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  1. roadhog0

    cam removal tool in Sacramento?

    Knock the rocker arms out. It's SUPER fast and easy. No cam tool required.
  2. roadhog0

    Re-purposed 2002 Parts

    Damn Tom, I wish I had your skills, and more patience! Those are cool!
  3. roadhog0

    2002 sighting on Craigslist

    Yeah, 67-72 burbs are CRAZY popular right now. So are the trucks!
  4. Also, make sure to remove the old one! There is some who say that you can stack a few in there. Some trans you can, some you cant. If you cant, the new one gets in about half way and the old one bottoms out, then you have to remove both (destroying both) and replace it. Hope this helps!
  5. roadhog0

    Stahl Header resurrection

    This. Ive had good luck with VHT header paint on both the BMW and my diesel truck. But as Toby said, key is prep. I got about three years out of the first coat. The lower 3rd of the header (which I don't really see) is usually the part that flakes off.
  6. roadhog0

    lean at 4k under light load

    There is no real guide to Weber emulsion tubes. That I can find none of them really step from one to the next. I think I'm running F56's in mine and it's OK. I'd like a little richer at cruise though....
  7. roadhog0

    lean at 4k under light load

    16 aint that scary at light throttle light load. Sounds like a Weber 38. Play with the emulsion tubes.
  8. roadhog0

    Stahl Header resurrection

    For a 10 dollar rattle can you can put VHT header paint on it. Looks good for about 3 years.
  9. roadhog0

    Stahl Header resurrection

    Ideally you do not want to be horizontal. You want at least 15* or so angle up if possible. This is to help let moisture out of the sensor prolonging its life.
  10. roadhog0

    Stahl Header resurrection

    My Stahl is similar on the ports. Not much you can do. You could try to port it a little, but be careful to not make the pipe too thin. I would cut the resonator thing off just upstream of the weld about 1/4". I put a V-band flange on mine. Got tired of the leaky donut gasket.... As for the O2 sensor. I have mine in the collector. Yes, you'll want to mount the header first then figure out where your O2 sensor will fit. I had to move mine again with the 5 speed install as well.
  11. roadhog0

    need advice 1976 purchase

    Id say $1000 because that's what I bought mine for in almost identical condition, but that was about ten years ago now... In my opinion, you're talking 2000-2500 bucks, I'm also cheap and understand what needs to be done to get it on the road reliability. Running it's a 6000-7000 car. Mind you, this is all in the Seattle market, your market may vary. And again, I'm a cheap ass.... Looks like a good project though! Barn finds are my favorite to work on as they have the lowest possibility of being F'd up by a previous owner. Good luck!
  12. I've got good used not Bilsteins if anyone needs anything. I think I have KYB, Boge, and Tokico. I wont promise they're perfect, but they pass the bounce test.
  13. Get the whole car. That's what!
  14. roadhog0

    And we have turned 17.

    Been here for a few of those software iterations. Man has it changed! Been a blast! Thanks Steve!
  15. roadhog0

    Photos from 02.02.02 (2019) Seattle

    Keep an eye on the PNW section of the FAQ. Also was posted to FB Good to see everyone again! I look forward to the next event.