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  1. 14" VW GTI steelies, offset is something like ET35, so I used 1/4" spacers all around. Now running Rota 15".
  2. I pulled mine, but I live in the rainy, cold, wet Pacific NW. Sold many of the parts. Lighter now. re-used the console, with a custom face plate (purchased on FAQ from someone, can't remember who). When I had the car in Florida, I did use the AC, and it did do an OK job, once on the freeway and cruising along. In city, not so much.
  3. count me in, I should be able to make it this year,
  4. I did the antenna delete, and replaced it with an internal one from Radio Shack (?). It looks like those that are embedded into the windshield, except it is not, instead it is taped on with clear tape, up along the edge of the inside of the windshield, and down along the passenger side, to the radio. yes it can be seen, if you look. I may re-do at some point and see if I can tuck in ever so gently, tuck under the rubber gasket to make it ever less noticeable.
  5. mine, sort of a blurry photo, and since this photo, re-did the clear coat. A/C console sides, vacuum, oil pressure, volts and water temp (sender for this is at the bottom of the radiator!).
  6. original Zender rear spoiler, painted Fjord, not perfect paint, the painter should have used some flexible agent in the paint, so it would not crack. Could be (carefully) stripped, or painted over ? $200 + shipping,
  7. I have this bracket, with pulley, if you are still looking
  8. BMW vinyl, alcantara charcoal (true) square perf.
  9. some photos of the ring and pinion 3.91 next to a small case 3.45 ,,, just for reference.
  10. you should get the ring and pinion, they are a matched (machined) set. I have a set somewhere, $100 ?, plus shipping. these came out of my 320is LSD which I had converted to 3.64.
  11. Ive been running without the shields after my big brake conversion for 15 years or more BUT will be putting them back on primarily to keep rain and water off the rotors, since when it is wet and rainy ( all the time here around Seattle) there can be a delay in braking while the calipers and pads squeegee off the water, a little disconcerting!
  12. not mine, some here in the great PNW, this was couple of years ago at Renton gathering only picture I have of it,
  13. something custom, it looks like a front spoiler, re-purposed as a rear spoiler

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