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  1. Man I missed this! Haven't been checking the site recently. Getting some things buttoned up on the 02 and would like to get out to start autoXing. Apparently, I just missed this weekends event as well. John will you be going to the next one in June?
  2. Sounds good. Will look into it. Let me know if you plan to go to the first event.
  3. Hey John. If you head to an AutoX event this year let me know. I just purchased a 73 Sahara that I'd like to start getting back into AutoX with.
  4. Any update on this shop? I'm getting an 02 very soon and want to know where I can take my car to a reliable, knowledgeable mechanic. Thanks.
  5. Looking for some good Portland mechanics in preparation for getting a 73 '02! Preferably on the Eastside. Any recommendations?
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