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  1. Please confirm if this seat cover is a driver or passenger side piece. If it is for the passenger side, I am interested. Thank you for confirming, Gary in Enumclaw gprotto at comcast dot net
  2. Take your pitman arm to a muffler shop. They can super heat it with their blow torch and further cut through the old ball joint. Then place the pitman arm in a vise (while still hot) and knock out the seized tapered section of the ball joint. Works every time. Good Luck!
  3. Just wanted to thank James for setting up this meet. Will be great to reconnect with our 2002 friends. Cheers! Gary
  4. I am quite uncertain if my 74 tii tank will fit in your 73tii and I would therefore hesitate offering it to you. It's all about the "short side" portion of the 74tii tank,,,right rear. Steve "Conserv" just recently made an FAQ post comparing tank fitments. At the moment, I am unable to find his post, but it was within the last week or so, Cheers! Gary
  5. intake manifold photos sent via text message
  6. Hello Fellow PNW FAQer's, I have 1974 tii fuel tank available as well as the correct fuel pick up tube for the tank. Yesterday, I posted a very detailed ad on CL with several photos. Hopefully, someone in our Northwest 02 community can use it as I do not want to deal with boxing and shipping. If interested, shoot me a text at 42Five 55Nine 840Five. Cheers! Gary
  7. Have you contacted Rogerstii? He does stock new non-sunroof interior dome lights. GLWYS.
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