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  1. Yup, wont open all the way on it's own. Needs to hop off the "kick down cam." As long as it opens up when you're actually warm that's the important part!
  2. I commonly switch ground. Switching ground helps prolong the contact life since the arc on the ground side is much less. But as always, not always the best.
  3. The really good stuff went to a warehouse. A lot of it went to scrap from my understanding. A lot of what was left by Saturday was scrap though, so not the biggest loss in the world.
  4. I used some closed cell foam from a local auto upholstery place. It has a hardish side and the foam side. Never messed with the front, but worked well on my rear seat at least. You don't have to use LOTS of foam such that they look like couch cushions. A little trimming goes a long way. Arguably the rear seat is comfier than the front lol! Find your local auto upholstery supplier and talk with them.
  5. From memory, Blunt's are made by Massive. They're OK in my opinion. I had to do some post machining on them to get them right, but I believe I am in the minority on that. Holes line up right though. I sorta wish they moved the seat closer to the center of the car so the driver would be more centered on the wheel.
  6. I will also agree with the upper screw being there the whole run. I am the second owner on a '76 and it has the screws.
  7. When you pull the lockstrip is when you find out if you can save the gasket or not. If it's flexible you can usually push the window out from the top center-ish and it should almost pop out. Done it on a few 02's. Also broke a piece of glass that way....
  8. Ill have to poke around in the barn as I have some spare Billy's running around. Im guessing one is a newer insert and one is older as I am fairly certain the HD and Sports I had both had the same size piston. My Sports are definitely stiff, but I'm sorta use to is as I drive trucks that feel like a brick.... I can barely move the front of my 02 when I press on it.
  9. I used aluminum tape on the firewall side. Worked pretty well. One hole has a sock in it that wraps around some cords. I didn't have any grommets.....
  10. Welcome to the party! Love the color!
  11. I'd hop on board for the package. 55/60W bulbs? Dont need to melt any harnesses...
  12. Im on the coffee can and hose clamp bandwagon. Or could just let it be loud....
  13. I believe there is only one HD offered for the 2002. Unless something has changed in the recent past. Also as a note for ride quality, run a 13 or 14" tire. Don't go to a 15". That will reduce the ride quality quite a bit.
  14. Bilstein sports aren't that bad... I thought everyone was exaggerating for the longest time until I put them in with some stiff springs. It made the car ride better than the HD's. Arguably, the springs were stiff, so multiple factors there.... I also drive pickups that are sprung insanely heavy, so I am pretty biased. You CAN use Billy HD's with lowering springs. The Billy's for our car are the same length for HD or Sport, just different valving. I would totally run HD's with H&R Springs or an IE stage 1. I would run either an IE Stage 1 and Billy HD's or H&R and Billy HD's. Should be fine in either case. There are also lots of members around who would more than likely be happy to take you for a ride in their car running similar setups.
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