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  1. I unfortunately won’t be able to make it this year either. Looking forward to pictures!
  2. I would be up for a regular meet. I have not been to The Shop for Cars & Coffee, but their parking lot is not very large. Might be a bit difficult to find parking on nicer days? I haven't been to the Lake Washington meet, but it does look like there may be more parking. Its also a Saturday meet at The Shop, and Sunday for Lake Washington, Sundays would tend to work better for me. I would throw a vote for Lake Washington for a regular meeting point, with The Shop being a good spot for a one off/annual meet. Again, i don't have experience with either so my opinion doesn't mean much here. I should have the car back with some minor updates by June and look forward to attending!
  3. If there is any interest from anybody on the east side, @bento and I be leaving the Safeway in Redmond around 8:30AM. Address: 17246 Redmond Way Redmond, WA 98052
  4. Looks like I’ll be able to meet everyone in Mercer Island. See you tomorrow!
  5. WSU-M3


    BMW 2002 August 29, 1969 Matching Numbers - 1667861 Megasquirt EFI Custom Intake Manifold Custom Radiator w/ Electric Fan Unknown performance camshaft IE Headers w/ 2.5" Custom exhaust 5-Speed 3.64LSD Bilstein HD w/ H&R Sport Wildwood vented 4piston front/vented 2 piston rear IE Swaybars IE Front Strut Brace 15" BBS Wheels - 7" front w/ 3mm spacers, 7.5" Rear E21 Recaro Seats Battery under rear seat Alpine Head Unit w/ 6" front, 6x9 back Kooglewerks stereo/Gauge face w/ Voltage, Oil Pressure & Boost Gauge (Boost on the way) S14 2.3L crank on the shelf
  6. My car is at Patrick's, so unfortunately the 2002 won't make it. I will likely stop by though!
  7. I'm actually going to make it down there this year! I'm not driving though, flights are pretty cheap right now.
  8. That should work for me. Edit: I think I successfully RSVP’d on the calendar.
  9. Brent, Thanks for keeping this going! These are hunting season weekends, so I would be a no go for the 14th (opening day) and a maybe on the 21st.
  10. I have one that is straight, but with some rust. It might clean up ok. I would give it away for free if you're interested. Located in Woodinville.
  11. This appears to be the 2002. I saw it while browsing Craigslist... Craigslist: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/5685141730.html auction link: http://www.copart.com/us/Lot/28473826?searchId=146633887 VIN: 2581412
  12. That was me. I actually sold them that day! Good luck in your search. -Zach
  13. Patrick can be a bit difficult to get in touch with sometimes, as he is busier than ever. It took me a while to get into his shop, but you will not find anyone better to work on your 02. If you don't need your car up and going right away, i suggest you keep trying to reach Patrick and get your foot in the door at his garage.
  14. WSU-M3


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