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  1. I check Seattle CL every day, have not seen that before. Stu.
  2. Craigslist where? I just checked Seattle. . . Thanks.
  3. Hey, last Tuesday 9/8 my wife spotted a nice Fjord roundie at the intersection of NW 85th St and 24th Ave NW in Ballard/Crown Hill. We live down the hill on 24th. My vigilant wife (with the good memory) told me the plate no. was A0E0866. Anyone know whose car this is? Stu.
  4. I’d like the drivers side visor please. Will of course pay shipping to Seattle 98117. pm sent. tx Stu.
  5. Brian, I found an e-mail for you and added you. I used this address: [email protected] Stu.
  6. Sure, send your email address. Stu.
  7. Thanks everyone for your help. Stu.
  8. I just bought a set of new OEM hubcaps and they came with an additional set of 4 smaller hubcaps. They don’t have a part number. Any idea what model they belong to?
  9. I don't know the seller, and have never seen the car before, but it is close to where I live. https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/d/edmonds-1969-bmw-2002/7167808676.html
  10. Private message or just send it to [email protected] Thanks.
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