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  1. Hi. I'm still in for the windshield rubber and trim if available. Thanks, Pat.

  2. I'm selling this for 50 bucks I was able to cram this other button on to hear and it seems to stay but horn doesn't work now. It's usable for parts or it can be used as is without a horn working
  3. Thank you. that is a great option. I appreciate you getting this thing together. My email is one that you still need, Alfredgwilliam@hotmail.com For the Bluetooth connected for the BMW 2002
  4. Thank you from me, that is a beautiful car! I liked the pictures
  5. I had an amazing experience at Renner Mototsport in Inglewood. They fixed all of those problems that every other mechanic wouldn't touch. I towed to three other shops and he told me that I wouldn't have to tow it away from his shop. He was right, they found all the worn out modified parts and replaced them. And took a few redundant wires out to make it look and run perfect.
  6. al

    Heater fan

    I'm in need of the fan for my 73. I don't need the whole box, just the fan motor with the blades. I tried sanding my rust off the fan blades and I broke the electric terminal off. I tried getting it fixed but the repair guy doesn't have the time.
  7. I bought a wheel done by Wheels America in Buena Park their number is 714-670-0150. Good luck. Al
  8. Recently had my headliner installed and now the dome light won't go on. It worked before, is there a place that the wire has a connector that possibly never got back together and can I fix it? I will be having my windshield replaced soon but hoped I could get the light working without pulling the headliner out. Maybe I just need to take the sunroof panel out? Thanks for the help
  9. I bought a few windshields lately and can't seem to locate one with the light blue strip on top like the one in the catalog. And the places never have them in stock for me to check out if they are clear with a blue strip on top. I'm not sure what the OE ones from BMW look like. I heard they were around $500
  10. I am having a difficult time to find the correct bearings for my vented discs. I went with the Volvo calipers and I thought I took my discs off a 79 320is. When I bought the set of bearings, they were too large for my hub. Maybe I don't remember correctly but which year uses those vented discs. Thanks in advance but I looked in the archives and saw some posts about them having two different sizes.
  11. Nice.. It's almost like a barn find in your own barn. 20 years is a long time. And I love that blue also
  12. I took my CV joint off the axle and can't figure out how to put the cup shaped washer on. I figure that the inside of the cup faces the end the axle. I couldn't tell it just fell out and I am not sure which way it goes now. Also I remember having problems with the nylon lock nuts fitting on the stub axle bolts enough to grab. I think the metal locknuts have a lower profile. Thank you so much in advance for any help or advice. Al
  13. I had mine rebuilt and this is leftover Location: Los Angeles<br />
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