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  1. surprised no one's suggested a pair of 40's might be a better bet than 45s for a street car
  2. Yeah, I have one of those original heated rear screens on my tilux parts car- didn't notice for a long time as the wires are so fine
  3. Just in case the original poster isn't in North America - the rest of the world continued with single barrel carbs except late model automatics.
  4. cool. nice hat. What's the plan, stock, modified?
  5. That's a lovely car - nicest m20 conversion I've seen. Colour looks a lot like a seventies Ford (UK) pastel blue - like a friends tii.
  6. I've driven a few m44 02s - it's a great little engine, pokey, 4cylinder, power everywhere, but in stock configuration about the same poke as a 292etc m10, and very civilised compared to a pair of snorting side drafts. I'd like one in a daily winter hack for the reliability and economy, but only becuase I've got other 02s. In europe you can also pick up a good engine and box with all ancilleraries for well under $500, often with a free car attached. Change the induction and they'd sound awesome
  7. Bought something very similar, very cheap for the NK. Had scheels in there but they were just period wrong for a 1965 car, friends tried to persuade me to dump £2000 on a pair of restal replicas but no one has the original grey vinyl for my car, so in the end I bought these to mainly see how bad they were. I'm 100kgs with a fat arse and I fit, snugly, which is good. Done a lot of kms and a lot of long drives and they've never given me back ache (and I occasionally suffer). Built very well, just simply, and vinyl has yet to start showing wear. Had to weld up some brackets so they dropped a inch between the seat rails as I wanted them nice and low. I paid €135 on offer, they're still under €200 a pair - best Chinese rubbish I've ever bought, and the grey is even a pretty close match to the original. https://www.fk-shop.de/en/Tuning/Sport-seats-belts/Oldtimerseat/FK-Sports-car-bucket-seat-set-in-Retro-Look-fk-3.html
  8. great vid. guess that GTV has an extra 200cc and potentially a bit lighter. Thanks for that
  9. excellent - they love to be used! What are your plans? Looks like a solid survivor.
  10. I had this and the wires to the reverse light switch had popped off. As I drove along they'd short onto the gearbox and pop the fuse (which also controls the turn signls). Worth a check
  11. I run 2 bar all round. 7" rim for 185x70 14" - wheels are why I bought the car and I can't fit a bigger tyre under the arches zero toe in - it's what I've done on 02s in the past (this is an NK) - thoughts anyone? I live in the alpes-maritimes mountains and make the most of the roads 🙂 Also has some negative camber strut mounts, not a lot, but nice for a road car. LGXA1800.m4v
  12. Tour Provence finished mine off - not a tracking issue, it's a driving hard, never going in a straight line issue 🙂 will be replacing with the same (fitted may 2018, rotated once, rears have a bit of life left)
  13. That was my experience. Pump turned freely without the pick-up attached and with the dowel and pick up it deformed the pick-up and in my case actually seized the pump. Does your pump turn freely without the pick-up attached? None of my 02 pick-ups had the recess for the dowel, even if they looked like they did.
  14. No, not normal. I bet it still has the locating dowl on the new pump that goes between the pump and the pick-up. It looks like it belongs and should fit the old 02 pick up, but it doesn't, it's unique to the e21 pick-up. Take the pick up off, throw the dowl away, reassemble. It's just enough to to make the pump bind and it won't work.
  15. With the e21 pump you can put a flat head electric screw driver on the centre of the pully - leave the chain off, stick a bowl of oil under the pick-up and spin her up. I'm sure the benefit to just cranking her over without a spark is marginal, but it's quite a fun a thing to do 🙂
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