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  1. it's fine - add a weld if you want, but it's worked ok for 50 years like that
  2. I don't see a problem, what crack? So you know that's the trailing arm, that bolts to the subframe.
  3. stuck this on social media the other day, so for those that don't do that sort of thing. Sorry, only the NKs fat arse in this one 🙂 And don't look too closely, the car's filthy
  4. Is it the eighties? The world's come a long way Naseem, catch up.
  5. Got my new head built yesterday afternoon, after washing the wax off my 304. Good progress, bottom end nearly done too.
  6. funny you should say that - I have a supersprint that i've been messing about with to fit my new stroker engine going in the NK. It won't fit without messing about quite a bit, and if you have the earlier NK specific subframe with the bolt on idle arm it really won't fit. I changed to the later style subframe because I kept breaking the drivers side motor mount and I've actually cut down the idle arm a few mm to clear the header. Sounds a bit extreme, but I don't believe there's any issue in doing this. Then by sliding the 2 parts of the header apart to make it longer it should work. But I'm having to chop up the end anyway to fit a larger diameter exhaust. It's doable, but requires a lot of messing about. There are off the shelf options in Germany, but $$$ and I'm on a covid induced budget.
  7. Nice job Brian - I did away with my servo altogether, it's how my 1600 left the factory anyway and after a few miles I prefer the feel for my sporty car. If it was a cruiser then I might have loked for another solution. Have you got them dialed in yet? Why 45s and not 40s? They look great and they'll sound even better.
  8. Yep, that's the one, álex jardón in Spain and yes I believe he's occasionally on here. I'll point him to the thread, does look like a good set-up but I don't have the details. And yes, my r&p was a lot lighter to steer than the original box. Nick
  9. Was buying in Iran a non-starter? Loads left there and probably a better rust-reduced prospect. Just interested really. Good luck, presume you'll be installing AC 🙂
  10. Both my tourings had those markings as well and BTW touring windscreens are unique too, just so you know
  11. Before you delve deeper try swapping the lead - just because you're getting a good spark when testing doesn't mean it's not shorting somewhere when installed. Then a compression tester is peanuts.
  12. Jaymic used to sell a repair panel so you can just swap the metal work around the kidney to the appropriate slightly smaller one. Hopefully they still do, or someone has it from a parts car.
  13. rare indeed, but tiny I market I guess. No one's going to retro fit it to another model and who looses one if they already have a 1500?
  14. weirdly the tilux used the same badge, and their VIN shows as a Ti
  15. I've got one of them on the shelf, donated from a friend who was breaking a Triumph 2000 - thought it would be a nice addition to an m2 with the CR direct 5th (after driving a sebring replica healey with one fitted - flat out OD engagement in 2nd 3rd and 4th, giving you essentially 7 forward gears). Fun
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