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  1. This is all very helpful, I'm putting together a Pelican box with cut foam to hold wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers etc... I have a good idea what types of tools to carry from years as a race mechanic/ rally mech. but would like to know what size wrenches and sockets are needed to work on all parts of the car 1975 2002 base. I'd rather not just throw a whole set of wrenches if some are not needed, space is a minimum and would like more room for test light, zip ties, fuses etc... Thanks! Photo for reference of what I'm building.
  2. Some reason I can only see the cone filter support file and not the fuse box base. Is there something I may be doing wrong? Thank you and the fuse box is so trick and I can't wait to print one up!
  3. Nice car 👍 You mentioned a newer convertible, its not a convertible but I've got a 2011 Volvo C30 R design 6 speed listed for sale right now. Would you be interested in a trade? Message me.
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  5. Conkitchen, thanks for the input and I definitely hear ya. I wondered if I should put the 10k number in the post but I wanted to make it clear I’m not looking for a 40k restored beauty that’s finished for me. I think your post about values is really helpful and I’m not against paying more than 10k if a car is worth it. From your description I’d be interested in taking a look at your car. It sounds like you’re thinking in the area of 12-13k? Forgive me if I read that wrong. Are you near Marin? thanks!
  6. Hey Everybody, Im looking for a late model 2002 "driver" to purchase. Im hoping to stay around 10k or less and I prefer the later model 02' with the square tail lights, but must be 75' or older since Im in California and don't want to smog it. This will be my first 02' and Im looking forward to slowly restoring it with my son and enjoying driving it while working on it. Im not opposed to something that needs a bit of work to get it driving but don't want to dive into a project that needs a year of work before we can drive it around. Minimal rust and it would be nice to be complete or close to complete. Any color is fine, and it'll be kept in the family so not really worried about being worth less since its a later model. Please excuse me if I haven't used correct wording for the forum, Im brand new here but look forward to joining the community. I am also selling a 2011 Volvo C30 R Design 6 speed manual that was bought as a commuter car and has been excellent to me. Fresh timing belt, water pump and all the usual bits that come with the service. About 118k miles and in great shape. Please message me if you are interested in it, or know of/have a 2002 for sale. I'd consider a trade as well. Looking to get 10k for the C30. Thanks!
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