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Fuel injection, what do I have ?


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37 minutes ago, deschodt said:

Noticed the hoses to the fuel rail were cracking so I bought new ones and installed them.

You did use high-pressure fuel injection rated hose, and not plain ol' low pressure carb fuel hose right? Worth checking now, should be printed on the side, needs to be rated for something greater than 3 bar!

The 'box' with the green connector looks suspiciously like a MAP sensor, so must be running speed-density, and that's clearly a wasted spark coil pack, which leaves the only question: what's your RPM input to the ECU?  Check and see if there's a trigger wheel on the backside of your crank pulley, I'll bet there is, then count the teeth on it. Probably/hopefully a 36-1.

Which all brings us to, what to do next?  If after this work it's now running well enough that you're happy with it, then great, you're done!  If not, and/or you want access to tune the thing (unless someone else knows anything about this DTA thing), then I'd say just swap it out for a Mircosquirt.  Basically the same functionality but much more widespread/supported.  The only tricky bit would be figuring out the existing wiring and getting all the wires matched up correctly.  On the plus side, it really looks like you've got every bit of hardware you need already, so it'd be *just* swapping out the ECU and doing the wiring.  I wouldn't bother if it's running fine and you're not excited about the idea of messing with it.  But if you're unhappy with it and/or have the itch to tinker, then. . .


It's MicroSquirt... AMP'd!!! It's everything you know and love made a little tougher for larger engines, and easier to use.

Hell, you can even just get the 30" instead of 8' harness!

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As I first suspected the intake manifold and fuel rail are from an e30 318i.


The black box with the green connector is a MAP sensor.


Can't really see how the throttle is hooked up, is it using a rod or cable?


I've never heard of DTAfast. Have you tried the website? 


As mentioned above you must have a cam or crankshaft sensor somewhere.


I would suggest relocating the battery to the trunk to get better airflow to the air filter.

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Well now we know a lot more! If the DTA setup has worked fine for 15 years I don't see a reason it couldn't service for another 15. If you're not doing any changes to engine there shouldn't be a reason to touch the box. DTA has good reputation and there should be support available if needed though that model is discontinued. Local support is of course another question but sound good that you have a shop knowing them. I believe you could even a get a software for yourself if there's some sensor troubleshooting to do.


There isn't basicly anything to upgrade. The distributorless injection system with single throttle body is about as reliable and service free as anything can be. Sure there may be chance to improve e.g. the throttle linkage, maybe fix some wiring and clean the connectors and so on but I don't see a reason to ditch the system for something else. Basicly lack of local support would be only reason but it's only relevant if there's an issue you can't solve yourself. 

Having a set of injectors checked and serviced would be a good idea. Then you know they are spraying the right amount and good pattern. Otherwise you really don't know unless you bought new (and even then).

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Ah the DTA. I have been using one (s60) for a decade or so. Download software from website and off you go. There is also forum for users - great source for help. 

a GM (style) map i see. Genuine? Coil pack - dunno about that.

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Hey, there's a blast from the past! 

I'm happily surprised to see they're still in business.


With an E30 manifold,

that's a perfectly respectable way to fuel inject a car.



would add turrrbo


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