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  1. Hi folks. I now have the yakima mount set up on my 02. I need to decide on a wind faring width. I think the m1 measurement (between two supports at the bar) was 39inches. So yakima suggests a 46inch faring. Is that about right? What do others run for width?
  2. I assume you are using 48inch bars. 40inch faring? any chrome bar options for the yakima?
  3. I have a roundie tii. I was looking at yakima t1a guttermounts, round rails, and a wind fearing. are there trunk mount options?
  4. I know this is raising the dead.... but is this still for sale?
  5. As i ride bikes more, and drive less, i need an excuse to drive my tii. What are good rack options? Yakima came up on a few older threads. I am also 100% sure i had a thread on this topic a few months ago... but i will be damned if i can find it (looked through my activity). Wonder if it was removed?
  6. Hard to argue the benefits of a minivan to transport bikes. I thought it was soul sucking... until we got one. It is soul sucking... but so easy, and superior for the task. The only thing lacking is hipster cred. And combining two interest (classic cars and biking) is pretty sweet.
  7. Nice. My 911 might get the call now and then also.
  8. Tell me more about that wind faring! Those are not just on trend vintage stickers... they are vintage bike stickers. Very cool!!!!
  9. Do you folks clear-bra the attachment points? I have some 3m. I also have a thule for my old mazda speed3. Maybe that fits...
  10. Man, long time no post. Tii’s seem to have gone up in price... saw one go for 45k on bring a trailer. Anyway, in my absence i finished a 911 restoration, started racing, flipped my race car 4.5 times (after the best of times!), and got into biking. And then i found this very cool Silca shirt. I guess they used the 2002 for their support vehicles for their racing teams. Anyway, i figured it might be time to stop turning my nose up at all the “on trend” bike racks (is it still on trend?) and actually get a rack... to use for actually carrying bikes. How awesome of a biking adventure would that be???? Any advice for a jaded man like me? (Aside from “shove it”)
  11. The problem with the "dibs" part is that some people immediatly post dibs... and then delay, haggle, etc in private, or just do not follow up. So a true on the spot buyer can get passed up. 5 can get missed. And it is then just a hassle for the seller. or one person shows interest, pulls out... and then the seller has to contact the next person... wait for them to reply with time zones, life delays... and with a little bad luck you waste a week. First come first serve is the only rule i know. (That of highest bidder if i chose to sell on ebay). It is my job to declare that as a seller. So for me a part goes to whomever contacts me first with my asking price and cash (paypal) in hand. Pm or post. I look at the time. A post alone means nothing to me (i am not chasig down a buyer), So you better be pming me with questions and or contact info to arrange payment. But if you let me know you are interested by pm or post, i will contact you if the first person falls through. But i think it is key for the seller to outline the rules of engagement... it is amazing how many people, and good people, will get nasty/difficult over car parts. First come, first serve... and as a buyer i never assume a post of intention or "next in line" means anything. I always pm with a phone number if i am serous in buying. In the end a seller can sell to who ever they wish. The only true no-no in my mind is taking one persons money (or agreeing to a deal), and then selling to a higher bidder (or in the buyers case, pulling out last minute or trying to renegotiate).
  12. But open carry is fine in many places. Makes you wonder.
  13. As the Tii took a back set to another car project, it has been used, but maybe left a little bit neglected. This year has been a good one however. It took 1st place for best sports car at a local car show. This weekend i decided to load in the family and take them into the city for the weekend. This morning I took it for a bmw club am drive. It was a fun weekend. I remember this car as a very young child (my dad was the original owner), and hopefully my kids will have similar memories. It still holds its own on the highway, and in the bends. Great weekend!
  14. I keep forgetting to do that. The result of minimal time and my focus on my 911 project.
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