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  1. I shall contribute. I do all my modeling in onshape.
  2. I would guess it goes through a connection in the ignition switch that activates in the crank position?
  3. 24 volts while cranking!? that sounds all wrong... i would expect <12v due to voltage drop from the load of the starter. im not even sure how its possible to be receiving double the voltage, i dont know of any transformers or boost conveters in that circuit...???!! maybe the measurement is being done incorrectly? i, too, wonder which part you are hooking your probes to.
  4. This one is more or less accurate. I recall a couple minor inconsistencies with my '74, but nothing that should trip you up diagnosing this issue. bmw2002-wiring-diagram.pdf
  5. No necessarily... if thats a vacuum retard dizzy then it’s no problem that he doesn’t have the vacuum line hooked up. I was thinking similar, except I was thinking that possibly PO wired that bypass straight to ground or something and its causing all those pixies to fly right past the coil. After all, they are lazy buggers and will take any shortcut they find to get back under-ground.
  6. Started getting my benchtop test setup going and testing the speeduino. Connected to TunerStudio and receiving inputs!
  7. Most notably the message entry field is getting hidden by this class, so I am unable to type things. I can inpect the html, find the textarea, and remove the class="ipsHide" to get it to show up.
  8. I was planning on using MS3... but I haven't bought it yet. Pricey. Does Speeduino support forced induction and all that? If so, that would be really cool to try. Does it support all the same setups with the EDIS4 ignition and bosch injectors, etc? Going to do some reading up of my own, but if you know off the top of your head... Actually, if you could PM me that would be awesome.
  9. Did some inventory... getting really close to having all the parts I need!
  10. I don't think you have much to worry about in terms of catching stuff on fire with a propane torch, IMO. The penetrating oils seem to evaporate long before they catch fire, for instance. PS: It looks like you are 90% done remove the transmission... any reason not to go the extra 10% and put it on the bench? You can remove most of the bell housing bolts from the engine bay and the bottom couple should be right there since you're jacked up.
  11. Maybe loctite? In which case the torch should be able to release it. Sounds like a good idea to try that.
  12. Fixed my speedo!! Needle was jumpy and much too fast. I did a couple of things: 1.) First, I followed the instructions here to reseat the magnetic wheel: https://www.02restoration.com/restoration-tips/instruments/bmw-2002-speedometer-repair-1972-1976/ 2.) I knew I had to increase return spring tension on the needle, somehow. I searched the FAQ and found references to pulling the needle off to gain access to the spring so I could tighten it up. But then I found this topic and of course it made perfect sense that I should be able to just twist it CCW to preload the spring a bit. Worked great and it's now basically dead on at all speeds (according to GPS speedo):
  13. Stick rags in the valves after each one gets compressed
  14. Thanks, I saw that they are available new but was hoping that someone might have some that still seal water but are not new and are cheaper. $40/ea is priiiiceeeey for a little piece of rubber. I'll probably just use some mold release and shove some silicone in there to make a removable approximation one if I cant get them for cheap.

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