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  2. It's on today and going to be a great day for a car show. Hope to see everyone there. James
  3. Seattle is a great place to own an 2002 - great local owners and best mechanic - Patrick My very stock Atlantic Blue 1973 BMW 2002 Tii is now active on Bring-A-Trailer. Would be great to have it stay local, but with BaT reach, maybe not likely. I have only driven it ~2,000 miles in 5-years, so moving on. 1973 BMW 2002tii for sale on BaT Auctions - ending May 13 (Lot #146,741) | Bring a Trailer BRINGATRAILER.COM Bid for the chance to own a 1973 BMW 2002tii at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. Lot #146,741.
  4. We're on for BMWs and Burgers at a new location. This just in from the BMWCCA: The Club’s annual BMW and Burgers event is always great opportunity to connect with fellow Bimmer aficionados, and this year’s event promises to build on that tradition even more! Mark your calendars for Saturday May 11 from noon to 3:00 pm for BMWs and Burgers at the Black Raven Taproom in Woodinville. If you are thinking that we are adding another well-loved Bavarian specialty to the event—namely some finely crafted beers, then you would be correct. In addition to Black Raven’s menu of finely crafted beers and panini sandwiches, The People's Burger food truck will also be available for the event’s no host food and drink activity. “Der Volksburger” is a regular for most all the events held at T-Mobile and Lumen stadiums, so you’ve likely already either smelled or tasted the deliciousness coming from this “Lastkraftwagen.” As you may know, the XXX restaurant in Issaquah where we’ve held previous events is under new ownership and is not quite ready to host an event the size of BMW and Burgers. Also, because May 11th is part of Mother’s Day Weekend, all mothers attending will receive a special gift on behalf of the Club. Admission is $5 (payable at the event) to park your BMW, and the event is open to both members and non-members. Paid non-member attendees will receive one raffle ticket per vehicle while paid members will receive two raffle tickets and a discount on purchase of additional tickets. Proceeds from the event will be donated to a local charity. We’ll start parking cars at 11:30 am, which is 30 minutes prior to Black Raven’s noon opening time, so manage your bio-breaks as necessary as restrooms will not be available early. See you there! Where: Black Raven Woodinville Taproom 15902 Redmond-Woodinville Rd NE Woodinville, WA 98072 https://blackravenbrewing.com/
  5. I traded emails with the BMWCCA Seattle event folks who host the show and they're working on another option for the event. I'll report back when they settle on a location. James
  6. Well, it appears that Burgermaster is taking over the XXX location! MSN WWW.MSN.COM
  7. Hmm, no it doesn't. As easy as those little plastic slip-on caps, huh? Thank you roadhog0!! I'll order these and give em a try.
  8. For the door slams, does the door latch on the door have the acorn?? If it's not there it will make the doors really hard to shut. About a 30 second job to fix.
  9. Anyone in the Seattle area who could help me with refurbishment of window crank and door latch mechanisms in my '71? Doors require 3-4 slams to close, consequently window cranks are noisy, I assume because bushings or spacers have worn and dropped off. Side view mirror also needs tightening and I assume this also requires access from inside door panel. Too many projects on my plate and can't take on a new learning exercise right now. I'd make it worth your time.
  10. Friendly reminder for our annual get together this Saturday 2/3. Hope to see y'all there! James
  11. Link to the car for those who aren't familiar with it https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-bmw-2002-106/
  12. Hello all PNW FAQ members. Late last October, I placed my 73 Fjord 2002 on BaT. With lackluster bidding, the auction went reverse not met on November 5th. I presently own four 2002's, all fully restored by me. I am wanting to thin my herd down to three cars. Please have a look at my BaT auction photos and videos for all the details. Further, BaT has reached out to me encouraging me to re-list with them. I am going to follow their lead, but not until early March 2024. As far as valuation, like all of my 2002's, my 73 Fjord is a Hagerty #3 car. Prior to posting on the FAQ cars for sale forum, I wanted to get a feel for any interest within our Northwest group...."keeping things local". Please feel free to text or email me with your comments and questions. Cheers! Gary in Enumclaw 42Five 55Nine 840Five gprotto@comcast.net
  13. @Jennifer76 To remove the door panel, first remove all the interior trim pieces: arm rest, door handle, window crank, and the quarter window knob. To remove the knob cover there is a small hole on the back side of the knob, I use the small side of a small hex wrench and insert it into hole then push from the back to pop off the cover. The knob is attached with a screw. Once the interior trim pieces are removed, using a flat interior trim remover or a Phillips screwdriver with tape to protect your paint, start at the bottom and get the flat part of your tool wedged between the panel and the door and slide it left or right till you come in contact with one of the plastic attachment grommets. Carefully pry up till the grommet pops out. Slowly work your way around the door until all the grommets are out and the panel is held on only by the top chrome trim piece with the window felt. To remove the panel, gently push from the bottom of the panel to pry the window felt chrome trim from the top of the door. I use the palm of my hand to give it a few pops on one end, then work my way across the bottom of the door panel until it comes loose. With the door panel removed, if present, remove the plastic vapor barrier to access the internals of the door. Based on what you've described, I think spraying some lubricant or oil into the door lock mechanism should do the trick. While the door is exposed, now would be a good time to inspect and lubricate the window regulator and check your window tracks. Hope that helps and hope to see you at the 02020 event on February 3rd https://www.bmw2002faq.com/events/event/481-22st-annual-020202-show-swap/
  14. Hello friends! i came down to warm up the 1976 2002 and the key got stuck in the door. Rotated about 25 degrees and the closing latch is stuck as well. Door is unable to close at the moment. i can’t seem to find a step by step for how to get the door panel off in a non violent way my manual has some but they’re not great tbh can anyone hook me up with some directions?
  15. That would be my assumption. It will be the subject of a separate thread soon, I'm sure.
  16. Speaking of; are we looking at 02/03/2024 again at alki beach for this? Thinking this year I might just head up a day early and relax
  17. Welcome! Yeah, keep an eye out for the early Feb "02-02" meet-up in West Seattle. I need to fix an electrical gremlin but otherwise will drive down from Skagit county.
  18. Welcome! I'm finishing up some body & paint work on mine. I hope to be back together in a week. I'm planning on driving up to the 02-02-2024 event in West Seattle if weather isn't horrible.
  19. I live, work and attend school in Tacoma. I grew up across the bridge in Gig Harbor. Love driving with my friends or BMW CCA in my E46. The 02 isn't quite ready for spirited driving, although it did make the drive back up from Roseburg, OR when I purchased it. This forum has provided invaluable information for many projects on the car. I look forward to getting this thing sorted out and parking with all the other cool kids at XXX next year.
  20. Yep, finally goes in for body and paint repair on 12/11. Hope to have it ready by the 02.02.02 show in February.

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