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  1. joebarthlow

    1968 1600

    heading to vegas next month, was considering looking at it...
  2. joebarthlow

    Learning more about Engines

    $28K-$32K? What's there to learn? that kind of money gets you a nice looking AND running 2002. Drive and enjoy. I don't know what sort of driving you intend to do with your 2002, or how much tuning you want to take on, but I suggest you test drive a bone stock 2002, then test drive a Tii. If you feel something is needed, then explore tuning options from there. Thing is with these motors, you have many different directions to go for tuning. I don't understand going down a particular path until you have a baseline to judge and work from. I'm probably in the minority here, but I am perfectly happy with my bone stock 2002 (M10) with 32/36 Weber. I can get to 100 mph and it's unbelievably reliable for a 45 year old car. I can carve up country roads just fine, pushing it hard with power to spare. My goal from the start is to spend more time in the driver's seat than under the hood. Also, unless you really know what you're doing mechanically, your knowledge resources narrow considerably once you head down the path of heavy tuning, major modifications and engine swaps. This forum has been great, but like anything else, there are limits. I used to have a 1976 BMW 3.0si. My biggest fear was not finding someone to help me with my K-jetronic fuel injection system as I doubt anyone in my town had the knowledge to work on it. At least with a Weber and stock M10, what I can't figure out, there are plenty out there and resources who can help. I'm no mechanic, but I'm comfortable with my 2002. Good luck with your new acquisition
  3. I did that with my Vanagon after installing a rebuilt motor, new clutch, brakes, cpu, tires. Still had a ways to go with the interior and exterior accessories. Realized I should put my money into my 2002 instead. Obviously, "correct" is in the eyes of the owner, considering some like period/factory correct, resto-mods, patina queens, racers... With that in mind: - $5000-$8000 body/paint (it's in good shape) - $2000 interior (seat restoration and headliner) - $1500 wheels/tires - $1500 mechanical (motor mounts, seals, clean up wiring, carb) - $1000 misc (window/door seals...) I plan to acquire another motor next winter and rebuild (stock) it on my own. I'll DIY some stuff and hire out for other stuff.
  4. joebarthlow

    2002 Beauty Shots

    When a coffee run becomes a Sunday drive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. joebarthlow

    BMWCCA Grille Badge

    the only difference between a member and non-member is one pays $50 and gets a monthly magazine.
  6. joebarthlow

    My big 2002 career move!

    sounds great! I sure hope the web site gets a reboot.
  7. joebarthlow

    Too many cars?

    Yes, cars are things, inanimate objects, but there's a very good chance that "thing" will be on the planet longer than you or I. Driving them and protecting them from the elements during non-use increases the likelihood of lasting longer. My point is more about not letting cars sit for long periods of time, not driving in corrosive conditions. Maybe I am different, but I feel guilty if I notice I have not used one of my vehicles in the last 3-4 weeks.
  8. joebarthlow

    Too many cars?

    depends on if you can protect them from the elements (garage space) and you have the ability to drive each one at least once/week (assuming they all run). After that, you're a disservice to the car.
  9. On classics with non-metallic, single stage is the way to go (sure, others may debate). I bet a cut and buff would make shine even more. It looks great and have considered Verona or Granada as a future color option.
  10. joebarthlow

    Cleaning House. More Parts Added.

    still have the over rider rubber?
  11. joebarthlow

    No BMWCCCA PNW tour in 2019

    I registered for it. I'm helping Vintage Underground in Eugene organize the inaugural Emerald Valley Gran Turismo set for Eugene in July. It's a 500 mile, 2 day rally for european classics, similar to the NW Classic Motor Car Rally. It's a tour instead of TSD. We're launching our site next week. As for a 2002 specific run, I am waiting for BMW CAA Oregon to release their event schedule for 2019.
  12. joebarthlow

    Eugene Euro Classic Cars & Coffee

    this is a Bimmer heavy event. Monthly in Eugene, Oregon. We kick off Saturday, Jan. 5! Weather permitting, we do a 40-50 mile tour following C&C.
  13. Event Title: Eugene Euro Classic Cars & Coffee Event Author: joebarthlow Event Date: 01/05/2019 12:00 AM this is a Bimmer heavy event. Monthly in Eugene, Oregon. We kick off Saturday, Jan. 5! Eugene Euro Classic Cars & Coffee
  14. joebarthlow

    Annual 02-02-02 and it's on SATURDAY!

    about what time does the fun start?
  15. joebarthlow

    Weber air flow - valid or hooey

    Interesting thread! I think I may understand (shock) what we're talking about here. I still have my old airbox set up and temped to go back to it, but my carb has been doing really well (knock on wood) for the past 6 months. thanks