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  1. Can you feel them and see if the new design is much softer? Curious about this.
  2. Can't wait to hear results. Have been holding off for a couple years now on getting new door seals...
  3. Reman bosch. Worked great, but I went with the smaller ebay starter for size and convenience. You pay shipping. $16 should cover shipping anywhere in US.
  4. Ok it turned out pretty good! Have a couple teeny weeny details to work out but it will be a few weeks before I go to install it so no rush.
  5. Actually if I press back button it just redirects forward again so whatever ad is there is not letting me go back and see what it is. This is on my phone so I cant open the web inspector and pause scripts to figure it out. Adblock on my computer so it doesnt happen, but maybe ill whitelist the site for a few and see if I can repo it on computer.
  6. I am not sure so far.. it redirects me without me tapping it and pretty sure when I go back a different ad appears.
  7. There are ads appearing in the top and bottom slots that are redirecting the browser to fraudulent “virus detected” websites and other things like that.
  8. Here: Today I made a lot of progress converting this to a crank sensor. I cut down the main shaft, cut parts off of the reluctor wheel, tacked the vacuum advance in place, cut the housing down, and jammed the reluctor wheel down to the bottom of the distributor. Just have to fill some holes and make a top plate and should be good to go!
  9. Pulled apart my e21 distributor... Going to be frankensteining it into a cam position sensor. Remove weights, affix upper to lower shaft, and cut down the housing. Hopefully it can be a nice, low profile puck by the time I am done with it. Also switched the gear with my 2002 dizzy since I know it rotates the other way.
  10. Haha yeah... I've seen enough people do it now and I've been meaning to do it for ages. It made me smile. The little things!
  11. Chipping away at small things... painted the dipstick handle and sorted out the e24 seat brackets. Also put some orings on the dipstick because it is not very tight in the tube.
  12. After a pretty long hiatus in which I have taken care of many other non-2002 projects, winter is here and I am back at it at long last. Finally spent a few minutes marking and trimming the e24 seats and they fit perfectly on top of the batterymart 24AH battery... Slightly bigger battery than the miata or odyssy ones, but also more AH and oddles of CCA. Glad I made it work. Figured out a bracket to mount the bits to the stock hook on the rear firewall. Deciding still how to affix the front. Possible just some screws as the front mount plates on it appear to be made to be screwed on. Also 3d printed this molex connector recently. Going to snip all my EFI wires that run through the firewall and route them through this connector so I can just unplug it to remove. Also has a bunch of extra pin holes so I can easily add more wires for a few upcoming plans... Lastly, not sure if I mentioned, but pulled the rear glass and have it prepped to go back in with a new seal. Just need to find a helper 🤡 Dont mind the white powder. It was a wild evening.
  13. Just uh... remember that if you’re caught driving it too often you can get in trouble 🤪 Collector plates are ‘not for daily driving’ Highly doubt it will ever be an issue though. But, there’s no going back apparently?
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