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  1. I don't think you have much to worry about in terms of catching stuff on fire with a propane torch, IMO. The penetrating oils seem to evaporate long before they catch fire, for instance. PS: It looks like you are 90% done remove the transmission... any reason not to go the extra 10% and put it on the bench? You can remove most of the bell housing bolts from the engine bay and the bottom couple should be right there since you're jacked up.
  2. Maybe loctite? In which case the torch should be able to release it. Sounds like a good idea to try that.
  3. Fixed my speedo!! Needle was jumpy and much too fast. I did a couple of things: 1.) First, I followed the instructions here to reseat the magnetic wheel: https://www.02restoration.com/restoration-tips/instruments/bmw-2002-speedometer-repair-1972-1976/ 2.) I knew I had to increase return spring tension on the needle, somehow. I searched the FAQ and found references to pulling the needle off to gain access to the spring so I could tighten it up. But then I found this topic and of course it made perfect sense that I should be able to just twist it CCW to preload the spring a bit. Worked great and it's now basically dead on at all speeds (according to GPS speedo):
  4. Stick rags in the valves after each one gets compressed
  5. Thanks, I saw that they are available new but was hoping that someone might have some that still seal water but are not new and are cheaper. $40/ea is priiiiceeeey for a little piece of rubber. I'll probably just use some mold release and shove some silicone in there to make a removable approximation one if I cant get them for cheap.
  6. Fixed blinker light on dashboard by adjusting the arm for the spring on the relay. Fixed high beam switch by disassembling it and adjusting the contact that the spring loaded arm touches against. Fixed broken wire in rear left side running light. Replaced dead license plate light bulb. Really badly need new gaskets for my euro turn signals...
  7. Right, it didnt come with that part. I considered 3d printing it bigger to cover the screws but I honestly kind of like the look of them so tried the cutouts. Happy with the result!
  8. I just saw this, weird it never sent an email that you quoted me. I 3d printed a horn button, did you see? I think it turned out pretty nice! 🙂
  9. I live in a magical world where i activate low beams, occasionally. 😎
  10. You misunderstood, silly. The high-beam switch was stuck ON. Would not properly return to center. Anyways, problem solved! I didn't even have to take off the shroud in the end. All I had to do was loosen the 2 bolts on the column support and pull the assembly forward. And then I loosened the clamp at the base of the column and tapped the entire steering column forward a few mm. The switches are now centered and the holes underneath that beammmer circled are in line with the shroud. I pulled that stripped out column support bolt out with an extractor, I'll have to pick up a couple more and get them installed properly. Thanks guys.
  11. Are you asking if its been in an accident?
  12. I think something else is afoot the . See the hole on the steering column mount that lines up with the threaded hole on the upper shroud?(red) That is where im screwing through, and that is out of aligment. It almost looks like someone loosened the steering column and pulled it backwards??? There appears to be a missing bolt and the other one is all stripped out?(green)
  13. My horn ring is properly seated between the clamshell, however I believe it is not sticking out far enough as depicted in your photos. If the whole clamshell could be moved toward the steering wheel, then both issues would be solved, I think? I am pretty sure I got it lined up with the attaching holes, because I was able to screw the thing together? Hmm... I have to take it apart again to verify...

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