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  1. Here are photos of GAHH covers in my 73tii. I had done last year using new horsehair pads (I believe the bottom front pads are R and L unique even on a 73). Note that the GAHH covers don't come with pockets for rear of front seats. Have to re-use the old or buy additional material from GAHH and have your upholster create from scratch.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback and info. Seems like a few have had good luck with the Trico classics and the price is right ~$20/set.
  3. After seeing PaulWinterton's 73 Tii with stainless wipers, I decided to upgrade my Tii. Currently I have black Bosch wipers, which I measure at 16.5" long (rubber blade). Overall I think this is slightly too long, 15" would be a better fit. I can't find any of the stainless wipers in the right length at local marine shops. Online I can find two. AFI, which come in 16" or 14", ~$25/each https://www.fisheriessupply.com/afi-marine-deluxe-curved-blade-33015 and Trico Classic in 15", $10/each http://www.tricoproducts.com/Drivers/WiperProducts/MoreProducts/Classic Anyone have experience with either of these two brands? Are the Trico Classic any good? Anyone have the AFI and known the actual length? If the AFI run true to length, then 16" maybe ok, but if they run long like the Bosch, then I'm thinking the 14" would be better.
  4. I'm planning to attend. Just polished and waxed by 73 tii. Is there a plan to meet ahead of time and arrive as a group?
  5. I sold my 74 Tii on BaT last year. Overall positive experience with BaT. The first auction winner didn't follow thru with the purchase, so BaT ran an 2nd auction. I have heard from other sellers they didn't like BaT pushing them down on reserve price before accepting their vehicle. BaT doesn't want to list cars that won't sell due to high reserves. I was realistic on expected price, so wasn't an issue. Need to consider that buyer is paying 5% fee, will factor into their bidding price, effectively coming out of your wallet.
  6. I recently replace my stock springs in my 73 tii with H&R Sport springs. Attached is photo of my rear springs. I have Bilstein HD stocks. I don't notice any harshness or bottoming in the ride. My rear is about 3/8" higher than the front (measured below the rocker panel).
  7. Here is a photo of my 73 Tii showing the boot.
  8. Tom, I have the thin rubber pads on the top and bottom of front spring, not the metal spacer that raises the front ride height for USA vs ROW cars. On the rear, looks like I have 3 dot pads - see photo.
  9. Larry, I have a 73 Tii, totally stock, including stock rubber pads on front/rear springs, except for H&R springs, Bilstein HDs and 185/70-R13 CN36 tires (28lbs pressure). With ~1/2 tank of gas, no one in the car, I measure the following. LF: 6 7/8" RF: 7" LR: 7 3/8" RR: 7 5/8" About 1/2" higher in the rear, and right side is 1/8-1/4" higher than left.
  10. While well done, this Tii is neither original or highly modified. Highest dollar is paid for an original Tii with clean owner history, low miles and original paint. The Tii offered on BAT had a stock engine and mostly stock interior. I feel if you want top dollar for a modified car, it needs to be special or unique.
  11. Jeff Bulter is the owner an active member of the local BMWCCA chapter. His shop is BMW approved and very impressive - https://www.hauryscollision.com
  12. Looks like the oil line to the K-fish has separated, spraying oil everywhere.
  13. "The Shop" in Seattle is having BMW Day on their Saturday Cars and Coffee event, 8/25 - http://theshopclubs.com/events/
  14. I'm going on a long trip, so followed the advise of this thread and created my spare pump - see photo. One question - I have 1/8" thick rubber, is this too thick to make up for the different in diameters of original Tii and new pump? If I wrap it around will add 1/8 + 1/8 = 1/4" diameter to the new pump. Thanks
  15. Thanks for all the great feedback. One last question, can anyone confirm the screw size? Is it a M4 course thread?

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