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A local hangout for those of us 02ers in the Rocky States! (CO, MT, ID, WY, UT, AZ, & NM)
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  2. Just bought the wife a 318Ti, and it came with almost another entire car worth of parts; the COMPLETE interior in very good condition, red doors and hatch, all the glass, gaskets turn signals, radiators, wheels, all kinds of crap, the entire wiring harness. It takes up almost a garage parking spot- wife is not pleased. Let me know if there's interest- I'd accept a very reasonable amount of money or something in trade- I'll take some pictures if there's interest. Or text on 970 to two too 9597. Thanks.
  3. I'd start with Woody's Wheel Works. If they can't maybe they can recommend someone.
  4. Afternoon, Can anyone recommend a shop in Denver to fix some curb rash? Thanks much.
  5. I seem to have collected a half dozen 4 speed ('232) transmissions that I don't need. The shift mechanisms are gone though. In the unlikely event that someone needs one in the near future, they're $50 cash each. That's half the junk yard price with no core charge, environmental fee or tax, and already pulled... Your choice. First come, first served. Hurry before they're all gone. This offer for a limited time only. (NO) lifetime warranty or 24 hour roadside service included. PM if interested
  6. You want to see the car. The guys at the shop were freaking out when it was up on the rack for the alignment, it's so clean.
  7. I just want to see the car! Sounds like it's amazing! Been a long time since we went picking at the junk yard searching for trunk release parts! Hope the front range is treating you well. I'm out on the western slope these days pretty close to Landon (but haven't seen him). Matt
  8. All can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_registration_plates_of_Colorado Colorado's car plates have changed over the years, but were mostly green and white, with occasional swapping of green mountains for green sky- here's a '69 example: The letters in this era indicate which county- in this case Weld County, according to online info. Later, we got all of the modern perturbations- plates for special causes and groups, and some special editions in some years
  9. Hey could you post a photo of this YOM plate you have...I'm aware of "black" and "blue" plates in CA but I'm curious on the CO equivalent
  10. Victory! Yesterday's mail brought a bit of paper from the Colorado Division of Revenue that looks just like the normal registration but includes a few additional words- "Dual Id" with my vintage plate number. No Fee. No details about rules for using the old plate.
  11. Going to have this on there all the time... Cal says,"I'm going to a meeting where my car is the primary interest. Everywhere, everyday." TBF, hard to go anywhere without getting asked about a 2002, even in my car.
  12. In case others travel this path- I submitted for a YOM license plate authorization a week ago. Filled out the form, got it witnessed, photocopied my insurance and current registration for the car, exactly as the form states. It came back yesterday as rejected because I did not provide a photocopy of the license plate to be used. A requirement not mentioned along with all the others on the form, or anywhere on a CO website that I can find, sigh... So, I made a full size photocopy of the plate at fedex today (legal size paper to fit it full size) and will send that in tomorrow. Your move, CO DMV.... There is NO DMV fee for this YOM plate thing (please don't tell your state representative or the governor). I am still not sure if one or two plates must be displayed, there's contradictory heresay online and I didn't see it mentioned by the DMV. You must carry the authorization with you in the car and have the "official" plates and registration along for the ride too. I don't see anything that says it expires. You are supposed to use it only for: Motor vehicles using such plates may be used exclusively for: Driving such vehicle to and from assemblies, conventions, or other meetings where such vehicles and their ownership are the primary interest. Demonstrations, parades, and when their operation on the street and highway will not constitute a traffic hazard. Traveling to and from and while on local, state, or national tours held primarily for exhibition and enjoyment. So quick change hardware would be an advantage (think early James Bond vehicles...) No idea how this would fly with out-of-state Polizei.
  13. Nate - Mark Hutto is your guy for this. He did a FANTASTIC job dialing in my dual Weber 45's! Yes, he may be a bit of a wait but well worth it in my opinion. PM me if you need his contact info. Best, Eric
  14. Hey guys, Can anyone recommend a shop / person for tuning dual weber DCOE 40’s? Ive done some baseline work myself and it runs OK but at this point i’m willing to shell out some cash to get them dialed in. Ive worked with Mark Hutto a bit in the past but I know he’s pretty popular and gets backed up. I’m located in the Denver area! Thanks -Nate
  15. As title states, I am looking for a local '74-'76 Front Nose Panel - doesn't need to be perfect as it will be used for wall art. Please PM me if you have one you're willing to part with. Thanks!
  16. Just saw this- Glen Shelly / Alex is a stand up kind of guy. I'd expect his descriptions to be accurate, if focused on cosmetics. He's sold a couple of cars for me.
  17. Very glad I didn't see this till now. probably would have resisted but.....
  18. As of 5:37 PM today, this post indicates "SOLD" My wife would have used a very large rolling pin... more painful perhaps, but there may be a chance of survival.
  19. In Greeley, buddy just tipped me off- but I would get shot with one of my own guns if she came home to 2 more cars... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/727920711471369/
  20. OK, I looked at the turquoise (turkis) 1973 2002tii on their site. This is the one you want the PPI on, right? You will likely want new headlights to replace the current sealed beams. I have a pair of Marchal Amplilux that will do well- with the stock headlight relay I can do the mod to light both lamps on high beam. I had these lights on my '72, and with the right lamps these can be SUPER BRIGHT! The rear lights are called 'presentable' - meaning they work... with the right upgrades they will work Fabulously! Bigger and brighter, and visible from a distance (versus difficult to see at all in stock form). And with the dual tail lamps on each side, you will reliably have both tail lights working even if a lamp fails (with stock lights, one will go dark - kind of dangerous). It is even possible to add auxiliary tail + brake lights made from a period rear fog light; this really boosts your rear-ward visibility! We can talk - the last thing you want with a nicely restored 2002tii is to be rear ended due to poor rear lighting. Just my opinion... Andy
  21. Hello, I might be able to help out. I have been up to Glen Shelley, they are a ways up the pike but I did buy some lighting parts. They were in good condition, fairly priced, and the shop looks well run. Do you want to offer an honorarium to the mechanic? I can ask one that I have had work done by over the last 40 years, so I trust him totally. I will touch base to see if he knows their reputation, and if he's willing to visit. What car would he be looking at? I don't expect there is more than one 2002 tii for sale, but it may help. By the way (shameless self promotion), I do lighting restoration work on 2002 rear lights, just in case you want to 'be seen and not hurt'. Upgrades, too, for more light output, larger lighted area, and higher reliability. Be glad to evaluate them for you. Andy Golden, CO
  22. I am looking at a 2002tii at Glen Shelly Auto Brokers in Erie, CO. Does anyone know a local mechanic that could do an on site inspection? I live in South Carolina so I need help. Also, any info on Glen Shelly?
  23. Sorry, didn’t see the date on this! Obviously behind the times🙄

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