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Sharing Some Vintage Race Shots


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Nearly unmodified the car didn´t have a later career as an uphill racer, was not parted out or damaged and so really the spirit of Le Mans paid me a visit at a little hicksville near Frankfurt in Germany. F...ing awesome! Best regards, Lars.


Lars,  Love your perspective, keep it coming, got alot to learn here on the left coast

Happy Trails to u~ Dave Miller
76 Golf~Rhiannon~BM Mascot~*~97 328is~Silver Ghost~*~68 1600~Wisperin Beast~*~70-02~Bumble Beast~*~76 02~Beast~

Keep smilin all the way

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the rear flare on 66 looks really strange...very unusual., and notice the fit of that roll cage...yikes.!!!


I just love me those natural curves from the 60s/70s....thank you Jim...no  body filler there.


(many folks here may not know that Norburn was an 02 guru....and ended up being Miller and Norburn......they were the sh*t).

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Jim...GREAT find of that VIR website!  the "hot lap" video from 1998 is priceless.  even with all the trees and ruts, every turn is recognizable. i love the dialogue discussing the plans for the track.  i MUST get back down there for an event or two this year.


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Just have to add one more E9, and it just so happens the car I just bought! Look for it at Rolex Reunion next August.


From Le Mans 1977. 8th overall, and 1st in class:



1971 NSU 1200 TT           http://www.msportvintage.com                 

1990 E30 M3 1/60 JTCC Racer 1972 HPK 2002 Racer

1975 GS Tuning 2002      1965 BMW 1800TiSA- #193

1971 BMW 2002                1973 BMW CSL      

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The car is currently in Italy where it has slumbered for about 15 years. It will ship here after the first of the year. It was in a private collection- 2nd owner from Luigi.


It was restored 15+ years ago into Motorsports stripes and Grp. 5 flares, but still has its original S52 block with Alpina head and slide throttle.


I have its FIA papers, Italian Technical Passport, and a ream of period photos that Jim brought back with him.


It's the real deal. Luigi chassis #001. Winner of 9 races in 1976-77, and ETC championship in 1976 with Castrol livery.


Here are some shots from the inspection Jim did for me (My passport had expired  ;-<):









1971 NSU 1200 TT           http://www.msportvintage.com                 

1990 E30 M3 1/60 JTCC Racer 1972 HPK 2002 Racer

1975 GS Tuning 2002      1965 BMW 1800TiSA- #193

1971 BMW 2002                1973 BMW CSL      

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That is cool, nice rescue.  Monterey is less than 7 months away.  I would say based on the amount of "modifications" to the car as it sits now you will be parking a wheel barrow of cash at your mechanic's, to make this years historics.  The devil is always in the details.  Now that you have a "real" CSL, what are you going to do with the clone?  Unless you clone yourself I am thinking you probably can't drive them at the same time....track car?, back-up?


I will be interested to see this one.  It is always nice to see real BmW race cars come out since there are so few.  Last I heard it sounded like 2016 would be BmW's year at Monterey as the featured marque.....



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One last shot of the car from 1976:




Do you mean "as it looked in 1976"? Photo itself seems not that old looking at the truck in the background and the plastic bollards on the race track.


The M52 1/2/3 race engine (old numbering) was also called S52? Until now I only knew S52 from the new numbering scheme for the E36 M3 with it´s specific US-only engine.


Very kewl find indeed! Congrats and I would love to see more pictures.


Her are some older shots from the "basement" of the Schnitzer-CSL:







And "tha horns of Jericho" :rolleyes:




Really blows your eardrums if you stand too close and/or don´t wear earplugs.


And as I think Strietzel Stuck never really drove the 1502 on the photo Jim has posted before himself (only a sales ad to transfer BMW´s motorsport image to the lowest-powered BMW model on the market at that time), here he is in 1976 in an article in Sport-Auto with a very early E12 533i from the Motorsport GmbH he used as his personal car in that days.

Have seen him on racetracks from distance sometimes and once met him with a handshake at the lounge of the Alpina booth at Frankfurt IAA some years ago. Kept two things in mind: 1. Remarkably pretty girl was with him so those rumors seem to be true ;) . 2. Very uncommon for a racedriver he is appr. the same height as me - I´m about 6``4.




Best regards, Lars.

Ei guude wie? (Spoken as "I gooooda weee" and hessian idiom for "Hi, how are you?")


Já nevím, možná zítra.

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