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  1. Repaint in seattle

    Here's my advice. It looks great as is, drive it! You'll enjoy it more that way! Less worry of door dings, rock chips, etc. AND this will save you a bunch of tear down time and 5-8k If you choose to get it painted anyways, best of luck and do plenty of research on the shop. I've seen a good number of poor repaints lately.
  2. Gauges and sources

    Hollywood Speedometer setup my set. They beat egauges prices too, plus did a little custom work for me. Good people!
  3. Upper Strut Mount - Failure

    Or buy some lowering springs and install those so you dont need a spring compressor again!
  4. This Victor Reinz part works perfect as well. It's a Mercedes part and is only $1.50! Part #: 102-018-03-80-INT
  5. I spy with my BMW eye...

    Boy do I have a soft spot for an old roadster. Went and looked at a 2000 last fall. Was too much of a basket case to bring home.
  6. I'm thinking about it. Cannonball down Friday and stop somewhere a couple hours of the bay area and finish the last couple hours into Brisbane Saturday morning. Head north Saturday/Sunday. I've been wanting to go to his since I was in high school!
  7. If my car wasn't so dirty/rusty.... Hope to see some good 02's in the book!
  8. You'll everyone. Trust me, hard to miss. Side note, I lied. I put a bunch of stuff in my car........... I'd like to go home with a lot less of it!
  9. I'll be there, but I probably won't bring any parts (big surprise I know). Too much for me to load up in the car.... Though if someone needs some strut tubes or stock springs I got a couple sets! I'd love to get them gone! Got three rear windows too.........
  10. Patrick has the machine work done at Pacific Auto Machine in Renton. They do all my engines as well. Gary is a pretty good guy down there!
  11. Good to see everyone again! Here's a few pictures for y'all
  12. Don't worry. Mine will be dirtier! I havent washed is since Burgers and BMW's....
  13. And here I swore it was this weekend. LOL! Glad I double checked! See y'all next weekend