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  2. Have had some interest but no one has committed yet. I've done an inventory of all the new/NOS parts I have plus a list of the few items needing to be sourced. If you think this might be for you please send me a PM, otherwise next stop Craigslist of BAT.
  3. James: Sorry for going MIA, no cell/internet for the was week. I prefer St Helens, but am up for either route. I'm with Nathan, if we chose the St Helens route, meeting at 8 am is a good idea.
  4. Yo peeps! Any consensus here? Paradise or St Helens? Any of the Portland folks have a preference?
  5. Have fun, I'll join in next time. The 2nd is the first day I'm home from a 2 week road trip.
  6. Hello PNW FAQ Members, I am cleaning up my garage and came across a box with a nice pair of 1977 specific 320i vent rotors, which years ago, I intended to use as part of a big brake conversion project. They are within factory "nominal" (or new) spec measuring 255 mm in diameter and 22 mm in rotor thickness. As I no longer need these, I would like to see them go to a good home. I figured I would try to sell them locally as shipping is costly. I am only asking $70 for the pair, picked up in Enumclaw. I just posted them to Craigslist (under BMW 2002 auto parts for sale) with photos so please take a look. Cheers! Gary
  7. Dont worry, there's still a 1600 ;) I understand the pairing down of rigs. My fleet is getting a bit unwieldy...
  8. This year would be the 9 year anniversary since we did St. Helens last! So here is the route I believe we did last time and what I would recommend we do this time if we were to to it again, on the Seattle side at least. As a note, we started at about 7AM out of Tacoma last time and I didn't get back to my door until 4PM. I wasn't 2 hours late for work I swear lol! So I would recommend we meet at no later than 8AM an be on the road by 830 for this drive. St. Helens we ran last time St. Helens for the Seattle Folks Now for Rainier, that can get interesting as there is a couple "toll" roads you have to pay to go down (at least it was that way last I went). Across Paradise and up Sunrise. Both cost money unless you get there early enough and miss the Ranger. Route for that below. Timing for this I would recommend meet no later than 9AM in Enumclaw and be on the road by 930AM. Rainier Route Both will get people in the summer. Both are fun. Now pictures from last time!!
  9. Thanks for organizing this James. As far as Ranier vs St Helens, driving around Paradise on a Sunday in August might be pretty frustrating, there could be a lot of slow traffic. I agree though, that side of Ranier should be better traffic-wise than the 410 side. St Helens will likely be much less crowded, but it's a long haul from Seattle. Although an even longer haul, 131/FR25 south from Randle around the east side of St Helens might be the best driving road in the state. If you do that whole loop down to Woodland, it's a very long day from Seattle. Maybe too much of time commitment for many, but it's worth the effort to do sometime if you have never driven it. I'm happy with either option, maybe slightly favoring Paradise (despite my traffic bitching). it will be good to get out with the 02 folks.
  10. For Reference Google Maps Timing Paradise Location Seattle-Paradise - 2.5hrs Portland-Paradise - 3hrs Mt St Helens Location Seattle-St Helens - 3.25hrs Portland-St Helens - 1.5hrs Paradise is definitely more central, but not an extreme difference. I'm open to either. Let me know if I can help with route planning, Seattle caravanning options, or other items.
  11. Some feedback from folks that Mt St Helens might be too far a hike for the Seattle folks. A suggestion was made for a loop around the Paradise area instead, as it's more in the middle between Seattle and Portland. Thoughts?
  12. James, Reach out in messages on how I can help, I was hoping we could catch a summer cruise this year so I appreciate you kicking this off! -Zach
  13. Ok, let get this thing rolling. I'll start by picking the date and location: Mount St Helens loop August 2nd, 9am meet ups in Seattle/Portland starting points I need help on the following: 1. Route - someone needs to pick a route that has a good starting point for folks coming north from Portland and south from Seattle. 2. Someone from Portland to coordinate a rendezvous point for folks to meet up at to start your trip north. 3. Suggestions for a place to go to for lunch. For the Seattle folks: Let's plan on meeting at The Cheese Factory parking lot at South Center Mall at 9am. Once we get the route selected and loop starting point set, we'll finalize the times and Stuart can send out an email blast to the entire PNW crew. Sound good? Volunteers for the items above? Cheers, James
  14. Private message or just send it to [email protected] Thanks.
  15. Maybe I missed something? Did the group take a drive? LET’S GO !! I’m out of town the last two weeks of July, so let’s do a St.Helens drive (great idea roadhog0) in August. Who’s up for it? Maybe meet up at Alki boat launch as in years past (or somewhere) around 8:30 and leave about 9:00 for the volcano. Have lunch somewhere and home by 5:00 or so? Who’s up for a drive? We used to do this 2 or 3 times a year. Let’s go show off our cars and have a fun day! George b o n n e y s @ c o m c a s t . n e t
  16. Hi stu how do I get you my email?
  17. I'll see what I can come up with for route ideas. I tend to head up to the Skagit County area for drives.
  18. I'm actually checking out a Wednesday Cruise In tomorrow in Bellevue as a potential regular spot for us to meet up at. Turns out they've been having one in the Newport area for all car makes and models for a few years.
  19. I'm all for it and will create an event flyer and promote it to the rest of the group, but I need help planning a route. Can you take that on? PS. - I dunno about that elected leader thing... 🙄
  20. Being our elected Puget Sound area leader and all, any thoughts about getting a drive together? It will be raining sideways before we know it, sad to say.
  21. This would be better than perfect for a sleeper hot rod I'd love to do, but my garage is full, and the no offsite storage policy is strictly enforced at my house.
  22. Thanks Andy. As you can imagine, very mixed emotions about selling this and if the world wasn't what it is right now I would stay with it. But I will finish the Neue Klasse and have it ready for 02/02/21.
  23. Well, bummer, I was looking forward to the ti clone, but someone is going to end up with a great project at a great price.

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