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  2. I will check into this with my shipper:) thanks, jm do you know if the car is still there? thanks, john
  3. The ferry is 15 minutes, runs frequently and is not difficult from Vashon to Tacoma. I drive my trailer on and off Island regularly.
  4. Would love to buy this, but shipping it off an Island is going to be hard to do:) jm
  5. Does anyone know what happened to this project; sold; parted out??? thanks, john
  6. Found sleeping in field: 1973 2002. I went to look at the car but it is more work than I need right now. This car appears pretty complete but rusty and has been repainted at least once. According to owner, it “ran when parked” but she has sat outdoors for the past 16 years. The good: valid WA title, motor turns over by hand, sunroof doesn’t leak, the correct shallow front grill is in place and the spare tire well is pretty solid. The bad: rust in the usual places. This could be the start of a project (big project) or a source of parts. You must be able to get it on a trailer or flatbed and remove from Vashon Island. Price is very fair and firm: $1500. Contact the owner directly (not me) at (206) 397-7210.
  7. Not sure if they're going to have it for the next couple of Sundays given the new pandemic restrictions. Check their Instagram feed for updates. Regardless, I'll post on here when I plan on going next. Stay safe out there y'all. James
  8. James, I’ll have to check this on Sunday's to see what your up to. I’ll try to make it on an upcoming nice day.
  9. Welcome Julio. Send me a PM with your contact info and I'll add you to our email list. As for resources, suggest giving Patrick at Midnight Motorsports a call. He's in West Seattle. James
  10. Hi! I just joined and im currently working on a 2002 with my dad that has been sitting in the driveway for the past 20 years. my dad told me a bunch of cool stories of him driving my mom around in that thing around Alki Beach when they first came to America. would love to meet up with anyone in the community when our project is finally finished. we're currently looking for someone to help replace the rusted out floor panels.
  11. Heading over to cars and coffee again today. Hopefully I'll make it this time 😉. James
  12. And here I thought it was only my webers that liked to randomly dump fuel all over just because they can. Good to hear he got you fixed up!
  13. All's well that ends well. Turned out that one of the fuel rail mounting tabs failed and broke off, causing the fuel rail to come loose and pulling out couple of injectors. Patrick had had a spare fuel rail and had me back up and running in an hour. Good man that Patrick is. James
  14. Well, cancel that. My fuel rail on the EFI gave up the ghost and dumped fuel all over the place while driving over. I'm getting towed to Midnight Motorsports instead 🤣. James
  15. Weather is looking good today so I'm spontaneously heading over to the Lake Washington Cars and Coffee. Hope some others can join. Today from 10-12. 835 Lake Washington Blvd. https://instagram.com/lakewashingtoncarsandcoffee?igshid=tgenetkjvecr Cheers, James
  16. Belatedly realize I never updated this. It arrived a couple months ago and I’ve been busily working on it since. 👍🏻 (Better hood & new front fenders have arrived since this picture. In process of installing now)
  17. Welcome Peter! Please send me a PM with your contact info and I'll add you to the email list. We post get together and event info here and via email too.
  18. Hey everyone, Another new member in Tacoma, I grew up in the area and have lived in the Puget Sound most of my life. I'm new to 02's but I've wanted one for a long time and have been lurking around the FAQ for awhile. This year I finally got the opportunity to purchase a '69 2002 in Granada from another member in Washington. It's an automatic, not running, and needs a lot of work. But overall it's really quite solid and straight. I'm very excited to work on it, even if incredibly slowly, haha. I'm very happy to have the FAQ! -peter
  19. Fun footage! I didn't take a single picture this time. Too much driving :P We'll see y'all next time!
  20. I sorta dig em... But I'm partial to mine and have had them 10+ years. I "think" you can run without them in the state. You could also tuck them as an option.
  21. I don't know the legal answer, but many do run without any front or rear (like some pickup trucks too) . You run a risk of body damage, even if just in a parking space. Or a busted taillight. many options, all expensive, especially some nice chrome bumpers, that are just cosmetic, no real protection and also subject to expensive damage if dinged up parked on the street. daily driver ?,, I might consider keeping them, at least until the car becomes a garage queen! Ugly yes, original yes, protection yes. Low maintenance and can be polished up fairly easily,
  22. Nice video! Thanks for sharing. We had a good time and thanks to James and Nathen for pulling off another fun drive! The weather turned out great in Leavenworth.
  23. Hi, My name is Pete and I’m just getting back into ‘02s. Live in Portland and bought my first car when I was 15, a blue ‘69. It then got backed into and I turned it into a ‘73 rebuild from John’s import. Then a few years later I converted it into a tii with the help of a great guy (name I wish I could remember his name) who was in the Multnomah neighborhood. With help from him and Mike O’Hara, I was obsessed. After regrettably selling that car, I’m back with a 1972 Malaga Tii. Bought from a friend’s brother who had it since 1990. Sunroof, tobacco (I think). Front end damage. Rusted fenders and spare well. The kugelfischer leaks and the engine and rear end have drips. I can’t wait to spend all my money. I am looking for local connections for parts and advice. Feel free to reach out. Thanks! Pete

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