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  1. Quick Update: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/rush-sales-streams-2112-chart-939882/
  2. Those damn Artesians..... Old lateral reference to an advert when Olympia did what it did best....Make beer.
  3. My son's have finally caught on the the concept of vinyl, album art, stylus etc. My youngest son bought me a turntable this Christmas! Still brings a tears to my eyes. Been listening to 2112 almost a half dozen times since yesterday. Neal's words, and fantastic rolls Alex's and Geddy's unbelievable mastery of their Guitar and Bass. Discovery... still moves me after all these years.... What can this strange device be?When I touch it, it gives forth a soundIt's got wires that vibrate and give musicWhat can this thing be that I found?See how it sings like a sad heartAnd joyously screams out its painSounds that build high like a mountainOr notes that fall gently like rain My favorite quiz: Why are there only three musicians in Rush? A. They could not find anyone good enough to join them. B. They are so good no one else would audition. C. They don't need anyone else D. All of the above Sad times.... But this music still makes me happy. Thank you Neal and God Bless you.
  4. First album side 2112...... Nuff said. Very Sad News indeed. Rest in Peace Neal.
  5. The Recaro adapters from Massive (I know seems contradictory) do ride a little lower. If the 6 bolt pattern on the Corbeau's are the same as Recaro seats, that may lower the seat hight a bit. Glad you gave these a try. I have been asking about them for awhile. Cheers!
  6. Which color did you pick? Tan or Spice? Dying to see how they work in your car. I was going to pull the trigger on the Corbeau's but got ( I now realize EXREMELY) lucky finding a pair of Recaro's for sale on CL Portland about 4 years ago. Spent about $450 for the set pulled out of a VW MK2 Jetta GLI. and $750 just to get them recovered. over $200 (I think) for adapter plates. So if these work out, you are getting a bargain... Pictures please. Cheers!
  7. That looks like my 02 after I picked it up from it's "Restoration" "Well Vic, our body guy had a nervous breakdown or something, He took off in his motorhome and no one can seem to find him anywhere"....
  8. I guess I don't know.... That and a ball peen hammer......works OK..... I meant: Fram CA 3300.....or something like that.....
  9. I will happily take your garage (couch and all) when you change over......
  10. My $12 Fram CA3245 fits very snug and works well for me. But what do I know?...
  11. Like the creativity on some of these ideas. But does anyone know how these ideas will hold up with the heat in the engine compartment?
  12. For me, it will be getting estimates for replacing the two rear side panels, and gathering money to do so...
  13. I can see that you have been pretty busy. Congratulations on that beautiful beard! (Cute child too!!) 😀
  14. Or is it Wossamatta U? According to my best friend and his little friend Rocky, it is one of the best Universities in Frostbite Falls MN.
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