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  1. It's quite crazy to imagine that they drive through there at around 185mph at least in some areas. 😱 Even for me as a german, who is maybe more used to go let's say 150 on the Autobahn, when there's no speed limit and low traffic, as a typical US citizen would supposedly be. Best regards, Lars.
  2. They should be only maybe a tad wider than E21 Recaros. With that they should fit into an 02. Have been checking them out in the showroom of our local Recaro dealer three or four weeks ago, while I had to wait. Didn't really measure, though. Best regards, Lars.
  3. ... but it still is the Monaco F1 circuit. Monaco Start Ziel klein.mp4 Sainte Devote and up to the Casino. Nearly missed the police stopping the van on the side and had to turn the phone down fast. A GoPro or similar would've been better, but as I was in the area for work I went with a company's car. Monaco Tunnel klein.mp4 Mirabeau, Grand Hotel hairpin, tunnel and harbour. They were still tidying up, piles of guardrails lying around and parts of the stands still visible. Best regards, Lars.
  4. I'm sorry, Steve - didn't want to trigger anything like that. 😋😋😋 The picture of the white leather interior is from Okke's 2002 automatic from the Netherlands, isn't it? The car is (or at least was two weeks ago) for sale as he has his tii touring about ready. Best regards, Lars.
  5. The triangular Alpina setup is an air collector without a filter inside and was developed for the 3 series E21, not for 02. Main reason was, that the 02 TI can didn't fit the E21 front wheel arch in the engine bay anymore. Second reason were the emission rules getting stricter concerning exhaust fumes and noise here in Germany all throughout the 70s. If correctly jetted it works well with a 125hp A1/3 setup and a 150hp A2/3 setup with dual Solex DDH. Best regards, Lars.
  6. Well Mark, Norbert's engine lasts a whole season meanwhile. But don't ask, how long it took him to get there and find out all the right components. Conrods broke, pistons collapsed, rocker arms broke, etc. As durable also is the other one I've posted the diagram from. But of course it also didn't last nor didn't produce the hp on first try, although there was in no way as much "kawooom" as it was with Norbert's monster. And of course you're right. Pushing your Schnitzer to the edge makes no sense in no way. You don't plan to win any championships anymore with the car, don't you? So driveability, durability and costs are the factors much more important today. Best regards, Lars.
  7. Yes Mark, it's a SOHC M10 built up for historical racing according to FIA rule Annex K. 259hp in top row is german DIN-PS which equals 255bhp according to the conversion factors I found on the i-net. Mr Kaerner once has told me, that Alpina's race M10s with slide throttle made slightly more than 240PS in their best examples back in the original days. And he added with a grin: "Those we kept for ourselves and everything below 235 was also for sale for the customers." Norbert (friend of mine active in uphill racing) and Harry (Norbert's tune-up and dyno guy) both unanimously told me, that they've touched 270PS, too. But Norbert's M10 is "a bit" different concerning the internals, as he's not racing under historical but under Group H rules, which allow some more modifications. Basically also a 2L SOHC M10, though. Norbert revs up to 9200 and sometimes also 9500 in case he "feels" it's needed. Quite near to craziness ... For the Schnitzer 16V I've heard of 320 to 330PS reached with the later non-turbo 2L. Mr Schnitzer also nodded, when I was asking him about that numbers in the talk I had with him at Salzburgring in 2018. Best regards, Lars.
  8. The Dianas all had the early Recaro Idealsitz recovered in special color leather as were the door cards. I've completed a pair of this seat type on friday: If you take a close look you can see it on this old photo: Coincidentally Andy Andexer has posted a photo on our german forum that he took last week: Three survivors together, will not be seen too often again. On the right is Andy's Diana, on the left is Reiner Ahrend's, which was Hubert Hahne's personal car and the only one with an M30 big six installed from new. BTW I've read that Mr Hahne died in late April at the age of 84 - may he rest in peace. His car originally had a 2,5L M30, which was replaced when broken by an 3,6/3,7L experimental one Mr Hahne got directly from BMW Motorsport. Rolf, the mechanic who has put the engine in back in the days, has told me about it and Reiner confirmed this one to be still in the car (they've done a little overhaul while restoration and could see piston size while the head was off). The yellow one in the middle came back from the Canary Islands to Germany not too long ago and was restored by Andy. There's one more Diana over here - the green one with the Zender box-style fender extensions owned by Michael Cahsel. And there are rumors concerning maybe two ot three more somewhere in the world (Japan, Iran, etc.), but I've never seen photos or other evidence for one of those really still existing. Concerning perforated leather in the seat centers: 2000CS Coupé had that, the following photos are from Martin's example with still original factory leather. Demonstrably original factory leather in 02 I've only seen with smooth centers over all the years. Which of course can only point in a direction but isn't a final proof. Best regards, Lars.
