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  1. It is wetness from the skies.... This lingers in the Pacific Northwest almost as much as Ireland of which sees 300 days of liquid atmosphere per year. It is not so much the rain as the moss, wet leaves etc that cause disruption of traction. Similar to what one in southern California would experience in a turn when following an auto that leaks oil profusely, much like like my buddies El Camino... LSD brings forth the this thing called understeer....which can be quite.....invigorating..... However if you need more scientific enlightenment on limited slip differentials, I would recommend the documentary "My Cousin Vinnie" for further instruction. If you don't learn anything at least you get to watch Marisa Tomei....
  2. Now thinking a rust reformer for the drums might be the ticket. Because I am lazy with prep etc.... If I do the calipers may go with POR15 or something black...to hide the tiny-appearing OEM little guys as much as possible behind the black 15 inch wheels. Just need to overcome my fear of using a jack, jack stands, lug wrench, removing lugs and not lose them, paint prep and taping, painting, removing tape, using lug wrench again, using jack again...etc. etc... Calling therapist..... or learn to love the look of rust.
  3. Wow! (I use that word a lot on your threads.....) Just freaking amazing mods! Which class can you race that work of art?
  4. Have to have a really good paint job/surface for a vinyl wrap to work well. Make sure rust is taken care of etc. Imperfections will show through, plus if the starting surface is marginal, oxidized etc, most likely you will have to repaint after you remove the wrap. If you have a good paint and body surfaces as a basis, then it is a fun way to change colors every few years.
  5. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Beautiful wheels on it by the way. You know its a serious classic racecar when its got Dymo labels on the dash...
  6. The hate of the U bracket continues for some. What is wrong of using 4 points of support, plus have the ability to put my 4 speed back in if I need to? Cheers!
  7. Have a Nardi 390mm steering wheel. Turning was getting really tough for some reason. I finally checked the air pressure in my tires. 15X7's 195/55/R15's Pressure was about 25lbs...fixed that. Steering is much easier now... 😀
  8. Now thats what I am talking about! I was thinking that adding support to the U brace at the bottom where the mount is would be the ticket. Now that I can see the clearances. Welding tabs to the brace or bolting an additional bar underneath the crossing segment would give the U brace a total of 4 points of support. Then I can keep Marshall at bay and hit railroad crossings like Steve McQeen. I am no engineer or Fabrication artist, but I don't think it would take monster strength metal or massive bolts to accomplish this as there is support up front. Not happy about punching holes in the floor, but may do that if I have to. Any ideas to weld something to the bottom vs punching holes that would still make the additional brace support removable and not get in the way..just in case if I have to put the 4 speed back in? Would love to see @kbmb02's test results... How I wished he lived in Oregon. Missing Dave Lumbra. Cheers!
  9. I had my brakes refreshed just a few years ago. New calipers and drums. Now they are rusty as all get out. I know there is caliper paint and I am toying with using POR 15 for the front calipers. (I know they make caliper paint-can I apply it to rust like the standard stuff?) Or should I have them blasted and powder coat them? For the drums, can I POR15 those as well? I have used it before and Its almost like powder coating. Somewhere I read that it might not be a good idea to powder coat drums because it may reduce heat dissipation. Would that be a problem if I POR15 the drums? Any other remedies would be appreciated. Cheers!
  10. Hey John, Any reason you would like to go to the 3.64? I like the 3.91 in mine, but it is mated with the 5 speed.
  11. Anxiously awaiting the KB report on the U bracket, In the hope that mine from Jake holds up. Just trying to keep options open in case my 5 speed throws in the towel. It would make for an easier swap to put my original 4 speed back in if need be. For you engineers/fabrication gods out there is there a way to add an additional support to the U bracket that can be easily added and/or deleted without much fuss? Or is there a way to shore up the original supports so they can handle the stress? Or both?
  12. 1+ with Toby on the Toyo “E-slips”. Worthless in the rain, mud, snow and dry pavement. For door seals I am for anything that works.
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