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  1. Stupid question concerning the different lengths of belts: Is it possible the pully on the compressors have slightly different diameters? Maybe the Chinese knock off compressors have varying tolerances. Just a thought.
  2. Vicleonardo1

    Genuine Weber, me thinks not...

    It really depends on how far I drive before I open the hood and check the Car-B-Que.
  3. My wife loves the car. Passed down the family tree. I think she is keeping me around until it gets completely sorted.... Thus, it will always be a "work in progress"...
  4. Vicleonardo1

    Genuine Weber, me thinks not...

    I got my carb from Ebay. Vendor: Happy friend fast car chow mein. $40 new! It looks good, but Weber is spelled with 2 B's. Is that bad?
  5. Vicleonardo1

    Ac question installing r12 charging ports

    Charging my AC with RedTek. HC based refrigerant. Works with R12 fittings. Doesn't matter what compressor oil you decide to use. I will let you guys know how it comes out. Cheers!
  6. Vicleonardo1

    Ac parts help please

    1+ with Simeon's statement. Unfortunately, most everything we need one way or another will most likely be manufactured in China-no matter what name is put on the box. On some hot rod forums some enthusiasts state (not sure it is backed up by reality) that if it is made in Taiwan, it will be a higher quality part, but there are no real facts to back that up. Just deal with a vendor that has a good reputation and good return policy. They may have a bit more interest in quality control to reduce their hassles that the "Vendor du Jour" on Ebay..... I bought a parallel condenser, Sanden copy compressor, and generic AC kit on Ebay and haven't had any issues with the equipment so far. Cheers!
  7. Vicleonardo1

    Should I Do the IE Air Dam?

    Really like the discussion, the variations and the pics. But hey Jr have you decided?
  8. Vicleonardo1

    Amazing network of scam sites

    Funny, I checked the original link. Exact same car, exact same photos. Now its in Tuscon AZ.... For a guy stuck on an oil rig, the car gets around and lives in neighborhoods that look really similar......
  9. Very good tip: Slight correction: Get someone to balance your tire that knows how to properly use a Hunter Road Force balancing machine. There is a video or two out there where the tech was clueless on how to actually use the machine. But it is by far the best way to balance a wheel/tire. Cheers!
  10. Vicleonardo1

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    So in Australia, if it "appears" modified, then it is a problem but if it "appears" stock it is OK. So, I would get a set of IE sway bars and paint them flat black, (maybe even sprinkle some rust colored paint on them) get some black urethane bits, run the car through some mud before inspection and call it stock.... Hey, I grew up a Catholic school kid, If I wasn't breaking the rules, I was always pushing the envelope... Cheers!
  11. Vicleonardo1

    A/C Hobie bracket installation

    Also, an option for rust protection for my HobieDave bracket, I used POR15. You can get a kit for about $20. (Amazon) It has the cleaner, etcher and more than enough POR15 to coat the bracket and parts. Worked really well on my bracket. Cheers!
  12. Vicleonardo1

    Ac parts help please

    You can narrow the list down by selecting pusher fans. Usually it will be a bit safer to pick the fans with higher CFM's, they will however be a bit louder. Stick with SPAL, they are reputable for being honest about their specs and they are essentially bulletproof.
  13. Vicleonardo1

    Ac parts help please

    Hey Rob, I was researching condenser fans. But I can only find specs in CFM's. (cubic feet per minute). I keep looking but I cannot find SDM's. (Small Dogs per Minute). I guess I will keep checking.... Vic
  14. NO AFFILIATION! Just discovered on Craigslist. Risky because no real pics. Covered with Neoprene. If they are from a MK2 GLI they should fit nicely. (They did on mine). Not sure if the bases were modded to fit his 4 runner however. Decent price at $600 if they are in good condition. Cheers!
  15. Vicleonardo1

    Ac parts help please

    I believe it depends on the year of your car. For fan size, I believe it is 14" fan for square tails and 12" fan for roundies.