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  1. flagoworld

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Running lean? incomplete combustion? wires put on in the correct firing order? dizzy placed at TDC correctly?
  2. I didn’t remove the rear fwiw. I removed the front and let it hang. There was enough flex to move it out of the way of the drive shaft. Worth a try.
  3. Which part is stuck? There should be a couple different connections down there. The connection at the bottom of the downpipe should be pretty easy to remove, and then the resonator will hang to the side enough to get at the driveshaft, I am pretty sure... I never fully removed my exhaust when replacing stuff down there. I left the resonator in.
  4. flagoworld

    "Affordable" decently big wheels

    Is that picture showing the extent of the road rash? What offset? Thanks
  5. flagoworld

    "Affordable" decently big wheels

    Disagree. If that were the case then mods would be far less common. My wheels are butt ugly... the stock ones. And too small. They don't fill the space nicely. How about I get new wheels AND spend the money on nice fat sway bars? Don't have time to go to the 020202 meeting, unfortunately. Have a few other things to take care of this weekend.
  6. flagoworld

    "Affordable" decently big wheels

    Affordable indeed! Unfortunately those look like they are missing hub caps... exactly the style i'd like to avoid.
  7. flagoworld

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I just broke my snap rings right half in two... torched the slave cyl out... tossed it in the trash... bought a new one.
  8. flagoworld

    "Affordable" decently big wheels

    I’m surprised the better 3/4 lets you drive in that death trap with the child
  9. flagoworld

    "Affordable" decently big wheels

    You should see my transmission. If I can clean that, I can clean some wheels...
  10. flagoworld

    "Affordable" decently big wheels

    Those are indeed quite nice looking! If anyone has any, shoot me a message
  11. Got a couple of sets that may work for you.


    a set of "bottle caps" 14" mounted on a set on Continental winters in fair to good condition,


    the other is a set on 15" Conrado's  that are in excellent condition.... just removed from my car. They are mounted a set of Nokians winters.


    I will send you the pics of the bottle caps in the morning if interested.












    1. flagoworld


      Those are pretty cool! They look a little bit too much like hubcaps belong on them for my taste though. Not to be too picky... Can only hope for so much that's "affordable". I'm hoping to shy away from the stock steely look, which to me also look like hub caps belong on them. Thank you for reaching out. The bottle caps also fall under that category. 😳

  12. flagoworld

    "Affordable" decently big wheels

    14x6 or 15x7 or anything in between They don't have to be "desirable", but they can't have any cracks or dents. Not looking to spend a bunch of money on a really nice set of wheels, but want to upgrade from my tiny 13x5s. EDIT for clarification: Looking to shy away from the "this car is missing its hubcaps" look, so stock steelies, bottle caps, and wheels with a lot of big flat faces of metal are less preferred. Certainly that rules out most "affordable" wheels, but I hope there are some out there that pique my interest just enough. Thanks.
  13. flagoworld

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    So... whats that shiny stuff on your exhaust manifold? 🙂
  14. I think you should be running a hotter tstat too. If your thermostat is not keeping a stable enough temperature under more extreme conditions or even possibly at idle then your cooling system doesn’t have enough capacity. You may very well have an obstruction because it sounds like your hardware is sufficient? What about the water pump? Is that in good enough condition? Last I checked the cooling system is least effective at idle so if something is causing it to be running under capacity it would manifest itself there or at very high loads...
  15. Haha first thing I did was watch some youtube vids and that terrifies me 😀