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  1. Good advice Thanks. I am using weld through at the weld, and epoxy primer elsewhere. I understand the seam sealer, though there was a foam strip where the fender slots in. Regarding your comment-- I think I will forget the foam strip and do it all up with the 3m Seam sealer, foam equals moisture absorption.
  2. Hey, I am doing the same stuff right now. Does anyone know what the "Foam" like tape was in the slot and flange at the front of the fender? I am talking about the nose and the strip of metal that "capture" the front fender....it had foam tape or similar in the groove. Thanks folks?
  3. Is anyone in need of a front clip? I have one in what I would say as -good shape. has a few dents, and one spot I think will sandblast thru- (rust), so there is a small patch needed. The original color was blue. I could also sandblast the clip and seal it with epoxy primer if that is of interest. Buyer pays shipping.
  4. Hello do you still have the brackets?
  5. MunichDale


    She will live again.
  6. Hello, Looking for 1971 range kidney grill (Pre-19740) Passenger side belt chrome piece. Bumper overriders
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