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  1. Tii pump and bracket SOLD!
  2. Just a note of caution that there were different variations in length (Depth of tank etc.) of the sending unit. So, buying used you should measure yours and ask the seller to measure theirs instead of asking what year car the sending unit came from. Simply because people may mixup the year. Also while buying a used one try to get one with the screen on the bottom still attached unless yours still has one and you can transfer over. If no luck with the screen then install a good fuel filet in-line right past the tank.
  3. Tii complete airbox with bracket still attached. $150+shipping Tii working fuel ump with attached bracket (Sold) Trunk mounted rack for the 2002. Took it off myself many years ago from a 1969 2002. Never seen another. Has rust area in some places but overall in good shape. Has just the right curve to fit flush on a 2002 trunk lid. $235+shipping One off rear strut tower brace. This is adjustable and don't need holes drilled on the tower. $100+shipping As always, I take paypal email me [email protected]
  4. Any auto parts store. Orielly, Napa etc. and of course the dealership has it too.
  5. And the shop the car is in, looks to be doing a lot of highend cars. The 1st picture of the tii on BAT and you can see on the lift a David Brown 4? I'm sure they won't misrepresent the tii.
  6. when redone properly, that is my favorite color combination on any 2002! With nice interior and A working air conditioning .... life’s good. This should still sell for like $18k!
  7. resra


    Ok Brad, I have been quiet hoping someone can help you because I do have a very nice pair of black seats with equally nice headrests but you don’t need the entire seats, just the headrests. So I’m not sure how I can help you without getting stuck with good seats and no headrests.
  8. Tod, I have a very nice manifold that was ported for the 38/38. It is used but pretty clean. Let me know if you want it and I can send photo to you.
  9. Whats ironic is the other day I was at the filling station. Pump stopped exactly at 20.02! If thats not love, I don't know what is. I got in the car smiling and then I said, why I didn't take a picture.
  10. Bought this transmission to use as parts for another but didn't end up using it. This one is being sold as is in unknown shape as I can't get it to shift into any gear. Buy it for parts if you like. Looks clean and complete otherwise. Don't get excited thinking you can put some oil and shift (I tried everything but it's jammed). Again, good for parts or perhaps a rebuild. $225+shipping As always I take paypal email me [email protected]
  11. That is actually the standard Ashtray setup on any long 2002 console attached to the clardy air setup with a bracket.
  12. Ok Mosman, I will let you know if he doesn’t need it it’s yours for same offering.
  13. @rufurt, I have a perfectly shifting automatic transmission from a 1976 sitting. If for any reason you can't get yours working, i'm happy to mail you mine and after you are happy with it you can pay me couple of hundred dollars for it plus shipping. Just a thought if you need to go that route.
  14. Oh man....just the right amount of nostalgia on this one. Looks very dry and solid. Never seen sahara looks so pretty.
  15. Thats a great looking seat. It's a Flofit"? Great price too.

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