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  1. Have you thought about trying out a Sync-Link. May give you the same results with POSSIBLY some less hassle and expense. Some have had a wonderful experience and some have had a lot of trouble with jetting etc. No need for manifold change etc. My worthless rapidly depreciating 2 Venezuelan cents. Cheers!
  2. Sorry Tom, Just a bit too much of the grape this evening. I apologize..... Forgive me for my age...Ya know Da Bros.....Tom and Ray (ie Click and Clack) are still on my mind.....
  3. Bob, please keep us apprised of what happens after your clean up. Lots if good advice here. I moved to a 123 with no issues, (however this may open another can of worms). Others are having some problems with oil contamination with the 123, and Tom (76Mintgrun' 02l) has had some problems with the USB version. But at least the consensus here is the 123 is da bomb....(no July 4th pun intended).
  4. Like the idea. Would love to give it a a try, a bit of a cheaper approach to a 38/38 But haven't some had some issues with settings/jetting? CD had some recommendations but despite his brilliance, some had mixed results. Would love to see some more current results. I would install it in a a heartbeat if I knew there were some solid setup recommendations. Cheers and Happy Birthday America!
  5. One take is that Iinca may be waiting to see if the proprietor gets his act together and makes things right for him. If this guy continues his apathy and/or digs his heels in and starts to battle, then its time to hit social media, BBB etc and give us all a heads up on what place to avoid. A play by play of what is going on may be helpful, so the other 02' brethren can chime in and help out.
  6. Yes, Don't Boycott Santa Cruz. Spent way too much time there when I was a Santa Clara University Bronco....would have had much better grades, but my time there was worth my absence on the Dean's List and my presence on the "Double Secret Probation" list.
  7. Spend a bit of time go online and gather information/prices and make a list of the cost of the the pilfered parts. File a police report (Cal or Neva side?) Get the name of the insurance carrier of the business. (If not check and see if the business is leasing the property if they are, then check the owner of property) File an insurance claim Find out what security policies and procedures of the shop. Alarm system? Cameras? Rent a cop patrol? No such? More ammo for you to get some justice. Let the owner know that your are strongly considering to sue him and/or take him to small claims. I will bet dollars to doughnuts his cavalier attitude will change very quickly. He may be a bit more cooporative in helping you out. If he is leasing the property let him know you are planning to contact the owner. Keep up the fight.
  8. LImeySteve had good results with Ford Focus door seals. Seemed to work well for him. Also I believe Esty used some AutoZone etc. generic seals that she is happy with. I am still waiting for a report of someones experience with the "New and Improved" URO seals. Aren't they supposed to be out by now?
  9. So: 1. The owner doesn't have video surveillance? 2. We can't prove that all those parts were in the trunk? No problem. My next question is "who is the insurance carrier of your business? I would like to file a claim" 3. Just so happens the place got raided when your car was there? Owner is apathetic= inside job. 4. Time to file a report with the local law enforcement. 5. Time to hit social media and let your your local buds know about this place. Hope all goes well with you. You deserve better than this POS alignment shop and the owner's apathy.
  10. https://www.autobodytoolmart.com/equalizer-locking-strip-tool-pa1348-p-34298.aspx?gclid=Cj0KCQiAvKzhBRC1ARIsANEXdgwNPculsgb2rnDllR-TV7MSAJQ0xesafQdEI4bd29mhFYhN3ftdFfcaAhd0EALw_wcB
  11. Almost as much fun as getting professional looking envelopes to snail mail to your friends with return addresses printed on the front: The National Herpes Foundation Membership Department Friends of Schizophrenia "We are with both of you" Universal Labs Results Coordinator STD Department Dewey, Cheatham and Howe Attorneys at Law Family Law and Paternity
  12. Not too sure about that. When I get in wifeys' truck and start it up, the dash lights up like a pinball machine. When I ask her about it, she says "Its been like that for awhile. Oh and honey, the truck smells funny after I drive it for awhile"....
  13. Wow! For a guy like me that article is helpful. I would give it a try but I cant open my hood! I release the latch thingy but I keep tugging and tugging on the front of the hood but it wont go up!....🤓 and what kind of oil? Canola? Hemp Seed? Olive?
  14. Lousy ad. They don't even tell you which hurricane it floated in on...

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