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  1. Steve, there's several types of NK wheel you could fit in an 02, so you need to be specific. Plus you're unlikely to get any response for the baur question in the NK section.
  2. good to see them reviving the spirit of the NK typeface, even if it's on a bike. That engine would be great in a morgan 3 wheeler.
  3. I bought an 02 many moons ago and subsequently realised it had already had a VIN swap, for reasons unknown. Due to UK tax laws at the time anything made pre-1973 was road tax exempt - my 02 was 74, so I bought a 73 vin (like thousands of other classic cars at the time). Years later the shell was sold to fix a totally rotten car that the owners used as their wedding car. Sentimentality wanted them to keep the same plate, so on went the 4th VIN and 5th colour. Oviously I just made that all up to illustrate a point, officer ๐Ÿ™‚ VIN swaps are not always done for bad reasons and no 02 owners were harmed in the making of this example. But the new car should defintely be named Triggers Broom.
  4. sure! That's where they're always put as far as I've seen.
  5. Naue were the vinyl suppliers and the code relates to the colour/pattern. Company still exists in one form or another, contacted them when looking for the grey vinyl in my 65 NK. Sadly they didn't have an old warehouse full of the stuff ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. yeah, I've seen a couple of VIN swapped cars where they've not properly finished off the weld/join underneath. Could spot it from just running your fingers underneath the lip of the inner wing where it's stamped and feeling the two joins either end of the number. But as Steve says the top top of the inner wing stamping is the obvious giveaway between a '68 and a later car - if it's had an impact that required both inner wings to be replaced then I wouldn't want the car anyway!
  7. 14x5.5 et22 with push the tyre out 15mm, which will be fine. Still a lot less than my 14x7 et13, which is the very limit for a 195x70. Obviously no problems on the inside as it's further out than stock. Reckon they'd look great. Have a play around with http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp And in case you've missed the ET post on this forum here are the NK spec wheels; 14x4.5 Back space 110mm et40 14x5 Back space 105mm (can anyone confirm this backspace? It was done on a set of wheels already banded to 8โ€, but we I all the extra width went on the outer side) et28 14x5.5 Back space 120mm et37 And just because theyโ€™re on my NK (and confirms why I had to seriously roll the rear arches) Campagnolo Elecktron 14x7 originally designed for an e9 Back space 115mm et13
  8. Surely it has to be your wheels, as that's the only thing that's changed and caused the issue. As others have said put your old ones back on and check, but could also need readjusting after bedding in as tzei said.
  9. The replacement chains on the market are for s14/m30 engines (looks like what you have from the photos) and are wider - they fit and work according to reports (have a search here), but may be an old worn sprocket with a new wider chain is making the noise. It'll probably go away in another 100,000 miles ๐Ÿ™‚ Or it may be something else, just a thought.
  10. Mich at Derby Clasics in the Netherlands is on the home stretch with this one. If it's not a 54 (I forget) it's the same family.
  11. The very first colour brochure offered 2 tone, but for the roof only, not the A or C pillars like your example. An original 2 tone car is rarer than hens dentures. Toyed with a cream roof on my derby NK when I painted it a while back, but decided it would be too fussy for my tastes.
  12. That's a bit more like it - found a crusty one in my pot of random bolts yesterday and was quite happy!
  13. I think there are very few seventies cars that aren't loved to be seen on the roads in 2020
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