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  1. Thanks for helping keep all our buckets of bolts together Steve!!
  2. Mine looked worse than that! Air chisel worked good. The other I cut an X in then air chisel. I spun both those nuts off with it.
  3. 350 looks pretty good for that....
  4. Was a pretty great little show! Due to the rain it's the first year since I started that I havent gotten pictures! Got some good parts though! We should do an early summer BBQ/swapmeet though. Sometime when it's dry! But overall, pretty great! Good to see everyone again!
  5. Sounds good. I'll be there in a Malaga w/ 15" euroweaves. I will also be probably the only guy wearing a Carhartt and a John Deere hat, so there's that too
  6. I have a late bumper in Issaquah. It's in OK shape. Yours for $20 bucks. I think it has some scratches on the bottom. I will not be bringing it due to size I have a late wiper motor if you can make that work. I don't plan on bringing it tomorrow because I still need to pull it... For everyone else, I won't be bringing parts tomorrow (other than those who asked for them). I don't feel like loading up my car and trying to sell stuff out of the trunk in a downpour... Maybe next time! But I'll be there!
  7. Tom's onto something here! One of my old seats had a sticky catch on one said causing problems with the seat being at funky angles. You may look into that.
  8. Y'all better be looking for some stuff, cause I'll bring plenty! Gonna be a tail dragger to this one.....
  9. Oh jeez. I guess I'm going blind... Thanks Steve!
  10. Guess I should of checked the forums! I would of come had a beer! Gotta do something after work. Glad you had fun in the rainy state!
  11. Am I missing something? I don't see a groups drop down for all the regional or model specific forums. Would be really handy to have up there!
  12. other

    Gotta build it! Pretty easy actually if you have a table saw, jig saw, and 2 1/16" hole saw. The piece of wood was free scrap, the gauges though, those cost some money. The VDO's are special order from Hollywood Speedometer (I wanted white needles and black surrounds) and the wideband is just an off the shelf piece. They're about 450 bucks in all for the gauges and senders.
  13. I might try to get off my tail and put together a drive this summer. We havent had a good summer drive in a few years.
  14. Drop me a PM and I'll get you the contact info of who I just sold my black rear seat to.