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  1. NickVyse

    M50 Swap

    it's long! No heater box in this one.
  2. NickVyse

    Street Build Starting

    That is such an awesome car with so many gorgeous details. I hope you'll let me put that on the site when you're done, probably taking the crown of nicest s14 engined 02 out there.
  3. That boot floor and inner arches are soooo clean and rust free, you're a lucky guy. Have a look up in the arches at the box section that the spring mounts to - there's a hole about 15mm in diameter on the side, make sure to plug it with something (i found a rubber bung for the bottom of a chair leg from a DIY store) otherwise water gets in and sit in there, rusting from the inside out. Nice work on the tank - need to do that with my coupe
  4. NickVyse

    CKD on BaT!

    I lied, my NK was June '68
  5. NickVyse

    CKD on BaT!

    I had an NK in sahara from 1966
  6. NickVyse

    Provence Tour 2019

    No affiliation, just what I found after a quick google... Classic BMW rental in France
  7. NickVyse

    Provence Tour 2019

    yeah, pop up for at least an apero! On the wednesday day-off people often pop down to antibes
  8. NickVyse

    Provence Tour 2019

    what you up to in antibes? only 50 minutes drive 🙂
  9. NickVyse

    Provence Tour 2019

    I don't have anything at the mooment Dave, sorry. Nick
  10. We still have some places left for the Tour of Provence this October. 6 nights of driving, fixing, eating and laughing nirvana in the south of france with a maximum of just 14 cars. A mix of British, Dutch and German enthusiasts are currently signed up. To brazenly quote Mich van den Berg who came last year and has booked for this year "best BMW event ever" Thanks Mich
  11. NickVyse

    The Story of the NK Estates

    You do make me laugh Anders. You log into a web site you choose not to have anything to do with anymore, take your article from 9 years worth of forum members contributions, add a couple of pictures and then pass it off here as journalism. It's not a question of copyright, just class.
  12. NickVyse

    M2 Concept paint on @002

    as somone else said, but I'll repeat him, it just looks like an updated bristol grey. just go with bristol, you can't go wrong!
  13. NickVyse

    A question regarding my E23. TIA

    what they said. Fellow 735i 5 speed owner
  14. NickVyse

    BMW 2800/Bavaria

    An e9 rear subframe goes straight in an NK, don't know if the e3 are different. Have you got a pic of the wheels? They'll obviously be 5 bolt, so not a straight swap on 02s or NKs but I could be very intersted if you end up with the car. Carbs only good for the 6 cylinder, and even then they're supposedly not very good!