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  2. Hi Stu, My CL post is under "auto parts" for sale South King County. I am in Enumclaw. Cheers! Gary
  3. Craigslist where? I just checked Seattle. . . Thanks.
  4. Hello PNW FAQ Members, I wanted to advise everyone that I am now parting a recently acquired 72 sunroof car. I do have a post up on Craigslist so please take a look. Happy "02ing"! Gary
  5. Hey, last Tuesday 9/8 my wife spotted a nice Fjord roundie at the intersection of NW 85th St and 24th Ave NW in Ballard/Crown Hill. We live down the hill on 24th. My vigilant wife (with the good memory) told me the plate no. was A0E0866. Anyone know whose car this is? Stu.
  6. Hello all, Recently picked up this steel wheel & am now looking to sell in order to help fund the purchase new wheels for my 318is which recently cracked. Makers mark shows "Lammarz 1345-1", and is currently mounted on a falken tire. REVISED: Dimension stamps read 4.5" x 13" & the date stamp reads 06/73. No major rust that I can see besides surface rust. Not sure where to price it so I've decided $50 obo. Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding the wheel. Located near downtown Portland. Thanks, Jake
  7. I'm planning a Leavenworth roadtrip the end of September or early October. Keep and eye out for the details. Otherwise, I'm open to promoting or joining ad hoc drives. Throw something out there for us to rally around. James
  8. Are bumper deletes legal in WA? Can I get rid of the 70s bumpercar bumpers altogether? Or do I have to replace them with something? Thanks!!
  9. Looks like James has covered everything regarding the possible cause of the smell. I do, however, want the "second" James' recommendation of replacing the rubber o-ring seal around the fuel sender. Absolutely a must do. Hope this helps. Cheers! Gary
  10. Feel free to put something together! There is usually something in the summer then one towards the end of September.
  11. I missed the Aug 2nd PNW drive to Mt. Rainier! 😞 It would be fun to get some BMW 2002s together to drive some of the roads in the Puget Sound area-I recently saw the post for roads in PNW from 2018. Let me know-and let's pick a time and road!
  12. More than likely the smell is coming from fuel vapors and not leaking fuel. 1. Replace the gasket around the fuel sender. 2. Check the fuel filler hose that connects from the exterior to the gas tank and the related gaskets. Likely something old and cracked that needs replacing. Also check to make sure any over flow hoses are routed out of the car. 3. Get rid of the fuel vapor plastic expansion tank in the trunk and plug any related hoses attached to it from both ends. 4. Did you replace your fuel lines from the trunk to the engine bay? If not, double check the run. Good luck!
  13. I've completed restoring my 2002tii, but there's a distinct smell of gas fume inside the trunk. I checked around the tank and didn't notice any leaks. Any recommendations/advises much appreciated. Thanks, Dionnie
  14. @DavidLMM posted this in general but I'm paying here for the locals: DavidLMM 73 https://www.estatesales.net/WA/Kent/98032/2558427 An internet acquaintance that lives in middle TN, relocated from Kent WA about 20 years ago, is trying to make sure that his huge hoard of 02 and E9 and other parts don't end up being bought up by scrap metal guys. Other friends have been trying to find proxies to go bid/buy for them, without much success, so I am posting this here as a public service. It's not mine, I'm getting nothing from it, other than the satisfaction that hopefully most of the good stuff will end up in an appreciative garage, rather than melted down as scrap. Bill, the owner, has had poor communication from the auction house - it's a weird situation, but likely very worthwhile if you are in the area. Oh yeah, there are a ton of vintage comics, and a piano, also in the auction. It's 4 days, apparently there is a LOT of stuff to get through. David
  15. I believe he does. Ill drop him a line
  16. I have a couple if still needed...lmk
  17. @gprotto please see above. Do you have any doors available?
  18. Hey Folks, A good friend of mine is looking for 2 doors to complete his 71 2002 project. Anyone have a lead on a couple of doors? Looking for one drivers door and one passenger door. Thanks! Jesse
  19. Brian, I found an e-mail for you and added you. I used this address: [email protected] Stu.
  20. Welcome to the PNW Group. Keep an eye out for an invite to the next Cruise to Leavenworth in late September or early October. Cheers, James
  21. I live in North End Tacoma, we have a couple of 02's and an early 911. I enjoy working on vintage German Cars, especially the restoration process. I also enjoy auto-crossing my Pig Cheek Tribute. We have only been in the PNW for a few years now so I look forward to meeting some new people that share the passion. Bob
  22. Federal Way, WA. Anxiously awaiting my 76 Mint Grun project. It’s currently in Northern California having an engine/trans installed in it. It’s spent the last while as under tarps in a field.
  23. Sure, send your email address. Stu.

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