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  1. Bought the trans from Edgar, he shipped through GreyHound and I received everything in good shape in 4 days. Good seller, bump!
  2. Engine purchased, thanks again John, it was good meeting you and checking out the Datsuns!
  3. Sounds like a potential fit, email headed your way, John. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hey neighbors! Picked up a 75 recently that has a rod knock. Saving for a house and life right now, so looking for some budget friendly options on getting the car back to a driver status, looking for a good used M10 to drop back in there so she goes down the road and brings the joy! I don't mind driving to pick it up if you have one or know someone who does, but would like it to be a day trip, even if a really long day, to get or else shipping cost might make more sense at that point. I also don't care if it's a complete engine, as long as the bottom end is there and solid, I can transfer the head and accessories if need be. No real budget in mind, so willing to pay any fair price, just hoping to find something local-ish. Once I get the replacements, anyone local would be welcome to the old parts for free if you can use them. Jake in Colorado Springs Obligatory photos
  5. If you come to the point of parting it out, I'm down in Colorado Springs and am in need of an engine that doesn't knock...even if it does need work to run. Jake
  6. Steve, I'm 32 and thus have grown up with tech and social media, so not quite the Millennial generation I'm guessing you're referring that's wandering of to social media, but close. I've been coming to the FAQ for 5 or 6 years and have been a BMW enthusiast for ~10 years. My opinion is that in my time on the FAQ, it has become a beautifully laid out forum (web based). I love the ability to hover over a thread topic and see a snapshot (and scroll some too). I appreciate the aesthetics of the page as well. Having the forum/subforum tabs and profile/account access at the top of each page (and not a dedicated "home" page) is a great functional setup I don't always see one some forums. I appreciate being able to embed pictures without using a hosting site, being able to turn on reply notifications for a topic without loading a separate page to 'subscribe' to a topic, like I recall doing on Bimmerfest/E46fantics back in the day. Overall, I think everyone's done a spectacular job with the FAQ and I'm here to mimic others replies; the forum is doing great! If people are leaving, I'm sure it's not due to something that NEEDS be improved here..at least not forum content or anything. ( Slight side note: As a slightly younger oh two guy than the average ole timer here; I have seen where the ole timers (ie more purists or traditional era-specific modders) and the newbies (some of whom tend to put 'stance' looks first and function second) clash pretty bad. A decent example is the beginnings of the Stance thread. Young guys join, they talk about what they want from their cars on young budgets, the wise ole timers voice their opinions on these new, different takes on style and as the established bunch here, they can easier intimidate the young punks into running away to sites that have more of a similar visitor) The younger generation is sometimes more interested in just drooling over picture feeds of sexy stanced cars and such (Instagram) and the ease of getting 1,000 free opinions (or replies at least) or praises from such an accessible community like a Facebook group. Facebook wins some attention really just because it's a social media app first and that's how it wins peoples attention and focus. I know when I was on Facebook, I only joined local BMW and Jeep groups as that really had some benefits of knowing a new group of fellow enthusiast that could actually be in your neck of the woods for parts/help/recovery/etc. I've used Tapatalk too, mainly when I'm out working on the car and not around a PC, and it seemed to work fine for an app, not sure there's room for much improvement there just likely 'different' and thus works better for some, worse for others. To sum it up; I think the FAQ is is a truly great forum to visit, use and enjoy...the wisdom and knowledge here is second-to-none. If people are leaving here to go to FB/Insta, it's because they weren't going to stay here anyway, they don't need information...they're really just looking for entertainment.
  7. Is the transmission still up for sale by chance?
  8. Well, snagged that red one in Boulder for an absolute steal. Amazingly complete car, normal rust but seemingly nothing structural. Started it and drove it on the trailer lol. Horrible rod knock and slipping automatic...so I'll search for some replacements over the winter and see what comes of it!
  9. I've got some pictures of the 76 in Boulder, hopefully looking at it Saturday.
  10. Haha, we don't have to pass such inspections of that depth here (in most places, California being an exception). Cutting springs, correctly, does exactly what lowering springs do..as long they're cut within mild reasoning. I'm not talking about heating or clamping springs together. It simply shortens their height. This makes the spring rate more aggressive and stiff. Just like lowering springs, if you don't pair the cut springs with shocks and strut capable of full travel at that height, then it's not ideal. If you don't heat a single spot (heating the whole spring can change the properties of the spring, rendering it a throw away piece) and bent the cut portion back flat so the springs sits flush in the perch, then there's a new weak pressure point. DONE CORRECTLY, mildly cutting stock springs isn't the abomination most claim it is AND can actually turn out some really good results, in terms of handling even, for essentially free. Really the main issue arises when you cut them down beyond reason. Depending on the spring, cutting too much is when it switches from good and economical to a disaster. Yes, derelicts (or 'rat rods') are popular...cutting springs is exactly what that life is about
  11. I'll sneak in and take this chance to thank YOU, Steve. Ordered some stickers and emissions block off plate a little while back and you were super quick to ship, quick to reply to emails and just overall very good to buy through. Thanks for doing what you do sir!
  12. Honestly, try to find a super cheap set of spare springs and put them on the back burner for buying. Cut yours down some at a time until your happy with the look and ride, but do go in steps and not all at once. If you go beyond what you like, ride and stance wise, be wise enough to have taken notes on the last acceptable ride height and then buy and cut the spare springs to those specs and be happy. EDIT: Or read through this and see what others have done. I know this the S/W crowd has likely gone more extreme on cutting springs than those on the FAQ: http://www.stanceworks.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9742
  13. Ooohhh, looks like he probably cut a good 3-4 coils or even more out. If you go THAT low on cut springs, it's not going to be nice. Springs will start coming out of their perches over bumps unless you strap them in and the travel that is left is the shocks and spring is 1-2". A buddy did that to his E21 and while it was fun and funny to ride around in...it was barely 'weekend goof off car' worthy lol From the pictures, it looks like I cut three coils out of my E28 setup and here are some pics of how it turned out. Ride was notably more firm, but also comfortable, but over large dips/bumps/etc that unloaded or super compressed the suspension, the shocks would bottom out bad or the springs would rattle and unseat some...and that was with 3 cut coils. As you can see, I removed the springs for cutting and used safety gear too...in a big effort to avoid what 2002Targa just warned about!
  14. Haven't made time to go up there yet, drowned with work, will let you know.

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