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  1. Hi I'd love to Learn the part number or supplier for the marineblau cloth you used on a 2002 a year ago....


    can you contact me?

  2. I'm living close to Stefan and Joachim from BTS Autoteile (they're mostly co-working with repro parts) and do know both of them personally for long years now. They've tested and measured an early prototype of the nose panel on a still original car that never had an accident. The results were added into tooling and production which should guarantee a good fit. Best regards, Lars.
  3. Yep, Schmidt GFK would have been the one I'd have recommended, if I had seen the thread earlier. That is also where Reiner Ahrend gets some of his stuff from. Quite one of the good guys. I was searching for some E9 flares a while back and without me asking he pointed out a bad fit of the front left fender. He suspected the car to already have had a bigger accident, that they've once taken the molds from. Best regards, Lars.
  4. Concerning the "which seats came when" question, I'll have to find some quiet moment to look through some photos and documents for a senseful addition. But concerning the Bedford cloth: It's the closest replacement I've seen so far. The ribs area tad wider, so just replacing a worn-out driver seat's bottom e.g. would be showy. But if you do a complete interior with it, it'll need a real close look to notice the difference. Left is original old and meanwhile yellowish, right is Bedford (got mine from Doepper in Germany): Best regards, Lars.
  5. Jeff, Mr Kaerner has told me some years ago, that it took them some time and test runs before they had found a solution, that they considered satisfying. And it may also depend on who has mounted the bits in the car and when. US cars built up by H&B or N&M regularly show some differences from what I know from over here in Germany (if your car was an US car). TÜV and DOT seem to always have been a bit unequal in their requirements. Best regards, Lars.
  6. Some people are quite a bit ... let's say unhappy ... with seeing some photos and reading some untrue rumors publicly displayed on the interweb. But there's something positive in everything: The owners of original systems will most probably not have to fear any further decrease of worth for their treasures. Best regards, Lars.
  7. Why reproduction, please? As far as I've been told, Alpina has used the cold start injector in the airbox on the very early systems with the sheet metal boxes only. But it didn't work well and so they've made the newer type manifolds and airboxes. Best regards, Lars.
  8. Fully correct. The oval plates were the old german custom plates here until some years ago. Nowadays called export plates, do have rectangular shape, red field on the right showing the date of expiry in it. Best regards, Lars.
  9. The doorside hinge with the lever comes a bit thicker than the tunnelside hinge without lever. That's the reason why the tabs do have different length. Never had a clearance problem with the tunnel when a passenger seat was mounted on driver's side - quite common "easy repair" back then, because the passengers most often came in better conditions. With that the special screws in the lower arm of the hinge come in different length, too - long=door and short=tunnel. Had new ones fabricated some time ago - if someone is in need, drop me a PM (I'm located in Germany, though). The "Gummiauflage" rubber that belongs on the tab protects the chrome (or black paint) and additionally helps reducing play. But it doesn't fully eliminate play, seat backs most always keep rattling a bit. If you adjust the hooks with the inside bowdens, it can help a bit, but if you adjust too tight, you'll have to throw the backs backwards with brute force to get both hooks to lock safely. Best regards, Lars.
  10. If anybody is interested. Historic 3h as a prologue to the 24h on Saturday is in livestream on Youtube right now. 02, E24, E30 plus all the others. Search: ADAC TOTAL 24h Rennen / 24h Classic Best regards, Lars.
  11. Nice! If you do have spare time and a car this weekend, consider to come to Reutlingen-Mittelstadt where the Schwabentreffen 02 meeting will take place. For any further info drop me a PN. There's also taking place the meeting of BMW Club Europe in the area of Lago di Garda this weekend as a friend has told me, who is going to go there. Not too long a drive from Munich, too, and very nice landscape in the area. Best regards, Lars.
  12. Myself I'm not too much into turbos, always preferred the A4s from Alpina. But a friend while fetching the turbo seats I redid for him told me yesterday, that they're currently trying to repro a batch of turbo exhaust manifolds. Lots of 2002turbo experience since the 80s he would be the one for me to ask, should I ever have a question on any detail. I'd estimate he had somewhere in between 50-100 turbos going through his hands over the years - not only a private enthusiast for himself but also an old car's dealer. If there's any interest here, I can try to follow this project and post here, if there might be a successful outcome. Currently they do have the 3D scans ready and are working on a better alloy (not sure if that's the correct translation / I'm german / "Legierung" is the german word) than the original one, as he has told me. Best regards, Lars.
  13. Didn't see the topic earlier. This is what came with the Zender rear spoilers: Turbo rear spoilers came from Kamei and the rubber was a bit softer than with the Zenders. Kamei came both factory turbo and later also aftermarket, aftermarket ones didn't show BMW OEM numbers but Kamei logo and a number of their own (only difference I could recognize while comparing). Installation guide might be helpful for the turbo spoilers, too. Except some spoilers came with studs and others with vulcanized threads - but I've forgotten meanwhile, if the difference was early vs. later or Kamei/turbo vs. Zender. Best regards, Lars.
  14. It's quite crazy to imagine that they drive through there at around 185mph at least in some areas. 😱 Even for me as a german, who is maybe more used to go let's say 150 on the Autobahn, when there's no speed limit and low traffic, as a typical US citizen would supposedly be. Best regards, Lars.
  15. They should be only maybe a tad wider than E21 Recaros. With that they should fit into an 02. Have been checking them out in the showroom of our local Recaro dealer three or four weeks ago, while I had to wait. Didn't really measure, though. Best regards, Lars.
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