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  2. Probably not much. I think I'm going to toss some Weber soft mounts in the car and a set of Solex sidedrafts. We'll see if I get energetic enough to load much else.
  3. Now that I don’t live in the States I won’t be needing this. All original, not a repro - $150 USD
  4. We're about a week away. So I figured I'd start drumming up some interest by starting a thread about parts. Here's what I'm planning on bringing: Flo-fit seats F/R 380 Petri wheel w hub, button 350 Petri wheel w hub, button 380 e21 Turbo style wheel w hub, button TEP rear brace w battery tray 2 roundie front bumpers w brackets 1 roundie long horn bumper w brackets 2 pairs of rear bumper horns 2 early style roundie front bumper ends 2 drivers side WN front replacement fenders 1 passenger side WN front replacement fenders 1 front windshield 2 rear windshields Misc dash switches I'm sure there other things I'm forgetting... James
  5. Can’t wait for the best day for Seattle. Drive our 02’s in the morning, then go home and watch our Seahawks win the Superbowl!!! LOL Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Well, looks like I really need to get my carbs sorted now...
  7. Posting here to get the word out. Official event added to the FAQ calendar. Hit me up with any questions.
  8. I'm definitely in! In October I finished my full subframe, ground control, wilwood refurb, and like hell I'd miss showing up!
  9. Thought i'd offer this locally before going further. Door panels and front seats out of my 76 2002AT. Rear Seat was sold long ago. I'm asking 300.00 for the set. This includes the Door pulls, etc. I only ask that I have enough left to open the doors from the interior. Thanks!
  10. My name is Jeff Gomon. I am Three things, a 2002 owner, South Central Region VP/National Board Member and lastly, in need of your help. Terry Sayther has approached the Board and requested the formation of a stand alone non-geographical BMW CCA 2002 chapter. This chapter would allow for greater communication of 2002 owners and groups everywhere. To get things started signatures from 250 members are needed for the chapter petition. We are over 1/2 way there and need your help. Further, once the chapter has its charter, we will hold elections for a Board and Area "Governors" in all regions. Follow the link below for more info and sign the petition. Below is Terry's message. Thank you!! ------------------------------------------------------------- "We're working our way toward the 250 signatures we need to form a 2002 Chapter of the BMW CCA, and we are over half way there! But…that was the easy half. We need more that a hundred additional CCA Member signatures to meet the requirement. SO---I'd like all of you to think of additional ways we might get more people to sign up, rejoin the club so that you can sign up, give membership gifts so that your friends can sign up, and spread the word! Go to https://2002sforever.net/sign-the-petition/ and sign up now! We are under-represented on the west coast---somebody get those guys motivated, please If you've been procrastinating---stop that! Sign up today. Do it! Many thanks for those of you out there who have been spreading the word and encouraging friends. We appreciate your efforts! Happy Holidays---Terry Terry Sayther Vintage Bimmers [email protected] Terry Sayther Automotive 512-442-1361
  11. You may also look into soda blasting. Does very good on aluminum.
  12. I'm looking to have my valve cover and Tii intake pieces vapor blast/hone. Any recommendations on shops in Seattle that offer vapor honing? Google search found these; Ravenstone - Snohomish Motoshed - Seattle Boyd Blasting - Edmonds Thanks
  13. Black plastic Grille Set - pretty good shape for their age. No cracks, bends, etc. Asking 100.00 I have a pair of like new sealed beam Headlights I can include for an additional 20.00. The securing rings and screws are included; one of them is missing one of the three mounting tabs.
  14. Euro Turn Signals - 250.00 or best offer. I installed bulb sockets to utilize dual filament Bulbs (running/parking lights and Turn Signals) - the sockets are snug but should be secured in place (my first thought is epoxy; any OG's have input on this?) using a 2002faq approved sealant/etc. The crack in the first photo is not as bad in person!
  15. No problem: Hope you sell it soon; don't want to keep looking it over:) jm
  16. count me in, I should be able to make it this year,
  17. The car is at my house in Bothell, WA. Subie - I wish we could make it work as well. You sound like the right kind of person for the car. I'm just not willing to approach the sale the way you mentioned. Someone must be looking for a winter project..
  18. Kinda what i'm praying will happen. 😜 Keep the paint as is - have Car-Tender painted on the side and just drive it. I just don't need another project car - this one for me was one I was planning on keeping for life and was kinda relieved to finally decide to get rid of it.
  19. I mean, could just poke it in the corner. Do an hour here and there. Hell, doesn't even need a tunnel to drive :P

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