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  1. bento

    Seattle area cars and coffee?

    @Teelinger - I have mixed feelings about it. It is supposed to be an exotic car show. If it was a European, American, or Japanese show, no one would bat an eye. They also fill up on nice days and can afford to be picky in order to curate the assortment they want to present. On the other hand, I didn’t care for a good portion of the crowd in attendance, nor do I find newer cars all that interesting to look at sitting static in a parking lot. So for me, there are other things I’d rather do than go to Exotics @ RTC.
  2. bento

    Seattle area cars and coffee?

    I like the idea. A lot of my summer weekends are spent at the track these days, but I’m sure I’d be able to make it from time to time. Redmond town center is just a few minutes from my house, so super convenient, but I’m put off by this; The events at The Shop have been far more inclusive/open. Another option might be Lake Washington Cars & Coffee.
  3. bento

    volvo brake upgrade

    Are you thinking of the rear hubs for the VW disk brake conversion? There is no need to machine the front hubs for the Volvo Girling conversion. Link to what you’re referring to?
  4. Ouch! Last night was an especially bad time for that sort of failure.
  5. bento

    Photos from 02.02.02 (2019) Seattle

    Nice photos Casey. Thanks for sharing!
  6. bento

    Annual 02-02-02 Meet

    Where are the photos?
  7. bento

    Annual 02-02-02 Meet

    I’m going to have to miss this year. Can’t shake this cold and standing around outside in the cold/wet won’t help.
  8. bento

    Annual 02-02-02 Meet

    Current forecast is showing rain Friday and mild temps. Should be fine Saturday.
  9. Patrick @midnightmotorsport should be able to take care of this for you. Website is being rebuilt, so not a lot there, but contact info is on the front page.
  10. I misread your post on the first page of this thread as one of the projects that was still underway, not as a completed conversion. Sounds like you landed on a combo that works well. That’s good to know in case I keep blowing out boosters. What pads are you running on the wilwoods?
  11. I drove a boosterless car for the first time over the weekend. The car was a bit heavier than a 2002, but rotors were likely proportionally larger. Pedal travel was fairly short, so maybe not the best case to base an opinion on. Don’t have precise specs. It was fine on dirt/mud, but when I pulled the car in to swap drivers, I was surprised how much pressure it took to bring the car to a stop. I don’t imagine I’d enjoy that level of pedal effort in traffic, stopping on hills, etc. And I’ve never lost assistance from the stock booster on my turbocharged 02. I did kill a booster a year ago, but not sure if that had anything to do with the turbo. I’ll keep the booster on my car, but I’m interested to see how some of the projects from other posters in this thread turn out.
  12. bento

    Bavaria control arms questions

    There isn’t much room to adjust camber plates with the OE diameter springs and hats before the upper hat contacts the strut tower. The KMAC adjustable mounts will work on a Bilstein Sport strut, I tried it, but didn’t bother getting it aligned as it was clear I didn’t net anything more than you’d get with the IE fixed plates. That said, you can get a few tenths adjustment range in either direction with the KMAC camber plates, so maybe they could help to even out camber and caster left to right if your car has taken a bump or two like mine.
  13. bento

    Annual 02-02-02 Meet

    I’ll bring a pop-up tent as well. Hopefully no mechanicals occur on the way there this year! That’s a tradition I’d rather not repeat.
  14. bento

    Wheel, Strut ?

    It’ll be close, but might be possible depending on the model and size of tire you choose. I just did a quick check with a straight edge and tried to measure from the broadest part of a 195/50r15 S-Drive to the outer lip of my wheels, and it’s pretty close to that 1/4" you’re working with on a 15x7" wheel. I say "tried" because my measurement wasn’t super-accurate due to the car being up on a 4 post lift and a little awkward, but should give you a ballpark idea. Thin spacers aren’t a terrible thing. I’d mount up one of the tires you want to use, and see whether it clears. Maybe use washers stacked up to find the thickness required. I was able to run a 1/4" spacer with my wheels on stock studs with enough thread engagement to be safe, but you want something like 1.5x the diameter of the stud for safe engagement. I believe this was i turns, but hopefully someone will keep me honest.
  15. I took the carrier and bushings to a local auto shop. They pressed the old ones out and new ones in for something like $20. Most indy auto shops here are $125 to $150/hr, so probably would scale to local labor rates. The bushings with carrier were not available anywhere when I was replacing mine. That’s probably the best option if available.