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Sharing Some Vintage Race Shots


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sucking........I almost downloaded a pic from my other stash.......my bad.


my last pic for the day, I gotta pace myself:




(btw,...the fellas at Racecraft did an 02 that mimicked this gold/blk scheme on a narrow bodied car......looked fantastic.......attachicon.gif4668699769_621064e3ed_z.jpg.jpeg[).


Here's John in that gold 2002 and I doing battle a few years ago at PIR. Never mind the static off my port bow:



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1971 NSU 1200 TT           http://www.msportvintage.com                 

1990 E30 M3 1/60 JTCC Racer 1972 HPK 2002 Racer

1975 GS Tuning 2002      1965 BMW 1800TiSA- #193

1971 BMW 2002                1973 BMW CSL      

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If it comes to E9 then this Schnitzer CSL



(picture from Mark´s blog)


that happened to have a little accident at Norisring at some time




is still living in a garage about 25km away from my home nowadays.




The owner of the car has (among various other CS, CSL and other BMW) also the original Garage du Bac CSL raced in Le Mans 1977.





For the latter car I do connect an incident with that I will maybe never again forget. One evening back in the 90s I randomly paid a visit to the owner´s workshop to "talk some gasoline". Exactly on that evening the Garage du Bac was arriving on a trailer dusty and dirty like it has been standing in a garage in France for unknown number of years where the nowadays owner found it. Nearly unmodified the car didn´t have a later career as an uphill racer, was not parted out or damaged and so really the spirit of Le Mans paid me a visit at a little hicksville near Frankfurt in Germany. F...ing awesome!


Best regards, Lars.

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Ei guude wie? (Spoken as "I gooooda weee" and hessian idiom for "Hi, how are you?")


Já nevím, možná zítra.

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wow....u came on strong....very cool shots. The car Hans is sitting on has no upper belt trim...hmm..



Cars began running oil coolers:



attachicon.gif1_jpg73_ 2.jpg


I believe Hans is sitting on a new 1502.  Funny how searching for images on different browsers will get different results.  The BMW Profile book Touring and Racing cars has some excellent photos of race cars.  The ones showing the details of the 2002tiK (early turbo M10) are neat.  The composite wheels used at the time are interesting - the book says that they were custom made.


Like that last one of the ti showing the oil cooler. Thanks Joel.




This one is from the BMW website.



This is nice..


Jim Gerock


Riviera 69 2002 built 5/30/69 "Oscar"

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hmmm......NARRC decal......sand dunes......


hmmm..hard to say the era based on clothing etc.....



I guess








lmao...its Rob R.....yoyoyo......



thnx for the pic.....car looks great....really clean....look at those nla goodyears.....very cool


hey Marshall!!!!.....here is a hot shoe thatll run w/ you!

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Just ran across these pics from this website http://www.virhistory.com/vir/72-oct/rg-7204-2.htm


1972 VIR SCCA race pictures taken by Robert Graham.  According to the website, the Blue car is a 2002ti driven by Russ Norburn.  Yellow car is 1600 driven by Tony Rolfe/G. Tompkins.  Is that a Porsche 912 pace car?







Jim Gerock


Riviera 69 2002 built 5/30/69 "Oscar"

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Amazing how VIR was a great race track that was abandoned for many years until it was "reborn".


From Autoweek - 1974?

VIR To Become Corn Field

By Linda Sharp

It is hard to say good-bye to friends, even harder when they are old friends who have become a way of life to you. But it has come time for the North Carolina Region of SCCA to bid adieu to a devoted, and long serving friend - Virginia International Raceway, Danville, Virginia.

VIR has had an illustrious history which includes Trans-Ams in the 60's and Supernationals in the 70's. It has teased the talents of many of our finest: Chuck Dietrich, Jim Fitzgerald, Peter Gregg, John Gunn, Bruce Jennings, Harry Ingle, John Morton, Bob Nagel, Bob Sharp and Bob Tullius to name but a few.

It had oftened been said about VIR, that if you could drive well there, that you should be able to drive anywhere with little difficulty. With this in mind, Jim Fitzgerald opened his driving school there two gears ago, but as VIR passes so does the Jim Fitzgerald School of Motoracing.

Only a small ray of light beams on the horizon. The next person in line to inherit the property is a race enthusiast. But no one knows when the property will change hands. No one knows if the current owner will see fit to plow up VIR's asphalt or merely be content to plant his corn along her ribbon like path.






Picture from V@V 2013 trip to VIR


Edited by jgerock

Jim Gerock


Riviera 69 2002 built 5/30/69 "Oscar"

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Sorry for veering off the "track" on BMW racing...


See here for some fascinating VIR Alumni information



One of my all-time favorite stock car movies is Greased Lightning starring Richard Pryor portraying Wendell Scott.


WENDELL SCOTT made his VIR debut in the 1966 VIR 400 Trans Am as a co-driver with VIR regular Dr. Dick Thompson. His race ended as did most of his fellow NASCAR stars in the infamous "NASCAR bend". Scott was well-known to Danville area racing fans for many years having started his racing career on the dirt at the old Danville fairgrounds track. The Danville native was a pioneer in that he defied all odds in becoming the first and only black NASCAR regular winning the respect of fans and fellow drivers alike.

Jim Gerock


Riviera 69 2002 built 5/30/69 "Oscar"

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