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  1. I recently acquired a defroster switch to replace the dummy in anticipation of installing my fogs
  2. I replaced my heater valve a couple months ago. finally have heat in the cabin! the old valve leaked. I also bought a rebuild kit for the original I pulled. have it on the shelf for future use
  3. harbor freight sells basic interior tools made for removing door panels and wall cards like in our 2002s. you can also find them on Ebay. They are inexpensive and work well. Check youtube or google for basic how-tos. This forum also has tons of great information, be sure to use the search function. I redid my interior without experience and turned out great!
  4. Elkhead Rd, Douglas County, Oregon. Dodging snowflakes.
  5. there are some good threads on here dedicated to rebuilding seats...
  6. the d-icer used in Lane County isn't that bad, but I drive my car weekly and live in the hills, just like to be prepared.
  7. That time of year! I searched but didn't see anything recent regarding snow tires. I have an extra set of wheels and considering snow tires. Recently, I've ran Bridgestone Blizzaks on my X5 and a mini cooper (BMW). They are fantastic tires, but are not available in 13s. Since show is intermittent in my area of the PNW, I don't want/need studs. Any recommendations? I googled and saw several options, but know nothing about them. thanks
  8. Industrial Finishes has all the BMW formulas back to the '60s. They give it to you in rattle cans, quart can and gallons https://industrialfinishes.com/
  9. forgot to mention... last month I replace the fuel pump, water pump, thermostat, heater valve and cleaned and restored the radiator. It's nice having an accurate reading on the cooling system and heat in the cabin.
  10. good article, but the writer was incorrect about the Isetta
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