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How Much Oil... Really?


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I know the manual says 4.5 L with a new oil filter (edit 4.25). Then folks say top up to upper line. I just did 5L and my oil level cold (after warmed, oil changed, but not run again) is just over the top line. What do others end up adding? Just curious. The online 02 restoration article suggests 6 quarts which seems a bit much.

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Just did mine tonight. Factory rec is , with filter change, 4.25 liters. With conversion to quarts is 4.49025 quarts.

Might be worth checking if the dip stick tube is in the correct position. Mine is loose and rotates back and forth. Also pulls out some when I pull the dip stick out. My grommet at the handle end of the stick is loose and moves up and down.

I left it out and cleaned the stick and grommet letting dry and going to super glue it in place. I'll set the grommet by trial and error putting it in and out to find the spot where it shows full on the line then glue it.

Should be with in acceptable margin of error with the known volume of oil in, 4.5 quarts.

Prob. better to be a bit under and not over filled. I stick with 4.5 quarts.

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