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  1. Well, what was found was that it doesn’t actually penetrate nor travel up vertical surfaces of rust very much compares to most commercial brands 🤷‍♂️ Worth checking out.. IIRC Project Farm and AvE did videos on it.
  2. Some guys on youtube tested that and a number of other things and it wasn’t actually very impressive....
  3. Drove it maybe 20 miles. A guy stopped me in the parking lot and told me about how he has a 2002 that's been sitting in his garage for a long time with the head off. He had had the head rebuilt after a mechanic cracked it when trying to pull a broken exhaust stud, and no mechanic would put it back on for him [affordably?]. So I am going to help him put it back on pretty soon. Sounds fun!
  4. Don’t quote me but i believe you can have it almost anyhwere on the block, probably better central, perhaps in one of the empty bolt holes. Then you reference its detection event with the piston thats firing to determine which cyl is pinging. So you need electronic ignition, and a computer, or it probably doesnt do much good anyways... Edit: What jimk says, theres your empty bolt hole right there i guess
  5. 10-15k miles is probably more reasonable after a quick search
  6. Would there possibly be any benefit to replacing with break in oil then? The break in oil is supposed to allow a certain amount of controlled wear so the rings can seat right? So maybe I just need to introduce that for a few hundred miles so it can properly break in?
  7. The oversized adjustment discs are called oversized “rocker eccentrics” in case you need them and try to look them up.
  8. Repost this here: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/forum/12-site-problems-suggestions-and-questions/
  9. Gosh these things are so cool. This is the story with all the cyls. There's definitely some scuffing, but also you can see the crosshatch through it. Thoughts?
  10. Well maybe my methodology is wrong, but I don't think so... All cyls are the same. I can get the gauge to go up to 30psi by applying some force on the pistons, i.e. putting pressure on the fan so it twists the crankshaft slightly. Which I think means the pistons are rocking slightly to a position that seals better. IDK maybe I did something wrong, or maybe the used pistons are crap, or whatever. Either way, I think I messed it up again, haha. I am going to stick an endoscope in there tomorrow and see if the cyl walls look OK.
  11. Teaser: Finally set up enough in the new place to do some work... Whipped up a leak down tester Took out my spark plugs and they look pretty good to me Tested cyl #1... 😐 Will test the rest of them this evening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW-SPIUKQgs
  12. True Faqts. But i mean if no one wants your $200, I’ll take it 🙂
  13. A friend gave me this license plate frame! Today I tried it on for size. I like it! I then went on a 50 mile drive. What fine weather in the PNW!
  14. The problem is, no-matter how many nuts you up, and no-matter how big or small they are, they fall off the moment you press the power button on said windows computer.

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