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  2. I've gone to this Cars and Coffee a few times now and it is a pretty great group. A good mix of cars and the organizers are cool, but definitely lacking some 02 representation. So come on out and if you see a beat '75 Verona come say hi. From the organizer: "Cars & Coffee meetup Sunday, August 1st at the Black Rock Coffee Bar in East Vancouver. All types of vehicles welcome. Come hang out, grab a cup of Joe, and chat about cars." Address: 1801 SE 164th Ave UNIT 111, Vancouver, WA 98683 (Behind Gustav's) Date & Time: Every 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month at 10am. Event Link: https://fb.me/e/3V7D4oh88
  3. Anybody planning to go/race at the Historics race this weekend? My 2002 isn't a race car, but it would be fun to see any of your cars that are. I'm planning to be there on Saturday.
  4. Well, turns out we might be headed to a hotel in PDX to ride out the heat. My attendance to another meetup is again in jeopardy. I guess there’s always next week. One of these days I’ll make it to something!
  5. Nice! I'll keep an eye out for you @Teelinger I am a night owl, so I am known to get there later, but I might actually get my butt in gear for this first one back and get there early. Might...
  6. I added a reoccurring event on the calendar.
  7. until
    Let's get a regular meet-up going at the Sunday Lake Washington Cars and Coffee. Mardona Park Every Sunday, 10am - 12noon 853 Lake Washington Blvd Seattle, WA 98122 https://goo.gl/maps/vfNJkAnrUaL2pvVi9 https://www.instagram.com/p/CQXekVENas3/?utm_medium=copy_link Get there early, the parking lot fills up quickly. Also, please be respectful of the neighbors and families at the park and drive safely.
  8. @popovm You beat me to it! I was going to post this as well. Let's make this a regular meet up spot for the 02 gang. While I can't make it this Sunday, I'm planning on attending regularly throughout the summer. Note: the parking lot fills up quickly so its best to get there early. Cheers, James
  9. I’m planning on bringing my janky car down there for a quick visit on Sunday. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQXekVENas3/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. Hiya PNW 2002 fam I have 4 American Racing wheels that came on my car. I’ve since replaced them and they are just taking up space in my small parking spot. Plenty of tread left on the tires, no cracking. No center caps. Not sure how to read this DOT number so I am not sure of the age. I also have 1 steelie original spare if you would like that too. Much older tire on that one. Pickup in Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle. Marked 14x6 35mm
  11. Hey Folks, We've had a supporting email distribution list that @Stu created and has been maintaining for years. I noticed that there are a lot of new folks that may not be on the DL. Please PM me with your info so we can add you to the list. Cheers, James
  12. Many thanks to @dkal for enabling my propensity for hoarding... 😅
  13. Thanks, I sent you a PM
  14. I have a couple if interested, I’m close but will have to wait for the border to open, probably not the ideal situation for you. ...anyway an option
  15. Engine no longer available as picked up today.
  16. Hey Seattle - anyone need a radiator? this one came out of a working car but I am selling it as a core because, you know.... might as well take it to your radiator shop and do it right so you can feel confident in summer. $20 w/ pickup in Ballard/Crown Hill. 206-679-4521 rdeeble@mac.com
  17. My '74 tii synchros are getting worse and I'm thinking of swapping transmission with a 5 speed. Patrick at Midnight Motorsports will try to get me in to complete the work when he/I have transmission. Longshot, but does anyone have a lead on one for sale? All the best, Todd.
  18. well, yes I did a few times; but he is not on here much:). If you hear from him, please let me know. Still interested:) thanks, jm
  19. Hi all, doing garage clean up and have an M10 motor that needs a new home. Willing to part with it for the low cost of free if you can come pick it up. DM me if interested.
  20. We are a new group based out of Lane County. Currently we have 30 members. Heres the link to our group https://www.facebook.com/groups/158495829543364/
  21. I installed a 1974 tii fuel tank in my 1972 non-tii, maybe had to drill a couple new holes, don't remember. Have since replaced it with a '75 02 tank and a intank pump.
  22. @rdeeble Welcome Robert! I'm in Ballard as well. PM me with your contact info and lets meet up to grab coffee/beer and talk 02s! Cheers, James
  23. Great story Julio. For rust work I recomend Joh over at Fenders and Fins (woodville) he is one of those guys that really likes to get down to the bottom of things and do it right. I have had some other really bad experiences from shops that think they can just quickly paint something and the owner will never know.
  24. hello I am in Seattle / Ballard area. If you are near by you've probably seen the 76 anthracite grey 02 driving around...(sometimes with my buddy Skipper the dog) although I have recently spotted another anthracite nearby so there is at least two of us. Speaking of the 76 would anyone in the Portland area know of its prior owner or history. I think the original owner was Dr. Brian Battalia in Pdx. I purchased via craigslist via striped of all trim as though the owner had intended it to be restored it but gave up. It was amazingly clean except for a nasty area in the sun roof and cowl. American Auto Body in Renton did the first paint job (sadly they did a horrible job - ) took it to Jon at Fenders and Fins in Woodenville and he was literally amazing. Patrick at Midnight at Midnight along with Don & Alan at Service First in Ballard keep me running smooth. -robert

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