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  1. I have this bracket, with pulley, if you are still looking
  2. BMW vinyl, alcantara charcoal (true) square perf.
  3. some photos of the ring and pinion 3.91 next to a small case 3.45 ,,, just for reference.
  4. you should get the ring and pinion, they are a matched (machined) set. I have a set somewhere, $100 ?, plus shipping. these came out of my 320is LSD which I had converted to 3.64.
  5. Ive been running without the shields after my big brake conversion for 15 years or more BUT will be putting them back on primarily to keep rain and water off the rotors, since when it is wet and rainy ( all the time here around Seattle) there can be a delay in braking while the calipers and pads squeegee off the water, a little disconcerting!
  6. not mine, some here in the great PNW, this was couple of years ago at Renton gathering only picture I have of it,
  7. something custom, it looks like a front spoiler, re-purposed as a rear spoiler
  8. that's my head in the first picture ! (after suffering a cylinder head gasket failure, the gasket showing was the improvement, an M-3 head gasket if I recall correctly, requiing a slight modification to insure it did not spew oil everywhere). I thought I recall Jim saying hotter, perhaps I mixed up which cylinders he thought were hotter vs cooler.
  9. a major rebuilder whose name includes the initials MM, says piston #3 runs hot, so it is built with a little more tolerance, (and forged pistons), and so mine also has some rattle, but when run hard and hot, seems to dissipate,, (or since everything else is louder I don't hear it !) isn't that was the radio is for, drown out the worrisome noises. drive it until it breaks, then fix it,, !
  10. sun visors, leave them off, who needs them,, floppy POS,
  11. For the paint build up into the clip holes I took a brand new still bit, sharp, and correct size (don't recall, try small size, work up) and only with my hands and fingers, gently spun the bit through the clip hole to remove the excess paint.
  12. charcoal alcantara inserts, true square perforated, and original BMW vinyl (World Upholstery, via my local shop). custom embroidery
  13. I've seen some attempts at this, basically they take some filler of some sort, like RTV sealant (black), squish it into the gap, place something over it that will not stick (?? plastic wrap,,,, thin ) and then apply a textured vinyl or something as close as the 'grain" of the dash over that to try and mimic the look and let it dry. Peel off the plastic wrap, and voila! a patch of sorts. The more sophisticated restorers have a better product than RTV sealer, some sort of heat gun product. Regardless, I don't hold out too much hope that it will be invisible, just an aesthetic improvement over current state.

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