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  1. I guess I'm leading the procession to Jimmy's grave, so i really have to make sure the car is clean for this .
  2. roadhog0

    Another set of cheep recaros - NM/NA

    Man, with nice seats I might just have to make it all pretty! Though it will probably get suspension and brakes first....
  3. roadhog0

    Another set of cheep recaros - NM/NA

    Getting these Saturday and they're going in my car! Thanks James!
  4. roadhog0


    Pretty sure it's a TEP (Top End Performance) header for those wondering.
  5. roadhog0

    Parts Hoarder

    Thanks everyone for coming out! It was a great day and a great sale! Your help was much appreciated!
  6. I'd also like to thank everyone who came out. Was a fantastic sale and really helped Cathy and her family. Thanks for buying parts and having Cathy's husband live on in all of our cars!
  7. Bill might have the other. I think he was going to look.
  8. roadhog0

    Parts Hoarder

    There is somewhat of an inventory, is it complete, no (I don't have it, but know there is). Pricing is on a per part basis, nothing has been set if you will. We will be selling parts tomorrow and if people post on here what they're looking for we will try to look and get you pictures. We will probably be busy with the locals, but if we can, we will get to your requests. As of current this will be a one day deal, so we'll try our best, but if we don't get to you my apologies. Both myself and Teelinger will be the points of contact for this. The below link is a bunch of photos of stuff that is going to be at the sale. And go!
  9. roadhog0

    Transmission mounts

    E21 mount is great! I've put them in a couple cars. I wish it was a little stiffer, but oh well.
  10. roadhog0

    Transmission mounts

    I'll sell you an IE urethane mount if you want it. Thought it was a great idea. Put it in the car, drove it around the block, took it back out. I could hear every bearing in the transmission with that thing in! I have urethane mounts in my trucks, not again in the 02.
  11. Posted to the BMW 2002 Facebook page and on Craigslist! We'll see y'all Sunday.
  12. roadhog0

    door hinge pins

    They are, but they're a giant pain to drive out. I've only ever seen one set wear out.
  13. Going to be a good time. Lots of good stuff big and small!
  14. Was a good day! Good to see everyone again!