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  1. When I asked the question the other day I was pretty sure it wasn’t marked sold, but then after I asked it was so I’m guessing it’s gone. I was gonna grab it, but seems I am was too late.
  2. I see it says DGAS which I think would be the water choke. This looks to have an electric choke (DGES) did you swap the choke? And am I seeing correctly that it’s electric?
  3. They are definitely beefier than the stock arm! Fully boxed and welded nicely, not a stamped channel.
  4. Thanks everyone for the ideas! I think I am going to try some vinyl as I have some scraps in both silver and white. That way I can try it and peel off if I don’t like it.
  5. So I just got done installing my repop Italians on my Inka 73, stepped back to bask in the clear/orange glory and saw.....that they looked mostly orange due to the orange paint in the recess showing through the clear lens. My question, has anybody painted the inside of that cavity a silver or grey to make them pop a bit more, or is that just how it is on an orange car?
  6. Well I finally got to really put these through a great workout. I did take them to an autocross late last year, but it was so cold out the tires didn't have their usual grip. This Saturday was mild so I went out on a good backroad where could get some sustained spirited driving and build some heat in the tires. I must say I am very happy with them! The extra camber makes a noticeable improvement. Yes, overall grip is up, but the biggest thing I noticed was the increased confidence on corner entry, and then the increased front grip from more tire on the ground made for the ability to hold the line with steering input instead of letting off the gas to keep it from pushing and running wide. In short, I really like them
  7. Thanks, I will check that out. I do have that hanger connected. Whatever broke is inside the muffler, you can hear it when you tap on it. Like one of the baffles or the perforated core.
  8. Hello, I have the IE exhaust on my 73 and really have liked it, BUT something has broken loose inside the middle muffler, and it now has an annoying rattle. It is my understanding that I can't just get this part. Is that correct? If anyone else has experienced this, any recommendations on what to replace it with? Or, how loud is it it without it? And negative effects removing it? I know sometimes removing a restriction results in a loss in bottom end torque. I do know the rattle is driving me crazy! Thanks, John
  9. Thanks for all the great responses. I just had the car aligned after I did some front end work. It feels a little lazier on turn in than it did, and I’m not sure if maybe the toe was a little more aggressive with the old alignment. Didn’t measure before disassembly. Just want to play around a little
  10. May have found an RA1 replacement! http://hoosiertirewest.com/hoosier-vintage-historic-205-60r13-speedster If in the market for racing tires, call Roger Krauss racing..can't say enough how helpful these guys were, and super willing to find a solution! https://rogerkrausracing.com
  11. Now on the hunt to try to save my 13's. Anybody run the Avon Cr6ZZ's? "Street legal vintage road race tire" They make a 185/70r13. About the same height as the 205/60's but a touch narrower. (Might be able to get rid of my spacers up front! Pricey, but 80 treadwear! (sticky) Durability is not my main concern, but looking for a tire I can run dry and wet
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