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  1. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    One last shot from today of the finished front suspension:
  2. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    Time for another update. Terry has been prepping the engine for fitment. This engine came from Rey Rivera and had been in a 2002. It had the correct mounts with it as well as a modified oil pan to clear the front cross member. It also has some bling I am not sure about. Terry is going to Scotch-brite it a little to take off some of the polish. He will also repaint the fuel rail and clean up some other stuff. We have a carbon air box similar to the one I have in my Asahi-Kiko M3 that we are going to use. It means deleting the brake booster and doing some other mods to make it fit. I'll post pictures as that process starts. All the hardware for the front suspension came back from the plater as well so Terry can begin finally assembly. I'll post some pictures as that comes together in a few days.
  3. NeueKlasseGuy

    25 Hours of Thunderhill 2017

    25 Hours of Thunderhill 2017
  4. NeueKlasseGuy

    BMW 1800 TISA

    Art Krill's car is #194. Mine is #193. Close neighbors!
  5. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    I went up to Racecraft yesterday to pick up the Koepchen 02 to bring home for winter storage. While there I got a good look at the street 2002 Terry is building for me. It is turning out better than I could have hoped for. Terry has been working on the grill, rear lights and trim, wiring, etc. He has also been preping the engine bay for installation of the S14. I am particularly pleased with how the custom fenders turned out. They add just the right amount of muscularity to the otherwise slab sides. Here are some pictures I shot:
  6. NeueKlasseGuy

    Classic Motorsports Mitty 2018- Group 3A

    Classic Motorsports Mitty 2018- Group 3A
  7. NeueKlasseGuy

    HMSA Spring Race 2018- Groups 4 & 5

    HMSA Spring Race 2018- Groups 4 & 5
  8. I hope more of these guys can come west and race. They are a great bunch of racers- they drive hard but clean.
  9. NeueKlasseGuy

    2018 SVRA Nationals B Sedan Championship

    Pat was running BSL. H. D., the 510, Sam, and I were all running BS.
  10. 2018 SVRA Nationals B Sedan Championship Name: 2018 SVRA Nationals B Sedan Championship Category: Racing
  11. NeueKlasseGuy

    B Sedan Race @ COTA

    Video is posted:
  12. NeueKlasseGuy

    B Sedan Race @ COTA

    It was good, hard, tin-top racing at its best. Everybody drove their guts out but left room for the other guy and didn't do anything stupid. Nobody left anything on the table. It was one of the best races I have ever been a part of and the congratulations and back slapping that went on in victory lane was heartfelt and full of mutual respect for the race we all drove. The "stuff" was hard back and forth racing. I probably should have used "action" rather than "stuff."
  13. NeueKlasseGuy

    B Sedan Race @ COTA

    I know. I'm bad. 😉 The problem will be editing the video to a reasonable length. It was a VERY hard fought race and stuff was happening throughout the entire race.
  14. NeueKlasseGuy

    B Sedan Race @ COTA

    We went down for the SVRA Nationals last weekend at COTA outside Austin, TX and competed in the B Sedan race. It was a knock-down, drag-out affair with the top 4 cars finishing within 2.5 seconds of each other. I'll provide the following picture of us entering Turn 3 to show how close it was for the entire race. You'll have to wait for the video to see the outcome. Stay Tuned!