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  1. Hi, just checked out your blog for the first time...looks awesome! I had a Verona at one time but it never shined like that! Congrats. Question for you, I have that same antenna on my car and have been looking around for a replacement with no luck, did you remount the one you have or buy a new one? Mine is still on the car but its.bent. has the lowercase "h" on the bottom and the red tip.
  2. Hi Denver 2002ers, recently moved (back) to this area after 10 years in California. left with a 72 verona, returned with a 73 golf... need a fuel sender, broke mine today trying to chase down a gas leak...anyone have one? I need the one that is about 8 inches long... and at some point I'm going to need to consider either a head rebuilt or full block. Getting a fair amount of smoke out of my 140K original M10, so it might be time....any recommendations for engine rebuilders in the local area? hope to catch up with you all at an upcoming event!
  3. Need a (working) fuel sender for a 1973 carbed 2002...my current one is about 8 inches long...shipping to 80228 (Denver) - thank you!
  4. I have a 1973 and I'd like to get that original tool roll - with the tools - patina is okay and also for some reason I am missing the lug wrench so I need that. Shipping to Bay Area, California. Reply or email. Thanks.
  5. I'm going to go a little against the grain here. My perspective is that if you are asking these questions and wanting a tii, we'll that means this car is not exactly what you want. Before you start attempting to make a car much better and doing interior cosmetic stuff you, etc, etc want to be committed to the color, the model and the car. It doesn't sound like you are. You are never going to get money back you put in - so sell it to someone who will drive it as is and be happy with it - then take your money and sink int into the car you really want and will "never" sell....
  6. check out... http://www.bimmers.com/02/intro/buyer_guide.html
  7. You may be way beyond this level of diagnosis but my first thought is that if it goes up to the red slowly, it is probably NOT the sensor and your car is probably running very hot.....I would reconsider driving it because a cracked head or blown gasket is expensive. The first test I would do is turn the heat on full blast. If the air is really hot and it brings the temp guage down a little bit, then the guage might be working fine. Next step is to (carefully!) feel the lower radiator hose after running - is it very hot? If not it could be a stuck thermostat. If the car is normally a "cool runner" but all the sudden runs real hot and the performance is the same (i.e. not on 3 cylinders, are you?) then thermostat is a good first step (after you check make sure you have a full radiator of coolant)
  8. Hey Sam, when you say it wouldn't start, do you mean that the car did not turn over (was quiet) when you turned the key? If so, have you tried jumping the car to check to see the battery's not dead? it is possible you were starting the car so many times that you ran the battery down...? Also, take a picture of your engine and carburetor from the passenger front fender and upload it to a post - this will help folks here identify the carb choke you have and if you have an idle solenoid which could be an issue.
  9. aaron7302


    Thank you, this was sold first responder 7602inBrooklyn
  10. A like new 2002 radiator with metal tanks. Has the ports on the bottom for an auto tranny fluid cooler, but you can use this radiator on a 2002 manual with no problem. this radiator is almost brand new, it has just a little bit of bent fins from storage but looks like it was never run or run for just a few miles. I'd like to get $150 for. Plus shipping which I think will be 25 bucks or so. Or make an offer, local pick-up in bay area. Email by clicking the button above.
  11. I believe this is a bad solenoid. Its only going to get worse. Swap the starter with a SR441X starter - this is the lighter but better starter that is a bolt on for 2002s. I had good luck getting one on Ebay without a core charge for around 90 bucks. I forget how hard it is to get installed on a tii but on a carb 2002 its a quick job. There are some wiring changes but they are minor - search the forum for details on that.
