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A local hangout for those of us 02ers in the Rocky States! (CO, MT, ID, WY, UT, AZ, & NM)

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  2. No worries . See you next time. We had 5 2002’s today. Good showing . Thanks for coming out. Doza
  3. I got back from the MidAmerica02fest on Tuesday. Hope to see you around.
  4. I'm not going to make this one- too much going on at the house. Next time.
  5. Crap, this is tomorrow. I really need to start paying attention- time is flying...
  6. I will try to make it in my '74 Cheers
  7. Hi Brendan . Sounds good. I’ll be there by 7:00 in 76’ jadegrun 02’. See you then . Doza
  8. Hey Doza, I won't have my car running before C&C (it's still in the paint shop), but I plan to show up anyway in my 328 wagon. It's always a great event and I'm looking forward to seeing a few other vintage BMWs. See you there! Brendan
  9. Hi Haran. you have a beautiful car. Well sorted . Here's my 76' jadegrun sweetie. I don't make it down to Denver much. But I think there's a c&c in centennial . I need to look at the schedule. I have friend, in Denver that has a 72' 02 . Maybe the 3 of us could meet up for a drive when you are free. There's some awesome canyon roads up here in Boulder where I live or we could meet down near you. Text or call me. Doza.
  10. Thank you so much for reaching out Doza! I unfortunately have to work that whole weekend otherwise I would make it out there. Are there any other classic car or bmw meets coming up soon? i didn’t realize I could attach pics before so I went ahead and did so this time
  11. Hi Haran. Welcome to Colorado. Would love to meet and see your 02 , if you can come up to Lafayette c&c on Saturday May 4 . It starts at 7:00 am . I am hoping to get several 2002's there this time. Last month we had 3 turn out. Let me know if you can make it. Cell:970-729-0464 . Thanks. Doza.
  12. I’m Haran and I moved to Denver less than a year ago from SC. Happy owner of a 1975 2002. It’s spent it’s entire life on the east coast and I was wondering if there are any other 2002 owners here in town. Would love to meet up at a C&C in town sometime and connect.
  13. Hey . Let's do it again on May 4 @ Cars and Coffee in Lafayette at 7:00 am. He was great to meet Ben , Bruce and Dave and see your awesome cars. Hope more 2002's can make it in a couple of weeks. Last time we had 3 my goal is to have 10 or 12 2002's . Would really love to organize a drive this summer. Call or text me if you're interested in attending on May 4th. 970-729-0464 Thanks. Doza.
  14. Hi all. Well, I'm headed back to the Rockies. This time I'm bringing my new family with me. We've been in Texas since 2012 and now have 4 kids. We had just had our first 8 months prior when I followed a job in 2012 to Dallas. This time we will be in the Glenwood Springs. Landon, FYI we're looking in New Castle for a house to rent. We'll make a trip up in June to scout schools and housing. It will be great to reconnect. Cal, maybe we can hit up another yard when we visit in Denver. Maybe I'll come by and say hi too JimK. I'll send you guys a PM with my contact info. Anyway, here's to better weather in my near future. woohoo! bueller aka Matt
  15. Fantastic voyage. The 2019 excursion...
  16. until

    Well 2019 looks to be as great as last year, with additional photography from the Mars Insight lander (our latest transporter). Wonder which cars will be joining this years excursion? Tom
  17. until
    Fantastic Voyage... ...fun times.
  18. Fantastic voyage. The 2018 excursion...
  19. Club graphics album
  20. Looking forward to being part of the next get together...
  21. Eric, Small turnout. . . just Jim and I. Didn't grab any photos. Might try again later this summer. Christian
  22. Am bummed I wasn't able to make the drive this last Saturday. Hope it was a good one and look forward to participating in the next get together. Any pics to share? Best, Eric
  23. Weathers great, car not so much. I'm gonna have to make the next one. Have fun all.

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