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  1. Ha, well played Vespa Guy, wish I'd known that before redrilling my new hood and trunk 😉
  2. Where would you buy a new unit anyway ? AFAIK hey are NLA and used ones are a crapshoot... I had my gauge recalibrated to match my 3rd Ebay used sender ;-( Turned out expensive if you factor in the bad ones I bought and the gauge redo. Good luck with the broken wire, best way to go if that's your problem.
  3. deschodt

    Shifter position adjustment ???

    Thanks. That’s what I thought - mine’s been off an on a few times and it didn’t feel particularly strong. I’ll put in the 320 one on when it arrives. Easy job now !
  4. deschodt

    Shifter position adjustment ???

    Just asking - what kind of clip do you normally see on the pin that goes through the shifter? I have this puny e-clip (like mintgruen’s post above), seems risky to trust my shifting to this - unless it’s just extra safety and normally the pin doesn’t slide out that easy? I can’t tell how sideways my wife pulled as I was under the car. I already ordered a different kind from bmw (e21) that is like a folded over type and seems sturdier. I want to be sure my linkage doesn’t pop out when I shift - am I overthinking this ? 🙂
  5. deschodt

    Shifter position adjustment ???

    [Mega Edit] Rewrote this post from a Failure into a Success ! Spent some time under the car... You all were 100% right about the 180 degree shifter situation.. THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU! I was confused at first because my linkage looked NOTHING like the pics above in this thread and frankly looked like something someone made up with recycled bicycle parts. Real hard to figure out with all the tubes in the way (driveshaft, exhaust), too... Edit: it's like the pic below... Finding that pic accidentally solved it for me... Looking at that pic, I figured the pin must be embedded on that bar (arrow) and I simply wasn't pulling hard enough.. Got my wife to move the shifter laterally and with the circlip off, the pin came off the shifter base like butter. Rotated it 180, slotted back on, circlip back on... Das shifter is perfectly straight again !! They had a washer there to take out some slop and made the circlip real hard to remove. I did not put it back on, that slop is OK, and the circlip went back on much easier (too easy maybe). I have to admit that circlip (edit - it's an E-clip technically) is a little dodgy - I think I'd like a better solution or possibly a newer circlip as I fear lateral movement might pop it out again, this time involuntarily. Still, Yessss.... Thanks again ! I ordered an E21 Circlip for this, looks sturdier... $1.25 part, $6 shipping ;-(
  6. deschodt

    Shifter position adjustment ???

    The diagram above shows a straight shifter so it did not occur to me that a position both forward and right (picture N where 3rd is) would we a flip thing... I'm now hearing they added a washer on the mechanism to take out some slop. Probably also not good (wasn't sloppy to me). I'm definitely taking a look this week end and flipping it and removing that washer based on what I see - thanks for the pic above too. Thanks for the tips about just rotating and not taking the circlip out. Worst case they'll fix it themselves next week. To answer a previous Q, no, the guys who did it this time are NOT the people who did it originally 11y ago. That said the clutch is sweeter than it's ever been, it's just that 3rd and 5th are now in a different zip code 😉
  7. deschodt

    Shifter position adjustment ???

    Thanks a lot guys !! Will try ! Rainy week end ahead 🙂
  8. deschodt

    Shifter position adjustment ???

    "there is no adjustment" -> I read in other threads people adjust the platform ? Is that not a thing on my 73 then ? Yes the 5 speed was already in there... Nothing changed mechanically, jsut a new clutch, new slave cylinder, new line... Ok if there's nothing obvious it's going back as is - I paid enough as it is they can redo it right 😉 I could not tell if you were sarcastic about "real easy" turning the shifter 180... I will try !
  9. deschodt

    Shifter position adjustment ???

    Wouldn’t the top plate be adjustable and produce opposite movements in the shifter? I like your 180 idea - I have no idea if that’s it but it’s a good thought. Please keep it coming!
  10. deschodt

    Shifter position adjustment ???

    I found a diagram, If someone could clue me in on which # part adjust the movement side to side and F/back, I would be grateful.. I should paoint out its a 320i 5 speed box but it was dead straight before so I think it's a reassembly deal.
  11. My car just returned from a big job, involving hydraulic lines, tranny drop, clutch cylinder, pivot arm, new clutch, you name it... Everything works great now BUT.... Neutral is no longer where it used to be: it's almost (but not quite) where 3rd used to be. slightly angled forward and right. That makes reaching for third and 5th (5 speed box) a big stretch... And it's plain weird. On VW/Porsches I know how to adjust the shift coupler so that the shifter is re-positioned correctly in 2 minutes. On the 2002, I have no clue... I *fear* it's done from under again... I can and will take it back for a refix, as soon as the weather improves, but just asking in case it's something I can do on a lift without too much hassle this week end while it's rainy and cold outside... Please let me know !
  12. $3600 later.... It's a case of "while you are in there". Upgrading the gearbox to a 5 speed really hosed me some more because it's shoehorned in there making access to the slave cylinder impossible. And drop/reinstall a 2 to 3 people job... I've watched them shoehorn it in and I am glad I did not even attempt it. Anyway, lots of things came out, exhaust line, subframe was lowered, we found out a broken stud for the manifold while in there which had to be redrilled, and then the new slave cyl did not fix anything so the box was taken out completely and a broken internal part replaced (don't have the bill yet - some selector thing), and while you're in there, you might as well replace the 11y old clutch that is not awful but not great either and put in a new clutch and ancillaries.... and fix the leaks in the gearbox, and also on the motor... Other mistake is given where it broke down, I was super close to my porsche guy, and let him do the work thinking "hydraulics line is pissing fluid, easy peasy regardless of brand". In hindsight, given the extensive work, my BMW guy located way farther would have had more experience with a gearbox upgrade situation and might have narrowed it down faster with less labor cost... speculating here... All in all ouch but what are you gonna do, the car deserves fresh internals and I'm never selling it, so...
  13. Funny you'd say that. I have not missed it once. It is a glorious looking car but the driving position was unbearable to me in the long run. It was reliable though 😉 (and sold real well)
  14. This is going to be uglier than I thought. i was hoping for a bad line... I think this was 2 separate issues... There was a scrape/gash in the line and it was replaced, and rebled... I think that one explained the occasional brake light level I got before the failure but not THE cause... The new line restored pressure but the clutch pedal is still not doing anything noticeable as far as the clutch is concerned. Something broke. The 5 speed box came from a later car (done before me) is in the way of easy diagnosis and slave cylinder access (he got it out eventually) and he can't quite tell what parts to order if he cannot easily see - current bet is something mechanical broken around the clutch itself..... So the tranny is going to come off so we can see what's what. Then the header is also in the way of some stuff apparently and it's got a broken bolt, so we are probably going to replace that too... This is escalating fast ;-( But 46+ years of good service requires some spending.
  15. +1 above, they won't chase it down but in an audit all bets are off... I was potentially in that situation with a 912 which I sold at the height of the porsche market in 2016-17. Thankfully I owned 2x 912s and a 911 at the time, and being identical bodies, the parts and repairs applied to whichever car you saw fit because the bills were so vague, ahem 😉 No gain... i already have over 30K in the the bimmer and it may not be worth that despite upgrades. Better not adding these receipts up... PS: tomphot, we have extraordinarily simialr tastes, down to 2002 color 😉