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  1. My latest purchase was picked up this morning in Switzerland and has begun its trip to the US. It will be trucked up to The Netherlands where it will be put in a container and loaded on a ship bound for Seattle. The seller was kind enough to shoot some pictures of it as it was being loaded. One thing you will notice is that the large front air dam has been replaced with one that looks more period correct. Yeah!! It saves me having to make the change. Can't wait to get it on track!
  2. The car is back from the upholstery shop and all the little niggling items have been fixed: Just a few things left before Jim turns it over to me. He needs to sort a small electrical issue with the alternator as it isn't charging as it should. It needs one last visit to the FI Guru to get some drivability issues sorted. Finally, it needs a few miles on it just to make sure everything is OK.
  3. Great fun Wayne! I was there 2 years ago and enjoyed it a lot. It looks like they fixed some of the worst of the bumps we had to deal with, especially coming out of Turn 9 and at the apex of 10. Here's the video from my race there:
  4. A few more photos showing some of the interesting details of the car: The rear sub-frame and trailing arms. Interesting modifications to the trailing arms. Rack and pinion steering on the front sub-frame. On one side of the diff is the oil pump and drive for the diff cooling system. The cooler is in the square extension just in front of the rear wheel well. On the other side of the diff is the generator drive. Keeps the mass low!
  5. I am at the age when I should be thinking about finding good homes for some of my cars. But in a slight fit of insanity I made an offer on another race car and the owner accepted it. The car is the Fisher Technik GS Tuning 2002 that ran in the DRM (predecessor to the DTM) in 1975 and 1976 as part of the 3 car GS Tuning team: The car underwent a mechanical restoration in 2018 and has run in a couple of races in Europe since then: Here are some additional detail shots of the car and M12 engine. Will be arranging shipping this coming week. I'll be sure to keep the forum posted.
  6. 7.3 meg. It uploads but then does not show up in the post, just the blank screen with the play button lined over.
  7. I tried again to upload the mp4 video and this is the result:
  8. It would have been nice to have the video so folks could hear the exhaust. I'm leaving the front spoiler brushed flat silver metal. I think it complements the chrome in the grill etc. It was planned from the beginning but was going to be painted body color. After we test mounted it I decided it looked pretty good as it was. No front bumper.
  9. It's been quite a while since I updated this thread. There really hasn't been much happening with the car. With racing season just ending Jim has had time to turn his attention to the car again. The FI tuner was at the shop last week and dialed everything in to about 90%. Jim will put a few miles on the car and have the tuner come back to dial in the last bit. The biggest issue has been the interior. The guy that did everything has not been willing to make the final tweeks necessary to have it look and fit like I would like. Jim has found another shop that is willing to step in and finish the job. So, it is heading off to the upholstery shop. I tried to attach the video of it loading but kept getting an error. I did save a screen shot so you can get a sense of the finished product:
  10. Hi Gordon, Thanks for your comments. I love Thunderhill too. SCCA has done a great job developing it over the years. It's amazing to me how much it is used. The weekend we were there they had us running on the east course, a huge motorcycle event on the east course, and a big drift event as well. I couldn't believe how many folks were there.
  11. It's an Elite ZF. It is the transmission that was in the #34 car last year when Jeff got hit at Charity Challenge. Between his 'gentle' touch on transmissions and the shock of that hit we suspect a dog ring has worn or broken in it. I had no issues with it at Road America but it started during Friday test day and got worse all weekend.
  12. Very Private e-mail.  NOT for general consumption.


    I like your attitude toward 2+ liter Datsun's in vintage racing.  (they can get big valve lift/breathing)

    BUT, if ya can't beat 'em, and ya want to,  join 'em?  .................maybe?


    Just assemble an Evo 2.5ltr  E30 M3 block, 94mm bore & 84mm crank, put an 121/E12 big valve, flowed head on it , 48/50mm Webers, 12.5 cr pistons and only you and I would know.  


    During the good old days of IMSA-RS: "It's all about Rules Interpretation".  (At least that's what the guys building the cars said.).  


    That's my story and I'm sticking' to it.  



  13. Mac, A very knowledgeable Datsun guy told me they are 2 liter engines, and he speculated they could be larger as it is an easy modification. I didn’t mention it because I am sour graping at all. It is the reality of ‘vintage’ racing that some folks get the spirit and intent of it all and some folks just want to win.
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