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  1. Thanks for the kind words and feedback. You were so generous to add the paypal fee also. Glad you liked it.
  2. Friends, please look at the Dashboard and the long center console with Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio that I posted recently.
  3. Saw this at local Ace Hardware! Under $10 may help during rainy drives.
  4. resra

    WTB: 2002 or 2002 Tii

    I think Waffle house has the tbone special at $10.99
  5. resra

    67 1600 part out

    Still a bargain at $2500!
  6. resra


  7. resra


  8. Still waiting to hear from you about the center grill.
  9. Nardi steering wheel SOLD! Rest are still available.
  10. ray, I don't mean only bidders can comment but I mean too many non-bidders are always trying to participate in negative comments keeping prices down.
  11. Let this be a fair warning (in a friendly fashion) to everyone who is thinking about selling their loved 02s on BAT thinking they will get optimum. Nope...those days are gone. They came fast and they left faster! I think BAT is a platform where any and every idiot can join in and say anything derogatory to bring the auction down! I'm not sure if its just human nature to bring another person down or what but that seems to be happening a lot to every 2002 thats trying to be sold there. I notice that most who negative comment never even bid on a dead fly, yet they have a mouth full to say. I have no game in this or any of the auctions there but hurts me dearly when I see such a rare car unappreciated! $41k? lol....that car deserves twice that....yes...yes...I know...I know...most of you won't agree but ....i'm just bias to anything and everything 2002. Just look at the inka orange round tail running driving project 2002 that sold for $6500 there on BAT.....that same car could have sold for more right here directly on FAQ perhaps without a fee or even ebay.