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  1. How about this one from Monterey this past August. The Big Box dives down the Corkscrew.
  2. The Ti/SA spec car brought 51,000 Pounds, and the “plain” 1800 brought 48,000 Pounds. That’s $63,700 and $60,000 in dollars. These were hammer prices. Buyers premium will still be added. Encouraging prices for these cars.
  3. My bad Bill. They do say "Ti/SA specification." Gotta always read the fine print. Guesses on prices?
  4. One is a real Ti/SA the other is an 1800Ti built by Laranca in England and raced several times at Goodwood. Here are the links. Any guesses on selling prices? https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/25454/lot/242/ https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/25454/lot/280/?category=list&length=96&page=3
  5. Pall Kornmayer shot a couple of great photos of the 1800. Here's the link: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmGA7DM9
  6. RMMR 2019 Group 5A
  7. Hey, it only took 9 laps to get on top. ;-)) We are running twin 45 DCOEs. Getrag 245. Racecraft builds their own BMW diffs with preparatory LS ramps. Most of the 356s racing in vintage races have VERY strong motors; coupled with no weight and better aero they can be tough to beat. The 1800 handles much better and has more torque. I just have to remember to downshift all the way to 2nd every time for Turn 11. 😉
  8. Rolex Monterey 2019- 1800Ti Races Group 4B Name: Rolex Monterey 2019- 1800Ti Races Group 4B Category: Racing Please Subscribe, leave a comment or a 'Like.' Thanks for watching!
  9. Please Subscribe, leave a comment or a 'Like.' Thanks for watching!
  10. I raced my 1800Ti in Group 4B at the recent Rolex races in Monterey. There were 40 some cars in the group, and my car was the only one with 4 doors! Please leave a 'Like,' or a comment. If you like what you see then please click on the 'Subscribe' button. Thanks for watching: https://youtu.be/YnWmhf_dF5I
  11. RMMR 2019 Group 4B
  12. Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2019- Group 6B E30 M3
  13. Weathertech International Challenge 2019
  14. We raced my 1800Ti at the Rolex Races last weekend. The old girl did herself proud in a group of 45 cars. I raced the morning race, and Terry drove the car in the afternoon due to my recent health scare. I should have the video edited by the end of the week. Until then here's a few pictures to whet your appetite:
  15. 2019 Pacific Northwest Historics- Highlights from Groups 1 & 5/6

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