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  1. Hi All, Dave helped me out with a hood... now I'm looking for a trunk lid. Looking to replace hood and trunk, do some repair on the roof and get a respray. I have a 1972, but would not object to a later trunk lid... my car is so far from original it wouldn't matter at this point. Please email me through the FAQ link. Thanks, Gary
  2. Thanks for the hood, Dave! It was great to meet you, my daughter and I enjoyed chatting. G
  3. D'oh... am I too late? Hail damage down here in Colorado Springs... I could use the hood... and maybe the nose. And a trunk lid if you got one.. LOL. Oh.. and the white E30M3 in the background. Let me know if they are still available. Gary
  4. Think I'll take the 2002 over the the First and Main car show off of Powers and Constitution. They tend to have a lot of muscle cars there, but also a few imports. Come on by and check it out if you are up early... that would be great to have a few old BMWs there! http://www.firstandmaintowncenter.com/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=258481 Gary
  5. I have an older version of this: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-830449-1/overview/ and hooked it up to my seat belt light. Now it says "Fasten Seat Belts" at 6000 RPM. Makes my passengers laugh. G
  6. I'm in Colorado Springs and in need of an early rear bumper. Give me a shout through my profile email.
  7. The hose in the picture looks like the one from the intake manifold to the heater on my US 1972 model. The one from the back of the engine to the heater valve is shaped like the diagram. I lied before... that isn't what it looks like. I think the one you are looking for comes from the back of the engine to the heater control valve? Mine looks like this on USA model: http://bavauto.com/assets/imglib500/64211353368.jpg Hope that helps
  8. Oh, my... that is the Famed Elusive Carbureted be-snorkeled tii! That's gonna go for a LOT..... $8,499
  9. Thanks for the info! I was just looking into this myself, as my car has been "loading up" rich right after cold start. Wanted to check and see if the choke was pulling off the right amount. Now I know I can measure 7mm.
  10. Sure feels electrical or airflow to me... since it happens with just revving the engine and under load at the same rpm. Blockage in the exhaust system? Is this an electric choke? My car wouldn't get over 4k rpm when I forgot to get power to the choke and it wasn't opening. Timing: I'm with mlytle on this one. Check the advance. A timing light with an advance function if great for mapping out the advance curve.
  11. I used a fuel pump relay from an E30. It allows the fuel pump to run only in start position or when there is a signal from the coil. Took some time with my multimeter and the E30 wiring diagram, but it works great and is safer in case of accident.
  12. And here's a high speed photograph study of me killing a cone... LOL.
  13. Looks right to me.... enjoy that 5 speed!
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