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  2. I have a Sachs clutch and pressure plate in good shape. It's free if picked up in Portland. Same for e21 seat adjusters. Came off of a Recaro set of seats.
  3. Thanks for coordinating @Teelinger! Your car looked great as always. Driving in together The 2002 lineup The two turbo cars were awesome. Sad I didn’t get a pic of the other engine bay Some newer stuff The lone moto
  4. Hi James, As a follow up to my text message yesterday, I have located two quite decent window crank handles which I will bring with me on Sunday so you can have a look. If you are looking for NOS, they are available through Rogerstii for just under $52.00 each +shipping. See you soon. Gary
  5. Anyone going to BMW and Burgers have a spare window crank handle they're willing to sell? Needs to be in excellent condition. Thanks, James
  6. Friendly reminder for Sunday's show at Triple X. Meet up at Issaquah Coffee at 9am!
  7. Contact Patrick O’Neil at midnight motorsport in West Seattle.
  8. Could someone please recommend a good shop that knows how to tune tii's and has a chassis dyno to put load on. I'm in Kenmore, have a '73 tii that has a professionally rebuilt engine. It's running pretty well but at WOT up a hill it's showing over 16 on my AF sensor(in the tailpipe). I put a Bluetooth distro on it, have triple-checked all linkages/settings but cannot rectify the lean condition so worth spending some money at this point as I don't want to cause any damage to the new engine.
  9. It's that time of year again. For those who haven't made it, this is generally the biggest all BMW show of the season. The 02s always show up in force. Note the call out to meet up early to drive in and a group. Hope to see y'all there.
  10. I would love to drive down, unfortunately I have other commitments. Plus, that’s about the time Patrick and crew will have the car in for the new head. I’m thinking we need about a year to plan that one out although next year I would like to drive down for Monterey week. Any takers this early??
  11. looking for a driver quality (not perfect) door panel, for my 1972 2002 - left (driver) door. black in color. located in Portland. thanks!
  12. Anyone interested in driving down to SF for the Brisbane show and swap?
  13. It’s been messed with pretty significantly including the vin tag. Should be riveted on not screwed in place
  14. BMW 1800 produced in 1964 with square headlights. Does anyone know to tell me more information about this car?
  15. I'll be bringing a BMW 300 regrind cam or two to have for sale.
  16. Hi Everyone, I am planning to attend. I will be bringing numerous parts to offer for sale. If there is something that you have been looking for to finish your project, please text me and I will see if I have it. Cheers! Gary 42Five 55Nine 840Five
  17. I've created an event for the show in the calendar. Hope to see y'all there!
  18. I should be in attendance, thanks for sending out the reminder James!
  19. My interior will probably still be stripped bare but I'm planning on it! 😅
  20. Saturday, February 4th, 2023 Sending this out as a reminder to save the date for our annual get together in West Seattle. Calendar event post to come shortly. James
  21. Hey Lana! I think we met in Capitol Hill the other day. Good to see you posting here and to see the car again.
  22. Welcome Lana @eloise76ohtwo! Please reach out to @Stu and send him your contact info to get on his email list and save Feb 4th on your calendar for our annual 02.02.02 meet and swap event in West Seattle. I'll be posting event info later this week. Cheers, James
  23. Hi all, Excited to be part of this group. I'm located in Seattle and have a '76 Chamonix 2002 I bought last year. It's my second one--my dad bought me one in high school as my first car, but I had to sell it for cash. It definitely feels like a dream come true to have this beauty back after 15 years (different car, but same great vibe). I'm newer to working on cars, so I'm looking for meet ups and collaborations to learn all I can. Happy to bring the coffee/beer. Thanks! Lana
  24. The annual year end lunch at the Triple XXX in Issaquah is December 27, 2022. This is a fun get together for BMW owners and friends, and a great opportunity for a large cheeseburger and fries (or onion rings!) before any new resolutions and such. No registration and no fee, just bring cash for lunch. It's from 11:30 to 12:30, give or take. Stu.
  • BMW Neue Klasse - a birth of a Sports Sedan

    BMW Neue Klasse - a birth of a Sports Sedan

    Unveiling of the Neue Klasse Unveiled in 1961, BMW 1500 sedan was a revolutionary concept at the outset of the '60s. No tail fins or chrome fountains. Instead, what you got was understated and elegant, in a modern sense, exciting to drive as nearly any sports car, and yet still comfortable for four.   The elegant little sedan was an instant sensation. In the 1500, BMW not only found the long-term solution to its dire business straits but, more importantly, created an entirely new
    History of the BMW 2002 and the 02 Series

    History of the BMW 2002 and the 02 Series

    In 1966, BMW was practically unknown in the US unless you were a touring motorcycle enthusiast or had seen an Isetta given away on a quiz show.  BMW’s sales in the US that year were just 1253 cars.  Then BMW 1600-2 came to America’s shores, tripling US sales to 4564 the following year, boosted by favorable articles in the Buff Books. Car and Driver called it “the best $2500 sedan anywhere.”  Road & Track’s road test was equally enthusiastic.  Then, BMW took a cue from American manufacturers,
    The BMW 2002 Production Run

    The BMW 2002 Production Run

    BMW 02 series are like the original Volkswagen Beetles in one way (besides both being German classic cars)—throughout their long production, they all essentially look alike—at least to the uninitiated:  small, boxy, rear-wheel drive, two-door sedan.  Aficionados know better.   Not only were there three other body styles—none, unfortunately, exported to the US—but there were some significant visual and mechanical changes over their eleven-year production run.   I’ve extracted t

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