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  2. Damn, I really do have to wash my car lol! I'll see y'all there
  3. Bump. Hope to see y'all there. Weather is supposed to be awesome.
  4. Hi all- Looking forward to meeting you all. See you at the Coffee House at 9AM.☕ Cheers! Greg -
  5. Not mine, not affiliated. Just passing along if someone is looking for a pair. BMW e21 & 2002 Recaro Original Front Seats in Black - auto parts -... SEATTLE.CRAIGSLIST.ORG I have 2 good condition original recaro seats for e21 that also fit in a 2002. They're from 1980-1982 model year but...
  6. Any recommendations for engine machining and balancing work in the Portland area? My 73 TII engine needs love! Thanks - Eric
  7. The car is up in Arlington, WA. Was planning on having it towed to Pick N Pull in Arlington when I get the parts I need. Now my body/paint guy is talking about taking the car instead. If he doesn't want he shell, I'll pull the axles and message you.
  8. Sweet! This gives me a hard deadline to wrap up my engine replacement and wiring harness cleanup. 😬 Current state:
  9. Where are you located? I might take the axels if you are considering parting it out.
  10. Sun visors and rear view mirror You can pull the rear seat covers and put them on your 2002 rear seats with a little work Seat belts Alternator Radiator Front bumper if you've got a 74+ model Differential and axels if you want spares, but you'll need to switch the rear diff case and modify the axels to make them work
  11. I am "restoring" a 2002 and found a 5 speed E21 for 500 bucks. I'm planning on pulling the 5 speed trans, turbine wheels and front seats because I'm missing an interior. What other parts should I pull off this thing to make the 2002 more fun/comfortable? It's also near a pick-n-pull so after I get my parts, my plan is to tow it to the yard. If someone has parts they could use outside my needs, they're yours if you want to help me out.
  12. Well darn, this means I actually have to wash my car this year lol! It's been since this show in 2018 I think since it was washed last............😅
  13. Thanks Teelinger. I'd prefer to pick up a good original if possible. However, I might be expecting too much for PNW parts! My car is originally from Southern California, so is generally fairly rust free, but the trunk lid had been replaced at some point following a rear collision and is not as nice as the rest of the car...
  14. Try MVP parts. They're on Instagram and are a supplier to Blunt and IE
  15. Hello all - I'm new to the group and am restoring a 1973 2002Tii. Unfortunately, the truck lid I have is not up to the level of the rest of the project and is in need of replacement. It's quite corroded around the edges and would be too much work to make right. Does anyone know where I might find a decent trunk lid for my project? Thanks - Eric
  16. Its that time of year again! Please try and join us for the first car event of the season. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/calendar/event/402-bmws-and-burgers-triple-x-root-beer/
  17. Glad you were able to tear it down and it might be usable for art or future builds
  18. one of the very best places to get any type of key cut is "pacific lock and key" near Fred Myer on 85th. The guy there knows what he is doing. There number is (206) 784-2332
  19. HI Seattle members. I need to drop my car off sometime tomorrow (3/11) or Sat (3/12) from Ballard to Midnight Motor Sports (Marginal Way near West Seattle Bridge) for Patrick to do some minor repairs. My wife usually does the drop off for me but would rather keep her day free tomorrow. Anyone want to drive with me from Ballard and give me a lift back? here's my cell feel free to text me if anyone is available. 206-679-4521 (Robert)
  20. They had told me "no" Maybe I'll roll in-person and see what the deal is

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