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  1. That was my experience. Pump turned freely without the pick-up attached and with the dowel and pick up it deformed the pick-up and in my case actually seized the pump. Does your pump turn freely without the pick-up attached? None of my 02 pick-ups had the recess for the dowel, even if they looked like they did.
  2. No, not normal. I bet it still has the locating dowl on the new pump that goes between the pump and the pick-up. It looks like it belongs and should fit the old 02 pick up, but it doesn't, it's unique to the e21 pick-up. Take the pick up off, throw the dowl away, reassemble. It's just enough to to make the pump bind and it won't work.
  3. With the e21 pump you can put a flat head electric screw driver on the centre of the pully - leave the chain off, stick a bowl of oil under the pick-up and spin her up. I'm sure the benefit to just cranking her over without a spark is marginal, but it's quite a fun a thing to do 🙂
  4. Hi Hans - it's a bugger but can 'just' be done. I had to take off the rhd engine mount and get a transmission jack under the bell housing to push her up a bit. I was accessing to inspect the oil pump and I have a feeling I had to unbolt the pump with the sump still wedged and pulled forward, and removed both at the same time. Very fiddly and in retrospect it might have just been easier to pull the bloody engine, or loose both engine mounts but with a 5 speed there's only so much the engine will go up before hitting the transmission tunnel. What's up?
  5. What a great job - a lot of people are gong to be copying you. Sydney - are they the maxi seats from belgium, always wanted to replicate them and a mate has an old pair in holland.
  6. Another tour, another year, still recovering! Bloody excellent week of hard driving, stunning scenery, fine food and more than a few beers. Great crowd of people from Germany, Holland, the UK and New Zealand. And with about 700kms of mountain twisties over the course of the week there was barely a problem with any of the cars except mine! And that was just breaking the early style NK motor mount, again, which lead to cracking the flange off the bottom of the down pipe as the engine had rotated so far to the right. All quickly fixed, and obviously why BMW changed the design for the late NK/02s. The weather was perfect, traffic mainly non existent, and the grins wide. Looking forward to next year already 🙂 Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a great week. DAY 1 - easy drive as everyone spent the weekend getting to the south of France Gallery of pics from day 1 DAY 2 - for me the best day, scenery out of this world Gallery of pics from day 2 DAY 3 - rest, lunch and fixing stuff. DAY 4 - Gorges de Verdon Gallery of pics from day 4 DAY 5 - Le Tour - epic road, drivers favourite Gallery of pics from day 5
  7. Andre Meisel in Germany has also made door buffers and the little doohickeys we're talking about. andre.6.07 at gmx.de Originally they'd have been instaled as it all went together, but with a little cutting you can get them to pop on (bit fiddly) and they've been good for me for at least 3 years so far. You could also take it all apart, but I couldn't see the benefit for the amount of work involved. Here's some pics Andre sent me ages ago - how to pull apart and how to install them without pulling apart:
  8. Richard - you're also missing the plastic bit that fits on the striker (the claw bit in the middle of your pic).
  9. I've never seen a VIn stamped there. My '65 has it at the common place. I'll check my neighbours '64, but pretty sure that too is by the starter, so might provide your answer if it's a later car.
  10. anybody want to buy a euro tii with an lsd and 5 speed? I can even put an alpina badge on the cam cover (a real one)
  11. Original is nice, but obviously harder to come by. Webcon in the UK do nicely machined manifolds. I bought their 45mm version (not seen another off the shelf manifold specifically cast for 45mm side drafts) to go on an s10 build. They are nicely finished and whilst I've not installed them they don't look like any finessing will be required. http://www.webcon.co.uk/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=95&cat=4+cylinder They also have a version with a water passage which is interesting if you live in colder climbs. Think it's new as I don't recall seeing it before.
  12. and 1502 were made until the middle of 1977, just saying 🙂
  13. available to anyone anywhere who fitted them
  14. that's a great looking NK. like what they did with the back seat
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