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  1. depends where you live and how you drive. I live in the PNW. I dive 5+ times per week. when I bought the car, my system was non-functional. I considered getting it working, or even a new system, but ultimately decided I don't need it.
  2. joebarthlow

    2002 Beauty Shots

    afternoon light on a rainy day. daily driving for a few months.
  3. joebarthlow

    FS. Offers taken on Misc. Items

    forum says you cannot receive messages. hit me at thanks
  4. joebarthlow

    SOLD wiper controls

    crud, missed out
  5. joebarthlow

    high performance ?

    when was the last time the clutch was rebuilt?
  6. joebarthlow

    Any rally lights restorer out there?

    restoring reflectors isn't too hard. plating make the most sense as the older light bulbs will generate heat. they don't look too bad in the pic, have you attempted to hook them up to see how they perform?
  7. joebarthlow

    need advice 1976 purchase

    buy and read this book
  8. joebarthlow

    2002 Beauty Shots

    anticipating the snow that never came... thankfully!
  9. joebarthlow

    Crusty 1975 part out

  10. joebarthlow

    OE brake caliper for '74 base model?

    thanks, yes. I ordered new calipers (WBR) but the pads that came don't fit. Trying to figure out if I have the right calipers or right pads.
  11. joebarthlow

    Photos from 02.02.02 (2019) Seattle

    I was hoping to make it, but just too much liquid falling from the sky for a 5 hour drive
  12. Can someone ID this brake caliper? Is it original for a '74 2002 base model? Sorry, only photo I have. Yes, I am aware the wonky wear on the pads. thanks
  13. joebarthlow

    smoking hub!

    new set of calipers ordered. I seem to remember a pull slightly on braking right before the smell/smoke, but didn't after I did a brake test. What causes a seize? Lack of fluid? replacing the brake lines too (they were on my list).
  14. joebarthlow

    smoking hub!

    ended up being a frozen piston on my brake caliper