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A local hangout for those of us 02ers in the Rocky States! (CO, MT, ID, WY, UT, AZ, & NM)
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  2. Hey there RMO2ers, I'm seeking a good 4spd transmission, ideally still with shift platform, and a driveshaft. Hoping someone has some of these within pick up distance of Denver metro area maybe left over from a 5spd conversion, etc. I have a decent front chrome bumper (left, right, center pieces and brackets) to trade and some extra early car stock seats if you are interested in those items. THANK YOU and hope everyone is well as the snow starts to fly!
  3. Thanks for the welcome and tip! I try to do my own work for most everything on my cars but I am the definition of "youtube certified". So far I've done mainly small things to my 2002. The only major-ish thing I've done to it is a valve adjustment. Now it's just little projects here and there for the interior and figuring out the oil leak around the exhaust manifold. Pretty sure it's coming from the studs. I think I'll need to back them out and readd some lock tight to get a seal again. At least from what I've read on this site. Goal by the end of next year is to get a new speedometer in or at least fix the needle on the one I have.... currently using a GPS for my speed and it's not my favorite thing. I just took a quick peak at your Conrad blog. I'll definitely do a deeper read into some of those posts. My 2002 is a non-tii, do you have any recommendations for little upgrades or just general projects I should look into doing that'll help her last longer and improve her in any way?
  4. Welcome to Utah and the 2002 community. I don't have any tips on good shops since I do all my own work. Hopefully someone will be able to offer some helpful info. There is also a Facebook page for vintage BMW 2002's in Utah. It's called "Utah BMW 2002 Classics.". Someone there might be able to help as well.
  5. Hi everyone, I've tried searching this topic but a lot of them are fairly dated at this point so I wanted to see if the content or recommendations have changed. I'm new to the 2002 and new to Utah so it's a double whammy for not knowing what I'm doing. I have a 1976 2002 that runs and drives pretty well but has it's own problems as most older cars do. There are a few things out of my skill range for this car that I am debating taking it to a shop to do the work on or just planning on having some of these things be big winter projects since I don't plan on driving it once the snow and salt comes. I am looking to add in AC since I don't have that in this one originally. There is the original heater but it's one of those blows hot when it's hot out and blows cold when it's cold out types haha so I've relied on my "2/70" AC. That is one of the bigger projects but I'm also on the fence about a complete engine rebuild too just to get a little more power and fix the leaks. The car is my daily driver which I love. Some have said that I should only drive it on the weekends or to shows (and maybe they're right) but I feel like a car like this deserves to experience the road while she can. I live just outside of SLC by West Valley. I'm not worried about taking it down to the Provo area if there is a decent mechanic there that I wont have to stress about getting ripped off or not seeing my car for months while they "work" on it. Any recommendations or help is appreciated! Thanks
  6. Hey there, apologies for reviving a months-old thread, but I'm also moving to the Springs soon, and I'm hunting for similar info. I can totally understand the stress of shipping your car and trying to find a safe place to store it before you arrive. I actually discovered a long distance moving company that offers car storage options and can help with transportation logistics. It might be worth checking out if you haven't already found a solution. Otherwise, reaching out to local car enthusiast groups or even checking with nearby storage facilities could be helpful.
  7. Registered and placed a tee shirt order. Looking to have a great time, as always.
  8. Moving can be a stressful process, especially when it comes to logistics like shipping your car. If you need a safe place to store your vehicles in Co Springs, consider reaching out to a professional moving company like andyremovals.com. They can offer you storage options or even help with transportation logistics to ensure that your cars arrive safely and on time. Alternatively, you could try contacting local car enthusiasts groups in the area to see if anyone has a secure place to store your vehicles. Best of luck with your move, and I hope you find a solution that works for you!
  9. Bumping this to the top. I'm thinking about going to the 2023 event. Might trailer my 02 out, at least most of the way, in the interest of time efficiency as I have some other travel planned for that month.
  10. Not available anymore, lack of interest so going elsewhare.
  11. I just made an appointment at European Motor Cars near Mulberry and Lemay. I spoke with John, who works on the older cars, and was impressed with his knowledge. He had a Tii on the lot and an extra engine in the garage. Couldn’t get in until August 25th but I’m excited to have found someone who seems genuinely honest.
  12. Stay away from Lou’s Autobahn on Lemay. Rebuilt my engine and it would have a mismatched piston if I hadn’t stopped in and spotted it.
  13. Hello- I have a nearly fully restored 1974 tii in Fort Collins. I am searching for a shop/mechanic willing/has time to put in a e10 engine. Appreciate any recommendations.
  14. Anyone else considering attending from Colorado?
  15. Hey Gordon, I't s Dan in Franktown. Welcome. Do you still have my #? dq
  16. Welcome to Colorado! You're going to have fun driving in the high country!
  17. Thank you Greg Dunn for receiving my cars during my move from MD to CO Springs. I'm looking forward to some attending CO BMW events.
  18. Car is gone, along with all the parts except the M3 17's with new tires. Still have those if anyone is interested- they look really correct on the e36 cars.
  19. I'm trying to think of people I know down there, and will think more. There's a shop, don't know them personally, http://greggearhead.com/index.html but he's on here periodically. You can ship them to me in Fort Collins, that's a bit of a drive, but they could stay here for a bit until you get them. Side note; sell the pre-runner and get a 4wd taco while you're out there. The 2wd will have more value there and none here, and the 4wd will have less value there and way more here. I don't think the Springs gets a LOT of snow, but it gets some. And if you want to get out of town at all..
  20. Need some help with anyone living in Co Springs. I'm moving from MD to the Springs in late July and the auto shippers have give me a window of 19-23 July when they can pick up my tii and E30 to ship them to the Springs. There is a strong probability that the cars will arrive in the Springs before I do. We're not arriving in the Springs until Sun 1 AUG. Is there anyone available to store my cars until I arrive? Hopefully someone has a empty carport, garage, etc.. to keep my tii out of harms way of a possible hail storm. Don't worry about the E30, the paint is shot but it's a good running project car. PM me ASAP if you can assist. Gordon
  21. I haven't heard whether there is a drive. The Drive 4Corners website has a tickler but no info on dates/reservations/hotels
  22. 450 views. Hell, I'm selling the car, too. She decided that the STI just needed some sound mitigation (it's so loud), and she likes how "feisty" it is- no doubt, compared to a stock '95 Ti. It's a Boston Green '95 with every option available, apparently, including an LSD. I've done some work, had some paint correction done, installed wheel studs that I don't want to remove, '95 M3 17" wheels with new tires, along with 3 other sets of wheels, and all that other stuff. Just wanting to get what I paid for the car- $6k, for all of it. Car runs great.
  23. For sure. I bet I could the wife to buy into this one as she's dying to spend some time at Crusty Butt. Maybe bring the mtn bikes down for a couple days early...
  24. Hey, where is everybody? Las year we signed up, and then begged off the drives, hoping to get full value out of the D4C THIS YEAR! Thankfully, the hotel was very good about canceling our reservation so we didn't lose a penny. Mr. Schultz saved our reservation and we will hope to attend this year. Please, anyone with details or enthusiasm, post here. Andy, the tail light guy.
  25. And to conclude, we watched them cut the cake and bugged out. And for anyone thinking about the drive, it's already raining here in FC...
  26. I always considered it one of the more punishing duties of marriage. Clean socks are required!

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