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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Ok Eric at Boyd's has my car now. Scope creep. Window replacement turned into seal fix for both rear windows. Now heater sliders were sticking turned into heater box removal, turned into AC console removal now replacement with a new AC evaporator. Hey...maybe in a couple of weeks or until the coronavirus is cured..... Cheers!
  3. Oh Sweet Jesus... I am?!? 🙀 James
  4. You handed off the reigns to me in 2012, I believe. I have maintained the SIG group email since then. James is our leader now.
  5. Cool! At least there are still a few. I’ve got a lengthy list of nagging things to do to the tii before I can really drive it, so It’s time to get the list sorted and completed. I was the PNW lead for a while but it’s been years. I may still have emails for everyone if they’re still current.
  6. Agreed, some organized drives vs. standing around in a parking lot would be good fun!
  7. Good to see you back! Not a bunch other than the usual drives. Haven't been down to Rainier in about 10 years with the group and Anton didn't put together the fall color run last year which was sorta Octoberfest kinda thing before that. But I'm always down to get the '02 out more often!
  8. Welcome back! I was gone for a few years myself, but acquired my latest '70 2002 last November and am back at it. We had such a huge turnout at the 02-02-02 event this year, we should have some meets and drives this summer. There definitely is interest. I worked with Anton on planning the first drive up north; it's got some great roads and beautiful scenery. And, actually, I think the first drive up north was a 'fall colors' drive in October, because we drove by several large and well attended pumpkin patches. Look forward to seeing you all again soon. Stu.
  9. Welcome back! I try to rally folks for a few events every year with varying success: 020202 Show and Swap, West Seattle BMW and Burgers at Triple X, Issaquah Lake Washington Cars and Coffee, every Sunday And Anton used to schedule a spring drive every year, but that hasn't happened in a while. Would love to get the crew together more often now that my car will be finished being restored soon. Thoughts? James
  10. Hi everyone. My tii has basically been in storage for the last 5 years with only the rare trip to the store and back. There used to be a fairly active group of us 2002 enthusiasts that would get together for drives, meet ups etc. Looking at this blog it doesn’t look like we have any organized gatherings any longer? Is there a PNW leader any longer? Any regular get togethers? Any regular drives etc.? is there any interest?
  11. Jeff, Thanks for reaching out. I'll keep that in mind and may have to take you up on that if I have no interest in the coming weeks.
  12. If you're willing to split up the set, I'd be interested in the driver-side door panel. Jeff
  13. 10-4 ... i just realized it is the weekend after MidAmerica ... so it might be a stretch ... but we can all dream ... right?!
  14. @Geoff Raynak yeah, that could happen if it happens.
  15. I'd be in for only half the trip. I've got family along the way that I'd want to stop by and visit either going down or on the way back. But I was thinking making a multiple day trip: Canon Beach, OR Redding, CA SF, CA
  16. James: you wanna head thru Bend and pick me up!??!! I'll pay for gas .... since soon I'll only be paying for electrons
  17. Like you, I could go either way. Though it seems like a long way for an overnighter. What kind of itinerary were you thinking' about?
  18. Anyone up for a road trip? I'm on the fence but wanted to gauge interest.
  19. Saturday 29 Feb 2020, Oswego Grill, 7 Centerpointe Way, Lake Oswego OR 97035. Right off of I-5. Hope to see you there.
  20. Last post here since the car has sold. Less than 50 miles on them, on MSW 14” wheels. Only used for one track day. $800 Puyallup, WA

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