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  1. Thanks Gordon. I've been bitten there 3 times. Twice of my own making, and once as an innocent victim. Hopefully we get to race at PIR this year and we can catch up a bit.
  2. David Love 2020 Part 3- Group 8 Feature Race
  3. David Love Memorial 2020- Part 2
  4. I certainly do. Terry Tinney worked some real magic! It really pulls hard out of the corners. My best lap at Sears Point for the weekend was a 1:53.7.
  5. David Love 2020 Part 1 of 3
  6. PNW Historics 2020
  7. The new wheels finally showed up. Jim mounted the Continental Extreme Contact Sport tires we decided on for the car and here is how things look: What do y'all think?
  8. The interior is beginning to take shape with the installation of the door panels and rear seat.
  9. A Day At Oregon Raceway Park- 6/10/20
  10. The car came back from having the carpets installed. I am very pleased with how it came out. I am especially pleased with how the carpet matches the leather. It doesn't show well in the pictures, but in person it looks great. Still waiting for the wheels to come from England. Besides that all that's left is installing the seats and door panels, some front brake work, and a final test and tune!!! Shouldn't be too long.
  11. SOVREN Spring Sprints 2020
  12. I had a Getrag dog leg So far I really love it. The ZF has great ratios and short precise throws. I had put one in the #34 car a few years ago because the transmission that was in the car was a kluged box built from Audi, Porsche, and BMW parts by Bill Sloshenagle. We had him rebuild it one last time and I put it on the shelf.
  13. We got back on track last weekend up at Pacific Raceway in Kent, WA. I had the Koepchen 2002 with its freshened motor and new Elite transmission, along with my Swift DB2 on track on Sunday. It rained on Monday and we came home early, but it was still great to get some seat time! Here I am chasing my good friend John Murray through Turn 5A. Watch for a video coming soon- I promise. Wait until you hear what the fresh motor sounds like. 😉
  14. Quick update- Neither Jim nor I were totally pleased with the work done by the upholsterer so we had him take everything back and re-work it all. Everything looks much better now. The car is off at the carpet guy as I type. Not sure when he will be done but I know it won't be another 2 years!! Wheels are coming from England. Not sure when they will arrive. Then a bit of tuning and she should be ready for the road.
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