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  1. Should be able to find yourself another 4 speed used for between 20-60 bucks. That's how I'd roll. If nothing else you're out a few hours of swap time. But as Mike said, most later transmissions are pretty darn stout!
  2. As far as throttle rods go, you can use a factory 2 barrel throttle rod. Ran a 32/36 and a 38/38 that way for a lot of years. It fits as well! Unfortunately I can't help on the 40/40 as I sold mine before I ever put it on the car.
  3. I "think" so because I've seen similar in a 2002 I parted. Though there are cheaper solutions.
  4. Another easy way to drop the pan is drop pan and unbolt the oil pump. They will then come out as one piece.
  5. Good to see you back! Not a bunch other than the usual drives. Haven't been down to Rainier in about 10 years with the group and Anton didn't put together the fall color run last year which was sorta Octoberfest kinda thing before that. But I'm always down to get the '02 out more often!
  6. Emissions on a 320i. Some people would use these when going to a 320i five speed to use the 320i speedo cable. I havent seen one done that way in a bit though.
  7. I've got two no one has mentioned yet! And I even have the pieces because I took them off... Center bearing heat shield Idler Arm heat shield
  8. Been there after a rebuild. I'll say, they've gone 10k now, so I must of done it right!
  9. The last one I saw was from a parts stash that got sold to Connor at Vintage Autobahn. You may give him a call.
  10. I had a 45F9 in there, too lean. Went to a 50F9, pretty good but I have a lean spot between idle and cruise. Just that little tiny tiny but of throttle when you're coasting down a hill but can't be 100% off the throttle or you slow down. I'll probably play with F8 jets next, but I'm waiting for it to warm up a little.
  11. Yup. I bought one of these and it works awesome! So much cheaper than a Bosch starter, and it has been nothing but good the last 5+ years. It's basically a name brand starter without the sticker. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-STARTER-BMW-AUTO-TRUCK-535-SERIES-735-L6-M5-INBOARD-ENG-B630-B635-112172-/362811543986?vxp=mtr&hash=item547940d1b2
  12. The best '02 is the one you get to drive/own. Yeah, there are some other cool ones out there, but I really like mine!
  13. I've got a dumb story like this. I did the HG on my '02 about a year after owning it. Me being young, inexperienced, and thinking I knew EXACTLY what I was doing put the intake manifold back on, proceeded to tighten the manifold down and cracked it doing so. Come to find out I had missed ONE intake manifold gasket, so one port had two gaskets on it and when I was tightening it the extra force broke a runner... Luckily I had a spare in the barn already, but I felt like an idiot.
  14. I like 2.5-3.5. I ran into this with my carbs. At 1.5 there is darn nero zero fuel. You can really see it if you have a wideband. Also makes drive ability horrible with the screws in a bunch. I have tuned the idle jets accordingly because of this.
  15. I have seriously toyed with doing this as well.

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