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  1. The OE7 looks nice. Not too overtly modern. Will be interested in hearing whether anyone has experience with install as well.
  2. I’m running a Greddy controller as well. Turbo is a T3 super 60 with a small exhaust housing (.48 A/R?), ball bearing center section, and internal wastegate. It’s good for 300 HP according to Turbonetics. The intercooler is a modified Porsche 944 core. Running MS3 with an E30 intake manifold and custom exhaust manifold. Wastegate and BOV are Turbosmart. No idea on the engine cost; I made a decision not to sum up all the invoices for this project a long time ago.
  3. That sounds like an exciting ride. I don’t think I’ll go too far past 200/200 for the parts failure reasons you’ve stated. It seems that’s roughly the upper limit for most drivetrain components. Eventually might go to a medium case diff, but then the transmission is the next likely failure point. While it’s off the road for the engine rebuild, we’re upgrading to Wilwood disc brakes at all corners, fuel cell, half cage, modern bucket seats, and 6pt harnesses. Also gusseted the top of the frame rails to the firewall for a bit more front end stiffness. Suspension is already pretty well sorted; safe and predictable at the limit. I only tracked the car once or twice post-turbo and came to the conclusion that speeds were far too high for the total lack of modern safety equipment as I went over 130 through Turn 1 at Pacific Raceway. Depending on where we land for max power RPM, I think I’ll max out just below 140 on a 205/50/15 tire, 3.91 rear end, and 0.80 top gear. Sounds like I should leave gearing as it is. I’d rather not take flight.
  4. Patrick at Midnight Motorsport in Seattle has built a few of these now, but I believe I’m the only one with track (DE, not competitive) intentions. My EFI and Turbo conversion were done over the last several years. Currently getting a rebuilt engine and some modern safety equipment. The tired stock engine was just short of 200/200 on 10lbs of boost, so I’d imagine it’ll end up just north of that on a fresh engine with some mild breathing enhancements. I do about 15-20 track days per year and plan to alternate between the 2002 and 2018 M2. I did 1 day post-turbo with a classic Recaro seat and the original seatbelts, then decided some safety equipment was needed before it returns to the track with this power level. TBD whether it turns out to be reliable. If not, then it will return to being a street car.
  5. Absolutely! I probably won’t drive at hoon level 11 like Benjamin though.
  6. US compression ratio on a regular 2002 was something like 8 or 8.3:1, so pretty friendly to turbocharging.
  7. We targeted 8.5:1 compression ratio for the new engine but came out closer to 8.6 when measured during assembly. I’m not planning to throw much boost at it as 200lbft of torque is nearing the torque capacity of just about everything else in the drivetrain from what I’ve read. So when it’s all back together, goal will be however much boost it takes to get to 200lbft, then tune for top end power. Head is ported with big valves and my mechanic had a cam ground to specs similar to what Cat Cams in Belgium offers. http://www.catcams.com/products/camshafts/datasheet.aspx?ENGINE_id=109&CAMSETUP_id=2418&Language=english I’m hoping this improves breathing enough above 4K rpm to flatten out the torque curve for another thousand or so RPM. Fuel and ignition are controlled by megasquirt, running 55lb injectors and a Turbonetics T3 Super 60. All chosen to max out around 275-300hp, which should be plenty in a 2200lb car. Hell, 200/200 is plenty on the street, but felt a bit slow on track still. Here’s the stock engine result on the dyno at 7psi and 10 psi. Gratuitous dyno run video.
  8. I don’t have the 2002 back from Patrick yet, but I’m still planning to tag along.
  9. I ran 10psi on a tired stock bottom end for over a year, including some track time. Blow by eventually started pushing oil out multiple seals, but nothing failed. The M10 is a tough little engine. Looking forward to seeing the engine build. I’m letting a professional handle it and hope to get the car back fairly soon. Looked like you and your passengers were having a good time. Great to see an old car being driven and enjoyed.
  10. Cost isn’t too bad @ $500. Unfortunately, it’s fiberglass like everything else. I’d probably rather buy the Ireland reproduction for half the cost though. https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/alpina-original-front-spoiler-73-00-00.html
  11. We just added a ‘92 VW Cabriolet to the fleet. It came with E30 14" basketweaves wearing 12 year old tires. We replaced with Hankook Kinergy ST in 195/60r14, which would be a bit shorter than what you’re looking for, but would probably work. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Hankook&tireModel=Kinergy+ST&partnum=96TR4H735&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes Not a particularly performance oriented tire, but they are comfortable and quiet. Not surprisingly, grip was far better than the 12 year old, no name tires. Can’t comment test on wet performance or wear yet. Hankook are an OEM supplier of tires to VW, and probably others. While other sizes are made in Indonesia, that particular size is made in the US if that makes a difference to you. Editing to add that it looks like there’s also a General Tire option in the same 195/60r14. General is fully owned by Continental, so maybe meets your desire for a brand you’ve heard of.
  12. i can’t copy/paste the photos from their website, but it appears to stiffen the connection of the lower control arms to the subframe. There are some photos of it installed. https://www.danjermotorsports.com/products/front-control-arm-brace
  13. Thanks @Teelinger for getting us all together, and @roadhog0 for leading the way. Hope this becomes an annual thing and that I can take the 02 next time!
  14. I’ll try to catch you there or on the way down. I’ll be in a black (F87) M2.
  15. Very cool! Interested in learning more. I’ve been surprise no one has taken this up and have been jealous about a similar set of adjustable arms from Techno Toy Tuning for the 510.
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