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  1. I have a Touring! It was one of the very first imported to the US.(If not the first) I came over in Late 1973 or early 74. My dad bought it in 77. It was his daily driver through out the 80s. My dad passed away in 1995 and my sister and I did not know where the car was for 20 years when by chance my sister was contacted by the guy who had it stored. We got it back in 2012.
  2. I have odd side mirrors, splash guards and door sills I have not seen on other cars. I had the red tip antenna but some one broke it off.
  3. Sorry for your loss. Your dad always gave great help and suggestions.
  4. I have a set in my car. They are in good shape and I would be willing to trade for an early set if you have one. My car is a 72 but has late door cards.
  5. Price:: 325 Location: : Denver I have decided to sell my diagnostic plug from the valve cover. As you can see it was painted black but is in overall very good condition. This also includes an original coil plug and the spark plug wires pictured. It seems these are quite rare and I would like $old OBO shipped. Thanks for looking.
  6. I have a LSD out of a 1983 320i and was wondering if I need to use the 320 drive shaft as well? Thanks!
  7. Looking to swap the flanges into a 3.91 e21 lsd. I was hoping to avoid having to use the e21 inner and the 02 outer cv joints...
  8. Stone, I still have to get the diff pulled from the 320is I have. It should be in the next couple days. We are talking about the flanges that connect to the half shafts correct? Thanks!
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