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  1. Value: hmmm.... I really liked my 4 speed when it was mated to the 3.64 differential. I really like my five speed mated to my 3.91 LSD After experiencing both, If given the choice I really dont know if I would pay more for one over the other. To me the 5th gear is to helpful to compensate for the differential ratio change. I am having fun with the LSD, don't get me wrong, it is a tad more spritely. But it wasn’t cheap ( 245 Getrags and LSD’s getting more expensive every day) and I’m really not sure after all the investment, if the the dollar/grin ratio was worth it. A 245 (for me) will add more value only if it is mated to a 3.90/3.91 differential. But I ain’t no expert.
  2. Vicleonardo1

    Good DIY Projects on a 2002?

    Uh did I miss changing spark plugs in this list? How about rolling the fenders with a heat gun and a baseball bat? When you are finished you and the kids could shag a few fly balls.
  3. No idea. But if it works for Corvette's...... The carbon fiber hood looks pretty impressive too.
  4. Maybe Fiberglass would do?
  5. Vicleonardo1

    Re-purposed 2002 Parts

    Wow Tom, For a minute there I thought you were building a perpetual motion machine. But turtle cookies are even cooler.... Cheers!
  6. Vicleonardo1

    Battery Tenders

    Dont know why some of these tenders cost so much. My $24 Battery Tender jr. works just fine. And I dont disconnect the battery when it is charging. No issues.
  7. Sort of related question. Has BMW ever have enough requests for a certain part that is NLA that they tool up and start manufacturing them again? Left frame rail, trunk floor etc...
  8. Vicleonardo1

    5 speed shift tower opinions

    I used the IE kit on my car. There wasn't a myriad of choices at the time. It worked well. With the Eyeball test, the Blunt kit seems pretty well made. If I had to do it over again, I would give the kit from Blunt a try.
  9. Vicleonardo1

    Ordering from WallothNesch

    ^^ Yes, you can swap the bottom with a radiator that has a lateral angled outlet. You could also check this site for the radiator hose work around that can fit around the AC compressor if you have the straight lower exit pipe. JohnS said above...oops...
  10. Vicleonardo1


    Looks pretty darn close to my car when I picked it up from my restoration. Patina? That was extra? When did I agree to that?
  11. Vicleonardo1

    Aftermarket sport spring opinions wanted

    Here is the appearance with Bilstein HD's and Suspension Techniques springs. IE sway bars, blah, blah, blah.....To me a very nice balance between comfort and performance. No tooth chips acquired or kidney belt needed. Drop is reported to be anywhere between 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches. Possibly variable due to which bumpers you may have. Subtle drop on mine. Wheels are 15 inch. Tires or (Tyres) are 195/55 (same diameter (but not width) as the original 13 inch wheels and tires or (Tyres)
  12. Vicleonardo1

    Ordering from WallothNesch

    The W&N high flow radiators have straight outlet pipe. (I know) It makes it a pain in the butt to plumb around the AC compressor. The later year 02's got enough complaints from the US, because we Americans love air conditioning, they moved the outlet lateral and angled.
  13. Vicleonardo1

    Where to buy new Recaro seats? (West Coast)

    If looking for knockoffs. Check Corbeau. Although they are favored for Jeep, their sport seat looks pretty similar to earlier Recaros and they also make brackets tor the 2002. Almost bought a pair until I stumbled on a pair of Recaros on Craigslist.
  14. Vicleonardo1

    Metallurgy Expertise Needed. Bent emblem.

    Started the process by running it under hot water. Then used my hand grip bar clamp. I felt safe starting with that because of the softer plastic grips. It took the major bends down, but still left a residual curve. I then felt that it was safe enough to use my fingers to finish out the rest. It seems striaght enough now not to be noticeable. I will see how it fits on the car in the next few days. Follow up questions: Is it safe to polish the emblem? What would be the best and safest method? It does look good enough to put it back on the car, should I just let it be?
  15. Vicleonardo1

    Metallurgy Expertise Needed. Bent emblem.

    I do have some of the Irwin one handed mini bar clamps. Would that work or do I need something more powerful like the woodworker bar clamp?