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  1. that's what I just acquired. Looks good, I'll go that route, thanks, Steve!
  2. I believe BMW moved to the lighter sheet metal shields in '74. I have the older cast one to install, but that e21 option looks easy and more simple. I'll keep an eye open for the later/correct version, but they are no longer made. the challenge, now, will be removing the exhaust manifold and replacing the studs. thanks for your input!
  3. the e21 shield looks like a good option. I presume it's what '76mintgrün'02 posted above. my plug wired don't tough the shield either. I'm running a weber with a weber air filter, so no snorkel. thanks for the info
  4. Later model sheet metal version. bottom two hole have rusted out, leaving the top two securing it. It rattles. Seems pretty easy. four bolts. What could possibly go wrong? first one won't budge. I didn't push it as to not bust it. Second one turned about 1/4 turn then promptly snapped off. third one won't budge. Fourth one turn about 1/4 turn then stops (see the second one for possible conclusion). I now have one bolt holding it on. Questions from a novice BMW wrencher: Q1. Will the earlier, thicker, aluminum heat shield fit OK on the later M10 and what I believe is a stock exhaust manifold? Q2. Looks like I'll need to remove the exhaust manifold to extract the broken bolt(s). Is it as simple as it looks? Disconnect at the header and unbolt the manifold from the block? Q3. Is it worth it to extract and retap or just find a replacement manifold? Q4. I don't need to pull the motor, do I? Q5. besides penetrating oil on the existing bolts, any other tricks to remove the three remaining bolts without busting them?
  5. I sorry you bought a car that is European, highly desired and has a motorsport pedigree. Last I checked, e21 values are still in the tank, yet they contain many of the modifications some people do to 2002s. Personally, I welcome these little German shit-boxes gain value as it helps me justify dumping thousands of dollars into them. Can you imagine if values were not going up?? there would be no 2002faq, there would be no parts produced, there would be no organized events. 2002s would just rust away.
  6. I'm looking for an exhaust manifold cover for my '74 non-Tii thank
  7. great thread! can't wait to install my 810s!
  8. joebarthlow

    Euro Classic Cars & Coffee

    Bimmers always dominate, lots of rare cars. New location: Vintage Underground, 7th & Garfield, on the west side
  9. until
    this is a Bimmer heavy event. Monthly in Eugene, Oregon. We kick off Saturday, Jan. 5! Weather permitting, we do a 40-50 mile tour following C&C.
  10. about what time does the fun start?
  11. I'm installing the same rear bumper to my '74 Polaris. can you explain your install process? thanks
  12. great reference. was the trunk, engine bay and door jams not shot with clear coat? trying to figure out the difference
  13. Calling all German, Italian, British, French and Swedish Classics! We meet up downtown for coffee and car talk in the Oregon Electric Station parking lot, 5th & Oak. BYO-Coffee or grab a cup at Morning Glory and 5th St. Market has coffee (block away). We'll bring the donuts. This typically a classic Bimmer-heavy event. See you there! After the meet-up, we'll take a longer, special tour up to Mary's Peak. It's about 125 mile round trip. Pack a sack lunch for the top. The fall colors should be pretty good too. Everyone is welcome. This drive will be weather dependent. We should be back in Eugene around 2pm. This will be the last Cars & Coffee for the season as November and December are usually the wettest months. We tentatively plan to restart in January or February. We'll announce in December.
  14. that's one of the better jobs I've seen. none have been impressive until this one. do post photos after installed
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