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1967 1600-2 : Some Assembly Required


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This thread has been going for seven years. Wow. Is 2020 the year?


Starting to get reoriented to begin the build. First order of business is figuring out what else needs to be done on the body. I’ve found some flaws - some that were pre existing and to be rectified once the car is closer to “done” and some that have cropped up due to storage. The paint is filthy and will need a correction from sitting for so long. 


Probably what we’ll do is to wait on any kind of paint correction and touch up till it’s mostly built to avoid having to go back again to fix scratches and dings. 


The front and rear suspension are 90%, but I think they’re coming off to be redone. The front needs reinforcement plates welded on, and the POR15 paint job doesn’t look great, so maybe I’ll send it all off for powder coating....and if it’s all apart maybe I’ll swap the brand new (but 9 year old) poly bushings out for rubber. 


How is is it possible to have scope creep on scope creep?


here are some photos of its condition at the “restart” of the build. I took some videos, will upload to YouTube and post later on. 


happy new year!






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Well - 2020 wasn't the year. 2021 won't be either ... at least for me.


1515129 has found a new owner and I am so excited to watch work start on this car again. Its a very special car and while It is disappointing that I'm not the one to build it, I am very glad that it will be built.



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Congratulations!!! I’m surprised it took so long this was the best project car out there as far as I could tell. I know I considered it but having two derby grey 1600-2 probably overkill - emphasis on probably. Lucky person  that got this one! 

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18 minutes ago, Dionk said:

Congratulations!!! I’m surprised it took so long this was the best project car out there as far as I could tell. I know I considered it but having two derby grey 1600-2 probably overkill - emphasis on probably. Lucky person  that got this one! 



Thank you! I was surprised too - its such a good start, saving thousands & and months of time versus starting from '0' on a full restoration. That being said, it didn't help that I didn't market it especially well. I was always one foot in/one foot out on this project and often made up reasons to not advertise more widely or put it on BaT.

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3 hours ago, saaron said:

So it is gone, gone?  Are you going to finish Gritty next?  



 Yep, it’s gone! Excited for what the next owner will do with it. 

I’m splitting time between Gritty and Elwood. I need to get Elwood drivable and sold so I can dump that money into Frogger. Hopefully I’m 02-ing In 2021









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