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  1. flagoworld

    Lube Strut Insert?

    I used some synthetic 5w40 oil but after seeing how much force it takes to push the extra oil past the cyls I would definitely say use a lighter oil. I would also use ATF next time.
  2. flagoworld

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Replaced muffler... holy cow what a difference. I can hear again! The old one was tack welded to the resonator pipe so I had to cut through it... gingerly
  3. flagoworld

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Over the last couple days: Removed, cleaned, and re-lubricated, and replaced the grommets in both door latch mechanisms Cut out new vapor barriers for the doors Reinstalled door cards, handles, etc Adjusted both door latches so the doors close correctly Dug out and re-installed the rubber drains that go between the area of the where the heater box and wipe motor goes and the engine bay Started 3m 90-ing my carpet in Started laying out my center console and electronicals on the bench so I can bench test everything Installed a new U-bolt to replace the broken one on the exhaust mount attached to the trans Replaced fuel sender seal Cut off a bit of the plastic fuel hose to use as a spacer between the rubber fuel hose and the sender nipple
  4. flagoworld

    Is my starter on its way out?

    Yes. But from the perspective of the solenoid that is the negative side of the circuit?
  5. No worries, im not saying that you should switch to haltech. I am just pointing out that one of the high end aftermarket ECM systems does something for a reason so it must be possible that the O2 module is easy to break... Well, they claim that anyways.
  6. flagoworld

    Is my starter on its way out?

    Yup, looks right. I tell ya... there's nothing like understanding a problem when it comes to solving it 99% of the battle right there. I prefer to understand something rather than just take it for granted that "this is how it goes".
  7. Haltech makes their O2 sensor module separate from the ECM because it's so easy to short out or cause a failure mode in that module and they would rather replace that than the entire ECM. Clearly they have deemed it possible and even plausible for the O2 sensor module to become faulty.
  8. flagoworld

    Is my starter on its way out?

    Maybe I wasn't clear.. the "case" of the motor, is what I meant, not the solenoid. The wire that connects the solenoid (-) to the motor should be the common ground and with a multimeter you can read continuity between the case of the motor and the top post as well as the terminal the wire connects to. You can also see a direct connection between those two terminals. A piece of metal soldered on. You can sort of see it in my photo attached (bad angle) and sort of see it in his photo. But he can see it just fine in his hand. Please confirm, floatinghead? Terminals D and C should be directly connected to the wire that runs to the motor. This is the negative/ground side of the circuit. (From the perspective of the motor, though the wire in is the + and the case is the -, I believe, but we are looking at the solenoid.)
  9. I don't have much experience except for the part where I read the specs on O2 sensors so I could make my own controller for it... I would also lean toward either too much exhaust heat or the heating element not being treated properly. For example, if your controller box is faulty it could be supplying too much current to the heating element too fast. That will greatly shorten the life of the thing... it's supposed to ramp up current over a few seconds, which is why it has the "heating" period. And from there it's supposed to only supply enough current to regulate the temperature. If either of those things is not working properly, it can both destroy the sensor much faster and cause incorrect readings. Maybe you can contact the manufacturer, tell them the symptoms, and see if they will send you a new one. Maybe you can connect a current clamp to the wires to see how fast and how much current is being supplied to the heater.
  10. flagoworld

    Is my starter on its way out?

    Well, hold your horses. Let's step back and use some logic to solve this problem... See attached photo.
  11. Oops... That was entirely unclear and unhelpful of me... When i said "both", I meant that it doesn't really matter. But, tighten them, give it a few good heat cycles, and then check again. As I said I had to retighten mine twice.. which means they loosened up a couple times between all the heat cycles. Probably I didn't really wrench them down hard enough to begin with though.
  12. flagoworld

    Well, ... Oops :(

    I know right? Isn't my little wolf doggie cute?
  13. flagoworld

    Well, ... Oops :(

    Tom isn't mean like me so I doubt he will give me a wedgie,... Karma is gonna get me good.... i can see it creeping up on me already. Ruh roh.
  14. flagoworld

    Well, ... Oops :(

    haha! For future reference, it's never too soon to ask me something like that. First come first serve Gosh, I sure hope that never happens, though.