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  1. Anyone electricfied an 2002? I am looking at putting in a Tesla motor from EV west with parts and wondering if anyone has done such thing.
  2. Just got my new wiring harness from Autosparks in England. Have not installed it yet but looks really nice.
  3. Engine block in wahoo. After 5 months of rebuilding it. Got a long way to go but damn I am happy
  4. New carburetor new fuel line and she started up. Whew. Now just need to install the 123 disty. Any experience out there.
  5. where did you get your gauges? Looking to replace mine and want to have a line in the water so when I do I can just pull it in.,
  6. This past weekend: Rear sub-frame mounts replaced rear bushings replaced rear shocks replaced valve cover gasket plugs wires coil Left to do: rear drivers side hard brake line timing gasket distributor gasket 123 ignition front shocks and rubber rebuild emissions system sun roof rebuild windshield wiper rebuild someone took it all out and more and more and more such fun though
  7. Living in Denver you will have to deal with emissions if it is younger than 1975. I bought a 1976 2002 with no emission controls and paying the price trying to get it plated. As long as it is older than a 76' you won't have to deal with emissions. I agree with above posts get an 02 as a second car.
  8. just ordered a set of cables from ballpark and they are still 109 each.
  9. John   

    I located an air pump I was going to discard it because is was frozen up  but

    my mechanic disassembled it lubed it and installed a new front bearing  now it spins and it pumps air

    It's not pretty and you will have to fabricate a belt tension bracket, the flat bar like on an alternator

    Make me an offer with shipping from California to Colorado 


    Rob Clark

    [email protected]

    7607101189  cell or text

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    2. JFM
    3. rstclark



       Sorry I missed your question about the 123 tune

       Just read the instructions that came with it and read the long thread a couple of times

      The most difficult part is setting up the curves. The Light they talk about that denotes TDC I never could find. I think it is on the exterior of the distributor and shines down on the engine. You don't even need it.  Just get it close and crank the motor until it fires   It helps to have a friend twisting the distributor to get it to start but I've done by myself by just making small changes in the  distributor  until it will run by itself  Then you can tune it by hand to find a good idle. I never really checked the actual static timing. I just found the best idle and went from there  I know my motor is using a lot of advance at 3500 RPM   Also The wiring instructions are a little vague about the switch for the second curve but you can figure this out.

      Remember this, A Lean mixture like at idle and cruse take longer to burn  hence you need to light the match sooner   This is where the vacuum advance  comes in under low load situations.  If all you did was drag race at full wide open throttle all the time you wouldn't need vacuum advance.  The vacuum curve has the motor already set to go when you transition from cruise  to wide open.


      Give it a go   read a search thread about setting timing to get comfortable with how to find top dead center and set the distributor. 

       Once you have done it you will be proud of yourself


      Best regards


    4. JFM


      thanks my man.  I give it s shot when I get back in town.  Will let you know how it goes.


  10. I need 49 states emissions I already got some Cali stuff I am trying to rework to make it work. I appreciate the offer. IF you want to get rid of the air valve pump let me know. I would take that.
  11. Wow this is awesome. Thank you so much. Another piece of the puzzle.
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