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  1. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    Thank you Eric. It is a stock 2.3. Used S14's are now pretty expensive to buy. Building them up is also expensive. Terry Tinney just finished the race motor for my Group A M3 and it wasn't cheap. Tinney's rates are quite reasonable, but the parts are killers. It does make 285 HP at the rear wheels though so I'm happy.
  2. NeueKlasseGuy

    Sonoma B Sedan Race

    You even managed a shot of the MIGHTY NSU! 😃
  3. NeueKlasseGuy

    Sonoma B Sedan Race

    We raced the CSRG David Love Memorial race last weekend at Sonoma. We had a grid of about 20 B Sedans with lots of 2002's in the mix. I am working on the video and should have it up in a few days. Here is a little something to pique your interest. Lots of familiar cars and people in this shot. It is the starting grid for Saturday's Qualifying Race. I started 5th with John Murray in 6th:
  4. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    We will be putting disc brakes F & R. Still sorting what we will be using in the rear so stay tuned.
  5. A rare Apfelbeck boxer motor is coming up for auction in Germany. These engines were the highest development of the boxer motor in the 700. They were used in the 700 RS hillclimb cars and put out something north of 80 HP. Interested? Here's the link, and bring your VISA card!
  6. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    Travis chose the smallest battery that would run the car and fabricated the box to fit it. They have no plans to offer a kit, I'm sorry to say. One last beauty shot of the engine compartment for you viewing pleasure:
  7. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    More progress to report. But before I do that I thought you might find it interesting to see how Racecraft approaches a job like this. Here is a typical work log that I get from them about every 2-3 weeks showing what they have been working on and how long it has taken: Bill O'Donnell has begun working on the seats in earnest. The car had Recaro seats from an E21. They were in pretty bad shape and required a complete tear down and redo. I have chosen a brown leather for the seats with black trim on the door panels. Look back in the thread for samples. We found a nice spot to tuck the oil cooler: Finally, a couple of beauty shots:
  8. NeueKlasseGuy

    Channel Trailer 2019

    Channel Trailer 2019
  9. Channel Trailer 2019 Name: Channel Trailer 2019 Category: Racing I just posted a new channel trailer. What do you think?
  10. NeueKlasseGuy

    Channel Trailer 2019

    I just posted a new channel trailer. What do you think?
  11. NeueKlasseGuy

    HMSA Spring Race Video

    We had a great weekend down in the warm CA sun at Laguna Seca. I had my first outing with my Swift DB2 and a great run in the Koepchen 2002. Leave a thumbs-up or a comment if you like what you see. Here's the link:
  12. NeueKlasseGuy

    HMSA Spring Race 2019

    HMSA Spring Race 2019
  13. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    A few more pictures of the progress Travis and Terry have made in the last week or so. Engine installation is complete. All plumbing and wiring is done and Travis added a bit of bling to the rocker cover: The battery and battery box in the trunk are done. The cover will be going out for powder coating. You can also see all the wiring and plumbing for the in-tank high pressure fuel pump:
  14. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    Thanks Nick. It's been a fun project and one that showcases the skills of the guys at Racecraft.
  15. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    It's been a while since I posted an update. There has been a lot going on, just not much visual stuff. Wiring the fuel injection doesn't look like much in a photo. Travis has completed the exhaust system. That certainly is worth a couple of pictures. The Toyos on the car are just place-holders. We are still looking at tire options.