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  1. plans for 2020: • paint lower quarter body to match the the upper part • swap my '68 bumpers for 'my '73 bumpers • install front and rear fog lights • replace fuel pump, water pump, heater valve, clean radiator • clean up engine bay • clean up trunk • acquire Esty trunk carpet • install mud flaps • repair my radio • repair rear defroster • acquire factory 13" alloys and mount Pirellis on them • acquire a '74 M10 motor for rebuild in Winter 2021 • acquire euro turn signals • acquire replacement front/rear window rubber, dash to prep for replacing headliner in 2021 • DRIVE THE HELL OUT OF IT!! • run in more rallies
  2. Event Title: Eugene Euro Cars & Coffee Event Location: 630 Garfield Street, Eugene, Oregon, 97402 Event Author: joebarthlow Event Date: 01/11/2020 09:00 AM to 01/11/2020 10:30 AM Now 2nd Saturdays for 2020. All classic European cars welcome, but usually BMW heavy. Located at Vintage Underground, W. 7th & Garfield. Donuts and Coffee on hand, plus taco truck Eugene Euro Cars & Coffee
  3. joebarthlow

    Eugene Euro Cars & Coffee

    Now 2nd Saturdays for 2020. All classic European cars welcome, but usually BMW heavy. Located at Vintage Underground, W. 7th & Garfield. Donuts and Coffee on hand, plus taco truck
  4. Upon further review... Last week I debated on buying a new starter or having a local shop give me a hand. When I got the quote, it was actually very good and well worth it to pay the extra $150. Then Saturday, I drove downtown for coffee. It was a wet, cold (35º) morning. The car had previously sat for 4 days in my garage. After a couple hours, I went out to leave. The slow turn of the starter wasn't enough to get it going. My battery was weak and grew weaker. Eventually, after several attempts, it was flooded by now. I called AAA and they sent the jump unit out with a 3000 amp jumper. Nope. would budge after a few slow turned. So I settled for a tow home. After charging the battery over night, and long enough for the fuel in the flooded carb to evaporate, it fired up fine the next morning, be it still a slow turn-over of the starter. I was able to make it to the shop today. Before swapping out the charger, they gave it a good look and tested some of the involved components. The problem was the cable from the battery to the starter. the ground was broken and only working intermittently. The bolt holding the battery cable to the started was heavily corroded. Two items I should have noticed. After replacing the cable and cleaning the securing bolt, the original starter roared back to life. Battery checked out fine too. So the old saying, "check the easy stuff first" applies here too. I'm still learning
  5. If I’m going to breakdown, it might as well be in front of this stylish cafe.
  6. I'm looking at a "remanufactured" one. A friend mentioned over a year ago I should replace it, but it keeps working. But today it sounded different, while I was out in the woods, out of cell coverage. It started, but it was different, so...
  7. I may be in the market for a new starter. Are the rebuilt Bosch at several online shops the way to go?
  8. Yes, let me know the best way to buy it from you. My address is 3655 Glen Oak Dr, Eugene OR 97405 Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks, I’ll shoot you a message later today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I need two license plate lights for '74 2002, or one with some extra copper screws to hold down the wire connections. I don't need the domes, but will buy if need.
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