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  1. How does the dash support structure look? I need some of that for mine
  2. Name: Bmw 2002 Rotisserie Category: Technical Videos Date Added: 2017-05-31 Submitter: TedC Bmw 2002 Rotisserie
  3. tedwardcairns


  4. Photos from the PNW fall drive this year..
  5. I currently work at a machine shop and can tell you that that is cheaper than we would do for that work... We usually start around 2500$ :/ Ted
  6. Do you have any photos of the short version that is for the high mounting location?
  7. I think that the divot could be filled in with some weld and then resurfaced.. I have seen worse get repaired..
  8. I am incredibly late to this thread but the exhaust valve was bent from contact with the piston, you can see it in the photos, but can you post a picture of the crack in the head? do you know if it goes into water?
  9. I use Ammo products for both interior and exterior.. Pretty amazing stuff ammonyc.com Ted
  10. Thank you guys for the links! Totally forgot that Rogerstii existed :/ Ted
  11. Where do I get the body nuts for the front fenders? I lost mine taking the car apart two years ago or threw them away by accident... I've looked and re looked. Thank You, Ted
  12. The Volvo died and was sent to be crush a few months back now, so it'd be the GMC, and you're right about more driving than welding. I will try to fix it myself, and if it doesn't work I could always find an alternate. Thank you for the offer though!
  13. Ted

    I see you're in Kirkland. I work in Kirkland, if you are ever around during the day it would be great to stop buy and see your project



    1. tedwardcairns


      That would be cool! If I've got time I will let you know

  14. Thank you for the advice, I have the budget of a high schooler making minimum wage so I can't pay for someone else to do it. I am okay at welding (got a new trunk pan in and back piece) but not great. I will give it a try and hopefully it works. thank you again.

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