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A local hangout for those of us 02ers in the Rocky States! (CO, MT, ID, WY, UT, AZ, & NM)

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  2. visionaut

    Hagerty Golden

    Hi Jim. No invite (but I’m not with Hagerty), but Dave told me they have his 02 sitting in their lobby. I saw a mention of it via the RMCBMWCCA too. Wasn’t sure if I’ll go - but if enough other 02ers come out for it I might... Tom
  3. I reserved a seat next Friday evening's Hagerty BMW 2002 50th year celebration out in Golden. Anyone else get invited?
  4. jmanscotch

    Stolen '02 - Boulder, CO

    Good to hear man! Enjoy her.
  5. jmanscotch

    FS M10 Valve Cover & Distributor

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  6. I'm up for meet up and drive with other 02 owners in the area. I'm based in Boulder . Drive a jadegrun 76' . I usually go to cars and coffee in Lafayette every month. Let me know if something in the works for Sept. Thanks. Doza.
  7. jmanscotch

    FS M10 Valve Cover & Distributor

    Screw prices, if you’re local and want this stuff, hit me up and come get it! It’s going in the trash soon and they’re good parts, so please! If you’re not so local and want me to ship, pay shipping and they’re yours. I don’t wanna scrap usable 2002 parts but things need to get cleaned out soon. Seriously, CS or Denver guys hit me up, I’ll work something out with ya. Jake Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Have a spare, but some places want $400, FCP Euro has a genuine part for $240
  9. Tom and I had a great time - here’s to doing it again with a few other FAQ’ers in the future!
  10. S14 water pump a fortune?
  11. Couldn't make the drive. Changing the water pump.
  12. Eric & I will be meeting up tomorrow morning (Saturday 8/18) at 10am at the Tipsy's lot. Any/all other 02ers are welcome to join us. We'll be driving a few of the great 'canyon coffee run' routes over that way... Tom
  13. Yeah, September is good. And let me know if you're coming back up to Co's- my buddy has a race shop just down the street- all kinds of fun stuff. And I'm down there all the time, so it's pretty easy.
  14. Tom, A drive this Saturday should work great. Happy to meet at the Tipsy's lot (on Bowles and 470) around 10:00 AM. Looking forward to meeting and getting a few 2002's out on the road. I'll check back Friday to confirm. Eric
  15. Dave - I’d definitely be willing to head up that way for a meet/drive (got my 435 from Co’s). Maybe Sept ? Tom
  16. Sold my 75 2002 and had some parts left over that need a new home. Located in Colorado Springs. Valve cover with oil cap, no mounting nuts, $40 for a local deal. Distributor with cap, in good usable condition, worked fine before pulled (motor had rod knock, but ran). $60 for a local deal PM me, Jake Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I'm out for the next couple of weeks- family in town and still shaking down the new engine and getting the FI sorted- but after that... If you guys felt like making a trip up to Longmont for coffee or lunch or something. Or maybe up in Estes...
  18. Thanks guys.. Officially Estorillau II Metallic. Yeah, it's a dream-come-true -- I lucked into a maxed-out M options model. Just amazing the difference 40 years makes between my '76 and this '16. (my new front discs are 1.5" larger diameter than OEM 2002 wheels!!) Eric - I might actually be able to swing an early-ish Meet-up & Drive this coming Saturday, August 18th, if that'll work for you. Say perhaps 10am, over at the Tipsy's lot? (they have coffee/deli too, but we can stop for such on our drive as well). Any and all other 02ers invited, obviously. Tom
  19. Tom - BEAUTIFUL new addition - congrats!!!! I am down for a drive but am unfortunately out of town Wed/Thurs. I could do early AM drive on Sat or Sun next week if that works for anyone. Looking forward to getting out for a drive...
  20. They really do make pretty blues.
  21. Eric, that looks sweet. We gotta catch up soon for a drive. But this weekend’s spoken for already for me & the missus. I just got Estoriled.. (CPO 435ix GC M-Sport). 😁 I can do something afternoon/evening this coming week. IF the weather-gods cooperate this time. Maybe like Wednesday at 5:30-6:00pm, meet-up over at the Tipsy’s lot off E-470 and Bowles...? Tom There’s a Bimmer Burger Nightt meet in Centennial this Wed as well.
  22. Any interest in trying to get a drive together one morning this weekend? I'm ready for a drive - Tom? :)
  23. Weather forecast is looking pretty bad for this evening so I am going to pass on making it tonight. Tom, lets try an afternoon or early AM drive on the weekend once the weather forecast gets better - let me know what works for you. Best, Eric
  24. As Tom mentioned, the Bimmer Burger Night meet in Littleton is at the Sonic Drive-In located at 7561 Shaffer Pkwy, Littleton, CO 80127 from 6:00 -7:30 PM. Planning to make it there tomorrow with my '74 Fjord and look forward to hopefully seeing some other 02's there. Eric
  25. So we’re thinking maybe since our local BMW CCA (I'm a member) is having one of their Bimmer Burger Nights next Wednesday evening, July 25th, over at the Sonic Drive-in over in Littleton, right off the intersection of E470 and Ken Caryl from 6:00 - 7:30pm, of meeting up there. I've been to several of these - they're held at 3-4 different Sonics around the city from Spring thru Fall - and they draw anywhere from 15-30 Bimmers out. Most always some really cool rides. It's open to all - you don't have to be a CCA member, just a Bimmerphile. My thoughts are if we get there a bit early, we'll get good parking spots (5:30pm) for an 02 ‘contingent’ - and if then, perhaps we could also leave a bit early, and do a quick foothills drive I know well right nearby before sunset? be square (or roundie) or be there 😁 Tom
  26. Hi Dave, No problem - as the summer driving season goes on into Fall I'll try to organize a few more 02er meets/drives locally. Will look forward to seeing you out when it's all back together! Maybe something up norther of D-town since you're in the Fort. Tom