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  2. I have many of those parts. If you ever get over to the Seattle area you're welcome to come by and dig through my parts shelves! As far as the "head turner," screw it man. Drive the thing! They're meant to be driven! Yes, I enjoy looking at my '02, but I REALLY enjoy driving it. Good luck!
  3. Thank you jimbojames! Yes, I am lucky, and have a pretty big garage to make a mess of. As for the car, I know what I *WANT* to do, but my skills and pocketbook will likely hold me back a bit. More than anything else, I want it to be a comfortable and reliable daily driver. I do have my work cut out for me though. I am missing: heater/defrost; rear seat; sun visors; rear-view mirrors; knobs to open front vent windows; windshield washer reservoir/pump motor; cabin dome light; and radiator over-flow tank. That is all that I know I need, after about 2 weeks of ownership. I am sure that list will become much longer. I need heat now, so I will likely prioritize that. As for paint, I think that a lot of the prep work has been done, but probably a lot yet left to go. I can not read the original paint code, as that has been over-sprayed. It is a magnificent dark blue though. In time, I will save up for a nice paint job. I am currently of the belief that I will never be able to make this a real "head turner" of a car, but I want to do all that to make it as functional as possible. Again, thank you for the welcome. Brandon
  4. Welcome Brandon! Looks like you have a nice spot to work on your new project. I think you'll find the community here is very helpful. Either way on that paint, it looks wanting for some attention Guess it depends on what your plan for the car are.
  5. I cannot tell if this this is ready to be painted, or was given the “stressed” look on purpose. The insides (that is there) is not bad, but not what I want. Seats are leather/electric, which is nice, but makes the rear passenger area unacessible. Will sort that out in due time.
  6. Greetings PNW members! My name is Brandon, and I recently purchased a 1975 ‘02. It needs a lot of TLC. The PO was angling for an auto-cross rig, so much of the inside was gutted, and luckily the outside is pretty rough too! I am in it for the long haul, so this car’s future looks brighter than it did a month ago. I graduated high school in Ephrata, WA; went to Eastern; worked for the city of Wenatchee, and now live in Boise. The early BMW has been in my blood for a while. I have owned two Bavaria’s previously, but new to the 2002. Go Hawks. Brandon
  7. Greetings Teelinger! I recently purchased a 1974, stock seats removed, electric seats from newer model are currently in the car. Nice, but renders the rear area inaccessible. Interested in your “Fit-Flo” package. I am in Boise, but have a friend from Seattle headed my way next week, so the hassle of shipping would be taken off the table. Offer sent via PM. Thank you, CCBB
  8. Ah, I just looked at these photos on my desktop computer (instead of my phone). I didn't think the taillight shape was cut into this section of the panel; mine is a late/square, so these will not work. Thanks for reaching out to offer. -Ryan
  9. I hope to see some of the local '02 owners there on Saturday. Maybe even a E3 or E9 too.
  10. I’ll show this to the body shop to see if it could use it. Thank you
  11. @pdx_ryan I bought those panels. Not sure the one I'm not going to use will work if its buckled at the wheel. My '72 is damaged in the same spot as yours so I plan on using the full panel he had for sale.
  12. @RamcoNorris its driver rear quarter, buckled right at the wheel well. This is a ‘76. Im not well versed in body compatibility. Did you by chance post to Portland Craigslist recently? A guy bought a shop that had 3 dusty old panels but the post hasn’t been reposted.
  13. What side was crumpled? I have an OE quarter for the driver's side. Its just the back half of the quarter, about half way through the wheel arch. Its for an early car.
  14. I have a set and loved them.Used them on numerous cars and have the 2002 on there right now with the subframe and engine out.
  15. Cool! I recently had all my seats redone, so I'm not in the market, but I'm looking forward to the restoration blog!
  16. Your cup holder is brilliant. I’ve seen those for bicycle handlebars but never would’ve thought to use it on the parking brake. Good luck with sale.
  17. Hey PNW, I'm putting up my full Flo-Fit interior for sale here first before putting everything in the For Sale section. My hope is to sell locally and not have to deal with shipping. Selling for $1500 - or best offer! Everything is in perfect, as new condition - no tears, flat spots, or worn areas. This is a set of vintage 80s era NOS Flo-Fit fronts, 02 rail/adapters, and matching rear bench. I bought everything from a FAQ member still in the original factory shipping boxes. The driver's seat comes with the adjustable lumbar support pump. Both front seats have the adjustable knee support. The matching rear cover was for an e21, but I had it adapted to fit the 02 rear bench. All horse hair on the bench was replaced with foam/cloth batting. The upholster said the wrinkles in the rear cover can be smoothed out with a steamer, I just don't have one to do it. I've had everything in the car less 6 months. I'm selling because I'm about to go in for a full body and paint restoration (blog to come) and will be going in a different direction with the interior when I get to that point. I'll be pulling this interior in the next couple of weeks, so hit me up now if you want to check stuff out while everything is still in the car. For those of you not familiar with the brand, Flo-fits are lower cost alternatives to Recaros. They are wider than the e21 Recaros (which I had before) and IMHO offer better support and are more comfortable. They sit about level to stock seats. I think they're perfect for a hot rod or autoX 02, or someone on the wider side 😉. The sale will also include e21 seat adapters. Cheers, James 
  18. Anybody know of somebody who owns an Alpina A4 2002tii in the Seattle area?
  19. Old boss had a set. Personally was never a fan. You need a perfectly flat spot to jack the car on each side. I don't really like jacking off my rockers...
  20. Have been thinking about these and wondering if any local folks had a set I could check out and see how they work first hand. I’ve been using jack stands for a while, but don’t always feel that secure. Thanks, baron
  21. Call Patrick at Midnight Motorsports. If not him, he can point you to an AC expert.
  22. First off I would like to give Boyd Moterwerks the largest shout out ever. Excellent shop, knows 2002's really well. Have been instrumental in the recovery from one of the worlds worst restorations ever. Part of the revamp included an AC overhaul. Even after Boyd's excellent handiwork, the console still doesn't sit perfectly straight but not a critical issue. But more of my concern is the residual bodged plumbing and wiring work of the prior charlatans. Eric at Boyd's had to do some real detective work to figure out and fix what they did wrong and it works, but still blows a bit warmer than the old R12 unit. I will try and summarize without turning this into a novel. One issue: IE Radiator is too big. Mechanical fan removed and the Bodge boys decided that the small fan I purchased for the AC condenser would do the work of both.......😠. So it is hooked to a thermostat. they also could not figure out the wiring for the Behr switch that turns off the heater when the AC is turned on. It also was working perfectly when I dropped the car off. But now that part is impossible to find. So the "Fix" was to add a stupid toggle switch that looks like it belongs in a a B17 bomber to turn on the condenser fan if I needed it for cooling things down (car and ac?) and trashed the original console. But now driving it for a bit, it seems like the switch may turn on the condenser fan and the Sanden clone AC compressor... I get a drop in idle when I hit that switch like the compressor has kicked in. So bottom line: I need someone that knows the Behr AC setup well enough to make this right. (if possible) Any referral would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  23. Ill be there, broken header and all 😂
  24. The details are in the link. I'm hoping to have a bunch of 02's show up. Who's in??? https://bmwpugetsound.com/event/2019-deutsche-marque-car-show/

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