right mods at that price. What a deal.
  2. Same here in TX but the Kroger pumps are very 02 friendly and so thats where I go to fillerup!
  3. Not mine or any affiliation. Looks like a lot of good parts to be had if you are in the east. https://jerseyshore.craigslist.org/cto/d/beachwood-1976-bmw-2002-barn-find/6978403785.html
  4. Mike A, since my Porsche days are over I listed all the books I had on ebay with best offer. If you need any of it please have a look: https://www.ebay.com/sch/janice.anjali/m.html?item=273998696654&hash=item3fcb9850ce%3Ag%3Anb8AAOSwjtJdc-lG&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  5. Yup, I sold my pristine black 69 912 in 2003 for $4200!
  6. Ok Slavs, now I have to go find me a Alpine-a Euro TTI (Touring Transatlantic Interjection) with 5 speed and LSD! Can it have Bulging US turn signals or wait those are worth half the price of the flat kind. Someone actually told me the US turn signals are actually very bad design because they collect snow in winter and others can't see you turn.
  7. Navy blue. In excellent shape. No tears. All functions are 100% and smooth. Will include seat rails also but no bracket. Webbing in the bottom all intact and tight. $325+shipping I take paypalemail [email protected]
  8. Somehow this one and orange one rings a bell. Didn't someone discuss three cars sitting in someones backyard earlier this year with pictures etc?
  9. Sorry to be a pest but nothing is quick in our cars! I can't even lock and unlock the door quickly enough incase i'm being chased in the parking lot!
  10. Lucian, so sorry to say but that car has accomplished what it was designed to do in a rear end collision. I don't know how that car will ever be 100% again? Even after all the cut weld etc. the next time if it gets rear hit again, i'm afraid it will go like a cardboard because the structure has been severely compromised. I'm not trying to sway you from restoring it back but at this point it would be best to let it go! By go...I mean put it to sleep.
  11. Sorry Ray, this car is nicer than any e9 will ever be! I'm bias because the heart of it is so close to a 2002. I also like the front look better in these cars than a e9.
  12. Milli Vanilli? Hahaha...girl you know it's true!

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