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  1. What's new in this club
  2. If it's for the airbag recall, they're going to be about the same. Just pick the one that's closer.
  3. Hello - New to the area (will intro myself later...) and need to get recall work done on my wife's car. Any preferences between Seattle or Bellevue? Thanks
  4. Missed that one. Darn it! Not like I needed another anyways lol!!
  5. Which one of you bought that '76 2002 in Ballard for $1K on Facebook Marketplace? I wanted those wheels😂
  6. Looks like the weather is going to cooperate and it's suppose to be dry with mild temps. Look forward to seeing y'all. Reminder to wear your mask and maintain social distancing spacing. James
  7. The radiator hose looks like the one from a very early 1600 build. As Nathan says, if it is not rotted, one of the owners of that vintage 1600 would love to have it.
  8. That radiator hose is a super special early Tii hose from my memory. A few guys want these for their cars. That might be worth putting in the For Sale section.
  9. 1. Battery Tray, Solid with none OE holes drilled in it. 2. Washer Bottle, do not know if pump works 3. Fresh Air Box 4. Radiator Hose (Didn't know if it's uniqueness was something I shouldn't throw away) Text Darin 425 941 8424
  10. I have an extra gas tank that came with a 1972 2002 as a replacement. Listing here for local pickup, I'm 30 miles East of Seattle. No part numbers found on it. Appears to be a match to the OE one in the 1972. No visible rust inside. $250. Text Darin 425 941 8424
  11. OK, it's ON. Saturday Feb 6th 10-12, West Seattle. I'll set up a calendar event and start getting the word out.
  12. My car is not yet a driver, even if it was an early February trip over the pass is not likely. I do look forward to meeting up with you west siders, like to stop by and get some work done by Patrick at Midnight Motorsports. I've sold the wheels with the Hakkapeliitta studs, still have the ski rack, it's a fair weather driver now.
  13. I'm in agreement with everyone here - as long as everyone rocks a mask, I don't see why not! And of course sadly, I would be a maybe as I'm getting some yard work done and my car is currently stuck in the garage with no way out. Anyway, figured I'd at least give my .02 cents.
  14. 'Aight. Who's doing the fat smoky burnout to obscure the camera so we can all get by? (I am very much joking)
  15. I don’t think I’ll have the 02 back from Patrick by then, but still look forward to stopping by! Plus, good excuse to check on the 02 while I’m down there. Worth noting the West Seattle Low bridge has a traffic camera giving out $75 fines now, so don’t forget to detour...

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