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  2. Hi all - My name is Jacob, and I live in Boise Idaho. I don't yet own a 2002, but I have always been a BMW guy. A car came up for sale locally, and it's intrigued me, so I figured I'd join and try to learn as much as possible. I don't know how many 2002 guys there are in Idaho, but not terribly many I'd guess. I don't see many around, sadly. Hopefully I can acquire the one I'm looking at and get it back on the road!
  3. Leeds on a rear seat

    Hey there. Where do you have the work done and did you like it. I'm thinking of redoing my interior in seattle and would love a referral. Thank,you!
  4. Repaint in seattle

    Here's my advice. It looks great as is, drive it! You'll enjoy it more that way! Less worry of door dings, rock chips, etc. AND this will save you a bunch of tear down time and 5-8k If you choose to get it painted anyways, best of luck and do plenty of research on the shop. I've seen a good number of poor repaints lately.
  5. I'm actually going to make it down there this year! I'm not driving though, flights are pretty cheap right now.
  6. Repaint in seattle

    Verona. Raises an interesting question. What should I be asking to get the period correct paint. Obviously do no want Sherwin Williams red, off the shelf. ''Wow. Thanks fir all the advice!
  7. Repaint in seattle

    Don't look at Bill's e9 if you are thinking budget paint job. Your budget will certainly suffer. It's super spectacular. Bill's comment about how well paint holds up is really true. As far as materials, some folks around here do not want to use high quality single stage paint, and I consider single stage to be essential for the vintage character of many of the early BMW colors. That's just a matter of taste/opinion of course, and if your car is something like polaris, base/clear is the way to go anyway.
  8. Repaint in seattle

    Andy's advice is on the money. Preparation is the big part of any paint job so the more you can do yourself, the less the final bill. To try to hit your budget I would approach it this way. 1. Remove all the trim, lights, grills, etc, but leave the trim around the side windows. You can tape that off. Rope the front and rear window gaskets. That's the term I've heard used to describe what Joystream suggested. 2. Have the painter prep the surface, probably with a dual-action (DA) sander. At this point you will have to decide how to deal with minor imperfections like chips and scratches. For your budget you will probably need to just paint over those. 3. Decide on a paint product. This is a big part of the bill and even with the lowest priced product it will be $1500 or more, I would guess. 4. Re-assemble everything you took off after the paint has cured and been cut and buffed. It's been a few years since I had my E9 painted but at that time good body shops were charging about $65/hour. The shop Andy mentioned in Renton charges about $8000 for a complete paint job with a very good result, so your budget, while a little on the low side is not that low. The last thing to consider is how long you hope the re-paint to hold up. Most paint looks good for a year or so. The real quality jobs will still look the same after five years.
  9. Repaint in seattle

    That is great advice Andy. Thanks for that. Yes, perhaps 5K is too stingy. I'm not married to that number. All I was trying to convey is I don't want to spend on paint the value of the car although I know many people spend much more than that. thank you everyone for the input. D
  10. Repaint in seattle

    Are you going to remove/replace the trim, bumpers, etc. or have the shop do that too? I've been researching paint shops in the area for a couple of years, and I don't think there are a lot of shops around that would do dissassembly/prep/paint/reassembly for $5k. Plape on this forum had his Riveria car painted at Maaco in South Lake Union for less than your budget, and I think it looks pretty good. Really good from a few feet away. He delivered his car completly dissassembled and reassembled it himself though, and had very high quality metal work completed prior to paint. He was happy with their work. The only other suggestion I have is American Auto Body in Renton. I have not talked to them yet, but I have seen one of their paint jobs on a 2002, and they were recommended by someone who knows 2002s very well. He charactized them as midlevel, and based on the paint I saw, I agree. Not perfect at all, but good. I plan to take my car by there this summer to see what they have to say. Let us know what you end up doing. Good luck Andy
  11. Repaint in seattle

    Great idea and good input. Well, I suppose 5k is a soft number. It can be more. this is just a fun driver that will get run only on nice days between May and September. I'm not worried about making it show quality albeit I don't want it to loook poopy either.. But, I hear what you are saying. D
  12. Repaint in seattle

