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  1. Hi folks, sorry to not update sooner, but I did sell it to Hal. Home to meet some of you rocky mountain folks sometime soon!
  2. Hi Rocky Mountain 02ers, I am cleaning out the garage a bit...and I have this black on black carpet set for a 2002...never even taken out of the box, made by Esty, I ordered for my previous 02 but never installed. Anyone interested in this carpet? I thought I would offer it to locals before I post broadly, I'm in Lakewood. She is selling it for $350 now and I would do $200 for it on a local exchange, but I would be firm on that. Thanks, Aaron
  3. Yep, looks to.me, that if you have a hose going from tank to plastic tank, then a hose from plastic tank to filler neck, your vent is not venting and you could encounter vapor lock. As others have said, plug the line exiting tank, run filler neck line to outside trunk atmosphere. Some gas smell in garage but not in trunk. Be sure the return line itself is plugged, from under the battery where it starts and also where it ends the trunk. As for fuel pump, a debatable item but if you stick with electric, check to see if an inertia cut off switch is installed in the event of an accident, and consider ordering/carry a replacement pump as they fail without notice. And it depends how noisy it is to you and how "original" looking you want the car.
  4. aaron7302


    Bump..open to offers
  5. Here ya go. Note the height of the connecting nut can be adjusted...if ebmvwrything was fine before this separated, perhaps mechanic screwed it in to far, maybe it needs to be screwed out and up to get the throttle all the way closed
  6. Hi, just checked out your blog for the first time...looks awesome! I had a Verona at one time but it never shined like that! Congrats. Question for you, I have that same antenna on my car and have been looking around for a replacement with no luck, did you remount the one you have or buy a new one? Mine is still on the car but its.bent. has the lowercase "h" on the bottom and the red tip.
  7. Black style. Seem to work fine. No white plastic screw covers. See pics. $45 includes shipping to conus.
  8. Fan blade, some scrapes on it and black marks...p/n bmw 1255505 stamped on it, this a 360mm diameter. $25/obo shipped conus This fan is guaranteed to move air when mounted on your BMW motor! Or what about wall/garage art? Let people know your gear head cred by hanging in your man cave! Always wanted to try painting your fan blade a fun color but don't want to molest your original, use this one for your creative urges! Come on people, if I sell this fan blade and make the 10 bucks on it after shipping I fully intend to use that to justify to my wife to spend $1500 on new wheels for the 02!
  9. aaron7302


    Worked great on my 2002 for a couple years. Nightime drives felt a lot safer. These are in excellent condition with only minor wear. Very little use. Includes two lights with covers. $45/obo. Includes CONUS shipping.
  10. aaron7302


    I have a Pioneer car stereo that was installed in my 2002 for a few years. Very little use, everything works, it's like new. I bought this one because I thought it had a bit of a vintage look with the chrome accents...or at least wouldn't clash with the simple 02 interior. It is a modern piece that works with iPhones...has a CD, tuner, USB and a aux headphone style jack port. Detachable face, 4 speaker channels. You can have it illuminate in red or green. Will include a headphone cord for you to plug your phone or mp3 player into the aux port. Also comes with the wiring harness, wireless remote and the owners manual. Will include the metal straps I used to hang it from the ashtray part of the console which was pretty secure with no console mutilation required. More info: https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/CD-Receivers/DEH-2200UB No speakers. Shipping to CONUS is included for $45...obo. I take PayPal. Thanks!
  11. I would be suspecting the flasher relay. Borrow a friend's and test if u can. The flasher is sensitive to the resistance in the circuits, as wiring connections get old, combined with the the old flashers, they get quirky. When you flick your lights on there is more draw... you could run new wiring and such, but there is a thread about adapting a modern flasher relay to the 2002 harness with some wiring tweaks...did this on a previous car I owned, cleared up the flashing nicely....although I seem to remember the cadence was a bit different....not worth sticking to original in this case, in my opinion. Hope that helps!
  12. Hi Denver 2002ers, recently moved (back) to this area after 10 years in California. left with a 72 verona, returned with a 73 golf... need a fuel sender, broke mine today trying to chase down a gas leak...anyone have one? I need the one that is about 8 inches long... and at some point I'm going to need to consider either a head rebuilt or full block. Getting a fair amount of smoke out of my 140K original M10, so it might be time....any recommendations for engine rebuilders in the local area? hope to catch up with you all at an upcoming event!
  13. Need a (working) fuel sender for a 1973 carbed 2002...my current one is about 8 inches long...shipping to 80228 (Denver) - thank you!

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