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Humming steering box on tii


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When I turn the steering wheel there is a pitched hum that increases in volume the further the wheel is turned. Perhaps it was there previously, but I don't recall it until yesterday. 


Any ideas on why this could be occurring /what it means? There's no oil leakage that I can see or feel.


Many thanks.


P.S.  I think of the steering box as "new." Looking back on my records I installed my "new" box 96,000 miles ago in 1998.  Still . . .

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The rubber disc where the idler arm connects to the center link makes a humming noise when I turn the wheel, if it runs out of lubrication.  I think it may have something to do with being close to the down pipe.  I just squirt some oily stuff on it and the noise goes away.  Lately, I've decided I kind of like the little groaning noise it makes.  




votes for dry 'bushing' in the center link.

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