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1967 1600-2 : Some Assembly Required


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Hello, my name is Jake and I stinkin love these cars. I also have little to no idea what I'm doing, but I get by with a little (lotta) help from my friends. I've learned a lot from parting out two very very rusty 02's and doing general maintenance and such on my '73 Automatic.

That being said I've decided that I want to learn a lot more about these wonderful machines and turning wrenches so I've been planning a ground up restoration for awhile now. Recently the subject has changed and I've finally decided it's time to start a blog on the FAQ. I have been writing about what I've been doing for awhile now - if you're interested in knowing more about the background of this project check out my blog:


I'll be keeping up with both blogs from here on out, but will only post content related to the 67 here.

I'm excited to get this project under way. Let me know what y'all think! The real first post is coming shortly, I'm waiting on about 200 photos to upload to photobucket from today....

In the meantime here's the 1600-2!





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Today I finally started work on my project. This is a funny thing to say - especially since I've been working on this project for over a year. But the change in direction from the flared 73 to the 1600-2 feels a lot more 'right'. I know I've picked the right car for me and I'm really excited to be moving forward.


I started today with taking photographs of just about everything on the car. My goal is two fold:

1: Lots of pictures will give me something to look back on - to see how much progress has been made and to remember the experience down the road.

2: to actually be able to put this thing back together.

All in all I took a little over 200 photos today. They can be viewed HERE

The first thing to go was that awful recaro drivers seat. It will not be missed. Shortly after removal Ben stopped by and we turned our focus to the rear of the car. We got to pulling and labeling and we quickly had the rear end stripped of tail lights, trim, bumper and boot lid.


After that came the rain gutter trim (hopefully it'll go back on ok - it's so notorious for ruining itself), rear windows and trim, seat belts, and rear seat. I'm glad to report that there wasn't really any rust - other than what was already visible - around the rear windows.


Chugging right along we popped the hood off and got to work draining the coolant system and pulling the radiator. Radiator out and off came the fan and alternator pulley in preparation for engine removal.


My lovely wife stopped by and brought us some delicious sustenance in the form of Puccini's Pizza. She's wonderful!


Next came exhaust removal. Wizzed the bolts off from down pipe to center section, then found the rear of the center section to the muffler had been welded on. I ran up to harbor freight to procure a high speed cut off wheel while Ben worked on removing the drive shaft. Upon returning I sliced the exhaust and we finished disconnecting shift linkage, transmission mount, and the last remaining connections in the engine bay. With out time running out we hurried to free the engine and transmission from the body. It all went pretty well except for the crank pulley getting caught on the radiator support multiple times - nothing that stanley the crowbar couldn't fix though.


Photobucket Photobucket

All in all I'm pretty excited about the direction the project has taken. I'm hoping to have some time to work on it Tuesday since I'm off work for New Years Day. I'd like to get what's left pulled so I can start stripping paint and rust in preparation for body work. Hopefully I can get a lot of that done so we can reconvene next Sunday and get a lot more done. My goal is to have this car drivable by the spring Rivertown Gear Busters meet. 


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Wow! Great progress! Tho I hear they come apart faster than going together!

Nice early car -- those 5 slat kidney grilles are rare (and other stuff too)!



Stop reading this! Don't you have anything better to do?? :P
Two running things. Two broken things.


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Had the day off work today and was able to spend a couple hours over at the shop. Spent most of my time focused on removing the wiring harness and ancillary items - voltage regulator, washer pump, coil, etc. I started on the passenger side front and worked my way around. Lots of time was spent to mark wires for ease of re installation later on.

After no success getting the head light plug thru the wire loom hole (the proverbial trying to fit a square peg in a round hole) one of the RGB'ers taught me how to remove the wires from the plug socket. Each wire has a tab that can be depressed with a small flat head screwdriver to free the wire from the socket. Unfortunately the passenger side socket was pretty brittle and one side broke off. I was much more careful on the drivers side and thankfully had no issues.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Found a cool gasket/insulator/whatnot that I hadn't seen before with the turn signal wiring. Below are some pictures. Anyone know if this is unique to earlier cars or do these just typically rot away?





This 1600-2 has a strange brake MC/Booster set up. Anyone seen it before? (disregard the janky red wire)


This leads to the question...Any idea what these wires do? At first I thought brake warning light, but there's no brake warning light in the cabin.


Pulled the fuse box and labeled each wire.