  12. I converted my 1973 2002a to a 5-spd recently and though I did find lots of helpful posts I never could quite find a truly comprehensive list of parts needed - so as a follow-up I'm posting my parts list for this just in case it will help someone else. The prices is what I secured in the fall of 2011 using a mix of Ireland, AZautohaus.com, local craigslist, 2002parts.com, bavarian autosport and rmeuropean.com, fcpgroton and members of this board. Interestingly each had less expensive parts on certain things so I used all these sources to put it together. prices include shipping costs. my approach on this was a 4-bolt driveshaft and a 245/4 with a new 228mm clutch, rebuilt shifter but not shortened, and a rebuilt as opposed to reused driveshaft. I didnt bother replacing all the bits on the pedal box but I did disasemble, paint, clean it and reassemble. For transmission mount I went with the "U" bracket approach, reusing the stock mounts. Yes, this does work it seems that the auto mounts are in the same place as the manual. I just had to grind the bracket a bit to enlarge the speedo cable opening. If you wanted to go all the way you'd also swap the exhaust downpipes but I had no problem attaching a standard 2002 exhaust bracket to the 320i tranny and the auto downpipe. You'd also swap out the carb-throttle arm for one that doesn't have the kick-down hardware, but I haven't done that either - Your combination and approach may vary of course and so will your costs. I'm not endorsing or promoting my decisions here, you may have a better-or cheaper approach - and I dont have a lot of miles on this set-up, just passing on what I did. Long story short, it aint cheap, but a lot more fun to drive my 02! Here ya go with the list: Car Part # Part Est Price 2002tii 21211251248 Clutch Cover, Pressure Plate, 228mm $100 2002tii 21211223097 Clutch Disc, 228mm $44 2002 Clutch fluid line from reservoir to Master cylinder, soft and metal part $5 2002 Clutch fluid reservoir with clutch port $8 2002 21521104510 Clutch Master cylinder $71 2002 11 21 1 468 742 Clutch Pilot - Sealed Bearing Type $6 320i 21511202659 Clutch Pivot Ball $1 320i 21521116300 Clutch Slave cylinder $27 320i Clutch Slave to Master Fluid Line, Stainles $30 323i 21 51 1 204 525 Clutch Throw-Out Bearing (for a 1982 323i) $58 2002 Driveshaft - Core from a 4-speed car $30 2002 Driveshaft - flex disc (guibo) bolts (8) $50 2002 Driveshaft , 4 bolt, rebuilt u-Joints, balanced with New Center Bearing $319 2002 26111106113 Driveshaft Flex Disc, 8-bolt, New $20 2002tii Flywheel cover/clutch inspection plate and bolts $ with Flywheel 2002tii Flywheel, 228mm, used $61 2002 Pedal box assembly used $41 2002 23411200937 Shifter insulation "donut" $12 2002 Shifter Interior Boot New $45 Shifter interior trim piece $had it 2002 35111102142 pedal box outside insulation $45 2002a pedal Box inside insulation $ Reuse Auto 2002 Shifter knob, leather with roundel $had it 2002 Shifter linkage assembly, shortened and rebuilt $70 320i Shifter Platform, shortened with mounts, and mounting hardware $135 2002 Shifter - top piece for screw in knob, used $10 320i Transmission - Getrag 245/4 $350 320i Transmission Clutch Arm $with Tranny N/A Transmission Fluid (Redline MLT, 2 quarts) $24 320i Transmission Mount - Rubber Heavy Duty $16 2002 Transmission Mounting "U" bracket $52 320i 23121205340 Transmission Output Seal $3 2002 Transmission exhaust bracket $Had it 320i Transmission reverse light switch $on tranny 2002a Transmission speedo cable $re-use auto TOTAL $1,633
  13. For sale some odds and ends I have collected that I don't need. All costs include shipping to continental 48 states. Like new 2002 radiator with metal tanks and very minor fin damage from being stored through the years. This radiator has ports at the bottom for auto transmission fluid cooling but will work in any 2002 (the coolant does not come out those ports). It has a manf. stamp label "1989" at the top. $225 shipped. Weber 32/36 with water choke. The carb runs well and choke works, etc. $110 shipped. Valve cover. This cover was de-greased, wire brushed, sanded and painted with a ceramic high temp aluminum paint. $50 shipped Intake Manifold. This is from an early pre-smog car, and has been "hogged" to match a 32/36. It has been media blasted and painted with a ceramic high temp aluminum paint. Also included are two brand new hoses I ordered from bavauto.com for this manifold to make it work on a late model (although the manifold to pump hose does not look quite right - the manifold to heater core looks good). Would give you a really clean look for your engine compartment because it has none of the vacuum/smog/egr ports, etc. $85 shipped. Here are pics: https://picasaweb.google.com/118219649985096907923/ForSale email me if you are interested. paypal will be the payment to my email above. These can be picked up in SF Bay area for less $$$ than what is listed. And if you dont like the PRICE, by all means email me with an offer, I wont be offended!
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