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  1. I just installed Dynamat in my car over the weekend, and my hands look like I got in a fight with a cat and lost. Gloves are probably a good idea.
  2. Administered a layer of dynamat to the interior, followed by an Esty carpet kit. I did this over 2 days. Phase 2 will be dynamat behind the door panels and under the rear seat. That second box of it arrived today!
  3. Rossignol 220s, and my ‘71 1600. I Skied at Big Bear, Snow Summit mostly, from mid 1960’s to 1979.
  4. Just ran across this ad on CL for 2002 parts, including front and rear overrider bars. They are in Vancouver, WA. https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/pts/d/vancouver-bmw-2002-e10-parts/7054744702.html
  5. Here is a vintage Blaupunkt AM FM radio. Comes with the knobs and spacer parts. I acquired this 15 years ago but have never used it. I was told when I got it that it worked just fine. Asking $150.00 including shipping USPS priority mail, USA only.
  6. I can’t believe it. The fogging went away by itself!
  7. I just got the Pirelli CN36 in 185/70 x 13, mounted on the stock steelies. I think they're a perfect fit, and steering is still quite easy.
  8. I'm taking my car to Patrick's shop in about 2 hours from now, for a bunch of stuff. The PO had replaced the clutch master cylinder himself (with no prior experience with these cars) so that's one thing that will be checked out. I should have the car back in about a week, in time for the 02-02-02. Rest assured that I will indeed bring a trunk full of donuts and Charbucks coffee!
  9. Thanks to all for your replies. I think I've found the problem. My floor is a bit damp around the pedal cluster. The rubber boot/seal that fits under the pedal cluster is hanging by a thread. I suspect that as the engine bay gets warmed up, moist air is rising from the floor to behind the dash.
  10. Roger's Tii has them, front struts and rear shocks. Bilstein HD's.
  11. I removed my instrument cluster yesterday and cleaned the lenses thoroughly. They had 50 years of grime, and also I was having a problem with them fogging up. Everything was bone dry inside, as was the area behind the cluster. So I started the car this morning in my garage, and let it warm up. The heater was off. There was no change in air temperature inside or outside the car (my little garage is not heated, and the car windows were partially down). Slowly, the lenses started to fog again. The fuel/temp gauges the most, less on the speedo, and none on the tach. My windshield and other glass did not fog up. I did a quick google search and the only post I saw that seemed relevant indicated that warm air could infiltrate a worn speedometer cable and cause fogging.. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  12. Thanks Mike, that is very helpful. My car has front fenders from a ‘69 donor car (my car is chamonix and the fenders are Florida I think). So that explains why I have the unique markers.
  13. Thanks Steve. My car's VIN is 1668454. I have a message in to BMW group archives to verify the model year, and they will be back from the holiday tomorrow. But based on your info it seems pretty clear mine is a '70.
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