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  1. I would also consider a 32/36, preferably with a water choke. -Jake
  2. Hello, I'm trying to find a decent used 38/38 for not too much money. Going on a mostly stock 1973 '02. I found a new one for $280, but any money I can save can go to something else on the car Thanks, Jake
  3. I have a bumper guard that came off the back of my '70. I am not planning on using it, so I figured I would offer it up here if anyone needs it. Make me an offer on it, I am willing to ship it. Thanks, Jake Location: Athens Ohio<br />
  4. Hello, I finally finished catching up on your build. I have a couple things to say. First off, you have done some amazing work. Both on the `02 and your crafty table projects(some of which look really heavy ). Second, I need to thank you. I was looking for a source for metal flares that were cheap, and just ordered some mk1 rabbit flares for my 1600 this summer. I had a bunch of metal work to do anyway, so they should work well for me. I found your source through searching here. You may not be doing what I want in my car, but you are doing a pretty darn good job of what you want. Keep it up. -Jake
  5. No progress recently in protest of the stupid cold winter we have/had. I did just order some new parts though! A set of mk1 Rabbit fender flares. Things should get interesting once the weather breaks. I want to have the rockers and flares on it by July 26th. I`m getting married!
  6. Nice find. I like the early cars myself, but the later ones are a bit more stout in case of an accident. All of them are great fun though. By the way, my speedo didn't work either. I pulled the instrument cluster and throughly lubed the cable. Works great now! -Jake
  7. Hello all. I am about to start the body work on my car, and I want to get a set of tubo flares instead of new rear wheels arches. If anybody has any laying around, let me know. I would prefer the ireland style plastic ones if possible. Used is ok, as long as they in good shape. As always, cheaper is better. Thanks, Jake Location: Chillicothe, Ohio<br />
  8. I am with everybody else for that car needing to have silverwheels. On my ratty black car, the black honda wheels look ok. If it was nicer they probably wouldn't.
  9. I had my '70 that low once upon a time(the top of the tire was inside the front fender). A front spring broke on it, so i cut them all to be level. Rode ok on hacked stock springs(if you didn't use the 1" of travel you had). Too low for me to stay, so i got some lowering springs to raise the car up some.
  10. I kind of like my stock monotone 1600 horn. I think it fits my car's character(and is fairly loud, surprisingly).
  11. I know many people who swear by them. Sometimes they still hit deer though. Personally, I think the best deterrent is a nice loud exhaust, and plenty of the peddle on the right. Bodywork tools were procured today, along with a new left grill. Time to try again soon I guess....
  12. Well, I just got home from Kevin`s. It was hurt a little worse than the pictures made it look. We got it pretty close, but we have more work to do yet. His headlight didn`t break either, which I thought was odd. It did have deer hair stuck on it though.... I have entirely too much experience fixing crash damage on these cars now -Jake YES!
  13. I only used mine because I know they are the correct angle on the base for the rice-burner wheels have, and they actually fit in the holes. The spline drives have better engagement with the key as well, so I don`t worry about breaking/stripping them. Otherwise I would say no to the locking nuts. Many people come in to work(auto zone), trying to find the key that they have broken or are missing. Fifty percent of the time they go home empty handed. Unless you absolutely need them, I agree with Toby.
  14. I have the spline drive variant on mine. They were free, and I needed a narrow nut to fit down in the Konigs on the rear. They work fine on those, and I have yet to see any ill effects on the stock steelies on the front. With any kind of alloys though I would be cautious.
  15. Nice thread-jack guys! I don`t care, not much going on here other small fixes. Although I did change a CV axle the other night. Outer CV joint was totally shot. I have seen some way cool cars down here, my favorite so far other than my car and Kevin`s Datsun has been a Triumph TR4 or TR250, not exactly sure which.
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