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  1. Tires are sold... no more BMW parts on my garage. But on the bright side, the BRZ is fun and it has Air Conditioning/Heated Seats!
  2. Tires are SOLD. Sad to be out of the 2002 family, but nice to have my garage back!
  3. OK... here's what I have at the moment... great prices!!!! All of these are "pick up from my house only"... but the only caveat is that you have to tell me all about your 2002 while you are here. I will consider offers... and may combine beer offers. All I have left is the tires!!! Wheels and Tires: $400 -Wheels: TR Motorsports C1 Bright Silver 15x7 25mm offset -Tires: BFGoodrich g-force rival 225/45zr15 with at least another Autocross season left. Stored in garage (never frozen). -Includes lug nuts.
  4. Hi All, After my 1972 2002 was hit 14 months ago, it was sent to be repaired. After a year of hell... it is now out of the bodyshop, and insurance is going to total the car. Bad news... no more 2002 for Gary. Good news... insurance gave me a fair deal and I'll be getting a BRZ. For your viewing pleasure: https://www.kktv.com/content/news/Call-for-Action-Investigation-Auto-shop-has-car-for-more-than-a-year-511187601.html SO... the crates and boxes and shed with BMW parts are all going to have to go. The only really interesting thing I have left is the race motor, the 15" wheels with WIDE rubber, the original seats, a LSD and a couple Weber carbs... everything else is pretty mundane spares. Let me know if there is anything specifically you are looking for, I would prefer to sell/give to local folks rather than deal with shipping. The insurance wanted too much for me to buy the car back... so watch for the auction at Copart... and maybe in a junkyard nearby? Most of the good parts are on the car. If someone runs across this car in a junkyard... they are going to poop their pants!!
  5. Do NOT go to WreckMasters in Colorado Springs. They have a good reputation, but I gave up on them after they had my car for 14 months!
  6. WOW... that wold be very cool to check out that historic area. Unfortunately I have plans for that weekend and no 2002 at the moment. G
  7. I keep seeing this scene on Ent Credit Union Commercials here in Colorado Springs. I know Ent is a local CU... wonder if the folks in the care are actual owners? Anybody recognize the people or the Malaga sunroof car?
  8. I must admit... I considered making into a truck if they weren't going to fix it!
  9. Once the insurance company determined the value of the car was much higher than the repair estimate, they no longer considered it a total loss. If if I ever sell the car, it will have a clean title... but it will have a record of collision repair.
  10. UPDATE 03/08/2018: After a month of back and forth with the insurance company, we came to an agreement on valuation that is reasonable. USAA has been great to work with so far, and I had many great conversations with some true car lovers! SOOOO... The car is going to the body shop tomorrow. The final valuation was much higher than the repair estimate, so we are going to have the shop take a look. I'm trying not to get too excited, as I think there is a lot more damage than the initial estimate contained ($8700). I'll continue to update as the adventure continues.
  11. Thanks Y'all.... I'm putting together a TON of information.. and will continue fighting until I get a fair price. G
  12. Hi Oregon 2002ers! Please let me know if you or someone you know bought this vehicle. The drunk #@%hole that ran into my parked car's insurance company is using this vehicle as a comparison for valuation. They said the car in the ad is worth $7,100... I don't buy it for a minute. PLEASE.. if you can help me prove this car is worth what it ACTUALLY sold for... I would be forever in your debt!!! You can PM me if you prefer! The insurance company's initial offer was to total the car and give me $6400. Here's the story http://www.highlineclassics.com/detail-1972-bmw-2002-no_rust_complete_restoration_-used-16322657.html 1972 BMW 2002 VIN: 2584960 Location: Wilsonville OR
  13. Thanks for the replies and positivity everyone. I’m sure they will total the car, it would take a fortune (and an ultimate set of tools) to repair. I’ll probably buy the car back and strip the good stuff, but not sure I’m up for starting over. Might just have a huge garage sale for my Colorado friends! Also... it would be nice to have AC for the drive home after an autocross!
  14. Someone in a pickup truck barreled into my parked car in the wee hours of the morning following the SuperBowl. Fortunately their front license plate was stuck in the wreckage, and police tracked down the culprit. He admitted guilt and is insured. I bought the car in 2001 right around the time this website started. I never would have had the balls to try a lot of the projects I performed on this car without the resources and support of these forums. Gonna miss the old guy... I put a TON of hours into that little car. 1972 BMW 2002 VIN: 2581715 Manufactured: 03/13/1972 Delivered to Hoffman Motor Corp: 03/27/1972 Original color: Atlantic 041 Engine: Weber 32/36 Carburetor Ported intake manifold Reinforced motor mount Aluminum radiator Ireland Engineering Electric Pusher fan conversion/Removed mechanical fan Oil Catch Can M3 starter New Clutch/TO Bearing 07/2016 Fuel/Electrical: 80 amp 318i Alternator In-Tank Electric fuel pump 318i Fuel pump relay Holley low pressure fuel regulator Hella H4 Headlights 55/100 bulbs Hella H1 Driving Lights 55 watt Headlights and Driving Lights relays Electronic turn signal flasher relay upgrade 2002faq Battery relocated to trunk. E30 positive cable. Additional fuse panel driver’s side kick plate Bosch “blue” coil Drivetrain: 5 speed overdrive transmission conversion Shortened 3 bolt driveshaft Ireland Engineering 3.90 limited slip differential Aluminum differential spacers Ireland Engineering Z3 Shifter short shifter converseon Urethane differential mount bushings CV boots/rear wheel bearing 05/2014 Western Wheels sand blasted and powder coated 11/2017 New Tires 11/2017 Suspension: Bilstein sport shocks front and rear Stage 2 Sport Springs Ireland Engineering E9 control lower front control arms 22mm Adjustable hollow front sway bar Ireland Engineering 22mm Rear sway bar Ireland Engineering Urethane steering coupler Urethane sway bar bushings front and rear Urethane bushing rear trailing arms Urethane rear subframe mount inserts Urethane front radius arm bushings Front strut brace bmw2002faq Interior: Custom console gauge cluster: -Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Coolant Temp, Voltage, Vacuum gauges -Toggle switches for Electric Fan override, rear defrost, driving lights Corbeau Clubman driver’s seat Corbeau Sport Seat passenger seat Luisi steering wheel Speedometer calibrated for 3.91 differential. New carpet 2014 Fasten Seat Belt light converted to shift light Shortened headlight stalk Emergency brake thrust bearing upgrade bmw2002faq Gas pedal hinge upgrade bmw2002faq Body: Turbo-style fender flares Ireland Engineering Front air dam, polyethylene Ireland Engineering Front side reflector removed Aftermarket glass sunroof Rocker panel rust repair. Welded steel patches. 12/2012 Paint with trim and windows removed 12/2012

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