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1967 1600-2 : Some Assembly Required


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I picked up a Harbor Freight Sand blast cabinet awhile back and with the 20% off cupon it was a steal. Finally just got around assembling it last night. If you decide to pick this up, make sure to have an extra set of hands around when you decide to assemble it.


It's also helpful to pick up a tube of sillicon - there will be some leaks. I had one on the back right where the funnel meets the box. I had some issues getting it to start feeding at first, but it's working pretty well now. I only had time to blast the two rear subframe straps and a pice that came off the dash.



I got some of the Eastwood Internal Frame coating to make sure I elimated any chance for rust in hard to reach areas. It came with a long nozzle to coat in hard to reach areas. I gotta say, i'm really impressed with this stuff. It applied really well and I hope that it works as well as advertised. I think i'll end up using two cans by the time all is said and done. Pictures below are of applying the product inside the Apillar via the antenna hole.



Got some more POR15 and now everything has one coat applied. Ive got a quart left and will probably need to pick up a little more to make sure I have enough to do a 2nd coat and cover parts. The interior looks wonderful now





We also replaced some of the rusty metal in the rear passenger floor pan and beat out the transmission tunnel a bit. While hammering we found a lot of sand pouring from everywhere. I think we'll have to smack it around a bit more to try to get as much out as possible.






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Light day today - just blasted a few parts in prep for paint. Some small brackets, an ebrake handle and the metal steering wheel surround that hides the wiper / high beam switches. I did most of one of my tii struts the other day too.


The harbor freight cabinet does a really good job...when it works. I spend about half my time waiting for the gun to actually siphon some media and shoot it at my parts. I cut a few inches out of the hose which served to reduce kinking. It's helped a little bit, but not a silver bullet. Does anyone out there have any experience with these cabinets? Any best practices for trouble free operation?


Not too terribly exciting, so I'll keep photos to a minimum today.








BOGE made in western germany



If I can get two good days in this week I think I can have it rolling to paint and body next week. The sooner the better!!


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Another day closer to the end goal. Got a 2nd coat of POR-15 laid down, and a first coat in places like the trunk and ceiling. The 2nd coat dried really flat and looks wonderful.




While Ben was spraying POR-15, I was prepping the small parts I'd blasted then spraying 2 coats of etch primer and gloss black. It turned out well for the hinges and brackets, but I'm not sure if I'll be happy with the finish for the steering wheel surround and ebrake handle. May need to powder coat the visible interior parts instead of paint.


While we had the POR-15 out I went a head and coated one of my Tii struts, drop center front sway bar, and front and rear subframes. 



I've got the day off Tuesday and the plan is to spray Aerosol Truck bed liner in the AM and then take the shell on the rotisserie to the bodyshop. They'll be straightening the quarters, fixing the rust in the spare tire well / roof/ lower lip, primer, all prep work, Color/Clear, and All finish work.


I just went back and read this thread (and the stuff on the Tumblr page before it) and I really can't believe how fast we've gotten to this point. This car has really come a long way from when I purchased it (late March of 12) and from when I started tearing it apart (December 30 2012).


We're getting closer to the good stuff....

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Got the truck bed liner installed this morning. Didn't go well at first - not sure if it had to do with the fact i had a few cans sitting in the heat of my shop for a few days. The first few coats went on pretty poorly - very uneven no matter what and quickly turned greyish. After a few more coats w/ newer cans stored in AC. Ended up coming out pretty ok. much better texture and color.


Photos Here: http://s590.photobucket.com/user/johndmetz/library/1600-2/1600-2%20Body%20Work/Truck%20Bed%20Liner%20undercoating



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Not a lot more progress to speak of. I've sand blasted and painted a few other small parts. Ben has been doing more wet sanding. The body is sitting waiting to go to the paint shop for body work, color and clear. I've been ready to get it out to them for nearly a month now. Hopefully it'll go next week and the turn around time won't be horrendous.


Decided (against my better judgement) to rebuild a suspension using stock rubber bushings and put the perfectly fine and already built poly busing'd suspension back on the flared car. Apparently I hate myself.


Starting to run low on funds. Would be much better if progress was faster. I'm starting to think of the mass of parts i've got but how much more I still need ... and how many might be NLA.


I've come to the conclusion that taking cars apart is way more fun than putting them back together.


Things will get better and this car will be rockin once it's done.

