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  1. Russell74Fjord

    Air conditioner compressor bracket

    just made my old original A/C bracket obsolete (1974), now destined to become a boat anchor. available locally (Seattle),, for a six pack of Weinard's,
  2. Russell74Fjord

    Seattle area cars and coffee?

    if I am around, I'll be there, (wherever it is). Also could likely meet at Groit's - Tacoma at least once,
  3. Russell74Fjord

    faux wood dash

    I use some lacquer thinner (reducer), carefully, and slowly, and was able to remove the wood look off mine. A mild thinner, and patience, I think you can remove all that painted on, applied on , silk screened on ? wood look, and just have black
  4. Russell74Fjord

    Repair or Replace - Driver Door Damage

    what ever you choose to do, seam seal the inside, lower seam edges so years from now you do not have rust bubbles at that lower seam. Like other areas where the sheet metal is just bent over and creased, without any sort of rust prevention, any water that seeps in between that fold is eventually rusts through. These shots are that inside lower door edge. I'm in Seattle too, and have the applicator for the twin tube seam sealer 3M makes. If you are up for some work on your own, let me know. This stuff mixes as you apply it, hardens up quickly. It is supposed to seep into those areas, then seal shut.
  5. Russell74Fjord

    Annual 02-02-02 Meet

    02-02-02 , 17 years ago,, time flys. I am planning on being there.
  6. Russell74Fjord

    Last Cruise of the Viaduct!

    We should time in so we are the last cars to travel it.
  7. Russell74Fjord

    IT'S HERE! - 2019 BMW 2002 Calendar

    2009 "02-02-02" gathering, Seattle area
  8. W&N, 29 euro delivery, correct hangers, veneporte ? and the center ,, maker unknown. It looks like W&N removed some sticker on both of these, and replaced it with their own. Boxed well, shipped fast, and included a 3 ring binder of their 2002 catalog pages, a little W&N note pad and sticker.
  9. I noticed there is a Starla muffler being offered that fits 1974, but I am interested in any recent experiences, if anyone here has used it. Also, what is W&N selling, which brand? I don't think it is ANSA, perhaps it too is a Starla. Did Starla buy out someone, like Bosal,, or just get into the 2002 Muffler business. Any feedback appreciated,
  10. Time to part with my original 1974 front seats, or parts off them. I am pretty sure I have two sets, both beige, both completely in need of recovering, willing to part out. Let me know if you want any pictures, Some rear stuff around too, nothing you would put in your concours car,
  11. I am having my seats redone, and asked the folks to send me back what was removed. Original vinyl, pretty much gone, the backs of both seat are good, and the side upper bolsters have the BMW logo on them. Lower seat bolsters, sort of OK, one was already replaced, so that vinyl is likely a little different. that one headrest is torn, Good for repairs to existing seats, or for pattern making. let me know what you are interested in, best for someone local to the Seattle area, vs the cost of shipping. all for $100, or will part out, Not suitable for complete seat recovering without substantial $, so go to World Upholstery where they can make you a new set for $1000 (without headrests) using original BWM vinyl (they say). ,
  12. Russell74Fjord

    Additional gauges in dash? Pics?

    here is what I have, aluminum faceplate, someone here on the board was doing these in various configurations,
  13. Russell74Fjord

    NEW SAVE THE DATE: Car show July 29th

    I plan on being there, unfortunately I don't think my upholstery is going to be done. :-(