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  1. Good idea 👍🏼 I did notice a weak spark once we checked it back at home, so maybe trimming the wires will help. Funny my dad just had a long chat with an old friend about it and that’s exactly what he said. Very helpful, thank you.
  2. Thanks Mike, I know I have the yellow dip stick but I’ll check the tube and mounting block. I do know it has the short length of hose near the base with two hose clamps.
  3. No worries Gruizer, yeah lets get together for a drive sometime. I'm diagnosing an engine problem right now, maybe floated valves? We'll find out soon. Take care
  4. Thank you but heres an update... Today we put the old factory dizzy back in and nothing changed. However, we did find that the #1 and #2 pistons did have spark, we must have rushed and not noticed on the side of the road. So I don't believe the 123 dizzy was impacted by it. What I do know: The 32/36 water carb lost the cap off the diaphragm and the spring is AWOL. Not sure if this could be making it run like it is but I doubt it. There appears to be a rattling around sound in the head area. We pulled the valve cover off and everything seemed to be intact and no broken things we could see. We plan on doing a leak down test. Maybe I floated a valve? This will be my first venture with internal components of the engine but I guess its a good time to learn:)
  5. So about 15 min into the rally from Santa Rosa to Lake Sonoma Saturday we had a big loss of power. We were ripping over a crest in third and the car started limping and missing. We pulled over, starting checking it out with the help of some awesome people that stopped and found: - Weber 32/36 water choke carb Diaphragm on the rear of choke loosened up and fell off. We robbed some screws from the glove box latch and put it back on. - Front two cylinders had no spark, replaced the plugs tried them and nothing - 123 dizzy we noticed had a pool of oil under the cap… - Still no spark, it got a roll back ride home to further diagnose. - Now, we just changed the oil in it Friday evening. I dumped 4 qts in it and nothing on the stick. I ended up putting 5 qts in it to get to the half way between the hash marks. I didn’t put more in because I thought 5 qts would be plenty. - Theory… could the dip stick be misadjusted? The PO had a long block installed some time ago and maybe it wasn’t adjusted correctly. Could the excess oil have run up the shaft of the 123 dizzy and shorted/fried out the circuit board? Seems pretty crappy for a $500 dizzy if that’s the case. But there’s oil and only spark to the back two cylinders🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m planning on putting the stock dizzy back on to see if the oil fried the 123? Then hopefully 123 will help fix or replace the dizzy since it’s about 2 months old:( I kinda wish I just kept the stock dizzy with a spare set of points and condenser. Anyone have any thoughts? 🙏🏼
  6. So here’s a oddball theory that’s somewhat related to dipstick tube length. I changed the oil in my base 75’ 02 and used 5 qts and was still only half way between the hash marks on the dip. Didn’t want to put more in, took it for a high spirited drive and lost spark to the front two cylinders. After checking for spark I noticed my 123 dizzy had oil pooled up under the cap and I’m guessing it shorted the circuit board? Maybe causing the no spark to the front two cylinders. So my theory… dipstick isn’t correct length, I overfilled the oil, too much crankcase pressure, oil ran up into dizzy and fried the dizzy. Am I out of my mind? I’ve heard of the 123s having problems with oil leaking and causing trouble. I kind of wish I had just kept the old Bosch dizzy in.
  7. I just found this relay you speak of on my 75’ 4 speed 02’. Did an oil change and removed the battery to aid in access then after hooking it up… nothing. Starter did nothing when turned key. We traced the starter wire to that same relay under the dash to find we could jump it and it didn’t seem to mess anything up. The schematic shows it’s the auto safety switch like you said which made me think maybe my car was auto in another life? Who knows, does anyone know if we actually need the relay? Can I just straight wire the starter wire to the ignition switch? thanks!
  8. Thanks 02Les! I'll check it out.
  9. I just received my rear bumper ordered through Blunttech. They’re definitely worth the wait, such a slick looking piece. Question for O2bumpers, do you have a line on rubber trim that sandwiches between the bumper and the cover cap over the seams? I saw a completed car that had some clear/grayish rubber that really made the install look pro.
  10. AC Lock service on University Ave in Berkeley. I was referred to him from faq and he was awesome. He made keys for me from looking at my lock assembly numbers. I got multiple sets made and was finished in about 10-15 min. hope that helps!
  11. Hey everyone, I’m taking my 02 down to Los Gatos tomorrow with my 6 year old boy to catch the cars and coffee. Is anyone rolling from mill valley or rolling through that would like to convoy down? Anyways more fun with a pack:) hit me up! Stephen
  12. Thanks! And I re set the timing yesterday and then loaded the stock 2002 curve from the 123 euro website. It runs soooo much better now:) thank you All for the help! I really do appreciate it:)
  13. Brilliant 👏🏻 So simple but I wouldn’t have thought of that. Makes perfect sense. Thank you and everyone that has chimed in, I truly appreciate it and this 2002 community is one of the best parts of owning one:)
  14. That’s super helpful. Thank you. once that’s done, is there a BMW standard curve to run or a reliable one that all the 02’ people like to run? Something proven? thanks
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