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  1. roadhog0

    Sheet Metal from '76

    It's odd, nobody wants to buy them. I've got one guy interested in the trunk floor. The rest is nothing...... Always surprised how long some of this stuff stays around. But I gotta get it gone!!
  2. Hey Guys, I gotta get the last bit of this gone! Im making deals on sheet metal! It's got everything but a roof, driver fender, and tail panel. I need to get this shell out of my yard! You cut, I've got power. Give me a holler and let me know what you want and we'll get something worked out. I really don't want to crush what's left of this, but I can't store it much longer!!!
  3. roadhog0

    PDX: Looking for BMW Tool 6025

    Same way, just tap them back in. You have to install the springs and C-clip cups as you go so pay attention to the order they come out in. The shafts must go in one way then the retainer holds them in. It's almost as fast as the tool, almost.
  4. roadhog0

    Brake Pads ?

    I have some Metalmasters on the car. They're OK. I didn't like OEM because of the dust. I got tired of washing basketweaves every 250 miles...
  5. roadhog0

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    I've got one of these the local PNW CCA did way back when. I'll have to dig it out and take some photos. Glad someone is repoping this stuff!
  6. roadhog0

    PDX: Looking for BMW Tool 6025

    As an alternative, you can use an aluminum rod an knock the rocker shafts out. Really easy to do and the aluminum rod costs about $5 bucks at home depot! If your head isn't all carboned up it takes no more than a few minutes per side to assemble or disassemble.
  7. roadhog0

    WTB Rear Seat Delete Kit

    Not to be a dick, but wrong sub form. There's a whole Wanted to Buy area for this kind of post. You may have better luck there.
  8. roadhog0

    Getting nervous, should I hoard?

    From what I understand it's basically the same engine that was in a neon, but smaller. So I'll pass 😂
  9. roadhog0

    Getting nervous, should I hoard?

    I pull every 320i five speed I come across at the wreckers assuming they don't want stupid money. I try to keep a head on the shelf as well. I also part cars, so I tend to have a stock of things.... Anyone need some factory strut tubes??!? I have three pair!!
  10. This is very good to know! I like a cash discount. If you can trust them with some Hardy and Beck's I can probably trust them with a set of euroweaves!
  11. roadhog0

    New Wheels?

    I'll tell you one thing. They'll be 1000x easier to clean than my weaves!
  12. roadhog0


    Saw that car at the BMW show this year in Renton. Wonder if it sold.
  13. Unfortunately dependable wheel repair closed a couple years ago as well :/
  14. roadhog0

    New Wheels?

    Im partial to the euroweaves, but they're not easy to come by....
  15. I've head of Alloy Wheel Repair over the years. Just never knew anyone who had actually used them. I'll have to look at Sound Wheel Works as well. I'm always worried about doing a first article inspection on my own parts!