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  1. Unfortunately time slips along and I need to pare down the herd some while I can still work to find great homes for some of my cars. The first that will be moving along is my 1965 1800Ti racer. We rebuilt the car about 4 years ago and created a car with the spirit of a mid-1960's touring car. It has a full interior, soft springs, skinny tires, and so-so brakes. You just pitch into the corners in a full drift and slide around the corners with a big smile on your face. I have a real soft spot in my heart for this car as it was the first car I bought when I started vintage racing back in 2004. The car helped me learn the ropes and develop some skills. She is a great old girl, so much fun to drive, and will be missed. Happily you will continue to see her on track here on the west coast. I wish the new owner as much fun as I have had with the car!
  2. I've been having an email exchange with the head of BMW Classic, Hakon Tjaum about the situation. He said that the owner of the other car is pushing them to do something but they are resisting as I think they realize my car is the genuine. He told me that he suggested to the owner of the other car that he go back to who he bought it from and try to get satisfaction there. I'm hoping that is the end of it. Stay tuned.
  3. This was her Honda Ruckus. She hit a small washout and it caught the front wheel and tossed her off. She is doing much better but ribs take a long time to heal. I had the same thought re the steering rack. I've sent an email to the former owner asking if he changed the rack after his shunt. No word back yet.
  4. Thanks Ed. Unfortunately at our age we take more time to heal than it takes to fix the race cars.
  5. I do to but it sure pisses them off. 😉 John went on to finish 4th in the Feature Race in his MB. Wish I could have been there to help him stir the Porsche pot!
  6. All I have seen is the new VIN plate on the fender. I have requested they show me their hand before I show them anything more than what I have. We'll see where this goes.
  7. I thought the story was over. I received an email from BMW Classic today requesting additional information and documentation for my car. Seems like the owner of the fake is putting the pressure on them to do something. Was BMW involved somehow in the creation of the fake TiSA's back in the 1990's? Are they trying to cover themselves now? Curiouser and curiouser.
  8. Seller claimed dyno time plus one weekend at Spa. I don’t think this M12 is built to the Max. It starts, idles, and runs too well to be a fully tweaked M12. I’m guessing it’s built to a enduro spec. I did run it up to 9k a couple of times just to see. Most of the weekend I was shifting at 8500. That seemed plenty. 😱
  9. The laps I turned were pretty close to my Koepchen 02 but given the old tires and the difference in the amount of seat time I have in the 2 cars, I'm not sure that means much. Give me some new tires and a few more sessions in this car and then we'll know better. Photo taken by Dennis Grey.
  10. The driver of the Alpha exceeded his level of skill. Nothing broke on the car. In fact, he drove it back to the pits after wiping out the 2 Z cars. It almost looks to me like he 'caught' a rear in a crack in the pavement and it upset the car. You are on the limit in Turn 1 anyway, so anything that upsets the car isn't going to end well. The car uses a Euro only size tire that Roger does not keep in stock. We ordered 2 sets as soon as the car popped out of the container but the tires had to come from over the pond. We'll have new tires for Laguna in a few weeks. Spoiler isn't bad. Jim will have it fixed next week. Yes, we had already planned to pull a mold just in case. It has only a couple of inches clearance to the pavement so it will eventually hit something and get broken. The car is heavily muffled due to stricter sound rules in Europe. Jim already has plans for a straight pipe. Should be awesome to hear it then.
  11. Our first event with the GS Tuning 2002. The sound of the M12 is amazing! The car handles pretty well despite 4 year old tires. The suspension is just a bit stiffer then I like, especially on a rough track like Sears Point. The brakes are the best I've ever driven on a 2002. All in all I'm really pleased with the car and I look forward to many happy laps in it.
  12. David Love 2021- Highlights from Group 8
  13. Fischer Technik 2002 Arrives- Finally!
  14. Thanks Mark. I'm pretty excited to get it on track and see how it goes. Almost the same power as my CSL but a lot smaller and lighter package. No where near the same torque though. I'm guessing it will be a lot like my M3. The muffler on the car is quite effective, as you will hear when I post the video. I didn't realize that sound was such an issue in Europe, but there it is. I was planning on reving it to 8000-8500. Once the power starts falling off I don't see a need to keep turning it higher. I have the dyne sheet for it and that was where the power curve started to really flatten.
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