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  1. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    With racing season in full swing progress has slowed on this project. Terry did go pick up the shell today following installation of the headliner and he brought it back to Racecraft so that re-assembly can begin:
  2. NeueKlasseGuy

    New Video: Portland Vintage Racing Festival 2018

    I think they came on a Volvo truck. ;->
  4. Portland Vintage Racing Festival 2018 Name: Portland Vintage Racing Festival 2018 Category: Racing
  5. NeueKlasseGuy

    Cars & Coffee

    How did you get the shady place? I was going through some old photos and ra across this one from Baby's racy past: And this shot of the extremely rare factory aerodynamic aid for racing 700's: ;-))
  6. PNW Historics 2018- Group 2 Highlights Name: PNW Historics 2018- Group 2 Highlights Category: Racing
  7. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    Stephen got the doors hung over the weekend. Terry and Bill are headed to Stephen's shop today to install wires for the dome light, limit straps on the doors, and install the headliner. Then the car will head back to Racecraft to begin assembly.
  8. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    Thanks Mark. Yes I have. I'm going to use the same BBS wheels I have on the Koepchen 02. I have always really liked them and I think they will go well with the LS blue paint:
  9. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    Terry went down to the paint shop today to help transfer the completed shell on to their cart in preparation of bringing it back to Racecraft to begin assembling the car. Here's how the car looks with the lids back on it:
  10. NeueKlasseGuy

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Thanks Dave. Stephen (Liquid Reflections, Seattle) does award winning work. He painted my TiSA a few years ago and it won "Best in Show" at Legends of the Autobahn. Unfortunately this is the last car he is going to paint. He has been having some health problems and feels like all the chemicals he has to deal with ain't helping. I guess I'll have to have him sign this one. 😉
  11. NeueKlasseGuy

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Painted it:
  12. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    As promised the shell received a coat of LS blue last Friday and here's the results:
  13. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    We Have Color!!!! Stephen has started to apply the LS blue to the doors and lids. Shell is scheduled to be painted on Friday.