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  2. Thanks so much for the reco, @Teelinger I'm interested in quality, but not concourse. I'll have to ask insurance about out of state repairs. If anyone has any local intel, I'd appreciate any leads. Steve's Imports comes up in my google search as an option; a few 60/70s Porsches in the photos.
  3. Not in Portland, but up near Seattle in Renton is American Auto. I'm taking mine there to get the nose clip replaced. They've done several 2002s over the years. Note that while they do good work, they are not a concourse type of restoration shop. High driver level cars is their specialty where there is good value to quality. If you decide to inquire, ask for Junior.
  4. Hi all, I got hit from behind at a stoplight on Friday. Guy got out of his car, looked around, and decided he didn't want to stick around and drove off. I had the presence of mind to take some photos of him, his license plate, and his car before he split. Crumpled the rear quarter and cracked the, as far as I know, original paint. Now I'm beginning the insurance process. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a shop specializing in our cars? -Ryan
  5. Looking for a recommendation for a reputable BMW shop in the Portland area to do a pre purchase inspection on a e46. Please PM me. Thanks, James
  6. I haven't used these guys before but I've thought about calling them: https://www.fibrenew.com/south-snohomish-county/automotive-leather-plastic-vinyl-fabric-upholstery-repair/ Let us know if you end up reaching out to them. I know a lot of us would be interested if they do a good job. James
  7. I've lived with this crack in my dash for a long time. Figure it's time to finally get it taken care of. Anyone in the Seattle/Tacoma area you can recommend to do this?
  8. Anyone have a spare drivers side headlight bracket / bucket?
  9. A couples of us from BC will be attending the racing event at Kent this weekend ....just wondering if any of the local Seattle owners are planning to do the same. Maybe a beer and burgers could be in order.
  10. I was out there the weekend before with the 02. Very fun place to autocross! Can hit 3rd in a few spots since it's such a long stretch. Times were running in the 60 second range.
  11. Bridge City Autosports is hosting an autocross at Sanderson Airfield in Shelton this weekend. Went last year and had a good time. It's a big course for an Autocross and Bridge City puts on a good event at a reasonable price. Looks like chance of shower Saturday morning then good weather. If that holds I'm taking my 73, it'd be cool to see more vintage stuff at these! http://www.bcautosports.club/event-schedule/axsched/
  12. They are officially sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/zip/d/edmonds-bmw-2002-parts/6917292453.html
  14. Damn these are tempting! But I keep telling myself I want fuel injection....
  15. These are in my car so you can test them inspect them, test them etc. They were installed by Patrick at Midnight Motorsports and they run good and the set up is fantastic. I just had the car fully painted and as you can see there is a lot of dust in this picture. Prior to painting everything was great and clean. The linkage alone is very nice and Patrick adds custom cables etc, the intake and carbs are also great along with the red horns and filters. This is a great way to get into side drafts at a reasonable price. Come to Midnight Motorsports on Friday and you can hear them run. Price with everything is negotiable.. lets talk. Please PM me with questions.
  16. Thanks Russell - I appreciate your thoughts. I suppose maybe I just needed someone to give me a confidence boost to give it a try. I'll report back for those that are curious!
  17. I have 74 with stock suspension (ride height, stock springs), and front Zender air dam, never had an issue. Some modern cars have a lower clearance than a stock 02 with an air dam,, and I hear occasionally they have an issue, although the newest class ferry they did modify the upper ramp to lessen or eliminate this.
  18. Hey Folks, Does anyone have any experience driving on a ferry with a lowered vehicle? I'm running basically stock suspension on my 2002 but I do have an aftermarket turbo front ait damn. I can get over speedbumps without any issue, but the approach angle on the ferry's change greatly especially depending on the tide. I live in Edmonds and have been tempted to cross over many times but have chickened out due to the potential headache factor. Anyone have any experience / advice on attempting this or should I avoid this at all cost? Thanks! J
  19. Thanks, guys. I also spoke with Patrick and will call Junior at American next week, and will report back on that suggestion. Thanks, also for the tip on Ryan; I will follow up on that as well. Incidentally, the flatbed driver who transported my bus back from Ted’s (Adkins-metalwork genius) space out at Racecraft to my house also suggested American Auto Paint in Renton. I like hearing good things... I will spend a little time stripping and doing some initial prep, so it may be a week or three before this makes it to a shop for new paint, but I will report back on the experience. Thanks, again, all.
  20. There's a guy in Bellingham, Ryan Short, that is known for painting VWs. He's worked at body shops and has had his own shop, but I don't know what his current situation is. I don't have any direct experience with him, just ran across his name when I was looking for a painter. From my research, if you are willing to go an hour or two away from Seattle, paint jobs get a lot less expensive. Let us know what you end up doing.
  21. Hey Chris, I've got a 86 Vanagon and my mechanic Eion recommended Scott below. I haven't called him yet to address some seam rust on my van, but he comes highly recommended. Not sure if he does paint but I'm sure he could provide suggestions. Also, Patrick at Midnight Motorsports recommends American. https://americanautopaintingandbody.com/ Report back on who you end up going with, I'll eventually need paint work on both the van and my 02. James
  22. I need a recommendation for a Seattle area paint shop for my ‘72 VW Panel Bus. Not a show car, but just had some metal work done and it is time to protect and preserve this bus. I’ll do most of the prep to keep the cost down, and thought that this group might have a few ideas. Shop that did the most recent work on my tii has relocated out of town and is no longer an option. Anyone know of a cost effective but quality shop/painter? Thanks, Chris.
  23. Thanks David. I'm looking for a tranny, so no problem!
  24. Not mine, no affiliation. Looks like a good source for parts even though the price is a bit steep. I'd hate to see this parted out. Its up in Skagit County. https://skagit.craigslist.org/pts/d/langley-bmw-2002-tii-parts-or-whole/6899420349.html
  25. Hey Ron. My apologies in not getting back to you. I honestly forgot I posted here and made a Facebook post instead. The transmission was sold but I still have the motor and various parts. Let me know what you're looking for. I'll check my post. Thanks David

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