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  1. You should move to America. Land of Freedom. Where UPS is reliable and fast, Freedom is plentiful, and Maple Syrup is mediocre at best. The best part? We don't even have poutine. 😧 🤪
  2. I will check the above items this weekend and get back to you! Note that before rebuilding it and adding felt it was leaking as well. Also even with 2 gaskets on the oil cap it leaks a little. That is quite concerning to me and might be related to this.
  3. Bump: So could this oil pressure be a plausible cause of the leaking? I wouldn’t think so. It doesn’t seem insanely high. Should I check it when warm and revving even higher? One thing I notice almost for sure is if I never drive above 3k rpm i dont seem to be getting any leakage from the distributor... or at least, very little compared to when I rev up.
  4. Also, ethanol is good for engines, as long as your fuel system is set up for it. Ethanol burns cleaner and is higher octane, so by adding ethanol they can increase the octane and cleaning capability of the fuel without as many additives. So far as I can tell, on the 2002, you can run up to 10% ethanol in your fuel as long as you make sure all your carb gaskets and diaphragms, etc, are up to spec. IIRC the last rebuild kit I purchased for my weber 32/36 claimed "ethanol safe materials" on it. And possibly you'll have to enrich the mixture slightly to account for the ethanol. Curious to hear what other people think of ethanol in general, too. Also curious about the fuel pump diaphragm if you're running a stock fuel pump. I have no idea if that's damaged by ethanol, but I suspect not.
  5. Here’s my oil pressure when still cold... 70F out today. Goes up to around 100psi when revving to 3000rpm and probably continues higher as I rev. That seems really high 😨... Or does it? Should it spike that much if the pressure relief is working? EDIT: Switched video to youtube for ease of watch.
  6. Just to clarify... That little pinhole at the bottom of the housing is the oil supply hole, and it drains out into the valvetrain and back into the sump right? One thing that seemed weird is the oil in the housing where that pinhole is seemed really dirty compared to the rest of the oil... almost as if it was not constantly flowing but instead sitting there stagnant.
  7. It was clean when I pulled it apart last... Could it be spinning the wrong way? Well, I should open it up and look, first.
  8. I mean it's basically a fresh rebuild with only a few hundred miles on it, so.... There's no smoke or anything visible coming out of the breather. Have not checked the oil pressure. I definitely do that... uh... what's the proper way? Replace the switch on the housing with a sensor temporarily? (Edit: I did not test the oil pressure relief valve when i rebuilt it... could be completely broken...)
  9. My distributor dribbles oil from the hole on the underbelly of the distributor itself.. Oil seems to be traveling up the shaft and into the area where the advance mechanism is. I have done some searching and the best I've found so far is if the drain hole in the housing is blocked by the gasket this will happen... I pulled my housing, picture attached. Drain hole, as you can see, appears not to be blocked. Replaced the fiber washers and shims and there is no shaft play Added felt around the shaft (there was none before) Replaced the O-ring, though that's not where it's leaking from Crankcase breather is not clogged or blocked Where do I go from here? Not sure what else could be causing this.
  10. Yikes, that didn't work out so well... haha... I put some of that LDPE as a spacer and it leaked aaallll over the place. Going to pick up a couple more gaskets and just double up. Thanks for input, all.
  11. I was thinking that the fuel pressure was dropping not increasing since it was going so lean... Long shot though. Still curious to see the gauge on there
  12. Heres at idle. I revved it up a bit off camera and it splatters around more but nothing too crazy. Probly just need a thicker gasket then. 5B02C601-4C12-4CF6-985C-D9A82321E057.MOV
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