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A local hangout for those of us 02ers in the Rocky States! (CO, MT, ID, WY, UT, AZ, & NM)

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  2. OK... here's what I have at the moment... great prices!!!! All of these are "pick up from my house only"... but the only caveat is that you have to tell me all about your 2002 while you are here. I will consider offers... and may combine beer offers. Left Outer Rocker: $50 -Genuine BMW 41 35 6 440 140: Never installed. New Price $115 Bad Boy Engine: $750 10:1 Forged Pistons Ireland Engineering M3 Rods Ireland Engineering 314 Cam Ireland Engineering Head porting Dual Valve Springs Ireland Engineering Heavy duty rocker arms Ireland Engineering Rocker arm locks Ireland Engineering ARP Head Studs Twin Dellorto 40 DHLA Side-draft carburetors Ireland Engineering Intake Manifold Aluminum Flywheel Ireland Engineering (Pitted from clutch explosion uncertain if this will need to be replaced.) Stainless coolant bypass pipe Ireland Engineering Tiny little racing front pulley Mechanical distributor Ireland Engineering 9mm silicone plug wires Includes engine stand Stahl Header: $50 Very Used. Needs new coupling welded on. Great deal! E21 320i Radiator: $50 New old stock Nissens, never installed. Dash Cap: $50 New, still in box. For 1974-76 cars. Rumors say it will work with earlier cars but look a little odd. Original Cost $129 Wheels and Tires: $400 -Wheels: TR Motorsports C1 Bright Silver 15x7 25mm offset -Tires: BFGoodrich g-force rival 225/45zr15 with at least another Autocross season left. Stored in garage (never frozen). -Includes lug nuts. Original 1972 front seats with headrests: ??? make me an offer? -used but not trashed. Sway Bar Set: 6 pack of dark beer -Front is ST, rear stock. 3.64 open rear differential: 6 pack of dark beer No back cover Hood: 6 pack of dark beer Rear Glass: Make me an offer Stock non-tii front struts L&R: free Bilstein HD rear shocks USED: free
  3. Hi. Sorry to hear about your car. I would be interested in your LSD if it's still available. Let me know. Thanks. Doza.
  4. Hi Haran . I’ll be there. Hope others will attend and we can park together. Doza
  5. I finally have a weekend off and was wondering if anyone here is going? I’ve noticed doza59 has been trying to organize a group for this C&C and am down to join this weekend! hope everyone had an awesome 4th haran
  6. Fuck. But BRZ with a supercharger is legit. :)
  7. Thanks for the feedback Gary and Chris. Since I posted, the body shop (Auto Reflections in Wheat Ridge) has given me a completion date (July 7), so I'll stick with them for now. They did some really good work for me about two years ago, and the color match to my original Tampico paint was great. Apparently he's had some issues hiring and keeping good help - not uncommon along the Front Range these days. I'll post the results in a few weeks, then it's on to the new headliner, windshield (and rubber), and sunroof seals; and a bunch of other stuff. Can't wait!
  8. Hi All, After my 1972 2002 was hit 14 months ago, it was sent to be repaired. After a year of hell... it is now out of the bodyshop, and insurance is going to total the car. Bad news... no more 2002 for Gary. Good news... insurance gave me a fair deal and I'll be getting a BRZ. For your viewing pleasure: https://www.kktv.com/content/news/Call-for-Action-Investigation-Auto-shop-has-car-for-more-than-a-year-511187601.html SO... the crates and boxes and shed with BMW parts are all going to have to go. The only really interesting thing I have left is the race motor, the 15" wheels with WIDE rubber, the original seats, a LSD and a couple Weber carbs... everything else is pretty mundane spares. Let me know if there is anything specifically you are looking for, I would prefer to sell/give to local folks rather than deal with shipping. The insurance wanted too much for me to buy the car back... so watch for the auction at Copart... and maybe in a junkyard nearby? Most of the good parts are on the car. If someone runs across this car in a junkyard... they are going to poop their pants!!
  9. Do NOT go to WreckMasters in Colorado Springs. They have a good reputation, but I gave up on them after they had my car for 14 months!
  10. I am also looking for a place to do some final body work and paint on my 2002. I am down in the Littleton area.
  11. Hi fellow Front Range 02ers! I scheduled my clean 1600 for some minor paint and body work in October 2018 and I still don’t have it back. I don’t see an end in sight, and I’m ready to take the car back from the shop; they still haven’t started working on it! Do any of you have recommendations for a shop that can do quality work in the Denver area (ideally close to Golden or Boulder). Thanks!
  12. HI Eric. Sorry something came up and I can't make it tomorrow . Hope to meet you another time . I want to put together a group meet up and drive this summer. Would you be interested? Beautiful car ! Enjoy the C &C tmrw. Doza.
  13. Hey Doza - I’m planning to be there w/ my ‘74 Fjord. What time you planning to arrive? Best, Eric
  14. Hi. I have several spare parts I'm looking to clean out of the my garage this spring . 1- rear bumper '76 . has been cut on the ends . 2- door panels with speaker holes . 3- exhaust manifold 1976 California . 4- Mb quart German speakers 4 . 5- red plastic fan . Has chips . 6- rear drum brake set complete( backing plates/ drums/ shoes/ cyclinders/ cables) 7- exterior trim pieces. 8- BBS basketweave hub caps ( 3 and 1/2) Thanks. Doza.
  15. Hope to see everyone at the June 1 st cars and coffee in Lafayette at 7:00am. Would be awesome if we could all park together . Thanks. Doza.
  16. No worries . See you next time. We had 5 2002’s today. Good showing . Thanks for coming out. Doza
  17. I got back from the MidAmerica02fest on Tuesday. Hope to see you around.
  18. I'm not going to make this one- too much going on at the house. Next time.
  19. Crap, this is tomorrow. I really need to start paying attention- time is flying...
  20. I will try to make it in my '74 Cheers
  21. Hi Brendan . Sounds good. I’ll be there by 7:00 in 76’ jadegrun 02’. See you then . Doza
  22. Hey Doza, I won't have my car running before C&C (it's still in the paint shop), but I plan to show up anyway in my 328 wagon. It's always a great event and I'm looking forward to seeing a few other vintage BMWs. See you there! Brendan
  23. Hi Haran. you have a beautiful car. Well sorted . Here's my 76' jadegrun sweetie. I don't make it down to Denver much. But I think there's a c&c in centennial . I need to look at the schedule. I have friend, in Denver that has a 72' 02 . Maybe the 3 of us could meet up for a drive when you are free. There's some awesome canyon roads up here in Boulder where I live or we could meet down near you. Text or call me. Doza.
  24. Thank you so much for reaching out Doza! I unfortunately have to work that whole weekend otherwise I would make it out there. Are there any other classic car or bmw meets coming up soon? i didn’t realize I could attach pics before so I went ahead and did so this time

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