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  1. Forgot to plug back in speedo cable... yeah, we’ll go with that. 🙂
  2. Went for a quick spin to test out the Speeduino EFI on the road!
  3. Yes. I might just need to crank all the nuts down tighter across the exhaust.
  4. Progress was made. Still waiting on a couple connectors so there are some taped up wires... connectors should be here any day now. Knocking noise is muffler hitting rear bumper, need to adjust. By the way... PO put a bunch of wire to keep my muffler straight. I'm seeing only 2 hangers... am I missing something? Should there be some kind of hanger in the middle of the car near the resonator? Seems like a weak design... prone to twisting.
  5. That might be cool, except I am pretty sure they were painted with Cherry Red from the hardware store... 😐 They definitely should be stripped and restored to the stock metallic look.
  6. Haha,... not necessarily. if the head bolts are gunked up in there you could be hammering on it for hours to get them out of the head once it's off. How do the rocker shafts and rocker arms look? Do they have a lot of wear or do they look good? Be sure to get some shims for the oil pump and to tension the chain properly. May want to pull off a couple of the main and rod caps and check to see if the wear is bad or not. If it looks bad you may need to pull the crank and get it polished, but those bearings are also very cheap and easy to replace at this point. Replace front and rear main seals. Replace O-rings in the oil relief tube under the timing chain Check the camshaft->distributor gear for wear Check the distributor for wear Open up and check the oil pump clearances, since you can't check the actual oil pressure by running Spin the engine over a bit and make sure oil makes it up to the head OK. Takes quite a few spins...
  7. Fixed all the jank in my last post: Got more injection line, organized some wires and hoses, calibrated all the sensors in tunerstudio, and was able to start the car again. Fired up pretty quick and without the alt bracket flapping around and vacuum leaks it was much quieter. Still really rough. Mixtures waaay off. O2 sensor comes tomorrow so I can start properly dialing things in. Really want to make it to the 02/02 meetup!
  8. Well, I did it. First start on Speeduino EFI!!! The noise was the alt bracket flapping in the breeze. The MAP line is not run, the coolant sensor isnt calibrated, and I think the injection timing is one off, but amazingly it still runs!!! Now I need to clean things up, tune, and finish a few odds and ends. Looking up for being done for the 02/02 event! Also look at how hilariously jank this is. All for the sake of the first start, LOL! Didn’t have long enough fuel line so used a spare sender as the connector.
  9. Pix soon. Was just in the garage working on it. Picked up a cheap old chevy throttle cable from oreilly. It goes from the TB to a bracket on the brake booster bracket that has a hingy bit that has several holes for adjustment. A shortened version of the stock throttle rod goes to that.
  10. Configuration looks like it should work as far as I can see, but I would definitely check with the people over at MS forum. At this point I would be looking at the hardware as Dudeland said and making sure it's all done correctly. Might be a good time to ask the MS forum, then?
  11. What's that "Cam Input" setting? Are you sure that should be enabled? Unless you gutted the distributor, you probably don't have a cam sensor?
  12. Cool... just making sure it wasn't set to sequential injection, which could cause no rpm to show up. Since it requires a cam signal to do sequential.
  13. What's your injector layout in the settings -> engine constants?
  14. Dunno. Someone else should chime in. Maybe that is the "plug" referred to in the attached photo... If you push the hose in, does the rubber sleeve fit as a friction fit? It is a gravity fed line and just has to not let any air in during operation, I think....
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