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  1. The 700 finally made it home today. The logistics finally worked out for Matt from Racecraft to bring the car down. It fired right up and I drove it off the trailer and into my shop. I'll spend a few days cleaning it up and getting it ready to travel. Its next stop will be the BMWCCA Museum in Greer, SC.
  2. I'll stick with the ZF. The internals are quite strong and the extra 20 lbs. is very low in the car. Fair trade to my mind.
  3. Ken that thing is too pretty to go in your car, it needs to go on your trophy shelf. 😉
  4. Hi Rick, Whew! That's a lot of questions. Here's the link to Elite's web site. I think you can find your answers there: http://eliteracingtransmissions.com
  5. Hi Dave, Because I "vintage" race the car I want to only use transmissions that were homologated for 02's back in the day, hence the ZF and not a Tremec.
  6. Over the winter we freshened the motor in the Koepchen 2002 after 3 seasons of running. I took the opportunity to install an Elite updated ZF transmission in the car. I have one in the #34 Hyde Park 2002 and I love it. The throws are short and precise, and the ratios are perfect. It is an exact copy of the ZF homologated for the 2002 but with modern internals. We had to make a couple of modifications to the car to get it to fit. It is a little taller than the Getrag so we had to open the top of the tunnel just a bit. We will be making a sheet metal cover to cover the hole and provide support for the shifter. We also had to redo the headers to get clearance. We chose an Alpina style header similar to what we run in my CSL. We also had to make an adaptor plate to bolt it to the bell housing. Car will be ready for our first event at Laguna Seca in March. I can't wait!
  7. We have the Sport engine back in my 700 and running. The Martini engine is down at Terry Tinney's shop for rehab (see post "Mystery Solved"). The good news is that my 700 has been invited to be a part of the next exhibit at the BMWCCA Foundation Museum in Greer, SC. I don't know a lot about the exhibit except it is called Genesis, and deals with cars and motorcycles up to the Neue Klasse cars. If it is like the previous 3 exhibits it will be spectacular. The car is currently up at the Racecraft shop and will be headed down here sometime this week or next. Then I will arrange shipping back east. the exhibit opens in March sometime. I'll keep you posted!
  8. 2019 Season Highlight Reel Name: 2019 Season Highlight Reel Category: Racing A quick review of both the highlights and the lowlights from our 2019 racing season. Don't forget to 'LIKE,' subscribe, share, and leave a comment.
  9. A quick review of both the highlights and the lowlights from our 2019 racing season. Don't forget to 'LIKE,' subscribe, share, and leave a comment.
  10. 2019 Season Highlight Reel
  11. 2019 Highlight Reel
  12. It has only taken three years but we finally know why the Martini engine in my 700 quit at the Rolex races in 2016. Here's the answer: Seems we broke a rod. 😞 Fortunately internal damage was not too bad. Terry Tinney will be looking in to options for repair.Hopefully we can get the car back on track soon!
  13. Did you happen to catch the VIN on it? I know there are several people trying to build an accurate list of all the TiSAs in this country.
  14. Off Season Project Updates
  15. t's been a long 5 months since my last update. Between racing, some health issues, and harvest it's been a very busy 5 months. I finally got up to Racecraft yesterday to swap one car for another and get a bead seat fitted in the swift. While there I got caught up on progress on the Blu '02. Terry hasn't had much time to work on the car. He has been occupied with travel and support for the racing customers (me included). What time he has had he has spent on wiring the car and the fuel injection system: The problem is that he has had no real large blocks of time to devote to this job. He will get a couple of days to work on it but then it might be 2 weeks before he can get back at it. It takes a few hours then to get reacquainted with where he is at and what needs to be done. He did find a proper Alpina steering wheel for the car. I think it is perfect- just the right look and patina: Over in the corner was a quiet reminder of the dangers of vintage racing. My #34 Hyde Park 2002 suffered a big hit at the Charity Challenge a few weeks ago from a DATSUN???? Yikes! It hit on the RR wheel, climbed the side of the car and ran down the door and hit the RF fender. This is the only evidence left of the incident. The car is already repaired and off at the painters. Thank you Jim and crew! Now that the racing season is over Terry will have a lot more time to devote to this build. Stay tuned.
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