  9. I'd like to in some way support Toby's words. First: Never understood, if the way octane measuring is standardized in US is comparable to like it is over here in Europe. That said most people over here (Germany) do run on SuperPlus what is said to have 98 octane. The ones with 10,5:1 and higher compression ratios do more often use Shell V-Power or Aral Ultimate which are said to have 100 or 102 octane. For additional info it seems much more common over here to keep the stock Solex 1bbl carbs than it seems to be in US - conversions to e.g. Weber DGV/DGAV are about unknown. Now there wasn't just only one case I've heard of or seen in which the use of TI or tii pistons (9,5:1) in an otherwise stock (Solex 40PDSI, 0231180005 or earlier aequivalent dizzy) 2002 resulted in detonation issues. Mostly the solution is to put on a set of sidedrafts as EFI can cause problems with TUV in combination with the rules for number plates for historical cars (silly but true / standard number plates are possible, but meanwhile quite expensive for cars without catalytic converters over here). Best regards, Lars.
  10. Crank, not street but race. M10, 2Liter, K-Fish with slide throttle. Not my engine, friend's work. Best regards, Lars.
  11. What's your height, if I'm allowed to ask? And are the rubber straps underneath the seat bottoms in fresh conditions and do have the correct length? Might be easier to refresh those or maybe even put in a thin layer of additional foam in than to work on the steering column. Best regards, Lars.
  12. No, I'm not. The valve covers on the vast majority of official Alpina photos from 02 and NK (ads, brochures, motorpress articles) do in fact carry different Alpina lettering matching the then-current design. But the ones in the cars delivered to the customers - except of some rare exceptions - didn't. That's what I'm saying. Or to maybe make it more clear and unchallengeable for resourceful interpretations: No, I in fact don't think that the valve cover on your photos (except the one old and well-known advertising photo) is original Alpina. Mr Kaerner, former long-year head of the dyno division at Alpina, told me: "Of course the chef (Mr Bovensiepen) wanted to have a clearly visible company sign on the engines/cars we used for the official photos. But we've never put such knickknacks on our normal production engines. There were some boneheads, that nevertheless wanted it like they've seen it on the photos - so they got it for a good extra pay." Somewhen later I've discussed the issue with Mr Woitsch (cylinder head division) and he has told me the same. I really did like (at least mostly 😉) Mrs Miller, who is cited in the post on the german Forum, and it's a pity that she is also in pension for some years already. She knew about every part number for the old cars right out of her head and only very rarely made mistakes (and was very unwilling in accepting if she did so nevertheless as I had to learn on two occasions 😁). But for what I've seen in verifiably unrestored, original Alpina 02s until now, I wouldn't call the color black. Like Uli said it definitely wasn't wrinkle paint but what we call Hammerschlag over here in Germany but at least to me didn't appear exactly black. And no, I will not post photos in this case although I've made some as I don't want the - sometimes horribly expensive - fakes offered occasionally to get any better. Last as an answer to the original question: I've never seen a special, own cast for Alpina valve covers. FWIK they've always used the original BMW ones. Best regards, Lars.
  13. Hi Philip, I do agree with Uli. The verifiably original Alpina valve covers for 02 I've seen on cars delivered to customers did neither have black wrinkle paint nor an Alpina lettering on them. As far as I've been told, the lettering was available on special order for the customers saying "but I've seen it in a car magazine", if they were willing to extra pay for it. Best regards, Lars.
  14. Mark, really great, that you've posted your pictures! Although I'm still working on what has been done and why. 🤔😱😉 Once I was told, that there wasn't a pure purchase going on with Schnitzer for their parts but some kind of compensation deal. "We helped them getting a number of their road cars street-legal - they didn't have about any of the needed approvals or certificates back in the days." Not easy with the TUEV back in the days - and still isn't. Still not sure, if it was just some kind of tattling meant funny between competitors, as the person telling me had a big grin on his face - maybe truth with it to at least some kind of degree. "We had to get things going first, once we got the parts - was more an Alpina than a Schnitzer engine in the end." was another statement in the same talk. 😋 Best regards, Lars.
  15. Well, basically it's possible to build almost every dimension you want with a 3-piece wheel. But: 1. I'm not the one to do it, because I'm not the one to make the replicas. 2. "stock fenders" and "fit" are much more unambiguous terms than one might think. How far do you want to push it to the edge? Is there still all original metal on your car and did it never have any accident? Do you cruise around only or do you push sometimes with hard cornering and simultaneous hard braking? Many people claiming to have absolutely no rub with relatively big wheels never do with an 02, what can be done with an 02. 3. What's the tyre size that you do have in mind, when you're sure you wanna go 14? Best regards, Lars.
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