    I have known painters to place a larger gauge cord under all the seals enough to lift them allowing the paint to lay under the seal. Saves a considerable of time and dollars replacing seals and potential glass. I was also going suggest to have your rockers soda blasted just to make sure there was nothing lurking in the weeds, but it looks like that is not in your plans either. I hope you can find a shop that will do it for less than 5, I am assuming you are planing to do all the prep work. Any way good luck with the refresh, look forward to the pics.
  13. Repaint in seattle

    Under 5 K. It's not the money per se, its more the issue of diminishing returns. I had a guy do a repaint of a 1987 325ic a few years ago, leaving in the windows, seals, etc., and even to my skeptical eye you could not really tell at all, much less at five feet. But, that was a while ago and he is longer there. Bummer. thank you, D
  14. Repaint in seattle

    what sort of budget are you able to throw at it? To do it properly the windscreens should come out, doors, hood and rear deck as well.
  15. Thinking of doing a repaint - keeping stock color. Not interested in a down to bare metal. No rust. Car very straight. Anyone have any experience and recommendation in the Puget Sound area? I posted in the general topic area too given it appears not many check into this forum very often. thanks!
  16. I'm thinking about it. Cannonball down Friday and stop somewhere a couple hours of the bay area and finish the last couple hours into Brisbane Saturday morning. Head north Saturday/Sunday. I've been wanting to go to his since I was in high school!
  17. Just curious if anyone was planning to head down to the 02 show and swap in Brisbane CA the weekend of 5/5.
  18. Leeds on a rear seat

    I've got the rear seat vinyl, from a earlier 70's vintage, not sure exactly the year, and I have the bottom portion, black "woven look". one small tear that can be repaired with contact cement, and patch on the inside. No heat sealed foam, all cleaned off the back side.
  19. Now I can relax, less of a hurry on my re-upholstery project.
  20. I talked to Nick Griot about this project and it turned out they only needed one car for their page and I was able to connect him with Byron, so his Turbo will be the one. Seemed like a logical choice although we have plenty of good cars in the area. Hope to see them all at XXX Root Beer on May 27th.
  21. If my car wasn't so dirty/rusty.... Hope to see some good 02's in the book!
  22. Leeds on a rear seat

    just joined this group ... i live in Bend ... but i have a 'core' set of standard seats ... there are a few places that will sell new covers if you are up to the task of fitment springs are great ... stuffing is fine i believe i have them listed at 150 ... open to offers cheers
  23. As the title suggests, Griot's garage has asked for local 2002 owners to submit images of their cars for possible inclusion in an upcoming hard bound book to be produced by BMW CCA as part of a celebration of BMWs to be displayed at the Lemay Museum later this year. As I understand it, the process will be: 1) you submit images to Griot's via email. 2) if they decide to use your car they ask you to bring it to the Tacoma facility on March 31 for a professional photo shoot. 3). they will then decide which images from that day to include on the Griot's page in the coffee table book. There are obviously a lot of moving parts in this project so whether your car makes the final cut depends on how interested local 02 owners are in the process. But if you think about it, as long as weather co-operates it would make for a fun gathering; sort of an 02/02 redux without the rain. Here is the email Shari Blair sent with email addresses for you to use to submit: Lance, Thank you for talking with me today about this! We appreciate the help. Here are some more details on this really cool project. We would like to have the 2002’s submit photos of their cars, they can be factory, bone stock, modified or racing a variety is best! We will then contact them to come in for the shoot, so make sure we get their name, contact info and any details about the car. It is for a Hardcover book being produced in conjunction with the Museum exhibit that will run May through June. So it is a big deal to be included in the book! They will be featured on the Griot’s page in the book and the BMW CCA will be producing it. The shoot will take place on Saturday, March 31st so they will need to be available on that date. They can submit their photos to my email address below. Or they can send them to gdevivo@griotsgarage.com as well. Thanks again Lance. Talk soon, Shari Blair mailto:sblair@griotsgarage.com
  24. Leeds on a rear seat

    Yeah I might be interested in the black leather. Can you send pics
  25. Leeds on a rear seat

    I have a rear seat out of my 76 that I would get rid of, I’m swapping in e24 rears. Its tan vinyl. i also have a full black leather rear e24 setup if you are interested. Message me
  26. Y'all are making mine look bad