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  1. so now that you have the heater rebuild ref. with all of it's details, simply stick your hand into the right side of the fire wall and feel the hot water valve lever. You should be able to rotate the lever where the cable attaches with your hand. Try it in the two extreme positions. Run the motor & drive the car - and feel the hoses for temperature changes. Have a helper gently move the TEMP control lever inside the car while you feel with your hand if the cable rotates the water valve arm..........
  2. c.d.iesel


    02 stuff from my past addiction
  3. Caffeine & Carburetors at The Waveny Estate, New Canaan, Connecticut this Sunday Oct.18, 2015. Starts early! 7:30 a.m. and then people leave about 11ish. Huge turnouts with Exotics to Roaches to Bike, Rods to Racers. Be There! last one before WINTER arrives. here's the link: http://caffeineandcarburetors.com/2015-schedule-announced/ CRANK-UP yer Volume before clicking on the link
  4. Once Loved 1977. then .....x.....x..... . Now Loved Again. Maybe at this point while the motor is out and the body is light would be a good time to remove the front and rear subframes for inspection and re-bushing. If turbo power is going back in then brakes, ball joints, rear control arms should be addressed now before the power returns.
  5. operating temps quality of rebuild quality of exchange unit dirt water oil gas vibrations - poor mounting over tightened belt time climate - location
  6. happy friday da 13th! same as your Brit Bike - 0.016 feeler blade
  7. 185/60X14"( nimble sharp reacting track time) and 195/60X14" (fat touring)
  8. I have a dumb question: isn't the oil pump shims sandwiched between the pump and the block ? it's not going anywhere? have another photo of what is imprinting that mark ?
  9. Emission Control : mileage counter for service indicator light. most two-piece speedo cables have been replaced with a 1-piece cable and the mileage counter tossed into the neighbor's pool.
  10. ..."is there any way to get a visual on the condition of the seals without taking the head off and disassembling the valve train? = NO oil consumption test yes smoking during off-throttle deaccel from high rpm yes oil deposits on spark plugs yes
  11. after driving 10 miles, jack up the front end and try/feel if one of the front wheels is stuck or hard to turn, and is one of the disks turning black? and can you feel that there is more heat on the center of the wheel with the sticking brake compared to the free spinning wheel ??? defective caliper? alignment issue? bent suspension/steering part? wrong size brake pads?
  12. suggest a compression test F I R S T!! and a OIL PRESSERE test SECOND!!! save yourself unnec work, incorrect diagnosis, wasted money, time and effort. Don't Guess.
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