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  1. Dump into 5th at 75mph and 3k cruizin is priceless, we are still in bargain days. Wait til the Libs make junk yards go away, think about it......why would we need spare parts for modern disposable Priuses they all drive?
  2. Hmmmmm, Anybody down for a a 77-78 320i mechanical injection conversion on a o2? I know it made my o2 engine wail like a 10$ date on qualudes when a stock o2 engine I installed it in my 320. Never had a stronger m10 engine at my right foot. Just couldn't smog it, yes I love California. Has anyone ever tried this? Very doable to a o2? Seriously?
  3. Good lord, this is why the inet sucks, I remember when you all manned up face to face. BTW Facebook is an evil entity, proofs in the puddin Peace out PS. Jeff, can you get me torque specs on that invertor you sold me, thank you kindly for the Priceless service you offer😉
  4. The plastic cover comes off and screw away.
  5. Sorry guys, ordering a fresh set of rubber for my original steelies, it's fresh and it fits. Momos might be for sale. Cheese cutters on the 16 and I am good to go. Fancy wheels are cool but the Munich designers nailed it
  6. dbmw2002


    I'll say this, I like Ben, like his website, like his effort at supplying our brand with spares. Long before our fav suppliers even started 2002ad was catering to us. Might not be perfect but I've used his gallery of pics for a lot of research. His knowledge has helped me alot, even before 2002faq. Respect your elders. Peace out😉
  7. I'm more noided bout gettin rear ended, my 16oo trunk replacement was the third repair on her arse. Not interested in number 4, want to drive Hi way 1 but that means SF and them liberal driven SUVs eat roundies for lunch. I drive my o2 daily but every time I look in the mirror and see a cheerleader on her cell behind me I kringe 😠😠
  8. German Beer no doubt? Don't you love these two hour projects that take two days? Story of my life 😉
  9. Nicey Nice, my goal is to make my 1600 into a ti hill climbing monster, Mt Shasta to be exact. Kudoz to you🗻
  10. Now that is one sexy girl, if only you could fit a VS bra on those headlights😉
  11. Kinda like that original wheel, the replacement wheel is def different than my original 68s. Very close but different
  12. Anyone know that actresses name? Oops😎
  13. Oh hell yes, the song of a m10 on overload, makes Eddie VanHalen sound tame. Build update?😭
  14. Going through this too. My theory is the booster only leaks when peddle is pushed. I have a replacement, asking can the booster be bench tested for vacuum leak?
  15. I had a flashback, DenverTii, will never think of Colorado again like I used to. Great it's back, have to say you must live right, as you are Lucky!
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