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  1. Personally, I'd run em. One of the reasons for the "lube everything" in the instructions is the bushings have a tendency to squeak when they move (rotate, slide, twist, etc) around in the bores of the control arm or wherever they are. The lube helps mitigate this.
  2. By old I mean original. All '02's came with riveted in ball joints. Image below stolen from another post and linked below. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/196641-rivets-on-the-front-lower-control-arm/
  3. I've never noticed this. Rather interesting! Though I personally like to cruise closer to 15 for the mileage factor.
  4. Old ones drill out. Go up in drill bit size gradually until the rivet comes apart. New ball joint is a bolt in affair.
  5. Add a snail and megasquirt if you want some oomph. Thank me later.
  6. Personally, the old just torque method has worked great on mine a couple times. Would do again. As far as tools to clean the gasket surface, I have a set of magnificent gearwrench scrapers that I do initial scrape with (big stuff, not really necessary on a HG) then I clean up with a carbide scraper and wipe down with brake clean and a rag/papertowel. DO NOT USE SCOTCHBRITE! It has aluminum oxide in it, that aluminum oxide can get into the engine and wipe out the mains and other bearings.
  7. Personally, no cover. It gives me a good reason to clean the '02 in the Spring as I tend to get it dirty in the summer and then let it be dirty over the winter (no salt, so no biggie). Attracts less rodents without a cover too. But when I do cover it in the garage (dirty work on other stuff, etc) I use old cotton moving blankets, table cloths, or comforters. More eco friendly and can get at any goodwill or other choice of second hand shop, if you dont already have some. This way if something happens to them in the wash or something you don't care as much. You also presumably don't have wind in your garage so no worries for having the strap of a cover holding it down.
  8. I mean, could just poke it in the corner. Do an hour here and there. Hell, doesn't even need a tunnel to drive :P
  9. Man.... I am almost crazy enough to take this on.... Best of luck on the sale man! Sad to see it go!
  10. None that I know of. I'm good for a Sunday. Might be less turn out though?
  11. He's a local guy. Had it a good number of years now. Good chance he will be at the 02/02/02 meet.
  12. I have not used these guys, but I am looking at having Meister Werks European & Import in Renton do the 2002 for me. I'm going to send my truck down there first and see how it goes. They seem to be knowledgeable folk.
  13. Interesting, here I would of thought SPAX to make their adjusters short enough to fit under the dust cap... As others have mentioned, add some washers below the bearing. That would help bring it down. Also your strut bearings may be tired.
  14. OK, I think I know what you're going for, but post up a picture. I'm not completely sure what "adjuster" you're talking about here. I'm betting you have tired strut bearings.
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