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  1. Excited, yet sad, to see her for sale. You’ve been an amazing owner of it, Jake. She’s a beauty. I bought 1515129 from Karl in 2011 and ended up selling it to Jake when I moved from Ohio to Colorado in April 2012. I’ve thought about this car many a nights. Having owned two other 2002s since then, and none now, I’ve dreamt of buying it back after seeing what you’ve given it. Unfortunately, with a house purchase pending, a wedding and kids on the way, it’s definitely well off my financial radar. Comically though, my fiancé knows this car well. As my first 02, and an intriguing one, she knew it was the reason I adopted a 73 and a 75 project, which she willingly supported. It it truly is a good car. The salvage title should be a mute point as it’s not suffered an ill fate because of it, redone very well, it really was “rust free” from a 2002 standpoint and Jake has done a hell of a job giving her some love. I’ve followed the progress over the last 7 years, from a distance and I wish I was in a spot to talk about buying it back. Best of luck on the sale sir, she’s a car worth buying and getting back out there to love and enjoy. Cheers, Jake in Colorado
  2. Bump, they need to go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Bump, parts need to go, don’t be shy! Want to see them put to use before being scrapped :/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Screw prices, if you’re local and want this stuff, hit me up and come get it! It’s going in the trash soon and they’re good parts, so please! If you’re not so local and want me to ship, pay shipping and they’re yours. I don’t wanna scrap usable 2002 parts but things need to get cleaned out soon. Seriously, CS or Denver guys hit me up, I’ll work something out with ya. Jake Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Sold my 75 2002 and had some parts left over that need a new home. Located in Colorado Springs. Valve cover with oil cap, no mounting nuts, $40 for a local deal. Distributor with cap, in good usable condition, worked fine before pulled (motor had rod knock, but ran). $60 for a local deal PM me, Jake Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Appreciate the correction, Mark. I pulled the parts a few months back and forgot what that was, made some assumptions based on realoem and we see where that got me! Also, all parts are OBO. If you need it, make an offer. I based my prices on years old memories of what they maybe worth, I could optimistic on them. Regards, Jake
  7. Sold my 75 2002 and had some parts left over on the bad engine. Pulled these before scrapping the shot motor. Valve cover with oil filler cap (no mounting nuts) good usable shape, just needs cleaned (black on filler cap is electrical tape residue) - $50 shipped to lower 48 Distributor with cap, in good usable condition, car ran fine with it (besides the rod knock) - $80 shipped to lower 48 Distributor housing with oil temp sensor (i forget if sensor actually works) - SOLD If there's any more details you need to know on any of the parts, just ask and I'd be happy to get the information. Payment via paypal or cash in person. Will provide shipping details, tracking and insurance and my cell number for correspondence. Jake in Colorado Spriongs
  8. Hate news like this. I’ll keep an eye open around Colorado Springs sir!
  9. Engine block and head are gone. I still have the valve cover and oil cap and the distributor and it’s housing if anyone needs them. Willing to ship. Jake
  10. I have a M10 for anyone who can use it, for parts. It came in my 75 when I bought it, had a horrible bottom end knock. I believe the top end to be just fine, though the PO ran it as a smoking, knocking engine for a bit. No intake, crappy smog exhaust manifold, no carb. Just a complete head and block (still joined) and some bare basics on there (oil filter housing, water pump, thermostat, crank pulley). Sitting outside, but covered. If you can use it to keep an 02 on the road, let me know. I'd take a few bucks for it if you're able to do so, or if not, you're welcome to have it for free. Located just off I-25, north of Downtown Colorado Springs. Jake 7197617664
  11. It'll be tough to find. You might be better adapting a VW one like: https://cosprings.craigslist.org/pts/d/vw-beetle-roof-rack-silver-or/6301806739.html OR... Look at the second to last post here:
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