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  1. tedwardcairns

    PNW 02/02 show

    Shot this on film at the 02/02/2020 show
  2. Not to get off topic here, but yeah, the way we raise cattle right now isn't sustainable
  3. Well, to be clear, Ethanol used in fuel is created from corn that was never meant to be on the table for us to eat, it's a bi-product from cattle feed. Not saying its not great for older vehicles that don't have the fuel systems to handle it. At the engine machine shop I work at we sell our customers Driven Carb Defender to combat ethanol fuels sitting in their carb cars too long. https://www.drivenracingoil.com/carb-defender-ethanol-fuel-additive.html
  4. How does the dash support structure look? I need some of that for mine
  5. Well... I would love to tell you the result but my car isn't together yet... but I'm sure I'll like it reguardless
  6. Yeah I just finished it tonight at most there was vw busses and bettles, incredible show!
  7. Thank you so much!! Now I can finish the welding on the car!
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