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  1. Thank you for all of your help I am was hoping to hear from somebody regarding my need for a front clip. My shop is fixing my car And they’re having trouble finding one so I thought I’d ask here. Someone helped me a little yesterday hopefully he’ll get back to me again.
  2. Entire front clip needed for 73 or earlier I got into a fender bender, actually a hood fender and front smashed up, the radiator even got pushed into the fan. So my body shop is looking for the entire front clip. I guess part of it is the apron also. The car is at California West Coast auto body in Los Angeles.
  3. I think I found some information here that I could go with anybody have a second opinion
  4. So I’m going to go with the electrical fuel pump now but I’m not sure which wire to splice it into I’m sure it is somewhere under the dash or is there a place I splice it into on the interior of the engine compartment? Thank you a lot for your help
  5. Thank you, I did call garagewerks and he suggested the electric fuel pump. I guess I can make it now thank you for the suggestion. I don’t have a block off plate so I will just bypass it and leave it on there I’m sure that would be OK for now
  6. I just drove to Ireland engineering and they didn’t have the right information for me there. I am in Los Angeles. On the Westside and I called Pep Boys in AutoZone and they don’t really know what I want either
  7. My original fuel pump went out and I am replacing it with the higher flow output one from the six-cylinder engine I think. I see that it needs a shorter Rod/shaft, I am going to cut this downto the right size. I read one of the other blogs about changing it. Are there any other suggestions I have a little paper gasket And some of the strong gasket sealer and I will use. I’m not sure how to attach it because the studs are much longer. Should I just put a bunch of washers in there so thatI can tighten it? I tried buying the original fuel pump instead of making this conversion but the fuel pump has a really short neck and won’t clear some of the cooling lines i’m thinking I should go to an electric fuel pump and get a block of plate, is that the preferred way now a days? Thank you very much for your help in advance. Al I’m trying to make it to the vintage in two days
  8. I don't want to mention what kind of medication it is but it involves a guy with the really dirty 2002 that decides to wash it and after he washes it he feels better because it's clean.
  9. al

    Wiper speed switch for 1973 2002

    I'm not really interested in the intermittent wipers I'm not even sure if I can use that on my car, it's a 1973. Also I preferred to have the blinker switch on the other side as they do in European cars. i'm pretty sure that's easy to modify you just stick it on the other side and move the tab to activate itwhich is inside the steering wheel hub. I'm pretty sure that the switch for it is around the gauge cluster. My dash is from a different year car so I'm not sure because it's not indicated. There is another spot though
  10. With all this rain I should get my wipers going. I think I am looking for the one that goes inside the dash around the cage cluster for a 73. Thanks, Al
  11. I just had my car painted and all the trim removed and replaced, somewhat poorly, and now I know why it's called the whistling bomb. It was definitely making a high-pitched whistle before, but I thought it was coming from my carburetor. I noticed the upper trim along with the antenna wasn't fastened perfectly and I plan on giving The blue tape treatment to see if that's the problem
  12. That would be great, I would be interested. Thank you for replying. I thank you for replying.
  13. I'm getting my car sprayed and there's a bunch of rust holes in my spare tire well I tried to get one from a walloth nesh but they are out of stock. it would be nice if I could get a repair part for that. Thank you, Al
  14. I need a 3-D printer to put out some good mud flaps,mine are too long and drag
  15. Just overhaul the engine, it has plenty of power when done right