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  1. Andre Meisel in Germany has also made door buffers and the little doohickeys we're talking about. andre.6.07 at gmx.de Originally they'd have been instaled as it all went together, but with a little cutting you can get them to pop on (bit fiddly) and they've been good for me for at least 3 years so far. You could also take it all apart, but I couldn't see the benefit for the amount of work involved. Here's some pics Andre sent me ages ago - how to pull apart and how to install them without pulling apart:
  2. Richard - you're also missing the plastic bit that fits on the striker (the claw bit in the middle of your pic).
  3. I've never seen a VIn stamped there. My '65 has it at the common place. I'll check my neighbours '64, but pretty sure that too is by the starter, so might provide your answer if it's a later car.
  4. anybody want to buy a euro tii with an lsd and 5 speed? I can even put an alpina badge on the cam cover (a real one)
  5. Original is nice, but obviously harder to come by. Webcon in the UK do nicely machined manifolds. I bought their 45mm version (not seen another off the shelf manifold specifically cast for 45mm side drafts) to go on an s10 build. They are nicely finished and whilst I've not installed them they don't look like any finessing will be required. http://www.webcon.co.uk/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=95&cat=4+cylinder They also have a version with a water passage which is interesting if you live in colder climbs. Think it's new as I don't recall seeing it before.
  6. and 1502 were made until the middle of 1977, just saying 🙂
  7. available to anyone anywhere who fitted them
  8. that's a great looking NK. like what they did with the back seat
  9. weird, who says that? In the UK you don't need an MOT (annual techincal inspection) anymore for anything over 30 years old (and they're still part of europe for at least another couple of months!) And the industry was worth £5.5 billion in 2016. Here in France the test is every 5 years - my NK sails through every time. Insurance is dirt cheap. Parts, well you know. And many of the car restrictions in city areas that are cropping up to cut back emissions are exempt to historic registered vehicles. Back to the subject.. I drove my old m2 to Holland for the Leylstad meet in 2011 - had the oil pan off for something or another before hand and driving at speed on a dutch autoroute I heard something large and metallic bounce off the bottom of the car. Hit the hard shoulder quickly and turned her off. Underside of the car was well covered with oil as the sump plug was conspicuous by its absence. Due to a whining diff I'd thrown a spare in the back - yep, oil drain plugs are a match, and had another 5 litres of oil in the boot. So whilst I was up and running again in minutes I rather embarassingly left a James Bond oil hazard down the road. But the s14 was saved.
  10. going to be very close to the strut, but you might get away with it
  11. It's a beautiful build with a high HP m30, but I can't help thinking that's just way too much weight for the front axle to handle. I've got an e23 735i, goes like stink for such a barge, but I can't imagine that boat anchor in the front of an NK. Must be an awesome autobahn stormer though. Don't think I've ever seen an m20 in an NK - now that would make a nice car. Quite fancy doing that to replace my 7. I'll add it to the list 🙂
  12. you won't regret a 292, but thinking like me, may be. There are probably plenty of threads about head refurbs, but you could check you have the larger inlet valves.
  13. Vibrations? On reflection I'd change that cam immediately, you'll just kill your engine otherwise
  14. I always zip tie the sprocket to the chain to maintain the timing. That's horrible - not so awful you won't drive anywhere until you swap in a new cam, not so great that you won't drive with paranoid fear thinking the worst of every little noise, somewhere exactly in the middle. I'd see it as an oportunity and buy a 292, that'll really wake up your engine with the sidedrafts.
  15. Great write-up. Never understood people removing the servo on a LHD car and leaving in the heavy and space consuming frame work on the pedal box. You've basically replicated the 1600-2 braking system, except they soon added a small remote servo. Here's an out of focus pic 🙂 Lorin: I use a 20mm MC on my servoless NK for that very reasoning, very happy with the result.

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