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  1. roadhog0

    Last Cruise of the Viaduct!

    Take a look about 1:50 in!
  2. roadhog0

    Annual 02-02-02 Meet

    I'll make sure the 02 has gas in it!
  3. roadhog0

    Last Cruise of the Viaduct!

    Sounds good to me! It's going to be a big event it looks like. From what I see a return trip is planned. Should be a ball! See y'all tomorrow!
  4. roadhog0

    Last Cruise of the Viaduct!

    Very welcome! Glad it was of use! Hopefully I'll see you on the 1st!
  5. roadhog0

    Last Cruise of the Viaduct!

    Just gotta drive fast ;)
  6. roadhog0

    Last Cruise of the Viaduct!

    Say meet at the QFC on Mercer Island around 10 and leave by 10:30. Meet at Woodland Park around 11:00 or so? Probably going to be a mild mess, but could be interesting. If nothing else we sit around and BS cars and cruise the viaduct later. 7823 SE 28th St, Mercer Island, WA 98040
  7. It's going to be a big event with more than 02's, but I know a few of us are down. Looking at a couple 02's meeting say the Mercer Island direction around 10-10:30 then running up to the Lower Woodland park for the 11-11:30 meet up and run with everyone else down the viaduct. Should be a good time. Going to be a fair amount of cars. Facebook link to the event. Also talk about it here on the BMW 2002 facebook page.
  8. roadhog0

    Opinions on these Strut Towers

    I sell on craigslist locally and really only deal with local buyers. Craigslist is a total hassle for the non-locals. I've had so many people waste my time on "yeah, I'll be there," that I really dont even entertain it anymore. So I understand where he's coming from. If you're serious, get a hold of Patrick, ask about a PPI, and have the seller take the car to Patricks. Successful PPI? Book a plane ticket and go get your car. That's my thoughts on it.
  9. roadhog0

    Anyone know this car?

    Cars out here rarely rust like NY. It's probably pretty solid, though rust does still happen. Good chance I've seen it in the past, but you'd be best off to fly out and have a PPI done if you're serious. Looks like a fairly unmolested stock car to me.
  10. roadhog0

    Quick ?

    You'll be OK at half. I'm about 130lbs soaking wet and can put a 5ft handle on my 1/2" breaker bar from everyone's favorite, Harbor Freight, and stand on the end of it and jump with no ill effect. So you'll probably be OK.....
  11. Yeah! They're pretty great! This one spent a snowy year in Eastern Washington with me. They're pretty amazing old rigs. Almost got a Blazer, but the pickup made more sense.
  12. roadhog0

    4 speed dilema

    This is what happens to the yoke on a coarse spline transmission. Pulled this thing apart many years ago.
  13. It's a little more wallowy than an 02 (probably leans less than a stock 02 though!), but I've got a 93 S10 pickup that's pretty tossable and loves to hang the back end out if you like that kind of thing (guilty). Upside to these is they're dirt cheap, most parts are available, and you can do a good handful of upgrades on them from newer S10's and other GM vehicles. The thing is easily as nimble as my 02 for getting in and out of places. If you need to haul 02 parts, toss em in the back! Arguably more reliable than my 02, but they do require attention on occasion. Worthless with a 2.8 V6, the 4.3 V6 is a reliable work horse. My sister also likes it which is saying something.
  14. roadhog0

    LED change out/flasher relay

    Sounds like bad wiring. Get yourself a multimeter, a wiring diagram, and start tracking it down. I'm fairly sure the front and the rear turn signals are on the same circuit.
  15. For anyone looking for a larger option, you can use one of these. You need to make brackets for the ends though. Other than that works great! Just tossing third brake light options out there Really glad folks are interested in safety!