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  1. Got like 3 rear ones free if needed... As for fronts find a Pilkington distributor (Patrick). That's what I put in my car.
  2. Now I want to go look at my carbs... I have a very light throttle lean spot. Might just be the jet. size *thinks*
  3. I superglued mine. It's been holding ever since! Really depends on the size of the crack and location though.
  4. I definitely did! I used good ol' brakeclean (basically Acetone) to make sure the surface was prepped. I've just found the tape that comes with all of these is usually mediocre. I will sometimes pull it off and put 3M VHB on it with much better success.
  5. These are great! Tape is barely adequate. Did a whole post on it not long ago. I very much recommend!
  6. Nothing planned that I know of. Keep an eye out here.
  7. I have not purchased it from here, but NPD sells the Mustang foam as well. I have a set of Mustang Recaros I have toyed with having recovered, but then I bought a recovered set. https://www.npdlink.com/1979-1993-mustang/interior/seats-upholstery/seat-foam
  8. Linkage on a 32/36 bolts up. Take the ball and arm off the solex, bolt to the 32/36 and you're golden. No need for anything fancy. As for the carb, I prefer to buy a 50 dollar real weber off craigslist and give it a once over since it will more than likely need a rejet anyways. As for jets, I have really been liking the eBay jets from China (henkyo). They are arguably better machined than some of the true Redline stuff I have had and cheaper. This was on DCOE stuff though, so your mileage may vary. Good luck!
  9. There's always these guys. https://classiccarseats.com/index.php
  10. Great way to honor him! I love it! I believe my dad flew on C-47's as a radio tech. One of his better stories was they were flying the Navy band to Midway I believe from Hawaii. They took off, and immediately dropped an engine (lost a jug). They came back and had a jug put on it, took off again, lost another jug shortly after takeoff. By that point I believe the band was too late and ended up not going. He has a handful of stories of going places and coming in an engine down. Good ol' radials on old planes....
  11. Yup, will transfer over no problem. And they look better too!
  12. Twist the black thing one direction and it will come on sooner (colder) and the other to not be on as much. Which is which I forget, but pretty easy to tell usually. You dont want to move it too far, just a 1/2" maybe in either direction tops. Those coils also fail sometimes and need replaced.
  13. Got sold to Connor at Vintage Autobahn from memory. The rest of the Seatac area stash got scrapped if it was blah stuff, which a bunch of it was (crapped out 4 speed/open diff/etc) As for shells, nothing right now and that I know of Gary doesn't have any either. They are getting pretty scarce. I am mostly down to small stuff as I haven't had an '02 parts car in a couple years since they have gone way up in price making the margins pretty tight. Honestly, if your shell is remotely savable I would go that way, otherwise you may be waiting a bit for another. Good luck!
  14. Happy to help! Hopefully it goes in as nicely as mine! Central was a fun time, lots of wind for sure!
  15. I will second everyone saying they are VERY bright. You honestly can't beat them.
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