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  1. Those are cool! Inspired me to 3d print some from thingiverse 😁
  2. I believe electronic ignitors do have a failure mode where they die when they get hot and start working when they cool back down. I think it's related to expansion of internal components causing a broken internal connection to spread and go open circuit. However 2 minutes is not enough time for that...
  3. I think before the fuel itself goes bad you’ll clog the carb with reaction material from the alu and ethanol 😂 Also sounds like fuel isnt pumping to meeee
  4. Huh... I actually may have enough space by about 1mm. I just need to reorganize the battery cable so it goes to the side of the battery instead of overtop. Damn, how lucky is that?
  5. Yeah i need about a half inch more space and i have a motorcycle battery under there... For now, since as ray says no one sits there, im just gonna leave that one seat floating there
  6. Test fit! Looks like ill need to do something with the battery as it doesn’t fit there 😞 The never ending struggle 🙃
  7. Haha... that was in 2017. I had to really dig deep to find that post. I think I have shown enough pix since then...
  8. 3D printed this little cap for the positive battery junction/jump point. Because safety first. Small thing but glad to have done something. Its been a while.
  9. Thanks! I was able to fix it based on those pix! The white/black and white/green wires on that first row were both over one too far.
  10. Someone have a pic of the back of their fusebox? I took mine apart to clean all connections and I guess it did not go back correctly because my headlights are always on. Even when light switch is in half way position, and even when high beams are on.
  11. Epic. I love the idea of an electric 2002. Both electric and turbskie sound so fun to me.
  12. Oh wow, thanks. Totally missed that one. Searched quite a bit too. 😐 Considering my options here. LSDs are so pricey. But this does not sound like a very good option.
  13. Apparently on the E30 diffs it is possible to convert normal diffs to limited slip by inserting a set of limited slip discs that you can buy aftermarket. Is this a thing with the 2002 diffs at all? I have never seen a mention of it, so I am assuming not. I am guessing the reason you can do it with E30 diffs is because the diffs were designed to be manufactured both ways.
  14. After some fussing around with a stash of e30 pumps belonging to a friend of mine, I finally figured out that I needed a specific version of the e30 pump that provides high pressure. I mocked up the wiring, got the level sender working, and was able to start and run the car. Sooo much quieter than the crazy big thing I had in there before! Now to pretty up and finalize that rats nest wiring... Anyone have any of those 2 prong connectors laying around they don’t want? Otherwise I will just buy one, they are fairly cheap.
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