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  1. I've been told, but don't have first ear verification, that a tii sounds better with the plastic runners. Makes sense. My '72 will certainly be keeping them if I ever get round to finishing it - there will be a point where they had 10k to the value, or are we there already? 🙂
  2. let the passengers scream and cling onto the grab handles
  3. Just bought a set of these to try- Camac is an old Portuguese tyre manufactuter that went bust and is now back and making their period rubber again. I can't comment on any grip or longevity as the new car is still on the lift, but they look good and are too cheap not to try when your budget can't afford Pirelli CN36 (let alone the michelins).
  4. Hi Steve - I had to instal belts in my '65 when I bought it. There were captive nuts on the transmission tunnel and on the A pillar (but these ones accept a smaller diameter bolt to the new fangled standard) but I had to regretfully cut a hole on the inner sill and weld a plate in with a captive nut on the back. Somone had already drilled a hole on the seat mount for a previous lap belt, so I also used this with a large washer underneath to spread the load. 100
  5. They're amber on the later 2000 model too.
  6. That's because each country in Europe had or has their own regulations - there's not really a "Europe" model, there's a French model, Italian etc Just look at the Italian indicators that everyone goes nuts about. Like the yellow headlamps or bulbs of the same period on France the reverse light also had to be amber. I've re-wired mine so the amber is the indicator and I've put a double filament in the top and bottom for brakes/lights, makes it a lot brighter. I've then added period glass lights on the rear panel for reversing lights - all French cars had small reflectors here (and Sweden had large reflectors).
  7. Great find, lovely car, perfect colour, and I'd concur with everyone about the original brakes - I drove my '67 fairly hard in the mountains and didn't experience any fade. Are you keeping it relatively stock, do you have a plan? Ti replica would be nice, but as they left the factory is also great. Superb wheels too. Good luck
  8. my '67 has a purpleish tinge to it - assumed it's faded that way over the years
  9. Probably just cost cutting or switching manufacturer. For a day to day engine I should think the weight of the sprocket makes bugger all noticable difference, and they weren't chasing economy back then.
  10. Cool. Spray bar is also missing the two mounting tabs either end, although they could also have gone missing anytime in the last 55 years. Something else I've noticed in these early engines is the cam sprocket with two access holes for the clamp bracket, which was obviously unecessary as you can easily get to them from the side with a spanner. They're also quite a bit lighter than the later solid sprocket - 420gms versus 483 (FYI e21 single row sprocket is 414 whilst the e30 single is massively lighter at 346) Did you also know there are two versions of the smooth cam cover - one for an oil spray bar that has curved ribs to clear and one with flat ribs that doesn't clear.
  11. Perhaps you should register on the German forum and ask the question there. Enough if not all will speak English if you don't speak German. https://forum.bmw-02-club.de/forum.php
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