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  1. I bring my tool with me everywhere I go. Hands. But I will say, that tool of yours is pretty cool! Never seen one like that before that will accept a ratchet. I usually only see them with a built in handle.
  2. I have many of those parts. If you ever get over to the Seattle area you're welcome to come by and dig through my parts shelves! As far as the "head turner," screw it man. Drive the thing! They're meant to be driven! Yes, I enjoy looking at my '02, but I REALLY enjoy driving it. Good luck!
  3. I've got some single pot calipers off a 1600. Need rebuild. When I had my 1600 I saw seriously considering Option #2 from Andrew above. Everything I could find put it as bolt up. You may even be able to use the calipers as they sit and not have to change rotors (not sure on this, I didn't get that far).
  4. I'll be there with a trailer. Y'all back off now. *Points with '02 dipstick*
  5. Yup, that was funny right there! The "13" are the only right tire" Wail Where only people who have never stepped outside the box are afraid to step up their tire size.
  6. I'm really impressed no one has mentioned 0000 steel wool yet. This is in my opinion hands down the best way to polish a window. It will get overspray off, bugs off, tar off, really about anything off. Make sure it is 0000 though, 000 usually will scratch but the 0000 does not. ALSO! This WILL take off any printed on antenna circuits (not our cars but Subaru's) and defroster grids. It also works really good on chrome and the like!
  7. Booster needs a check valve too :)
  8. Old boss had a set. Personally was never a fan. You need a perfectly flat spot to jack the car on each side. I don't really like jacking off my rockers...
  9. Ill be there, broken header and all 😂
  10. So? Which one of you is going to go pick it up, put a nose on it, then slap it on BAT for 45k?
  11. I'm with Mike. I used the cheapest gas I could find for a long time in my car, then the cheapest premium I could find once I went to high compression. Never had an issue. But the car does get driven mostly year round at least every week or two.
  12. I'd say weldable. I've got a Tii manifold I need to clean up, weld, then find a home for (I run headers).It's doable with a MIG if you preheat and then slowly cool (bury in sand post welding)
  13. I was out there the weekend before with the 02. Very fun place to autocross! Can hit 3rd in a few spots since it's such a long stretch. Times were running in the 60 second range.
  14. Damn these are tempting! But I keep telling myself I want fuel injection....

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