Pulled the rear seat. Was very happy with how clean it was underneath! Never seen the factory sound deadening back there. The seat frames are in great shape too! Thought it was interesting that the two outer triangles had been punched out and removed. Might weld those up to keep trunk smells out of the cabin as much as possible


Got the rear harness pulled thru to the cabin. Ran out of time when pulling the harness from the dash. Almost there!

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my '76 had that rubber side marker thingy. And perhaps the wires on the MC are the brake lights, or does it have the normal 2002 brake light switch? I've never seen one like that, but I have seen that booster before. They're interesting cars. Which axles does your car have, the kind you fill with oil or CV axles?

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Hi Jake, I`m Jake as well.

I`ll be following along with the project, the early cars interest me. Plus I will hopefully see it if you get it to the spring meet(and hopefully in my `02 as well). I may have missed it, but what is the overall goal of the project? Factory restoration, or ?

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Very early 67. Further update/answer on the car's history build plans coming as soon as I can get to a real computer. For now I'll leave this here:

The BMW 1600 VIN 1515129 was manufactured on January 26th, 1967 and delivered on January 31st, 1967 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Sahara, paint code 006.

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I was gonna do a second write up on the backstory of this car - but there's a good amount of info at my tumblr blog. I went back and tagged the 1600-2 posts individually and they can be read on their own at the link below.


For the full unabridged blog: http://dasfrogger.tumblr.com/tagged/dasfrogger/chrono

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Plan is for a nut and bolt rotisserie restoration, that'll be "fully restomodded" (for mr Scott Aaron) with some extra bells and whistles.

So here's the rough plan - at least what I can think of at the moment...


Build rotisserie - > put car on rotisserie. Sand/soda blast to bare metal. Ruin the rusty metal's day and replace with good metal. Protect against future rust with products such as POR-15, Eastwood Internal Frame Coating fogger, etc.

Fix any dings, creases, etc.

Paint - either Agave or Sahara. Lots of Clear.




Tii: struts

Bilstein HD shocks/Struts

H&R springs

Urethane bushings

Ireland engineering sway bars


Bavaria master cylinder

Tii brake booster

Brake bias valve

Ireland Engineering Front and Rear Big Brakes

Stainless steel braided lines


Heated VW recaro sport seats recovered in leather - Saddle

2002 rear seat recovered in leather to match recaro styling

Aardvark door panel kits

Esty carpet kit


POR 15 on all interior metal

Leather wrapped dash and console

Bluetooth audio streaming head unit

Kicker 5 channel amp

Eurotrash speaker kick panels and under-seat sub box

____ speaker system


Rota R20 15x6


Red foglight for 3rd brakelight

Locking gas cap

ReChromed 1967 correct bumpers

Euro Turn Signals

Delete all trim and side markers

LED tail light conversion

H4 headlight conversion

Hella fog lights mounted behind grills

Fiam horns

Under hood insulation

1967 correct grills (10 slat kidney)

Fuel system

1991 318i fuel level sender/pump


New rubber everywhere - doors, windows, trunk, etc etc

Upgraded door brake kit

Grice’s handbrake kit

Rear brake light

Momo mod 88 suede flat bottom steering wheel

Trunk mounted battery

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Not a big update but an update just the same... Got the remainder of the wiring harness pulled, removed the gas tank, and front bumper. Cleaned up the workspace where the 1600-2 had been residing and got it ready to move into the sanding booth. Swept and vacuumed the soda dust off 73 shell and rolled it out of the way. Started sanding the nose of the 1600-2 and am pretty happy that the rust there isn't too bad. The bottom lip will need a lot of work though. I've got a day off on Tuesday, hopefully I can set aside a few hours to sand - it would be nice to have a large section ready to start fixing/straightening/etc. It's been pretty cool sanding though - the paint goes from Sahara to primer red to shiny metal. The body really is in pretty good shape other than a few small areas.

I need to procure some dry ice and remove the old insulation from the floor pans. The floors will need a fair amount of fixin.

At some point I need to finish dusting the 73, pull and swap the suspensions and list it for sale. Anyone want a really clean roundie shell? Has a good title!

Some photos:




There is still a lot of work to be done. Every time I think about the scope of the project it seems more daunting. Just gotta keep going at it in small sections and remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. I'm lucky enough to have a wife that is supportive enough to let me spend the majority of our only off day with this car - I know all the extra time will really pay off. Also, Ben Weber has been a huge help with this project, things certainly wouldn't be the same without his input.

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Great to see the project plans stuck and she's going to get some good loving from ya! Hope the progress continues in a good direction, Jake!

- Jake

- Jake

Current: 1975 2002 Automatic - 2010 Tacoma DCSB - 1997 Buell S3

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