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  1. Haha...it's from a 60s Cessna. The fan was USB powered and hooked up to the back of the radio. The on off switch in the corner made it come on and off. I'm working on a cold water powered poormans a/c built into the center console next. I will post as soon as i'm done.
  2. Some of the consoles I made using existing original components and some all custom made. All sold but just sharing with you for ideas.
  3. Now a days it's no more art on wheel. It's all about intimidation. Even a new toyata corolla in the rear view mirror of a 2002 looks like tweety getting chased by Sylvester! You start sweating, you are screaming staring in the rear view mirror, losing your grip trying to move over to the next lane and all of a sudden you realize you are still in the parking lot of the grocery store and everyone is still parked! And that was just a Corolla...I don't even want to talk about my driving experience of our MG midget being chased by a Dodge Ram at 35 MPH...
  4. Pair of vintage like new Vitaloni side view mirror left and right side with set screw. No scratches on the glass or fades. Set screw spins like new. Should mount to your existing flag style mirror bracket. $60+shipping Excellent shape used single tii alloy wheel. Maybe can use in your spare tire if you already have a set of four. Dated 1973 by FPS (Don't get Steve started) $200 including shipping As always, I take paypal email me resra@att.net
  5. In fact none of those high prices or foreign sellers bother me as much as regular buyers, sellers or big talkers on this site who use this site regularly but don't care to contribute financial help to this great platform. i.e. solex users
  6. Haha...you are thinking in wrong direction....Collusion? Money laundering? I think as global cost of living is rising along with population growth and values of 2002 cars/parts on the rise (Don't have to look far). Call your local BMW dealership and 10 years ago the part that cost $25 is $200 now, people are making the connection and finding 2002 parts they can sell on a global market place like on ebay. Those parts maybe in Germany, Turkey or Egypt but NOS parts to me are far better in build quality than say buying something made aftermarket in modern times. That being said, I won't be surprised if some of those sellers find their ways to FAQ eventually and start selling here. I have nothing against anyone trying to sell anything legit. It's their right to price and market things however they like. No one is holding a gun on anyone's head to buy the product.
  7. It wont be that difficult. All you have to do is strap the engine on the roof upside down (shaped like an A) and we can call it A12. Then wrap it with some sort of Tarp and hope the wind will sail the car around while you listen to Chris Deburgh........sailing away!
  8. Driveshaft sold. Everything else is still available.
  9. This drive shaft is from a e21 320i that was shortened, balanced to do the 5 speed conversion in conjunction with a Getrag 245 in a 2002. This is for the drive shaft only. Will come with a flex disc and center support bearing also installed. U-joints are in great shape. Boxed and ready to ship. $300+shipping (SOLD) 1972-1973 Long chrome rear bumper. All 5 pieces. Missing the rubber strip that goes on the entire bumper. Center section could use re-chroming otherwise very straight. Side pieces are great. $200+shipping Frigiking A/C panels only in excellent used shape $75+ shipping 1973 front and rear bumper brackets in clean used shape. Painted and ready to install. $75+shipping Single 14" BBS wheel in excellent shape from the e30 325is. No curb rash, no bends or dings and no center cap. $75+shipping As always, I take paypal email me resra@att.net
  10. Your local BMW dealership should be able to order one for you. Have you tried them?
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    The wheels and the grills are Ending today
  13. resra


    Mounts are a little crusty and one or two maybe missing in the back. The metal tab kind but the ones that are the drilled holes kind are all there. Sorry didn’t see the question earlier. Ebay id is janice.anjali
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