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  1. roadhog0

    fuel cap gasket availability

    Unless your gas cap is as small as an oil cap, it's not working.
  2. roadhog0

    To drive or not drive?

    Looks like a fine driver to me! Drive it!
  3. roadhog0

    Blinker Flasher Fix With Photos

    Hmmmm, might have to look into this
  4. roadhog0

    Blinker Flasher Fix With Photos

    Yup, I've seen those and I really don't like adding resistors to wiring just to make a flasher work. If memory serves me correct I did the EL33RL (this is like an EL13 but with a ground wire), but the issue now is the dash indicator blinks a time or two after the signal stops. Oh the fun.
  5. roadhog0

    Blinker Flasher Fix With Photos

    I may have to play with this Tom. When i went to the fancy LED taillights my blinker started doing similar. I'm always impressed at the projects you dig into. Keep up the good work!
  6. roadhog0

    fuel cap gasket availability

    It might be. At some point it came up about oil caps as well so I thought I would share that little tidbit I know.
  7. roadhog0

    fuel cap gasket availability

    I think you can find it other places with free shipping. It was a buck or two to ship and I ordered a few plus I think a water pump.
  8. roadhog0

    2002 Starter Motor question

    Yes! The starter trigger terminal is opposite that of a 2002 starter. Someone on here has more info on it. If you can't find it, bug me and I'll grab a picture of how it should be.
  9. roadhog0

    fuel cap gasket availability

    Honestly, at 1.50 a piece for an oil cap seal I wont even mess with making one. The below part is technically for a Mercedes, but it is the correct part for our oil caps as well.
  10. roadhog0

    2002 Starter Motor question

    I bought one of these. It's am M5 starter. More powerful than the E30 M3 starter, weighs just a tiny bit more, and is a LOT cheaper! It's no name brand, but I've purchased many starters from DBelectrical with no issue. One is in a truck that use to eat starters about every 9 months. Going on 5 years now with no issues.
  11. It's called a summer-winter box (the piece connecting to the snorkel). In my opinion, keep it. I'm no purist, but if it is in the summer position (latched) it will pull cold air from outside the engine bay instead of the 150+ degree engine bay air. Cooler air means denser air which means more performance!
  12. roadhog0

    Price for Getrag 5 speed?

    Damn, I was going to say $500 bucks.... Guess I really need to hold onto my spare now!
  13. Sorry, question was more directed toward Rich. I have plenty of acorns and a few new spares in my toolbox. Was hoping something simple like this would also help his door slamming. Hadn't thought of using hose on it though!
  14. roadhog0

    Tailpipe is black

    Do some searching here for 38 jetting. There is a really long, in depth thread where myself and a few others who have wide bands on their cars did a whole bunch of jet switching.
  15. Not to hijack a thread/kill a sale, but do you have the plastic acorns on your door strikers?