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  1. But now these days are gone and I'm not so self assured. Now I find I changed my mind I've opened up the doors... Help me if you can my 02's down, and I do appreciate you being 'round, Help me get my wheels back on the ground, Won't you please, please help me!
  2. Never noticed the little red light before? Maybe it grew on its own and is a cluster version of a "Zit". Don't pop it......
  3. Just about everyone is running into supply/staffing/transport issues. I am still in a Covid state of mind. I celebrate the orders that get filled and shipped on time, and wait patiently for orders that don't. I think everyone is trying their best and there still is an expectation that things should be the way they were pre-Covid, but we aren't there yet. Just check out the current Oregon numbers. Cheers to everyone! Stay safe, vigilant and patient, we will eventually get there.
  4. 1+ with Scoob. Aside from the very cool KW header, the rest done at a reputable shop may not as expensive as you think.
  5. Hey maybe it's time to let the new guy do some work. "Hey Stretch, why don't you change the oil on that van over there?"
  6. With Aquapel, just beware it doesn't apply like RainX. Don't let it dry before you wipe it off. You crack the inner container on the applicator before you put it on, a little puff of smoke comes out of it then you wipe it on the windshield. Makes me feel like I am in a scene from Harry Potter. There usually is plenty of solution to the the back window and the sides at times as well. It lasts a very long time before you need to reapply it. Cheers!
  7. Aquapel is even better. Lasts a ton longer and seems more hydrophobic that RainX. I should know being from the Pacific "Northwet".... Many times there is no need to even turn on the wipers. I still see clearly even with a Semi in front of me blowing a thick cloud of foggy wetness....
  8. Do you know what else in some of our car emits phosgene when it burns? For those of us that have R134a in our air conditioners, it emits Phosgene (aka Mustard Gas) in the unfortunate event our cars "Flambe"..
  9. Good questions Mucci......For the locals. Salem Exhaust does stainless installs. The type of welding....I have no idea. But It's a solid reputable shop. I am sure if you called and checked them out you would love the non-Portland level prices. I do like the sound of the stock exhaust. My resonator is buzzing so I am going to have them check it out. I have toyed with the idea of going to glass paks, but not so sure about their lifespan. I am trying to make my 02 as low maintenance as possible. Cheers!
  10. You may be surprised that they will probably do a fresh new custom complete setup installed to your liking, cheaper than the kit.
  11. Yes, I see it now. Toby: "Honey I am going downtown to get some milk, eggs some wheat bread and a trencher. Do you want anything?" Cuz everyone needs a good trencher. Cheers!
  12. Chrysler Cordoba? We don't need no Cordoba? We need a LeBaron!! I hear the price of these are going up!
  13. Hey I am with if the buyer and seller are happy, cool! Sales like this have their own karma right? The buyer and seller can walk away with happiness and bliss for the end of their days and that is a nice thing. But, overpaying and selling may have their price as well. Buyers remorse and sellers regret. We see it here a lot. Buyer: "Jeesh I spent $XXXXX on this 2002 and it still needs a lot of work! Where did all this rust come from? Parts are expensive and some are hard to find!" Seller: "You know I had an '02.... man, I wish I never sold it" (how many of us have heard that before?) So let the chips fall where they may and we all can go on with our lives. Cheers!
  14. You know that hot looking woman over there? Yeah she is extremely high maintenance, costs her boyfriend a ton of money!! Those boobs I am sure are fake! I bet she is using botox! She dies her hair, and my gosh she thinks she owns the world and it caters to her! Yeah, I am marrying her in May......
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