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  1. It's a bit of mountain sticking into the bat cave 🙂
  2. It's near the changeover from hollow cam to cam with spray bar, and in your picture showing the cam cover removed there's no spray bar but there is the spray bar holder between the two head bolts nearest the chain. I would pop the cam cover off and just double check you can see the oiling holes on the lobes of the cam. You might actually be able to see it oiling when ticking over with the oil filler cap removed. Here's a pic of a head with the hollow cam - in the centre there is no threaded hole to bolt the spray to (and feed it with oil) and on the right you can just see one of the oiling holes on the cam lobe. Also note it doesn't have the thin metal spray bar holder between the head bolts on the right (like yours does) If you're not oiling your cam you'll very quickly bugger it and the rocker arms and have to do a complete top end rebuild.
  3. QSC currently only sell pistons for the e12 head so they're not an option for you.
  4. Mild mannered janitor by day... What year is your golden goose, I forget? Just wanted to double check you have the very early hollow camshaft and that someone hasn't forgot to reinstal the camshaft oil spray bar. Nick
  5. I used to like 15s (when I was young) and now like 13s (when I'm a little bit wiser). However, I once weighed an e30 15x7 basket weave with a 195x50 tyre against a standard 13" steel wheel and 175 tyre and was surprised to find they were near as dammit identical.
  6. never done that without a 2 post lift, which makes it a walk in the park. I had a small trolley jack and a plank under the front subframe. And I did the whole drivetrain at once just because I could 🙂
  7. $3500 in todays money - what's a 10+ year old 3 series worth now?
  8. These have been rare and sought after for a quite a while now Slavs - going rate that I've noticed for quite some time has been around €150. This is the priciest I've seen but I'm beginning to think you've been frozen since 2002 and not noticed the last 17 years slip by 🙂 karma though is worth much more
  9. good work. do you find those little dremmel wire brushes last about 5 minutes, or is that just my cheap knock-off brushes?
  10. Greg 7 of the 9 places mentioned are in europe 🙂 surely that's just a fine example of ebay creating a global marketplace?
  11. you forgot the early tii with the different inlet manifold incorporating plastic intake runners
  12. That is hideous and presumably they're waiting on someone rich enough before actually building one. And 1 ton? Yeah right, no way that's going to happen.
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