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Thought about this ole beaut today and figured I'd stop in to check on her and after catching up reading, I can honestly say I'm very, very excited with the amount of love and labor (and $$$) you've invested and how she has progressed!


Keep up the hard work, Jake...it's coming along very nicely sir.

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- Jake

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jmanscotch: glad you're still checking in - hope everything is going well for you in the new locale!


I stopped by the bodyshop early this week to check in on the progress. Rear quarter panels have been hammered out to near straight and they put a bit of mud on to smooth them out. Day after I took these photos they re primed them and they said they look nice. can't wait to get over there to check it out. There was a lot of mud in the quarters before and they did a great job of minimizing the bondo.








They've still got some rust to repair and some dents to pull. Shop owner said it could be done in a week if they focused on it. They hired an old school guy just for this project but have pulled him off to work on some quick turn around jobs in the meantime. My car only gets occasional attention now. Part of me wants it done, but another part is fine with it being there as long as needed so I can save. The new house has been a big drain on time and funds.


The 67 is in good company at the bodyshop though. It's neighbor is an '81(?) Rolls - super straight body, interior looks like it's never been sat in. It's in for a few minor paint flaws.


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We've done a little bit of sanding on the hood/decklid/doors/fenders etc to get them ready for the body shop to paint. Need to take some photos, but they're all coming along nicely. You can really feel how nice the paint job is going to be already.


Stopped by the bodyshop on tuesday to check in on their progress. Haven't done much more to it since last time though. little mud work, little welding. We set a deadline to have it painted and ready for me to come pick up by Nov 22nd. I'm potentially going to have some time off before Thanksgiving, and it would be nice to spend a few days doing nothing but reassembly.









They started on some of the rust repair too. Here's the start of the drivers floor pan by the gas pedal.





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I've been doing a lot of thinking about color lately - just ask the RGB. Originally I had wanted to repaint the car Agave, but I just can't bring myself to have two Agave cars. My wife has been pulling for Colorado, which I like - but just doesn't seem to fit the early car.


For awhile I had been leaning toward repainting Sahara, but I've worked really hard to get rid of the Sahara paint, and would be silly to put it back that way. Plus, I found a picture of a Sahara car w/ similar wheels/bumpers etc to what I'll have and while it looks nice it just doesn't get me super excited.


After combing thru lots and lots of photos I've been thinking more about a blue (Riveria/Atlantik), Florida, Nevada, and Derby.


Derby seems to fit the early car style really well and I really like the grey. Helps that I live in Louisville (home of the Kentucky Derby) too. I found a picture of a '66 in Derby and I like it.


I plan on using the original Saddle interior (minus the front seats potentially) and I think it'll look good with the Derby exterior, but I've never seen that combo. Any thoughts out there? Anyone have a photo of a car with a similar combo? Here's some shots of my interior:




I still don't know though. Derby is cool, but I don't know if it's what I really want. I'm not sure that I have any idea of what I really want - but I am sure whatever I pick will look good. Anyone out there have an opinion on color?

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Dropped by the bodyshop on Thursday and they've really tackled a lot of the metal work. Got the quarters finished, cut out the rusty section behind the sunroof and welded in new metal. They're working on getting the roof to stop tin canning before moving on to more rust repair in the bottom of the nose.







Ben has still been working on the door panels and they're ready to go. Got some photos of the panels in progress...


I had taken my e21 323i 5 speed and busted e21 LSD to a local trans shop. They checked thru the trans and dropped new seals in and gave it the thumbs up. They also disassembled my diff that locked up on the Chicago loop. It was determined that it was just the bearings that had locked up and the pumpkin and pinion gears were all perfect. I had intended to have the bearings replaced but it ended up being more expensive than I expected. Now i will likely take this opportunity to use the case and other parts to do a e36 small pumpkin swap like Andrew did and sell off the 3.91 gears.


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Now i will likely take this opportunity to use the case and other parts to do a e36 small pumpkin swap like Andrew did and sell off the 3.91 gears.


What's your thought behind this? Do you think it's somehow cheaper or remarkably better or what compared to just replacing bearings? I would just replace the bearings and seals and check other parts and call it done. Parts cost is what it is. I bought recently all the stuff from a German BMW dealer as I couldn't find them cheaper anywhere else (in Europe).



Racing is Life - everything before and after is just waiting!

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