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  1. Thanks to everyone for reviewing my car. I would appreciate any feedback on the 2002, and your thoughts on a fair price.
  2. 1973 2002 bought from personal collection of the original owner of 2002 AD around 6 years ago. Life change requires me to sell . Please see posted pictures. P.M. me with phone number if you have questions. 4Speed, stiff sway bars ( mm ? ), dual Mikuni carbs,electric fuel pump, 250 mm rear brakes,front disc brakes, headers, new tires, sun roof, differential ? 3.64 I also at least $3000.00 in misc new, ( just for fun) parts . with $ 2,700.00 in receipts from W&N. I'm not looking to get rich on the deal, but have a " Happy Ending " for both of us.
  3. I have a 1973 2002 that I bought a few years back This was a personal car owned by the founder of 2002AD. The car has some performance mod's that was done by him, suspension and mechanical. It has not been driven for a couple of years. I am moving and will not have space to keep the car. In addition to the car, I also have over $2,000.00 in new parts, mainly from Walloth & Nesch in the trunk, that will be included. I will try to add pic's that I have from the seller. I live in So Cal, the Palm Springs area. Post, or P.M. to BMWFAN if you would like to talk.
  4. bmwfan


  5. Anyone know if chrome bottle caps were a factory option ?
  6. I can do the foam pedal box cover for $15 shipped.

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    2. radio9phs


      Paypal:  [email protected]


      make sure I get your name and address for shipping purposes



    3. bmwfan


      Thanks, will send today


      Walt DeSha 

      54880 Avenida  Alvarado

      La Quinta, CA


    4. bmwfan


      Pay pal sent, thanks !

  7. Name: BMW 2002 Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2016-07-02 Submitter: bmwfan BMW 2002
  8. I would confirm that number one piston is TDC , then check rotor to cap terminal alignment and position of crank pulley mark just to know what's what. And set timing off the flywheel ball. If you have vacuum advance , be sure to plug it while timing.
  9. I bought new rubber grommets and chrome nuts form either Rogerstii or W&N, don't remember exactly which one.
  10. Can you repost some pictures? I am interested in buying this.
  11. Sent P. M. With address

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