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  1. BarneyT

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Received the material to re-upholstery the seats in my baur...redoing seats and carpet black
  2. BarneyT

    1972 golf euro

    My best 2002 score after watching this car setting in a field for three years one day driving by I noticed a new air stream setting next to this dilapidated farm house I pull in the drive way and was able to make a deal a purchase it for $300 it had been setting in the field for 18 years I had it for another 10 before redoing it and giving to my son Ellis....
  3. BarneyT

    1973 Tii 20 years sahara / 20 years malaga / now inka

    Purchased this car three years ago, my first tii been sorting out mechanically added a five’s being painted soon