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  1. Wow! I have not seen a clutch that gone in a LONG time! There's nothing left! Coming along nicely man!
  2. Mmmmmm, I sorta want these! But I've already got gorgeous euroweaves....
  3. Run the air horns, they're great! I have a set of Fiamms on my car I found in my grandparents basement many years go. Funny enough the receipt in the box had them purchased only a few months after my car was. Only 40 years or so to put them on something....
  4. Could put some of the self adhesive silicone tape on it. I use that in a few spots. Really nice stuff!
  5. Im pretty sure about 78% of them were malaga... But to answer the question, I do now know of any color breakout for the cars.
  6. All that show and it looks like no go... I'd dig it with wider rubber on it. Past that, neat car!
  7. Airhorns and UNI filters will fit with the washer bottle and booster. It's VERY tight, I wont lie about that... The cable linkage on there has been since removed. I am now running a Ti linkage an like it exponentially more than the cable. Issue I had with the cable was it was extremely stiff and the pedal throw went way down making precise throttle changes hard. It came down to the geometries of the lever arms wasn't right (I bought it that way).The Ti linkage to me looked better, was cleaner, and engineered to work out of the box. Downside, you lose your cold start.
  8. Congrats Steve!! Does the little one have an '02 yet?
  9. Uship.com I've sent numerous things across the country with them. Works pretty well.
  10. Bleached. That's a normal US turn signal. Go to Arizona to find another?
  11. Welcome! Hate to be the guy who says is, but unless there's paperwork, it's probably not a 68k mile car. Thats one of the problems with a five digit odometer 😕 Nothing wrong with 168k or 268k! I once had a car with a documented 400k+ on it with I think two nose jobs and one tail job... None the less though, still looks like a great car and you will have a blast! Welcome!
  12. Plans for 2020: Drive it WAY more than I did in 2019 *shakes fist at broken exhaust and floody carb* Tune the carbs Autocross more Put the LSD in Drive the piss out of it like is meant to be done
  13. Nah man, heck with points and condensers. Magnetos are where it's at!
  14. Update browser? Only quirk I've had with the FAQ lately is it likes to hang, commonly when typing. Like right now it froze from the point i typed FAQ to the period. Odd quirk I've had on my work and home computer. Only does it once after loading any FAQ page, then it's good to go until I go to the next page 🤷‍♂️

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