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  1. very early 1600-2 are also a different size, just on the inner bearing, which is slightly smaller. I think it might just be a '66 and '67 thing.
  2. 90 percent of carb problems are ignition related, or however the saying goes. I repeat this often but recently got caught out myself to the point of removing my 40s, sonically cleaning and rebuilding. Exact same misfire at low revs, coincidentally on the transition. Idled fine, went like stink up top. Forced the misfire by driving for a couple of kms left foot braking in the rev zone effected. Shut the engine straight off and looked at the plugs to atleast ascertain which cylinder was to blame. With a constant misfire for this long the black trace of a short from a hairline crack in one of the plug connectors was clear to see, but hadn't been when inspecting before. 1 minute swap with a few euro part and she was back to rude health. You're never too old to be an idiot!
  3. my experience of ansa was it turning to brown dust within a year including a london winter - the perforated pipe that runs through the box is rotten allowing the fibre glass packing to exit/block the exhaust. It's the special edition non-sports exhaust 🙂
  4. I've only driven one 02 turbo (not an original) with an e30 intake and an intercooler. Gobs of power in silly big rushes, not very useable unless you're a traffic light warrior, and a pain in the arse to keep on the boil in and out of corners. Got across country quicker, with a bigger grin on my face listening to a pair of 40s pump out 150bhp. Currently building a stroker 🙂
  5. it should go back where you found it! It's the original screen washer pump 🙂
  6. Use brake cleaner to remove any slippy and try extracting when the engine's fully hot. Localised heat with a burner can be carefully applied, or worst comes to the worst weld your spanner on!
  7. The steering wheel on the left and the german plates should have put you off that idea 🙂 Awesome picture
  8. did US vin plates continue to have the year stamped on them? Don't recall ever seeing that on this side of the pond.
  9. As well as a new batch of standard skins Jaymic in the UK have a set of alloy skins for sale (or they did). Probably more bling/bragging that real weight saving, but nice nonetheless.
  10. probably the same again if you track down the non-opening 1502 satin black frames 🙂 some in my hoarders stash
  11. It would fit OK but a nineties wheel with covered lug nuts for a sixties car? Each to their own, but personally that's a crime 🙂
  12. or maybe an NK lever is long enough to clear the bolster?
  13. have you modified for a short shift yet? Might fix the issue and make it a bit sportier to drive too. Or wear platform shoes
  14. phenolic - it's what they fitted to the ti (NK and 02)
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